I enjoy it.


Sometimes you put off shows. I'm embarrassed to say I'm only on Season 5 of Better Call Saul. Its honestly so good. There is Trailer Park Boys, Rick and Morty, Endless Horror series, The Order, Brooklyn Nine and of course The Witcher.


I'm Canadian and pay for the premium subscription and feel like my purchase is solid. I'll use a comparison. I was paying for Crave. They suck ass. It cost me $30 a month for the top end subscription, meaning I get access to movies and all that. No 4k, app is absolutely garbage and doesn't work at all. The price for the issues was outrageous. Netflix has 4k, develops their own series and movies all the time (hit and miss and also subjective on who enjoys it: but they have Mike Flanagan producing shit so I'm on board). They have agreements with numerous studios and are constantly bringing on new and old stuff. And they cost less than Crave who can't do any of that. Also, still no advertisements. So based on all that me and Netflix have a decent enough relationship.


Hardly anyone is unsubscribing even in the UK. You can see that in Netflix’s quarterly reports. They still have around 225 million subscribers which is their all time record high. 2022 has been a slow year but it will still show growth by the end of it. You have to stop treating Reddit like it is real life. A couple of folks crying and some anti-Netflix press from the trade media is nothing to really pay attention to. Only real issue for Netflix has been the share price collapse. Not much they can do about that. Wall Street has finally figured out it was giving streaming and media in general far too high a value and course corrected. Netflix are not going anywhere. They are even still generating some of their all time biggest viewership hits in the form of shows like Dahmer and Wednesday! They are still churning out great niche shows like Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Mo, 1899, Half-Bad, etc. Other streamers are on the rise but Netflix will be fine. It is definitely not “dying” no matter how hard Reddit likes to pretend.


They aren’t easy but users are jumping the gun on some announcements. They are definitely greedy. Some may happen, others not. I just wait and see.


You can go to any streaming app's reddit and there will be people complaining about it. HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, Prime, etc..


Netflix going under is just the Reddit narrative lol. They have more ratings and subs than anyone else in the industry. It has flaws but I have been okay for years and I’m going to keep it regardless. Tons of people in real life wouldn’t trade it for another service either. Most families just have it and use it regularly.


Netflix focus a lot on the UK and especially the US because a lot of social media hype comes out of those two countries. And that's free advertising that makes them seem relevant to younger customers (because "everyone is talking about it"). It can also skew your view that Netflix is dying because "everyone" is talking about cancelling. The Internet is a megaphone for the opinionated, so what seems like thousands can often only end up being hundreds.


It’s definitely nowhere as bad as people claim. It’s just a lot of bad narratives from the first half of the year that keep sticking and are parroted by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.


It's a hell of a lot better than many other streaming services out there. It's got a good international buffet of dramas, and a good variety of genres. And their exclusives are widely available internationally, so I can recommend shows to people around the world and feel safe assuming they have access to most of them. Netflix certainly has its flaws, but people who say it has nothing but garbage are greatly exaggerating.


Disagree entirely about being able to recommend Netflix films/programmes, that are available around the world.....


Because people like to complain about stupid shit. Most people are whiners. If netflix was so bad their sub bleed would have continued but the last quarter proved that to be incorrect. Same as people bitching about the ad supported tier that will likely work well for the company and not affect current paid tiers.


Netflix is pretty good IMO, but there are 'problems'. e.g. 1) It depends on the country in which you live, as to the films/programmes that are available. 2) They rarely show new movies - unless they are Netflix movies. I'm looking for an additional subscriber package that provides all the popular movies/programmes AND doesn't delete them. After reading your post took a quick look at Prime. The Prime 'trial period' showed nothing that interested me, so I didn't bother to even subscribe for the trial period.


The two main issues (at least in my eyes) are 1, that American Netflix is constantly losing the big anchor shows to other streaming services and 2, they keep cancelling good shows after one or two seasons without letting them have an actual ending. None of the shows you listed above are actually on American Netflix anymore and it feels like every time I go to Netflix, movies and shows that I know used to be on there have disappeared which means Netflix is now much less likely to be on my list of services to use since I no longe have the comfort stuff. Which leads to the other point, so much of what's on Netflix gets canceled too easily. I Am Not Okay With This was one that I ADORED, but it got the axe damn near right away and now it's worthless as a single season because it's entirely build up with zero payoff. Glow, The Get Down, Archive 81, The Babysitters club, Another Life, The Punisher, all extremely popular and well loved shows that suddenly got cancelled with no real explanations. And those are just ones I know for a fact we're very popular, there are dozens and dozens of other shows that were started and thrown out very quickly. Even the Witcher is now going to fall in popularity because of Cavill being replaced and because the writers disdain for the original series is heavily showing. It leaves a lot of subscribers not really interested in starting any new shows because no one wants to get into a show only to find out it'll never have a conclusion. And since there are less and less anchor shows and movies, it does lead to a lot of people in America dropping Netflix as an option.


Discovery shills.


It may be because you’re in the UK. The US has a much bigger selection but a lot of what you don’t get in the UK is a lot of trash. The UK also gets full seasons of shows sooner (for example the last season of Better Call Saul isn’t in the US still). Plus the US has other high quality streaming services that compete with it - HBO, Hulu and Prime video in the US are superior imo, and those aren’t in many European countries.