Is anybody LOVING the newborn stage?

I am a FTM on the cusp of delivering my first baby (38+3). I joined this group proactively (as many probably do) because I want to learn as much as I can about what's coming next for my family. I am so excited to meet my baby, and to finish being pregnant.

I feel like I read a LOT about how much people hate the newborn phase. And believe me, I can absolutely see why (even if I can't empathize just yet). I see that it's impossibly draining hard work and many sleepless nights; that if you're the delivering parent you're also healing from a dinner-plate-sized internal wound (or more if you had a c-section or significant tearing), along with a hormonal shift equivalent to menopause. That you're caring for a little potato who eats, cries, poops, and sleeps, but not much else. And as much as I can say I get it, I even know that as a FTM, I absolutely do not get it and truly won't until it's my turn to pass through this gauntlet. And I don't judge anyone for struggling through this unbelievably hard season of life.

But. In this moment, before giving birth, with a foot in my ribs at all times, I am ravenous for positive newborn stories! I would LOVE to hear from folks who are loving the newborn phase, folks who are hating it but have a tender, joyous moment to share, or really anyone who has wisdom to impart about how to get through it with some shred of happiness in your heart.


For us, the first four weeks were truly wonderful. My husband and I were both off work, so we could be together as a family all the time. This also meant we could sleep in shifts at night and take naps during the day. We had done a lot of prep in advance, so we really only had to focus on baby and us instead of also having to worry about making dinner, lawn care, constant laundry, etc. Baby cried of course, but she was generally an easy-going baby and was very sleepy at first. I will also add that I had an extremely easy recovery - I had completely stopped bleeding by 10 days postpartum and didn't have a lot of the side effects that many other women seemed to have. Things got harder for us when my husband went back to work and when the weather changed - my mental health really suffered when it was cold and dark all the time. If you can, really prioritize getting outside into sunlight every day that you're able.


My baby is 6 weeks. I caught covid from hospital! So it wasn’t easy at all. He has colic, is extremely fussy and impatient yet he is my WORLD and I am in tears that the newborn stage is ending.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Newborns are just so so so so cute and sweet and they love you so much and want to be near you and like your smell, are comforted by your heartbeat and ITS SO WONDERFUL! They’re soooo cuddly, warm, have soft skin, smell so delicious, cute little hands and feet - when they touch ur stomach it’ll feel like how it feels inside but on the outside!! So surreal Another thing is the INCREDIBLY CUTE little squeaky cry they have that sounds like a sad fluffy bird calling for its mama. They also make such cute noises when feeding. Ahh! Take loads of photos and videos of your baby! Even of their cry & noises! Enjoy & good luck! I already have insane baby fever for another one because the newborn stage was toooo wonderful.


The fact theyre comforted by our heartbeats makes me melt each time.


I agree with everything said in this comment ❤️ I LOVED the newborn phase, and I had a borderline colicky, velcro baby, that wouldn’t sleep unless I physically held him on my chest. I work in healthcare, and although that newborn phase had its challenges, it was still easier than my job. I think reading these subs and mentally preparing yourself for the worse case scenario, and reading all the comments - find out what worked for others, and having a plan set, is the best thing you can do for yourself. That’s what I did, and I felt like everything went smoothly. I didn’t feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off haha When things get hard, keep reminding yourself that it’s just a phase, and that little baby is having a hard time; they aren’t trying to give you a hard time. Good luck ❤️


Agreed about their little sounds 😭


My 2nd baby is 10 weeks and I agree with everything here ❤️.


My favorite part of the newborn stage was getting to binge watch Netflix and contact nap/cluster feed all day! My husband was home so I was able to take naps/showers whenever I needed to.


lol me… favorite part of the day is when baby is sleeping


I wish this is what I did, looking back


Same!!! I remember my newborn sleeping for 4 hours straight in the day sometimes. I seriously miss being able to watch movies in their entirety and binge watch shows. Now she sleeps from 7 pm - 7 am but I’m too tired by the end of the day that I end up going to bed at 8 pm…


Overall I am loving it! The couple days in the hospital were awful to be honest but it has just gotten better and better since being home. Baby is 5 weeks. I had a somewhat emergent c section and hemorrhaged on the table but even so, I feel like I recovered very quickly. I was able to move around a lot more than people told me to expect. There have been a handful of times where I have been painfully tired but not nearly as much as I expected. I think he is starting to give actual social smiles already, not just gassy poop smiles, and that makes it so much better. He gets excited to see the boob coming out now, it’s hilarious and sweet. It’s also nice that you don’t really have to worry too much about what kind of developmental stimulation they get at this age, you can just relax. Baby is getting Britney Spears’ book read to him and I wouldn’t be reading that to him if he was much older haha. Something that would have made the first few days easier for me would be to understand that it’s okay if breastfeeding doesn’t happen right away, assuming you intend to try it. My baby didn’t latch for 8 days and now we are exclusively breastfeeding. I would have been so much less stressed if I knew that it would still work with a little bit time and consistent effort.


You’re me 4 weeks in the future, from birth experience to reading to baby material choice, and I’m so happy to hear it’s going well!


Thank you! Best of luck to you


I haven’t loved every second, but overall, being with my baby has been one of the best parts of my life. It’s so hard, but being able to love and cuddle your baby will make you life better in so many ways. Learning together is so cool and crazy to see. Give yourself grace and get yourself out of the house postpartum. I had a C-section, but was still at least getting out for walks my first week postpartum. Being outside and being with my baby and husband was great for my mental health!


I loved the newborn stage and can’t wait to (hopefully!) do it again in the future. My baby is now 11 months and lately, things have been substantially harder than the newborn stage for us. The hormone drop was hard, I sobbed a lot and missed him in my belly. But I also sobbed because he was so cute and I loved him SO much and I couldn’t believe he was earthside. Our breastfeeding journey was challenging and ended sooner than I wanted. But I was off work for 12 weeks which made all the difference for us, I think. We napped when he napped, even if that was at 8am! We watched movies and snuggled, drank lots of coffee and just overall were able to relax and let time slow down. Looking back now, I must have been more exhausted than I thought because the specific memories are vague and it’s sort of all a blur 🤣 yes, I didn’t sleep much. Yes, it was hard and totally new. And YESSSS id do it all over again 100x.


