2 month old weight

Hi mamas! Just wondering how much does your baby weigh at your 2 month appointment?


9 lbs 10.5 oz! We had some trouble with weight gain in the beginning, but this is up 14 oz in 2 weeks!


He was 14 lbs exactly


Now I’m concerned mine is underweight god damnit


He jumped on his growth chart and we are a very tall family so if your ped wasn’t worried and they are following their growth chart I wouldn’t be worried!! I spent so much of our early days worrying about his weight, his jaundice, his ears ( which turned out perfect!), etc. while the doctor was telling me he was fine and I regret it! Easier said than done but sucks thinking about how much energy I wasted on that! Obviously a little different if the doc is actually concerned


There’s apps where you can track weight against percentiles to give you peace of mind. It’s fun to track lol


Are those also available in Europe?? Can you maybe recommend me one?


The one I used is called baby+ it’s free


Our girl was born at 37 weeks and was just over 8lbs at her 2 month check up!


At her 2 month appointment (she was 10 weeks old) 14lbs 15oz


He was 13 lbs 14 oz (9 weeks at the time)


12lbs 14oz a few days shy of 2mos (8w), was born at 7lbs 11oz


Mines was 10lbs and 7oz. No need to worry about weight as long and your baby is eating fine, they are healthy! That’s what my doctor told me.


9 pounds and 15.5 oz


Our girl was born 38 weeks and is 11 weeks now 9lbs 7oz - breastfed but is measuring long height wise


Just had our appt yesterday 12.4 lbs


11 lbs 6 oz


14 lb 10 oz! He’s long and big. We were a little concerned he’s too heavy, but the doctor said he looks great.


11 pounds exactly! But it isn’t so much about weight as it is about their percentile. It’s all based off height. My is in the 59 percentile for her height and that’s what’s good


My doctor gave us percentiles for both weight and length and basically said the opposite where her weight gain was more important and didn’t say a word about her length.


Don't remember the exact weight but my baby was in the bottom 20 percent. Doctor wasn't worried. I wasn't worried. A couple months later and he's in the top 30 percent. Don't give too much thought to it.




Mine was a little over 13.


12 lbs!


My oldest was 13 lbs 5 oz at his 2 month appointment (7 lbs 7 oz at birth). My youngest is only 6 weeks but if he continues his current growth trend, he’ll be 11 lbs 12 oz (he’s 10 lbs 10 oz now and was 7 lbs 5 oz at birth).


Mine is 8 weeks old today and was just over 10 lbs at his weigh in this morning.


Born 34 weeks and is breastfed. She weighed 9lbs I believe. She's 4mo now and weighs 11lbs 2oz. Breastfed babies are smaller, girls are also smaller. Babies can set their own curve, as long as they don't lose weight and have at least 6? Wet diapers a day then they are fine. The charts are based on term babies who are formula fed so if your baby doesn't meet those 2 criteria then it will seem like they are underweight but as long as they don't lose weight and continue to gain, even if it's slow, they are fine. Many pediatricians these days want our babies heavy. Small babies aren't necessarily unhealthy.


12 lbs 3 oz


I’ve got a little peanut. She was 8.5 lbs! She was born 6lbs 3 oz and has been steadily gaining weight.


14 lbs 12 oz!


9lb 14oz


Born at 36 weeks, 7lb 10oz. At her two month appt yesterday she was 10lb, 9.5oz.


I believe 8.5 pounds. Every baby is different. Our pediatrician doesn't use percentile to judge "healthy sizes" but as long as they are gaining then it's a good thing- but if your concerned call or email the doctor for a piece of mind.