I have noticed an increase in active pets with names that had previously been on long dead accounts


This actually happened to me, my alt account was frozen because someone reported suspicious activities on it which was weird as hell because I hardly go on that account. :) took years to get it back because the email was super old. Dont be that person :/


So do you have any proof of it beyond "I just *feel* it"? Cause if not you sound just as rude and petty as the people you're claiming are being rude to you. Who really aren't being rude, btw. They're just telling you "unless you know for sure you should mind your own business"


Nope. ... since even if you were right you wouldn't get the name, anyway, between - * the pet now being active again, * TNT not having done a widespread purge in about a decade, and * on the off chance they did decide to do a purge after doing everything else they have to do cheaters will get their bots back up and running again for those rare names. Also, a report will make TNT look at both the accused **and** reporting account. So sending many reports may actually backfire against you seemingly for mudane reasons. Got a 24 hour suspension reporting a legitimate thing for something *completely unrelated* to the report, which was the end of me being a concerned Neopian Citizen. For those wondering, I was suspended after reporting another player who outright said they cheated in Flash Games for >!using the \*lol\* emoji in response to a Reseller Offer (they offered less than 50% on an ETS Paint Brush) in another Neomail!<


Gross. This is gross.


there are posts on here almost every other day from people coming back to neopets after a long hiatus. just pick different names for your pets. who cares? it doesnt even matter that much.


BoldAndBrash? More like, belongs in the trash 👎




so because people gave you their opinion, that you asked for, you’re going to start using your biased feelings of jealousy over names to report people and possibly get them frozen out of their accounts that they’ve had for who knows how long?? wow… that’s honestly one of the most selfish acts i’ve seen in this community thus far 😔 how disappointing.


Holy crap, I just saw their edit.... who was even being rude? We were just being honest, unless they got rude DMs. I guess they just wanted people to agree with them and not provide actual opinions... and now potentially innocent people are going to suffer. That's so awful.


super vindictive. it’s unfortunate that people like this just potentially ruin the game for many others.. like i had posted about the other day, this game is literally getting me through chemotherapy, and I would cry a million tears if I got frozen for illegitimate reasons. ugh.


TNT isn’t going to do a purge. It’s been so so long and tons of users are returning every day


A lot of people have come back esp since Covid. Mind your own.


yeah, i stopped logging in around 2013, then came back last year. it happens!


What makes you assume they were stolen? Is it possible they were legitimately transferred? Personally, I would leave it alone. I understand really wanting the names but reporting it if you don’t know 100% what happened, is really just vindictive.


Yeah, I just got two of my 15+ year old accounts back after being locked out of them for years and was finally able to move them back to my main. I happened to find an old document with account info that I’d forgotten. I’d be devastated if I got reported and frozen for that.


I would probably take a break and cry if that happened to me. Lol! Maybe not cry but, it would be so disappointing. Especially since TNT acts first and asks questions later, and are also not the most helpful. It’s just not worth it to risk ruining someone else’s experience IMO.


I agree with this. So many report-happy people really seem to be the reason that innocent people lose their pets that they have worked hard for. If you don't have proof I would just leave it.


I feel like it’s fairly hard to prove these things and just not worth it to report. I have some names I’d like for pets and I have VWN pets on accounts that I’m working on getting into. I’d be so irritated if someone reported my pets as stolen when they’re actually mine.


You're right. I have never reported anyone, and I also do not stalk peoples accounts and pets. Which is a huge thing on Neopets. I do own pets that I know other people want and have neomailed me about and it is always so awkward. This has been my pet for a long time, and I do not go into the PC or anything. People and their list are too much lol.


>What makes you assume they were stolen? Common sense mostly. Reporting suspected rule breaking is simply alerting TNT to look into it.


Can you be more specific when you say “common sense”? Are you checking the names daily? Are you checking the activity on the accounts? Do you even remember the accounts they were on? Just because you feel it’s “common sense”, doesn’t really mean your assumptions are correct. You said yourself, you wouldn’t care but these are names you want. So that really makes it sound like you’re just upset you didn’t get them, and reporting when you don’t have hard facts would be vindictive. Could you be right? Sure. But what happens if you’re not and you mess up someone else’s day over jealousy or whatever? Just leave it alone.


Don't do this, TNT is more like "freezing and not looking" So many people got frozen because some people are so report happy. Yes, they could be stolen, but it could also be returning players, don't make the life of some people harder because you can't have the names :/ I always create Missspells of the names I want and can't get, it is easier and doesn't cause somebody to lose everything.


Ideally, that would be the case. But, as we know, TNT seems to be an act first, potentially changing later (if at all). If you're not 100% sure, you could end up getting someone frozen over something completely legitimate. I understand wanting the names, but it seems unfair to report just on a guess. Have you tried reaching out to the new account? Maybe they'd be willing to trade?


just because you're butt-hurt doesn't mean you need to report it.


Reporting them just because you wanted the names and can no longer have them seems malicious. No way to know if they stole them, when they could’ve transferred them from an old main or something. Edit: your edit makes it so obvious you’re petty. Enjoy ruining people’s accounts, you whiny baby


on a site with volatile staff.. mass reporting.. for something you don't actually have evidence on... "b-but these accounts were dead!" is not actual evidence. yes, you are the dick in this situation. as a reminder, neopets is a childrens website that flourished in the 2000s. the player base in 2023 is comprised of adults that had an account at that time.