I’m in the middle of it right now (6 weeks tomorrow) and LOVE it! There are challenges for sure, but overall it’s great. I love caring and cuddling with my tiny baby all day. I love feeding him. I love how he just stares at me and cuddles with me when I wake up with him at night. I’m tired, but at least getting half decent sleep (he started by sleeping 2-3 hours at a time in his bassinet and has gradually increased to a solid 4-6 hour stretch at night… I even got an 8 hour stretch last night which I definitely needed lol). Even when he’s fussy, I don’t mind. I know he is just tired or hungry and that I can walk with him or rock him and get him calmed down enough to sleep or eat. He is also starting to smile and it fills me with so much joy. I’m so excited to see him grow and hit all his big milestones, but honestly I’d be happy to keep him just like this. I will miss it so much! My husband is struggling with it a bit and says he doesn’t know if he wants to go through birth and the newborn stage again, so I think it just depends on the person AND the baby.


How funny - mine is also six weeks tomorrow and also slept eight hours for the first time last night!! Congrats on your little one :)


How crazy! Thank you and congrats to you as well :)


Yes! The moments my babies were born and I first laid eyes on them were the purest, strongest love I will ever feel in my life. Taking them home felt so special. When they are so tiny all you will want to do is cuddle them and stare at them in wonder. Introducing your new baby to all the members of their family is so beautiful. You see your parents transform into grandparents and you feel that they are so unbelievably proud of you. Nothing else will matter besides your baby, and that is a good thing, because you will have time for nothing else besides caring for them and yourself for a few weeks (months). I would advise everyone to just lean into this and act like time stands still and nothing else matters. Those first months are the foundation for the relationship you will build with your child. Stare at them and get to know what they are communicating, and start to build the trust and love that will carry them throughout their life. I have been through it with both my babies, my second is 17 weeks now and I will not have a third. Sure it is tough at times but I would have a do-over with both of them in a heartbeat to feel all those beautiful feelings for the first time again.


We are 22 days in, had 2 rough nights so far. The worst part I've found is all the appointments, people wanting to visit and my annual landlord inspection is tomorrow. Other than that, I'm home all day, baby wakes up 2-3 hours to feed, I get half an hour to an hour with him being awake before he's back down for a nap. My other half is at work but takes over for a few hours in the evening and a few hours in the morning so I can shower or just have time to myself. Overall, nothing like the horror stories I heard!


The contact naps and baby cuddles are just incredible! And when she was cluster feeding, I just tried to soak in her warmth and her coziness, and just tried to love on her as much as I can, because I know that this won’t last forever, even if it’s tricky and difficult time it’s still incredible and amazing.


My daughter is 6 months, but I thought a lot about this when she was younger. I found the newborn stage lovely. She was a pretty easy baby. She did some contact naps but would sleep in her bassinet from birth. No colic to speak of. I have fond memories of that time. But I was way too busy to post. I actually intended several times to post here about how it's not all bad, but I just had too much going on and never did it. I'm fully aware that I got lucky to some degree, but I really think you're disproportionately hearing from people who have specific problems that they need addressed. It's not a representative sample of what life is like with a newborn.


I'm just coming up to 3 months (and so completing the 4th trimester), and I haven't hated it one bit. I have LOVED becoming a mother, taking care of my adorable baby, feeling connected to another human in a way I have never felt before. I love feeling needed by my little potato, and knowing that every second I put into loving and caring for this child is another second that is (hopefully) giving her a more secure foothold on the world. It's an amazing feeling to be part of something like that -- I keep thinking about all the other mothers right now who are caring for my child's future best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, lab partner, sworn enemy, frenemy etc who are all currently just babies or soon-to-be babies. I'm tired, though. Dear Lord, am I tired. It's been trial by fire as far as the sleep deprivation goes. As soon as my potato decides her crib is not the enemy, I think I might have an easier time of it. 😅


I have absolutely LOVED the newborn phase. My baby girl is 10 weeks tomorrow. Of course I have moments where I cry. I remember the first day I brought her home I freaked out when she cried so hard her whole body turned red and she was just hungry but I thought it had to be something else. I love her dreaming facial expressions of all kinds, her little coos, and even the way she cries. I’m not with the father and went no contact with him from my 10 weeks pregnant appointment, until recently I have been speaking with him. I’ve been doing this alone and I’m still so in love with her and the entire process. The waking up to feed in the middle of the night was rough but it got easier. Even the moments when I’m changing her diaper and she pees or poops on herself, still love her and the entire experience of being a mother. I am in a mothers support group that meets once a week on zoom, and those mothers remind me how thankful and grateful I am to have all that I do, and all that I don’t. A lot of them have partners that don’t pull their weight and I hear them complain so much about that. I only have myself to worry about, I don’t have to worry about someone not helping or needing directions. I remind myself that this is the best time of my life and it’s only going to get better, I have a little one to see this world for the first time and I get to witness their experience and guide them the best I can to be the best they can be. I feel truly blessed.


I really love it. I’m a second time mom. My first is 15 years old. There’s a level of appreciation I feel because it took us years and ivf for this baby. I had a life threatening delivery which included a hysterectomy and severe blood loss and he was born 4 weeks early. I was grateful to be alive after the somber week leading up to my delivery. There have been parts where I’ve been really overwhelmed but I know it truly is so temporary because I’ve been there. There were a few times in the early few weeks when my postpartum hormones gave me some agitation and anxiety. Sleep deprivation can make people do and feel crazy things. It’s ok if you don’t love the newborn phase. It’s ok if you do! It’ll be over before you know it!


I loved it


During the end of my pregnancy I couldn’t wait to have my baby in my arms. I was up every 30 minutes all night having to pee, my belly was soooo big and uncomfortable but now that I am 2.5 weeks post partum, I’ll take pregnancy over this any day 😂 this newborn phase is sooooooooooo much harder. But that’s just my experience. It’s really nice to know my baby is here with me safe and sound but man do I miss my sleep.


YES!!!! It’s amazing to be home with my husband and our baby! I love the cuddles and love watching movies and shows snuggling


I love the newborn stage. They are so sweet and thoughtful little babies.


There are aspects that are challenging, but for every wonky evening or late night feed, you get to snuffle those newborn cheeks and smell their heads. It makes it all worth it.


