Of course its ok


I'm 42 and there's a Carebear in my bed, I play video games often when I'm not working or hanging with family, and I watch animated shows for kids, and adults--all the time. People who look weirdly upon that are not people I want to know.


Why wouldn't it be? Stuffed animals are not something that has been my cup of tea since I can remember, but it's also something I have known when I was a kid, and as a adult a few other family members/friends of both genders were into including some adults. Also, adults sleeping with stuffed animals is [more common than you would probably guess](https://www.sleep.com/sleep-tech/stuffed-animals-for-adults#:~:text=Many%20adults%20still%20sleep%20with,sleep%20with%20a%20stuffed%20animal). Otherwise, this quote from CS Lewis comes to mind: "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."


I still sleep with a teddy I got when I was 2 and I sleep with 2 others and my window is filled withe teddies and sometimes I like to sleep with them all


I am 30 and I canny sleep withoit a squishmallow :)


Tbh I maybe slept 1-2 years without any stuffed animal and I am so happy that times is in the past. Right now I have always at least 2 stuffis in bed and many more around the house. I actually have one who lives in my reading chair so I can cuddle them there and one on pc chair. Life is too short and too hard to not cuddle with stuffis if you want to


Yes it is more than okay. Life is hard enough without denying yourself things that provide comfort. When I was a child I slept with a large Pikachu and now at 31 I sleep with a (different) Pikachu and a Squirtle pillow. Being happy is more important than what people think.


I sleep so much better when I hold a plush over my own partner. I move around too much, I don't sleep right away and they're too warm... It just doesn't work out and I end up stressed. Plushies feel like security. I'm 30


It isnt weird at all. I don't care if I'm 33 years old. It helps when I'm stressed out or sick. Ps I apologize for saying yes, I meant that there is nothing wrong with it and should have been clearer with that. Sometimes I type or talk faster than I think.


That's same with watching cartoons even is intended for kids which is absolutely no shame about it.


My partner and I will be 27/28 this year. Sleeping with squishmallows, weighted plushies, etc and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. Whatever is fun and brings you comfort. 💕


I am nearly 20 and still sleep with stuffed animals. I have two I always take when going somewhere else overnight, but have more on my own bed at home. They also bring me comfort when I’m anxious or stressed. Stuffed animals are for everyone, and for all ages. Keep sleeping with and cuddling your teddy bear and any other stuffed animals that bring you comfort.


I am old. I still have my teddy bear. He often stays beside my bed because I also have little kids who want cuddles instead. If I sleep somewhere and there’s no teddy bear I find myself cuddling a pillow anyway.


Yes! I do!


Why wouldn't it be okay? I think I'd only be worried if you'd want to sleep with a dead squirrel you found in the street and it brought you comfort. Put it in perspective, it's a soft colorful piece of cotton that brings you joy. No harm done.


My boyfriend bought me a stuffed puppy for Valentine's Day that's bigger than me I sleep with every night and we're in our late 20s lol


Sure, I've done it a lot since I turned 18 (I'm 22).


I just reactivated my teddy from a long retirement. He is nice. And I am 21. :)


Yes completely okay! :)


Do people not sleep with a stuffy? Animals. The lot of them. It’s stuffy or no sleep.


its not weird to sleep with a stuffed animal, i sleep with a bunny, wolf, eevee, vaporeon and a puppy that was made for like babies, its not weird if it brings you comfort


If it's weird, I'm weird 😂 I sleep with a weighted stuffed Mickey Mouse. But I legit collect stuffed animals. 🤷‍♀️


It's totally okay! I have a lamb stuffed animal I've had ever since I was a baby and I still sleep with it next to me and occasionally cuddle it for comfort.


I have a baby blanket and I’m almost 22. I’d say that I sleep with it every night but that wouldn’t be fully accurate. If I’m home and just hanging out there’s a 99% chance that I have my blanket with me and usually pulled up to my face. As I type this I have my baby blanket pulled to my face (and my dog asleep on my legs). If it’s something that brings you comfort, embrace it. This world is too difficult and life is too short to deny yourself the things that bring you comfort


Whenever my GF leaves I have to hug a pillow (I have a Vader pillow) otherwise I cannot sleep. I dont think it is indicative of anything, other than you may be like those kittens who tend to hug something while sleeping


Why would it not be?