I’ve noticed the same thing from my purge list and decided to leave it alone. These pets will no longer be able to purge do to whoever getting in the account making it recently active and the biggest thing is that the people that have them are most likely innocent in all of it. It does suck that a new purge has essentially been ruined, but at the end of the day it’s just a game and I’m not trying to ruin someone’s day.


I think even if you are right, and almost all those pets are stolen... if even 1 of those accounts are innocent old returning users (such as many of us here, me included) it just isn't worth it to ruin their gaming experience. Because TNT doesn't mind punishing innocent people. sorry if anyone sent you rude messages, but I do hope you reconsider. I get it I really do, I've seen quite a few accounts that I suspect of cheating in other ways and it's frustrating. But if in the slightest chance an innocent person is on the other side, unlikely as it is... best to let it go.


I agree with you of course and I haven't really reported anyone so don't worry. Welcome back btw.


Too many users on Neo are straight up rats. Quit reporting everything that makes you upset. Those names are unavailable to you now. Sucks. But move on. Adapt


Tiktok encouraged me to revive my account. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I also finally got a few old accounts back. So this could be what they are seeing… I literally had not been back for over a decade! Almost two lol


… it’s just a name it ain’t that big of a deal


I had some accounts from over a decade ago that I recovered within the last year, and despite having access to those accounts I did decide to start over and now my main is a new account that is less than a year old. That all said, I did transfer some of my original pets to my new account, and then basically never signed back into the old account. It’s completely possible that people have just recovered their old accounts/done what I have.


I don't see anything at all suspicious about this or how its "obvious" that they were stolen. People recover accounts all the time and have spent so much time on their new account that they make it their new main and transfer pets from their older account. I recently recovered my 8 year old account and my 15 year old account and transferred their pets to my much newer 4 month old account. Not that it would matter, you reporting it will do nothing if it was legitimate and possibly get them transferred back to the original account (which if it was legitimate, they will just retrade anyway). So all in all, I dont think its a big deal if you report it or not.


you literally dont have anything better to do than report random people because they have a name you want? wow ok


I don’t know if I’d personally report them but I wouldn’t judge someone who did. Especially if they start getting traded around. There’s been reversals that go back 5-6 years and people have been quitting due to spending months/years training/morphing/painting pets in order to get their “dreamie” and no matter how you slice it, it’s not fair. There’s also going to be someone who reports just for reporting sake anyways to be honest. That being said, I recently got into an account after 15 years and even though it’s tempting to change “mains,” because of food club, I’ve put way too much effort into my newer account to do it and if I had a pet I loved I’d want to transfer them to the new one. TNT seems to have been removing pets first and asking questions later when it comes to being reported and I’d be pretty sad if that happened to me.


This a good point. If very easily could be the original owners moving them to a side or a main. A lot of players have returned and it seems a bit easier to recover old accounts now verses in the past. I say this due to success stories I’ve heard about about frozen players who were given the option of getting their pets back but losing pretty much everything else they had on the account.


I swear I saw here on Reddit someone celebrating that they were able to prove a super old account was theirs \[it actually was mind you\] and that since they had more on the new acct they just wanted their pets and were able to transfer them over via TNT - so this well could have happened. You don't know who originally owned those accts or what they were able to request. ​ Also, don't risk your own account to spam others - because as you saw, freezing those accounts won't open those names up for you and since you said you found them BECAUSE of your list of pets to watch, that tells MOST people you're actually wanting a shot at those names, not to do right by TNT. Especially with lines like "and now I'll never be able to." - yeah that happens. Take a deep breath, ignore anyone going off in your DMs \[because the comments here are EXTREMELY civil they just disagree with you\] and rethink. ​ I'm sure you didn't mean it to come off like it does, but it 100% sounds like a petty and jealous reason \[from your own words!\] to start reporting people. It's not worth the risk to your account first and foremost, and second of all it's not worth doing thing for something you cannot prove happened.


OP 100% sounds like a no life PCer. Lol That "section" of the site is toxic as hell. Literally the island of misfit Neopians.


Hope you aren't trying to represent anyone too scared to represent themselves! Or maybe this is you taking a stand? What pets are you talking about "tuggables"?


Whatever pet you are trying to take someone's account down over because you can't have it, loser. Yes, this absolutely is me taking a stand against people like you who can't succeed with getting what they want on the site so they decide to punch down. PS - I'm glad I struck a nerve!


"People who are upset about others cheating and stealing are punching down and just jealous!" Thank you for voicing what I knew all along.


I wouldn't report, but it's your choice. And I think reporting without actual proof could get you in trouble, so keep that in mind. A hunch is not proof.


Sorry people are being so shitty to you OP. I know if I randomly got back into neo and revived my old long gone dead accounts I sure as hell wouldn’t have stellar names I’d have some keyboard smashes. Most of the names are illegit, everyone is just turning a blind eye to keep them in circulation. Even TNT is in on it, I spoke with n_t about a specific pet and they traced it back to an account who was in cahoots with TNT. So let people think what they want and come to Grundos Cafe where you can create the names you want cause there’s millions still available. Plus it’s not a shit hole like Neo. Come downvote me guys idgaf lmao


... I mean. Sure maybe those accounts DO have stolen pets. Chances are one or maybe two of them do. But you cannot know which one have and haven't and its pretty lame just to report everyone.


Why do you care enough to bother? You have no proof just let it lie. If you really want certain pets maybe message the accounts whether old or new, and see if they’ll trade. It is a more human approach than assuming everyone is cheating.