I’ve gone through it twice and have loved it both times, as well as every stage after! It isn’t perfect or anything, but our home is full of so much love.


My baby is 6 weeks and I love it! Honestly I hated being pregnant so this is the joy I was waiting for. She ONLY slept on top of my husband or I (mostly me) for the first two weeks, which was hard. It’s common so be prepared! For some babies it’s even longer. She became ok with her bassinet after that, and things got much easier because we could all sleep at the same time. Breastfeeding did not go well for me and I was not mentally prepared for that. It was very emotional for me and I had to start formula. It was the best choice for us but hard to do. She is so sweet and squishy and even in the times she’s fussy, I’m so grateful to be her mom.


Me!! My little guy will be 2 months tomorrow and I am just so sad that time seems to be flying by. I really love watching him grow and become more alert. Just trying to soak up as much as I can 🥹


I’m 4.5 weeks PP and enjoying the NB stage. I’m lucky because my recovery was very smooth (did not have any tearing) and my baby was very mellow. (She’s in her first “leap” according to wonder weeks so has been much fussier this week…) I think if I physically had felt worse it would’ve made the sleep deprivation and breastfeeding pain that much worse. My husband and I have felt like a true team and loved being in our little cocoon together both off work. It’s also been fun to see our “village” of friends and family really show up - the feeling of being so loved and embraced is really sweet. And the baby?! She’s just soooo adorable… I can’t get over it 🥰


I love the newborn phase, into the 2 week mark and I still love it. He wants to eat, sleep, poop and occasionally stay awake for an hour or two. It’s the same cycle repeatedly. I was sleep deprived for the first week and in so much pain but week 2 I feel so much better and getting the swing of things. Each baby is different.


It is BOTH awful and completely magical, which is hard to explain. Magical parts for me were: 1. Observing life being created/watching a person coming into being 2. The fact that my baby felt both alien and completely, very deeply familiar. 3. Babies have personalities from literally the moment of birth. 4. Love the sweet moments of quiet and napping together. 5. Even newborns like to get out and look around. Fun to see what they find interesting. 6. They have needs you can (usually) actually meet. They need love, food, sleep, simple stimulation (walk outside is good enough) and diaper changes.


No one really talks about them feeling both very alien and also deeply familiar. It was the coolest thing for me. Like hey lil stranger that depends on me, and then boom she hiccups just like she did in my belly for the last few months and holding her feels right as rain! Not to mention recognizing my and my spouse's features and mannerisms in her! Wild!


I thought I loved the newborn stage only to discover I LOVE the 4 month stage. So if you asked me now I wouldn’t say that I loved it, but at the time I did. Does that make any sense?


This is reassuring as someone who LOVES the newborn stage and is sad thinking it will be over in a flash


As someone who HATED it, looking back now 10 months later there's actually a lot of beautiful memories and things that I miss about it. I had a lot of trouble with breastfeeding, a colicky baby, and a terrible sleeper but even then-- they're so tiny they fit on your chest, you can watch shows while they eat and sleep on you and it won't wake them up, they easily fit in a baby carrier, when you get them dressed they just lay there (as opposed to a full blown wrestling match). You get to watch their personality slowly appear which is the most magical part of parenting to me so far. I can probably call my newborn experience traumatic but it's still 1000% worth it and I would do it a thousand times to experience this love again. My baby is so worth it. And yours is too :)


I have 4 kids. It was not my favorite stage with my first but really loved it with my last two. Each postpartum and baby is SO different.


The newborn stage is hard, but it’s so magical and so short. I’m lucky that my newborn is a good sleeper and eater. It goes by so incredibly fast, she’s a month old and I just had to switch all her newborn clothes out cause they don’t fit anymore. The craziest part is looking at that tiny human and knowing that you grew and birthed them. I’m in awe everyday of what my body did. Soak in every single moment, even the tough ones. Take videos and pictures of everything. Give yourself grace, and get a wrap/ring sling/carrier (mine only wants to be held currently). It’s exhausting but oh so wonderful!!


I am a FTM with a 3 week old and I am still waiting for it to get very hard! I love him so much and he is such a chill little baby. A baby carrier/sling has saved my days, and I can get a lot of things done while he naps in there. (I use one from najell). He wakes up 3-4 times per night and I'm up for an hour listening to audiobooks and feeding him. In the morning my partner looks after him so I get to sleep uninterrupted for a few hrs. It is not difficult though, I am just tired - nothing new in that sensation tbh. Caring for him feels easy even when it's hard and my recovery from birth was super smooth. It is a very beautiful experience so far. he is so funny to interact with and look at. me and my partner are constantly laughing. You are in for a treat :)


I’m a first time mum and absolutely have loved every second. My baby is 7 weeks old. I was prepared for the chaos of sleepless nights and trying to figure out how to do it all (me or my partner had never changed a happy before our daughter was born!) so I think that helped to not go in having expectations that I would be perfect. It’s amazing to watch this tiny person grow and all they need is your love and care. It’s such a privilege and gift. I know that not all can feel this as immediately but I have and I think it’s bc I haven’t put any pressure on myself or my baby to be a certain way. We don’t track sleeping or eating just make sure she is putting on weight and is settled. It’s amazing. Wouldn’t change it for the world.


It’s a love/hate situation because I love my baby but I’m sleep deprived and exhausted by the end of the day. But when your baby smiles at you the first time, it’s a feeling like no other.


Its going to totally depend on your baby. I loved it except for weeks 3-5. Some babies are fine those weeks, but for my baby, thats when he was really realizing he was no longer in the womb and hated his life. He couldn’t really fart so he screamed instead. He was never comfy unless i was soothing him and he refused to be set down or else hed scream. He was just learning to exist and it was tough for him. Ill be honest, those weeks made me question if id made a huge mistake. As soon as he started smiling though, newborn was the best. And the first two weeks, he just slept so it was nice to just contact nap and play video games.


The newborn stage for me was not that bad. The recovery went well, breastfeeding worked out really well, I watched a lot of movies while baby slept, ate whatever I wanted, enjoyed nice long walks, and gradually grew into this new role. This is not to say that it was easy or that I only felt happy and joyful. It's those moments when you feel absolutely desperate that make it so hard. Those are the moments that you hear/read about that make it seem like it's terrible. In reality you alternate between happy moments and trying moments. You also panic as a FTM whenever your baby cries at first. But then you gradually grow accustomed to it and become more methodical. You get used to weird sleep patterns too and don't feel as affected by sleepless nights or the lack of long stretches of sleep. Bascially you figure it out and it's not bad at all. But when something out of the ordinary happens or when you're still new and clueless, that's when you say that it's terrible and post on reddit out of desperation :) But then things settle down like they always do and your baby smiles when they see you in the morning and it's like life has never been better.


