I have only played in one campaign myself pre lockdown, but I believe the general consensus is "boys before toys" and keep it balanced when starting out. I think it makes sense to gear your leader for survivability and make effective purchases for them and your champs for weapons, but I don't think it makes sense to buy in to multiple big 100+ credit weapons or any heavy armor until after a few games. At the same time, I think it makes sense to keep your regular gangers minimally equipped at the start in order to grab as many bodies as possible. With Escher for example, gangers with the discount lasgun and possibly basic armor are going to get you a lot of bang/shots/bodies for your sump bucks. Taking a plasma gun on your leader or a champ isn't overkill, as it's going to serve you well for a whole campaign and will give you some stopping power at the onset when you need it most. You're better off having some board and turn control for pinning purposes than just a few gangers decked out in your first match! Curious what others have to say, but hope that helps!


Yeah, I'd heard the "boys before toys" before, just wasn't sure if that applied to Necromunda or not. Thank you for the help.


I'm also a firm believer in "boys before toys" when it comes to Necromunda, especially in campaign play. There's a chance fighters can permanently die if they're downed in battle, but much more common are injuries sending them into recovery, meaning they must miss the next battle. It's important to have enough fighters in your gang that you can still field a respectable crew even if 2 or 3 are in recovery.


This is the answer. Don’t overstretch yourself by getting 12 fighters without weapons, but try to aim for at least seven fighters. Eight for me is the sweet spot in a campaign. I don’t bother with heavy weapons in my starting gang. Initially special weapons and good melee options should be enough to take out almost everything your opponents can throw at you. My starting gang (Orlock) has a Grenade Launcher and Plasmagun and very strong melee character. Only seven models, but that’s because I get a special ability from my champion adding a virtual two fighters to the gang for bottle purposes. The amount of fighters that your opponent needs to take out changes a lot percentage wise. In a six fighter gang your opponent needs to take out 17% (1) of your fighters to get you into a situation where you could fail bottle tests. In a ten fighter gang that would be 50% (5) of your fighters. I think you can see the pattern there. (29% for seven, 39% for eight) In a campaign I would go for around 12-14 fighters so you could easily take some casualties and still be able to field that ten strong crew. And remember, more fighters also helps your action economy. Where you can activate a less important fighter first to see what your opponent will do.