Red spots / rashes on our 3 week old

This looks like an allergic reaction, poor babe. I'd definitely see your GP/Pediatrician ASAP though because it has worsened/ spread and get baby's stool tested for blood. My daughter also began having rashes like this and turned out she has dairy, soy, egg allergies. Hope your baby feels better soon 🤞


This looks like an allergic reaction, poor babe. I'd definitely see your GP/Pediatrician ASAP though because it has worsened/ spread and get baby's stool tested for blood. My daughter also began having rashes like this and turned out she has dairy, soy, egg allergies. Hope your baby feels better soon 🤞


It started with cheek (image 3) but now it is spreading on his chest and back. There are red spots. When had a few on his cheeks and very few on his chest, we consulted the GP and the doctor said it will get fine in the coming weeks but then it started spreading more. We use a non bio, plant based detergent for the cloths and vaseline on his body as advised by the midwife. We are confused what is making the rash worser. Any idea what rash this is and why it occurs? Thanks in advance


Our baby had very similar skin between 2-4 weeks old. We just used aveeno eczema and a cetaphil baby moister (sorry lost the name). It certainly helped keep the skin hydrated. I was obsessed with washing her every other day, once I stopped that, and just did sponge baths when she needed them, I noticed her skin improving. I also started using my humidifier (on low) in my room while she slept because the air is so dry. One time, when my baby was about two weeks old, I cuddled her belly on my face. Immediately, she broke out into a rash and I thought she was allergic to me. It was awful. I told my midwife this and she laughed. She said their skin is so new and fresh that air can irritate it. Now my baby is 3 months and her skin is beautiful you would have never known she had skin like that in the pictures. I’d say, if it starts to bleed or get really flakey, just keep going back to your GP. Baby may have eczema.


Great. Thank you for all the advice. We are currently washing her weekly but will switch to sponge baths. Our baby is mostly on breastmilk and rarely on formula but we had to go with formula for 1 full day as the mom was little sick. We were confused that the sudden increase in rash was due to one full day switch towards formula. We live in the UK and we use Hipp Organic Formula. Also we were not sure if Infacol / Colief colic drops were causing some problems. ​ However we will keep watching the progress and go back to GP if it keeps increasing. Once again, Thank you so much :)


Better to call your doctor now than to wait. That could be an allergic reaction or a viral rash


I do wonder if it is a milk allergy if the switch to formula worsened it. Definitely contact your pediatrician, but mom could try cutting out dairy in the meantime. Babies allergic to milk are often also allergic to soy, and unfortunately gas drops often contain soy.


Hmm, I wouldn’t use Vaseline on body…it’s not as breathable?


My baby had this too during his 4-5weeks! Started from his face and spread to his neck and back. First few days we avoid bathing him, just wiped his body and observed it it is really allergic reactions or newborn rashes. after 1 or 2 days it got slightly better thus we started using QV baby moisturiser. And its completed gone except for the back kf his neck (due to heat rash). We observed that it gets better if we didnt bath him daily. Hope your baby feels better soon!


Could be a milk allergy? Dairy in my diet gave my breastfed baby a similar rash. Try cutting it out and see if it clears up (it can take up to 2 weeks to work out of baby’s system, but we noticed a vast change within the first week).


My babe has something that looks similar on her face right now. Her pediatrician said it’s likely heat rash and told us to put 1% hydrocortisone on it once a day, and then Aquaphor on it once a day, but not at the same time. So far it’s cleared it up a bit over the past few days.


This is exactly what our pediatrician prescribed too, and it also cleared up within a few days!!


My baby had a rash at 6 weeks, and it was also heat rash. The photos here look a bit similar but not exactly what we experienced. I wonder if it could be that, though! Our pediatrician didn’t tell us to put anything on it…just to make sure that we weren’t dressing baby too warmly. It was hard, though, because he would only contact nap and got so warm up against me.


Looks like this to me, our baby had it too, went away quickly https://raisingchildren.net.au/guides/a-z-health-reference/erythema-toxicum If so, totally harmless!


Looks like heat rash to me.




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My LO has eczema and a handy trick we use is put oatmeal in a sock or cut off foot of pantyhose and drop it in the bath water.




No fever. Occasionally spits milk out after feeding.


Also use detergent for babies. Also wash your clothes in that. I use blueland




Babies are not all lactose intolerant 🙄. How would anyone be able to breastfeed if that were true?


Goats milk also has lactose. Our Ped said to wait to switch to goat. I’d be more concerned about gi issues than skin issues if there was a true lactose intolerance. Kendamil doesn’t work for everyone, I really wanted to like the normal formula but it was too rich for baby. We’ve found happy baby organics sensitive was the best for ours. Op, stay in touch with your doctor. This looks like usual newborn acne but keep an eye on it. The other poster had good advice about not bathing unless necessary.


Many babies have difficulty with cow dairy early on , it is something to consider.


Please do not give medical advice


For me this is pediatrician visit at least.


Is the baby rejecting food, have a fever, or have any other indication of a sore throat/illness? I’m not a doctor but this looks like it could be scarlet fever. I only mention it because I think a lot of people view that as an old timey disease but it’s definitely still a thing and on the rise right now. It usually starts in the face and then starts spreading down the neck to the whole body and the rash does peel off like this. My brother had it when we were kids and I’ll never forget the way it peels, it was like a snake!! It’s not serious if you get on antibiotics quickly so I think it’s worth calling the pediatrician and asking to be seen sooner. You can also check for “strawberry tongue” as another symptom. Regardless, I’d see how soon you can be seen if for nothing besides peace of mind and to find something you can put on this rash to make baby more comfortable. With that extensive of a rash I’d say the cause doesn’t matter as much as getting treated ASAP (edits for clarity)


Baby is mostly on breastfeed, sometimes on formula. The baby is being fed breast feed every 2.5 hours and is actively hungry but recently started spitting up milk after consuming. No fever. The GP said that there is nothing to worry unless there is fever and the rash should subside in two weeks. However we were worried that the rashes increased. We were keen to find what kind of rash is this and what is causing this. Will better check again with the GP. Thanks a lot for the advice :)


Looks like a form of eczema; the skin around the red spots is pretty dry. It can still be an allergy triggering it, though.


Milk protein allergy maybe? Definitely call the doctor. Good luck


This looks like the dermatitis rash o get from laundry soap! Very likely an allergy of some sort