I love it! My son is 8w and I am just so happy, fulfilled and in love! He’s not the most straightforward baby either with reflux and an urgent hospital visit but even when I’m exhausted I just look at him and adore him and know that it won’t last forever. Contact naps are amazing, soaking in their face and tiny-ness, the cute outfits, getting to know him and now he’s smiling it’s just amazing! Your in for a treat! 🫶


I had a C-section after 3+ days of hard labor and had a lot of feelings about it that I’ve been processing lately (baby rushed off to NICU without me getting to meet him, yet only needing 1 day in the NICU) and still, I loved the newborn phase. I miss it a little bit actually! We have a chill baby (though he’s not completely a unicorn sleeper and is showing his personality more to be quite active at 8 months!) and I LOVED (still do!) coparenting with my husband. I often describe hubby as being like me, but without boobs. He was that involved in caring for baby, feeding me, still giving my belly massages, etc. he genuinely also wanted to be so involved! He took 1 month off of leave, though could have had two, so we could take time later in the year to support me as I went back to work, and it was fine because he works from home and could still help. My mom came in for that first month too, but we honestly didn’t need her help. We got enough sleep and were able to hand off care of baby throughout the day (especially around 6 weeks old when baby had a few VERY challenging days and either of us couldn’t handle it). If I hadn’t had the support though, I can definitely see not enjoying or feeling like I wasn’t able to survive that period of time.


Whatever you hear or read in Redit is not a completely picture. It is easier to complain than to say it is beautiful. These sweet moment sometimes doesn’t even register in your awareness but it only leaves the after taste. The difficulties are registered loud and clear, on the other hand. Even though I struggled a lot in newborns stag, I also feel a lot of love ❤️. Not exchange for other things. Newborns have its own sweetness


We are 4 weeks in. The week in the hospital was the hardest - went in for an induction on a Monday night and she got fully dilated and pushed for 3 hours, but he was stuck so C-Section it was. This went well, but my only recommendation is to absolutely make sure you switch to the right pain pills before any IV pain meds wear off totally about 24 hours after surgery. Then be ready to have someone from the hospital bug you about every 15 minutes (it felt like that at least). Once you get home, set boundaries on who you want to visit and don’t feel bad when someone gets upset. We are going into flu season, and RSV is a real threat, and you shouldn’t feel bad at all about protecting your baby. Our first night at home was rough but we just didn’t know what we were doing. We haven’t really had any rough nights in the last 3 weeks - pay attention to your baby’s signals and you’ll do fine. Feeding are every 3 hours like clockwork, and he likes to snuggle after each feeding and it feels great. He kicks his feet a lot when he has a wet diaper, and the wet diaper indicator is your friend. Also, if you can, get some kind of biometric sleep device - we have an Owlet sock, and it gives us so much peace of mind during the night. It’s helped my wife’s anxiety so much, it’s been a lifesaver. We are a bit sleep deprived but it’s been worth it. Watching how he has grown just in this time has been unreal, and I was concerned that the newborn photo shoot that my wife booked was going to be a waste but we have some of the best photos of us and I’m so glad we did it. We are probably skipping family holidays this year (or at least one of us will to watch the boy) but it is what it is. It’s worth it though, it’s all in how you decide to take it all, so a positive attitude will be your most useful tool these next few months. You can do it!


I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed being pregnant and less than I enjoy the period after the third trimester. It's more rewarding to put a being to all of my effort, for me anyway. Just to have her little face to place the purpose onto was a huge help. It wasn't this unknown being growing inside me, it was suddenly my daughter and she had substance to me instead of just this concept that was kicking my organs.


I adore it. My situation may be a little different as my baby was born prematurely (9 weeks early) and we brought her home after 33 days in the NICU! We snuggle all day and I watch TV while she naps, when she’s awake I talk and read to her. She kept us up all night last night and even though I was exhausted this morning my husband ran and got me Starbucks and we’ve still had a lovely sleepy day. I’m amazed by her every single day.


4 months postpartum first time mom. When I was pregnant I was constantly bombarded with negative feedback and it was soooo annoying “just wait til…” “think you’re tired now…” etc. Now having lived it, I understand the negative feedback lol. I had a rough time with ppd. I’m definitely feeling tons better but I will say, as hard as it was at the fresh newborn baby, I wish I could get one day back with a clear (clearer) mind that I have now. I didn’t see how it would improve. She was colicky and demanding (like I’m talking nobody could SIT with her). It does improve with age but the ONLY advice I have other than to push through it, is to take a ton of videos of her as a newborn, I regret not taking more videos (I just mentally was not with it) but you will look back on them after a shit day and cry because they were precious moments. Newborns are so tough, but it’s also different for everyone. It’s something you don’t get until it happens but it’s beautiful even through the storm. ❤️ Good luck ❤️❤️


My baby is 3 months, so the newborn stage feels like an eternity ago and also just yesterday. Whether you are having a good moment or a bad one, the most important thing to remember is *it is temporary*. It goes by SO. FAST. I think the thing I miss most is just laying on the couch and letting babe sleep on my chest. She won’t do that anymore 😢 those newborn snuggles are just so sweet. Soak it up as much as you possibly can! Enjoy every moment - and when you’re not enjoying it, remember, *it is temporary*. This too shall pass. Wishing you a safe delivery & lots of lovely cuddles with your little one ❤️


