You could get a decent sized AoS army with the price of Necromunda Ash Wastes models and rules.


Yeah I really think the popularity of Necromunda has made it a total cash cow.


I think GW has figured out that people get into Necromunda and Blood Bowl because you can buy one box of models and a second hand rulebook on ebay and you're good to go. As opposed to me who went "Squats are back, fuck yeah! I'm still not getting back into 40k because I dont have a spare $2000 to put together a decent army." So their tactic is to drop small boxes of stuff you dont "need" thats a little bit more expensive than 40k, but "Its only $50"


GW tried to do the "many rulebooks" thing with Blood Bowl but since NAF and the player community are so strong they refused all the extra rules and cards. So far the only way GW has been making money with Blood Bowl is the old "need to buy two team boxes for a full team" trick as well as raising prices even more than with other boxed games.


In all fairness to GW there was a shitload of value in the latest core box. I think with BB their plan is spike magazine + forgeworld star players.


That seems to be the case. I'd love to get that FW Kroxigor for my lizardmen team but one damn model costs more than a full team box... So a 3rd party Krox it is.


Is it popular? If so, where, because no one plays it here in Michigan it seems. And yea this is really expensive, but buying elsewhere can get you a few bucks off. Sone sellers give a 10-15% discount but its still mad expensive. I honestly feel the gw knows that their stock usually is bought up by large retailers online and such, and they miss out on a hefty portion of profit every box thats sold this way, so they raise prices to compensate. Sucks.


Oh We play in Michigan! Kalamazoo and grand rapids has large player populations. Grand ledge and Lansing both have large groups too have played at a few places and had a blast. Played in a necromunda mini tournament last week! 24 players! We are out there.....


Oh thats awesome. Im up north so its a drive but I might have to make the trip. Thank you!


Yeah you should definitely come down! Grand rapids has a Games workshop store and it's got a group of guys that play


I've been finding the same problem here in Ipswich, UK. If someone you know has the rules, it's one of the cheapest to get started in, as a box set gang is about £25. So, logically, I'd assume that everyone would have a Necromunda Gang knocking about somewhere... and this seems to be true at my local club. Yet, since I picked up NM, last June, I am yet to play a game, as no one wants to play it. I feel like it's biggest strength, the campaign system, may also be it's biggest weakness. Everyone know's NM as the story driven campaign game, so (I assume) forget that you can play one off games.


I think it changes by area but my local group has a core group of 6-8 players who play almost every campaign. We push campaigns of 10-12 players during holiday seasons. We play all year round with a break of maybe 2 weeks between each campaign.


Wait until you do the maths of buying the extra 3 trailers and gunners...


The crazy part is that it's sold out.... so that $182 didn't make many blink.....


I mean its just the extra carts that are temporarily out of stock. This isn't really a bundle its just one of each kit that you buy at price with no discounts just one button press instead of three.


Yeah, I saw that and went “no way”.


This bodes ill for the rumored Leagues of Votann battle train/fortress


But you get all the little crates and cans and stuff!


At that pricepoint it's not even a blip on my radar, I could do 100 bucks but that's about it.


It's the classic new release GW bundle of...0% discount. I'm just getting the land train locally for 20% as that's under $100.


Yeah I have a good size hobby budget (I use the money I save from not smoking, to help me stay not smoking, and it turns out to be a lot of money) but even I have to pass on this one unfortunately, and I'm in the UK, where we get a discount compared to RoW.


Scam Train


In soviet GW, train robs you


$303 AUD...insane


Yeah......no. It's shit like that why I quit 40K a decade ago. It's so ridiculous. I can barely justify spending like $60 on that Ridgerunner.


GW needs to eat, have you seen their latest financial report?!


I know 2020 and 2021 they gave out INSANE bonuses, because they made so much over projections, that it was cheaper to give it to employees, than to keep it as taxed income.


What’s frustrating is that half of the kit is just the manufactorum containers which they already had the molds for. It’s just the cab, trailers, and a couple gunners.


If they didn't include the containers then people would complain about that.


Releasing it both ways would also have been an option.


That's 2 more SKU's and storage.


