Looking excellent! Rule of cool all day. People I play with don’t care so long as the points are paid and it makes sense. Leave the rules lawyering to 40k.


That is kind of my reasoning as well. I built them as being arbites rather then enforcers, and I like the look of the kitbash. Hopefully they will look less awful with some highlights and more paint.. they are very much in the ugly stage atm


Loadouts should be fine, most recent FAQ and Errata I saw said that enforcers could buy and use any equipment from the trading post. Now it still has the caveat in there about Arbitrator's discretion, but games are about having fun!


I'm fresh of the boat to Necromunda, but it seems like the general consensus around here is Rule of Cool, rather than WYSIWYG. And i love it, build them as you want and let the piece of paper reflect your current loadout. With trading posts, finding crates and gear as you progress and outsourcing the best your coin can buy, magnetizing would be the only option. Unless you have unlimited cash flow and the time to do one model of each and every piece of gear you could want.