5 month old baby is doing great and I must say I’ve loved just about every part and moment so far!!!!! My husband had the first month off work which was a huge help because we slept in shifts. I think this was the biggest game changer because it got us off to a great start without much sleep deprivation! I slept from around 8pm-3am and husband slept 3am-10am (these are approximately the times from what I remember lol) and it was great because whoever was up with the baby could try to get him to sleep in his bassinet without the stress of like “omg if he doesn’t sleep in the bassinet I have to hold him and then I can’t sleep!!!” because it was our time to be awake anyway! If he did go down to sleep in the bassinet we tried to nap as well but then it wasn’t a big deal if we were up holding him so he could sleep. Second thing that helped was setting up a diaper change station in our living room and fully embracing the lazy, cozy days in the beginning! Lots of cloths/muslins/etc, blankets covering all surfaces, huge water bottle, burp cloths, nipple butter, nursing bra that you love (personally that’s the Bravado Restore bra with the pads removed), sleep sacks/swaddles, and snacks! We watched lots of Netflix those early days/weeks and went for walks but otherwise just chilled and fed the baby! Basically hung out on the couch and rotated between feeding baby, changing his diaper, cuddling him and him sleeping on us/the couch/the bassinet. Third thing that helped was realizing that majority of the time if he cried it was because he was hungry! At that age he generally would just pass out if he was tired, we were changing his diaper really often, and he was getting lots of attention and snuggles, so the main thing that would cause him to be upset and cry was being hungry! Even if he had just fed, if he was crying 9/10 times he was hungry again! One other thing that helped was taking him out places with us! He was I think only 5 days old when we went on a mall outing for the first time and we went to cafes shortly after, then restaurants (not so much proper sit down ones tbh just in case lol) and for the first few weeks/months he was always sleeping so it was super easy! And I swear it helped him to be more comfortable going out and about because now at 5 months old he’s perfectly happy going out different places with us and is very well behaved! I’ll add that the most difficult time so far was during the 4 month sleep regression, husband was back at work and there were some really rough nights with hourly wake ups! But we got through that thankfully, the toughest part was in the thick of it not knowing how long it would go on like that. Wishing you all the best on your journey and I hope you’re able to enjoy this special time as much as possible!!


I LOVED the newborn phase both times with both kids. My husband had a hard time in the newborn phase. I think everyone is different and shines at different stages of parenthood. Eta: it's also easier to like the newborn phase when you get adequate paid maternity and paternity leave like we did. I feel really bad for parents who don't. I don't know how you do it. My advice is rest as much as possible in the early weeks. Don't make plans. Get people to bring you food and visit at home. Take as much leave from work as you both can


My son is 4 weeks today. I’m also a first time mom so I was nervous about the newborn phase too! It’s a definite change but I love my boy so much that even the hardest times are worth it and don’t last for more than 30 minutes or so. I do have a pretty easy baby though.


Honestly, if I could go back to the first two weeks, I absolutely would spend every day of my life there. It was so close to heaven. There were some hard times with my dog adjusting and of course the sleep was far from perfect, but the sleep was far better than the time leading up to giving birth and it just felt like everyday was a warm slow moving perfect day.


To be fair, I have loved every stage. The sleepy newborn snuggles are the best though. Scrunchy lil cuddly potato. My husband had 6 weeks off work and it was honestly a blast learning to be parents together. We found our rhythm super quickly and were out enjoying coffee with baby sleeping in the pram within a week of giving birth. Our baby was a great sleeper and had nights and days sorted from day dot. Once we moved away from scheduled to demand feeding we managed to get substantial sleeps. In terms of physical recovery, I was actually really surprised at how good I felt. My baby was a small baby, but I was heavy lifting my big pot plants to water them when we got home at 5 days post-partum. Try not to get caught up in others horror stories, your experiences are not theirs. Enjoy the little moments, as they are only this teeny tiny once.


I'm blessed with a happy baby, so I've loved it. I found her to be charming even as a little red potato who didn't do very much, and it's been so exciting to see her grow into a smiley 4-month-old. Her gummy grin fills my heart with infinite joy and most days I feel like I'm living the best days of my life. She's only going to be little once so I'm trying to enjoy each day as much as possible.


I loved it. My girl is 14 weeks now and I’m missing the early weeks already! My husband had 6 weeks off and I had 12 off. It was such sweet family bonding time. Just watching tv, cuddling with our little girl, and taking care of each other. Yes, lots of sleepless nights, but in some ways life seemed easier - everything is boiled down to taking care of yourself and your new baby. The rest of the world waits. Congrats!!


I did. My little guy was a pretty good sleeper and I found ways to make nighttime feedings pretty easy. So far at 2.5 years I think the first 5-6 months were the easiest for us. I still love spending time with him and watching how much he is learning on a daily basis but I do kinda miss the quiet days before he became mobile and rambunctious. As for tender/joyous moments, tiny hands holding my fingers, tiny little feet resting on me arm when he was curled up, sleepy baby snugs. So many sleepy baby snugs. The first time he smiled (sure call it gas) at his daddy after work. The little coo sounds he would make. I miss those little things the most. I’m going to say make sure to soak in the snuggles and cuddles. Today my toddler asked me for snuggles and after 30 seconds physically removed my arm from around him and told me “go away mommy!” (Thank you daycare! He’s never been told to go away at home)


I loved it! Don’t get me wrong, it was so hard, but not being hard on myself, and having a super supportive partner and family helped a ton. Here’s the thing I think made the difference…If something was affecting how I felt about my baby, but was truly optional, I didn’t stress over it too much, and just changed things up. Breast feeding was super duper easy from like minute one to day 21, and then no matter what I did, I could not get my supply up. I was exhausted, my husband felt defeated because the only thing the baby really needed was more food, which he couldn’t supply, even though I was triple feeding, SO we just switched to formula. I grieve the loss of the feeling and specialness of breast feeding, but it wasn’t worth it and the actual scientific evidence supporting it is “meh” at best, after 6 weeks we transitioned to formula. I realized, in spite of EVERYTHING you read, breast feeding was harming my relationship with my baby, my baby’s bonding with my husband, my own mental health, and baby’s health. For us and our situation, formula was the clear winner in all ways. And while I grieved, I didn’t beat myself up over it. Because of that, I remember the newborn period so fondly. I was exhausted, so was my husband, but we were all happy, well fed, and actually very relaxed. In downtime or naps, we would all gather in the den and play video games or watch a tv show. They were some of the best days of my life.


I’m gonna be honest. In the midst of it right now with a colic baby who has allergies and it’s difficult, but I love every minute. When I started getting exhausted at the 3 week mark I noticed a couple things that were concerning health wise and it made me really treasure every moment. That, on top of knowing that these are difficult moments but ones I’ll look back on and never get to have again, make me treasure it. I’m tired and struggling, but I am happy and loving every minute.