Of course Hon! It’s nobodies business how you comfort yourself! I’be been eyeing some cute new squishmallows. You do you, boo!


I'm 44 and I always sleep with something. For a while it was a teddy bear, then it was a bean bag now its a spiky ball on a string. It helps me sleep. So I'd rather someone thought I was strange than lose out on some sleep.


Im 23 and still have a blanket I have had since a small kid to sleep with idc lol


I have a small stuffed tiger 🤷🏽‍♀️


Im 32 and I sleep with a stuffed cat. I dont care what people say… Oh and im married 😃


Yes it's totally fine! My partner and I just bought 2 big IKEA stuffed sharks and always sleep with them, it's conforting and funny, there's nothing bad in enjoying an innocent conforting object!




I would ask the average stuffy hater why is it ok fot them to yell their children to soothe their own emotions


Perfectly fine at any age. Don’t feel bad about perceived ‘normal’ there is no normal, only what people admit to.


Yup it’s fine! My partner even buys me a new one every so often!


I’m old, and I sleep with both a plushie and my baby blanket. The plushie has been changed out many times, but the blanket is the one I was brought home from the hospital in. It’s partly mechanical—it’s easier for me to sleep comfortably with something between my arms, and the small blanket helps me manage my temperature better (or sometimes the dog’s temperature). But they’re also comforting if I’m feeling bad.


Comfort comes in all forms. I've slept with a stuffy for years and I'm in my 40s. No one has laughed at me for it.


I’ll be 39 in a few months and I’m anxiously awaiting Easter clearance to see if I can snag one of those giant Peep Bunny plush from Walmart to sleep with since I have some disposable income now. I also have three squishmallows for cuddles. :)


There’s nothing wrong with this at all.


Unless it causes harm to someone, don’t feel bad about what brings you comfort!


It is not okay; it is required. All humans under the age of 115 are required to sleep with a stuffed animal. You must pick your animal wisely, and it will not choose you as well unless you have a special connection. /j


I'm 25(nb) and have a bunch of stuffed animals and sleep with one every night. As does my partner (22m). No shame in it at all :)


There is nothing wrong with having this comfort! Keep being you! Do what feels right for YOU ❤️🧸


I'm in my 30s and share a bed with my partner who is also in his 30s. I have over 10 plushies on my bed and regularly sleep with 3 or 4 at a time. So yes, it's totally okay! I find them super comforting and they help keep me warm.


Me too!


I am 40. I have sever different plushies depending on what I want. Squish ales and squishmallows make great pillow/cuddle buddies. Alpacas make great shoulder pillows and wrist pillows. Heck out house goat has a pillow of her own. Do what makes you happy and comfortable.


I just bought a stuffed animal to snuggle with while I was on vacation because I couldn’t sleep!


No it’s absolutely fine, most people do they just don’t admit to it.


I have too many plushies to live on my bed, but you're never "too old" to sleep with one.


Not weird at all. You do you, friend. ❤️


When I first met my wife, they slept with their childhood doll's head every night and liked to sniff it when she got stressed. This was no teddy bear, more like something out of a horror movie, with matted hair and eyeballs falling out - not the kind of thing you expect to see when you go back to a woman's room on a first date! I loved that she wasn't ashamed of sleeping with a comfort object, creepy as it may have been, because it showed how confident she is in her individuality and how sensitive she is. Seeing that creepy doll watch us have sex was the start of what is now a very happy marriage. Your teddy and the relationship you have with it is part of your personality, nothing wrong with that. Some people might think it's weird, but the people who "get" you will get it.


No less okay or weirder than sleeping with a pillow.


i dont sleep with stuffed animals but i dont think its weird. i still have a bunch of stuffed animals from my childhood even though i dont sleep with them anymore. i stopped sleeping with them when i was a kid because i had so many and didnt want the ones i didnt pick to sleep with to feel sad. i tried sleeping with all of them in the bed for a while but then they would fall out because i tossed and turned in my sleep. i didnt want them to fall on the ground. so now they all just sit in a bin and im too sentimental to get rid of them.


I’m in my 40’s and sometimes sleep with a teddy bear. No shame in my teddy bear game!