SKU's are just data, they're infinite; storage space isn't, but half as many of each variety would fit in the same space.


I think the container is actually a really important part to sell the ridgehauler as part of the 40k universe where a ubiquitous storage container can be driven around by it. Would have been nice if they could have fit the containers as simple kitbash and one of them came with a promethium tank though.


It is $303 here in Australia. Thats a few crew boxes... 3d printer goes brrrrrrrrr.


If I understood correctly there isn't even pressure to use all original GW models with 'Munda since it isn't a competitive game with supervised tournaments. If I'm going to play Ash Wastes, I'll just use random objects as "gang cars."


yep, I'm in NZ so I feel you there, i can also get a 3d printer for less then that lol...


Wake up acolyte, we've got a city to burn


This package is $360 NZD, The ork Stompa is $195, and the Gorkanaught is $130. The Space Wolves Stormwolf flyer is cheaper than just the trailer!


Feel like I’ll get satisfactory results with a model truck kit that’s in scale haha


Its $303 AUD *Crys in Australian*


I doubt I’ll ever see this kit in the wild


That seems steep. It's $128 in Sweden.


GW prices in North America are often higher than in Europe, even after the currency exchange. Even higher in Oz/NZ. Almost always worth it for North American hobbyists when on holiday in Europe to visit a local FLGS or even GW store to save some $$$!


AND ITS OUT OF STOCK Come on people


Because why would you kit bash something out of the spare bits you have laying around, when you can just pay GW for something that looks just as good.


Yeah hard pass from me, there's other vehicles you can use at a third of the price


Found most of new items cheaper on Ebay. Anyone interested playing I’m in MD near Baltimore.


HA! If you go to GW Australian website it comes to $300 Aussie dollaroos ($208 USD)


In Europe the FLGS -20% price for a the cab and one extra trailer (without gunner frame) is 90€ (eg. Wayland Games). The closest I can compare this to - in the world of plastic models - is the Tamiya 1:35 Dragon Wagon, which is \~105€ the cheapest offer I can find. (not to say that the price for either kit is ok or affordable; just typing on my keyboard for fun...)


Really really


Same price as a new kill team box...I am now looking at scale models to use as proxy cause this is ridiculous


This is why I quit Warhammer:( so sad, I want to come back which is why I'm still on the reddits but I just can't at these kinds of prices


I’m sure you’ve heard this 1000 times before but go a 3d printer. $200 or so initially but then you’re only paying less than a buck for infantry and few bucks each for vehicles. Those prices are kangaroo bucks too


It's literally just a regular old gw container... Fucking people, man... Sometimes I really love what GW does, and then they do this and I remember why I hate them.


Yeah......no. It's shit like that why I quit 40K a decade ago. It's so ridiculous. I can barely justify spending like $60 on that Ridgerunner.


Hm did someone say 3D printer? I like whoever said that, they're more reasonable than that fucking obscene price.


You're buying 3 separate products at once. Yeah it's expensive, there's no surprise there. You can take 15% off the price from certain stores/online stores, which honestly everyone should do.


That's about $40-50 more then here.


*BuT iNfLaTiOn*


Might not be something you'd buy... But it sold out. There's definitely people out there willing to pay for it. I considered buying it...


AND it sold out too!


GW prices right now are so weird. So much 30k stuff is shockingly low in price (the main box and 20 man tactical squads) while you have travesties like this and the Ash Wastes box. It’s just…weird. Maybe some stuff is priced higher to try and recapture losses from the cheaper stuff? Edit: yes, the 30k box is $300, but you get SOO much stuff.


It's called a loss leader. The 30k box is one and this and ashe wastes are clearly priced as niche products that fewer people will buy.


Welcome to the new world where things that are made in china is more expensive now. Same reason why ash wastes and terrain is so expensive now


Because the gunners had separate images plus my tiredness, my initial glance at the thumbnail led me to believe that was the asking price for their frames alone. But conversely, the actual Ridgehauler itself is cheaper than a Battlewagon (either way unreasonable), and my Grot Revolushun gots to have a great big convoy...


3d printing sounds intensify