My baby is 7 months now, it's way easier than it was and it was rough to start but... My favourite thing was when the nurse plonked my newborn son on my chest day two an he just looked expectantly at me to be fed. I thought I was going to melt right there, I have never felt this important in my life. Being home base for this cute as creature was just... Amazing. And it just gets better from there!


Loved it so much. Those newborn snuggles are next level.


I'm 10 weeks pp. there have been challenges, sleepless nights, and pain but I feel like I've been able to enjoy it. I had baby blues for about two weeks and honestly if maybe me really give up breastfeeding. It gave me so much anxiety. Part of me misses it, but I just feel way more connected with my baby and been able to enjoy him. I also have 18 weeks off and my partner has 12 and that have helped tremendously. While it's been hard, seeing him grow as a dad and enjoying this newborn has been the best feeling in the world. He's starting to laugh and be awake more now and it just warms my heart


My baby is past the newborn phase now (almost 9 months old already!) but I absolutely LOVED it when I was in it. I loved cuddling her, I loved breastfeeding, I loved cuddling up on the couch and spending all day there sometimes, watching movies or TV shows while she napped and doing tummy time on my chest or feeding her while she was awake. Yeah, I had some sleepless nights but they didn't bother me for the most part, partly because I've always had insomnia anyways and partly because I was just so in love with and in awe of this tiny little person that I made that it somehow sustained me. I was also able to get in some decent naps while she slept and was blessed with a unicorn baby who slept 5-6 hour stretches by 6 weeks old. I know how lucky that makes me but hopefully it's still reassuring to you that there are absolutely people who loved the newborn stage. I love where we're at now too. Honestly, every couple months is an interesting new part of your baby's life. Some are tough, some are super fun and enjoyable, but being a parent has been pretty incredible for me so far and watching my daughter grow and sit up and start to eat & love certain foods and roll and say "mama" and learn sign language and start getting ready to crawl... It's all been so amazing.


From a mom of an almost 17 month old, I’d do anything to go back to the newborn stage 😂 the first 8 weeks were so nice when they sleep all the time. After that though it was the best feeling whenever my daughter would hit a milestone or do something new!


I absolutely loved the newborn stage. He slept on me so much and I’d just rub his hair and talk to him and soak in the cuddles. I sat on the couch and read on my kindle when I wanted time to relax. We’d go out a lot and I’d wear him in his Moby wrap and he’d fall asleep against me and I just loved it. I loved going on walks in the forest with him (and still do now that he’s a 2 year old! Just different vibes now). I think a big component of this is how we handled sleep. My husband and I would split the night into shifts. One of us would take 7pm-1am, and then we’d trade off and the other would take 1am-7am. That guaranteed 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep helped us stay positive and sane.


YES. I love this phase. I LOVE newborns but I feel a bit guilty in humble-bragging that all but one of my four kids were very easy in the newborn phase. (Kid #2 was colicky but it didn't last long.) My older two kids are in school and my toddler is very easy-going and easy to keep entertained so I am grateful that I get to have a lot of peace and quiet to enjoy my new baby. He's 5 weeks old and I just adore him so much. 🥰


I love the newborn stage- I am absolutely in love with my sweet boy and I am so lucky. I am also in so much pain from my unplanned c section- so tired from a jacked up sleep pattern. But I don’t care. I LOVE this phase 😭❤️


I’m a FTM with a 10 week old and no prior baby knowledge and was never extremely comfortable around babies and I have to say every waking second is like a dream with her. She’s so soft, she’s sweet when she smiles and even when she cries. The sound of babies crying used to always bug me but not hers. Especially the crying leading up to the moment she latches for breast feeding or gets to the bottle…UGH. I love having her sleep on my chest while I watch tv the very most. It’s very fun for us even tho not everything is right and perfect all the time. It’s hard but a reward like no other I guess


LO is 6 days old. I had really extensive tearing (4th degree, plus vaginal and cervical lacerations) and I’ll be honest without trying to scare you, I’d certainly call it a traumatic birth. Additionally, I really didn’t like being pregnant - bad sciatica, GD with insulin needed, a pinched nerve in my diaphragm, just sort of death by 1,000 paper cuts type thing. All that being said - the way I’ve felt over the past 6 days has been a shock to me - im a bit of an anxious mess, and most things make me cry, but literally everytime I look at her, hold her, feed her, change her, im so freaking obsessed and happy. Honestly I think after a long pregnancy and a rough delivery, being home and being sleep deprived and overwhelmed actually doesn’t feel like torture to me, if that makes sense. I never thought I’d love anything more than my dogs (even my husband might be second to the dogs haha) but it turns out I was wrong I hope you have a smooth delivery, just know even if you don’t, and those first 2 days feel like actual hell, it doesn’t mean you’ll feel that way forever, even 24 hours ago I thought my physical pain might take me out lol. But also please reach out for support if you don’t love the newborn phase. I have friends telling me how hard it was and it makes me feel less alone, I have meds and therapy, and a superhero for a spouse, but also just pure dumb luck that I’m not feeling any PPD/PPA at this point at least


The sleepless nights are challenging BUT the love that you feel when you look at your LO is unmatched. The joy you feel when they make their little noises is like nothing you’ve experienced. My favourite thing is that face mine makes after eating and is falling asleep. Cutest thing ever.


It is extremely hard and the hormones make you sometimes think there is no light at the end of the tunnel but then they open their eyes and everything is perfect. I love when he is awake and discovering new things. I love when he is asleep and making all kinds of weird sounds. I love how being able to provide and comfort my baby, especially after a difficult day and they are finally sleeping peacefully. Outside of that I love having my body be separate and even the little sleep be restful sleep. I think the key to enjoying the newborn stage is getting that 1-2hrs to refresh and restart another cycle. Also keep in mind that if one cycle (feed, change, okay, sleep) is horrible there’s always another one coming up to try again.


I mean, it was hard. I was tired. But, but god we’re only four months in and we’re already sure we’re going to have another one. There’s nothing like those newborn snuggles. The first smiles. Getting excited over every little milestone. Being my baby’s mom is the best thing I’ve ever done. The hardest and the best. I love him so much it hurts. Becoming a mommy is absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made and every little thing he does absolutely overwhelms me with love. My boobs hurt, some days were really hard, but the way my baby is soothed so completely by me is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It is so wildly fulfilling, being someone’s entire world.