I’m in my 40s and have several squishmallows. Who cares if it’s ‘weird’. You will only ever be happy if you just embrace your weirdness. Life is short.


I mean, why not?


Not weird at all! I always sleep with my IKEA shark and a big stuffed taco named Paco, and I have a whole huge bin of stuffed animals next to my bed.




paco the taco :DDD


He was a gift from a friend of mine. He made me real tacos too! :D


awww :))) <3 tacos are so good!! :O were they like street tacos or like the american version of tacos?


I’m in my forties and my bed is full of stuffed animals! They’re soft and comforting from a sensory perspective, but they’re also friendly-looking, and some days they’re the only friendly faces I get to see. They do wonders for my mental health. Also, they make good pillows, so no one can say they’re not practical. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old for a stuffed animal!


Why wouldn’t it be? Honestly most people I know, regardless of age gender or neurodivergeancy, have at least one plushie in their bed. I have a mykumo pillow that is sensory HEAVEN. The company is gone now I’m so sad.


I’m married with a kid and I have a squishmallow in bed right now.


I am going to sleep in a pile a Squishmallows and no one can stop me.


My bed is full of them, although right now my cat has decided to replace the one I usually hug while sleeping with herself.


My mom is 63 and sleeps with a teddy bear she's had since I was born. Not weird. Do what makes you comfortable.


I hug a pillow. It just feels good


i sleep with teddy bears too!!! its not a problem, if comforts you and don't hurt anyone you should not feeling bad for do it :))


It shouldn't matter whether others think it's 'normal' or 'weird'. I sleep with loads of plushies, and I'm an adult.


Not at all. You do whatever brings you comfort. There’s no harm to anyone here, so you do you!


It doesn’t matter what I or the internet think. Do what you like.


My carebear went to the military with me. I’ve since switched to a “blankie”. You’re fine. Do what makes you happy :)


I’m 36 and my most prized possession is my White Bear I have had since I was a young child. He’s travelled around the world with me, and I’d be distraught if I didn’t have him. My ultimate comfort item! I also have a plethora of other stuffies which, while not as significant to me, I just love having. Anyone who would choose to judge me over liking soft toys can go kick rocks, and are clearly not my ‘kind of people’ anyway. All the best.


What I think does not matter, do whatever you want.


I don’t sleep with it but I have my childhood teddy in the nightstand drawer. Anyone touches it would be having words with me. I’m happy knowing I have it nearby. Whatever makes your mind peaceful and more calm for sleep is normal.


100% yes - it's a really healthy coping mechanism, it does no damage to you or anyone else and doesn't cost anything.


I am 47 and sleep with 4 and my husband.


I'm 26 and I sleep with a stuffed bear. It's perfectly normal.


Yes I had lost my childhood bear and slept alone or with humans. At some point in my 30s I got a cuddly octopus who I now sleep with every night while my wife is in a different room in the same flat. I don't know what it sounds like to other people really but it works for us.


30 and I sleep with a stuffed icebear every night! I bring him with me when I stay over at family or friends and sleep with him there too.


28, and if you've seen my bed you'll see I sleep with a crew. I have sleep issues due to another condition. Between the weighted crew and weighted blanket i use to the regular plush crew it helps me feel secure enough to try for sleep. On top of issues getting down/staying down for sleep my dream world is usually horrific/disorientating enough that going through it worsens my next day. So any sort of comfort helps. Never too old for a plush (or multiple). Maybe young as an infant and can't move the airway enough if obscured is too young.


Yes, it's completely ok


Most trans people sleep with a blåhaj haha


Not weird at all. I'm 28 and bought myself a big stuffed red panda to cuddle. It's comforting and nice!


Not weird! I'm almost 30 and I love my stuffies. They help me a Lot.


I don't get how people don't have plushies Especially if you live alone Come on!!!


Yeah, especially when they said that there too old for that like no one is too old and you can't outgrow teddy bear.


it was never weird (always good) but these days it's more common than ever, I see more and more adults being into toys or younger aesthetics, myself included. I have a winking banana and a bubble tea plushie I like to cuddle, but before I used a miffy (I think) plushie, or an octopus. when I was in rehab I used to bring my stuffed sheep with me to the common room, just incredibly comforting!! it made me feel cute