I have to say, my husband got four months off for paternity leave (paid, military, stacked leave), so I’m spoiled. I’m actually going back to work two months earlier than him! I’m actively trying not to hate the newborn stage or any stage. I’m trying to stay present and try to soak up every minute of him. He’s also a reflux baby, and spends a lot of time screaming lol, so I’m not always successful. I would absolutely not feel this way, if I didn’t have my husband at home to do this with me.


I recently posted about this to say that despite all the warnings of how bad it was going to be I've been loving the newborn stage! I'm a FTM and I've got 15 week old twins! I do have my husband around to help with everything so that is a big plus but then there are two of them! I think more than anything I've loved seeing myself and my husband flourish. It's such a kick to find that you have kept everything going and I love that feeling. The twins have been difficult at times but I am finding a patience in myself that I never knew I had and now they are starting to engage it is just getting better and better. I hope you love it as much as I do and that you have the space to do so. Being in a little cocoon with few visitors and just being left to get used to everything has meant that we have found our own groove and are really happy!


We LOVED the newborn stage. The lack of sleep is hard, but it was super easy for us to figure out her needs, which was great. Just don't let yourself get sucked into all the nighttime work. Figure out a way to make sure the labor is divided fairly so you both get the most sleep you can. Honestly, it was an absolute delight to watch her develop in those first several months.


I loved it! Newborns just melt into when you hold them and they sleep so much it’s just a snuggle-thon. My 2 1/2 month old is getting more curious so I can’t just have him held against me anymore, he wants to look around. I would cherish the first couple months and hold them as often as possible. They start becoming their own person more quickly than I anticipated.


The first month was tough but I've didn't not enjoy it. I love the newborn stage with all the snuggles and loving. They grow out of it so quickly it seems. So w my newest addition ( my 4th ) I'm savoring every moment of it. My other kids are teens now.


I really do believe there is such a thing as easy babies and harder babies. Some newborns are very very sleepy, don’t cry much, are relatively silent when they sleep and just have a more chilled demeanour than others. My baby on the other hand was extremely fussy, gassy, insanely grunty and loud in her sleep, and scream cried from 4-8 most nights. Didn’t sleep for more than 2.5 hours straight at night until she was 6 weeks. I kept wishing the newborn days away and wishing time would go faster. I used to constantly compare her to my friend’s bub, who was only a couple of weeks behind. She was so quiet, sleepy, could take her anywhere, rarely cried. Slept 5 hour blocks from 2 weeks. Well now my LO is 15 weeks and is as cute as a button and happy as can be. Only really cries when she’s tired. She’s like a new baby! She giggles and babbles and smiles and I LOVE taking her out. My friends bub has now become fussy, inconsolable at times, very clingy. Sleep has gone downhill for them. So the roles have reversed. I truly hated the newborn stage and found it incredibly difficult, but like all things in baby-world, it’s always a phase and typically never lasts too long. I guess what I’m trying to say is even if you do happen to find yourself in a sleep-deprived black hole of despair, just tell yourself “this too shall pass”.


With my first i had PPD and didnt like the newborn phase but i think thats because of covid and that he was soooo colicky (he was born beginning of 2020). With my second (september 2022) i LOVEDDDD the newborn phase!!! He was way more chill than his big brother lol. The cuddles, the sweet smell of him, and seeing my eldest be such a loving big brother. Also, that we had way more of a “normal” life! He turned one a little over a month ago and it just gets better and better :) but i miss those nights where it felt like it was only the two of us awake in the world. When we left the hospital, i cried all the way home because i had to share him now 😂😂😂


Oh also, babywearing was a game changer! I’ve had two csections and I felt so much stronger the second time around because i walked a lot!


i freaking love it. I've been more frustrated with my partner than my baby lol sad but true


I did love it. My daughter is almost 5 months now. The first 7 weeks were great for me. But I had an uncomplicated delivery and easy recovery. My mother came and stayed the first two weeks we were home. Honestly I was unsure about that because our relationship can get tense at times, usually if we're together too much we get on each other's nerves. However her being here was the most amazing thing. It allowed me to settle in and enjoy those early days.


Honestly I kept waiting for it to be difficult, It rarely ever got difficult. I loveddddd newborn stage soooo much! He’s 4 months now and I’m still mourning the scrunches (although they are still there a tiny bit), the startling and the lil windy smiles. However, it just gets better because losing all that makes way for an actual personality that adores you and smiles when he sees you first thing in the morning and tries to laugh when you sing him a song and you get to watch this tiny thing you created discover the world bit by bit. Efffff me that made me all emotional. Also, personally I’d much rather be newborn tired than pregnancy tired.🤷🏼‍♀️


My baby is 3 and a half weeks and I am absolutely loving having a newborn. She’s been sleeping great right from the starts (5-6 hour stretch at night and naps during the day) so I’m not really too tired. She has a pretty good temperament and has eaten well on the breast from the start. My partner has been home with me so that has made a huge difference. We love being home together taking care of her. He works out of town and is going back next week so I’m a bit worried about then as he does so much. I have my family and parents live super close to me though and they’ve been a big help so we’ll go through it. Reddit really freaked me out about the newborn stage. It has been absolutely wonderful for us. I hope it is for you too.


My baby sister had never held a baby before. I was 15 when she was born so I got to experience holding a baby I wanted to love and see grow up. When my daughter was born my sister, now 19, was home from college and got to hold my newborn and experience that love. She held my daughter in her arms and started to cry tears of joy and was throughly overwhelmed by love. I actually really have enjoyed the newborn stage, but I have lots of help. My husband is the best partner and honestly it has been amazing seeing him turn into such a doting father. Newborns are hard. It's probably one of the hardest thing I've gone through, but I find so much joy in learning more about my daughter every day as she grows. I find her so peculiar and lovely, but I'm also thrilled to see her next stages of development.


I’m 8 days postpartum and while there are challenges (forget a schedule!) and it’s different than I imagined, it’s also better. We max out at one “have to” a day and spend time sleeping, nursing, resting. I’m sure it will look different when my partner returns to work and I’m off through mid March but it’s a joy to have her hear and watch her learn.


My baby is 6 days old. I’m a first time mama and I am so madly in love. It makes me cry thinking about him growing out of the newborn stage


The newborn phase is like watching an entrancing ice sculpture, that as it slowly melts unveils new intricate layers of the sculpture. You will almost instantly miss the first two weeks when they are gone. Stair at your baby a lot, take all the photos and videos. Marvel at their womblike moments. (I particularly enjoyed watching my sons hands dance). Memorize the feeling of their entire little body scrunched up like a frog on your chest, the way you can cup their entire head with your hand. Relish the smells and sounds. Laugh at the way poop sounds like mustard being squeezed from a bottle. The hard stuff is there, but so is the magic- and it is strong. Do all the snuggles. Don’t worry about doing it right, just feed and cuddle your baby (and change the diapers of course). Nestle in as a little family unit the best you can. It is going to be wonderous, or awesome in the truest sense of its meaning.


I did for the first 2-3 weeks. Then my baby’s pooping reflex stopped (like many others), he stopped napping on his own and it began to take a lot of effort to put him down, and in the midst of that I completely lost myself. I wouldn’t shower for days, I didn’t have time to cook dinner, get myself together, sometimes even brush my teeth was too overwhelming. My baby is 8 weeks now and it’s getting easier but still a challenge. All of that to say - despite all if that, I still am loving it. I love nursing my little boy to sleep. I love being able to console him when he’s having a hard day. I love when he nuzzles into me when he’s sleepy & I’ll never forget his first smile. I cried and woke up my husband so he could watch. I would do it 100x over and over again. I sob every day at the thought that this little boy I’m holding in my arms will never be this little again. It is magical & its WORTH it ALL. You might hate it until the hard part is over & then you will miss it. The struggle of motherhood is so beautiful.


5 weeks in and loving it


I’m enjoying it only because I know this is our last. I got my tubes tied with my C-section. So I’m enjoying since I know I’ll Never have another this tiny. I don’t enjoy all of it but the bonding and growth I love.


Wrapping up the 8th week. Some nights are tough, but honestly it’s all been way better than expected! Seeing baby smile, grow, learn totally overshadows the harder moments. Make peace with the lack of uninterrupted sleep. Nap when baby naps. Relax and enjoy the ride. I have loved it.


I have loved many parts of it! You really don’t what challenges you’ll face until it happens - like I’d intended to exclusively breastfeed, and now I’m in constant pumping and bottle hell. But there are moments of joy every single day. My baby is 7 weeks right bite and is colicky, sobbing inconsolably for hours each day. It’s so stressful and grating when I’m alone, and I often just cry with him. But when my husband gets home, we’ve been going for long drives in the car. Baby sleeps while we’re driving, we listen to a funny podcast, and it all feels okay again for a while. I know these drives will be a very fond memory of mine for the rest of my life.


I'm with ya. We are six weeks in and it's been the best time of my life. I don't want to go back to work (halfway through paternity leave☹️).


I hate it. I hate the anxiousness that comes with it every night. My babe won’t sleep in her bassinet, so we have to bedshare and I hate it. I hate going to sleep anxious that something is going to happen to her, but it’s the only way we all get sleep.


I loved it with my first; it was blissful and joyful. My second was an entirely different experience and likely having a toddler at the time made things significantly harder, but also, I realized with my second that my first was just a very easy baby and my second was…not 😆. I really think the experience can have a lot to do with the temperament of your baby which you can’t really predict beforehand.


I loved it❤️


Yes, we have loved the new born stage. Our baby boy is very easy goin and sleeps through the night already!! I loved being home the first two weeks to spend time with my wife and son.


Hi there! My little one was born at 38+1 and is 4 weeks old now! I am LOVING the newborn stage. Luckily my husband was able to quit his job 4 weeks before she was born and has been the most amazing, hands on dad. She is sleeping a 5 hr stretch at night (this isn’t expected but has been great). Overall, being a new parent is exhausting because of the anxiety you have 24/7 about their well-being but to me, that’s the hardest part. For reference, we had a very scary beginning with a false positive for bacterial meningitis when she was 4 days old. We spent an additional three days in the hospital until they determined it was a false positive and she was only dehydrated and jaundice. Still, even with the scariest time of our lives, the newborn stage has been the best time of our lives.


Baby is so cute, small, scrunchy and sleepy. My partner was also very sleepy and I have the cutest photos of baby sleeping on his chest while he is sleeping. We had a wonderful newborn time, both times! The second time, now with a four year old, was much better since I now had enforced bed- and wake up times. The snuggles! Enjoy ❤️


I love newborn phase. They are like a little doll.


Oh my gosh I feel like people look at me crazy for saying I love the newborn stage. I love the cuddles, the newborn smell, and just how amazing it is to have a little human. My LO is 4 weeks and is the best thing ❤️ I had an easy birth but was hospitalized last week for some postpartum complications. Thank god they put me on the l and d floor so my husband and baby were able to stay with me!! Soak up every moment, ask people to help. When I had guests over in the beginning I made them do chores or help with my 4 year old 😂


We had twins. I’m not going to say the newborn stage was easy because it really wasn’t but there are positives. For me it was the cuddles. They would fall asleep snuggled into me, that was such a lovely experience. They are toddlers now and I rarely get them fall asleep on me, only if they are poorly.


My partner only took a few days off and hes gone for atleast 12 hrs of the day or more due to work so I’ve done most of it alone. The first 3-4 weeks were fked and I don’t remember them, I was in survival mode and struggling, couldn’t get him to latch either so I was trying to bf, pumping and then giving him my milk in bottles… I hardly got any sleep and forgot to eat and look after myself 99% of the time. Didn’t have time to clean… I really struggled I don’t know how people do it. I do have adhd so maybe that’s part of the reason I found it so hard.. I’ve had mastitis, clogged ducts and now a nip infection all in 6 weeks 😬 my pregnancy, labour and birth were super easy (I was weight training up until 2 days before labour). The newborn stage has definitely been the hardest part for me during this whole experience and I don’t know if I could do it again.. I thought BF would be easy and a natural thing so was quite shocked to find it wasn’t, and the sleep deprivation is torture.. but that’s because I’m someone who needs 8-10 hrs sleep a njght (I had this throughout the whole pregnancy to) so yeah I think in the future I would hire a postpartum doula and lactation consultant ASAP