This season, #1 is DeRozan, #2 is Durant. #3 is probably Devin Booker. Then it's pretty hard to distinguish from a large group of guys.


Let's be real not just this season but in reality nba it's those 3. Outside of durant and deroz who else is better than booker at midrange in particular


Is Booker slumping really hard right now? Because he’s shooting the midrange significantly worse than Luka on much lower volume


Uh source please because luka is scoring most of his points in post ups, or 3 point attempts and not midrange shooting. And from the source I'm using (as unreliable as basketball reference can be with shot locations) It has booker ahead


Seems I read the volume wrong but no it doesn’t have Booker ahead in FG%


Uh fg percent obviously luka will be ahead he attempts most of his shots close to the rim in a post up attempt. He takes more efficient shots that aren't midrange jump shots that increase his fg percent. If you look at actual shot locations and the type of shots you will see that booker is better at midrange shooting, whereas luka is better at his closer to the rim scoring


Shai is way up there too


This guy knows what’s up


CP3 will never leave my top 5 lol


Dude had some automatic shots, like unstoppable in his prime


Derozan, CJ, CP3, Booker & Durant.


Went looking for someone who had CJ. He's lethal.


Extremely lethal. I remember that year in Portland they cooked Denver in those close out games this man mid range was in-freaking-sane lmao


That was exactly the series I was thinking of too. Loved him in Portland, but like the fit in NO too.


Oh he’s perfect in NO! He’s doing his thing.


Booker, Cp3, Derozan, KD, Kawhi


Booker, CP3, Fox, DeRozan, Kawhi. 4 of them have been deadly from the mid but you have to see fox shoot it from there. Smooth and automatic, he always has that smooth release but this season he has improved on his midrange shot that even his 3's and ft's are improving.


KD, Booker, Derozan, SGA, Ingram If you want to take Derozan out because he usually can't make them in the playoffs I'd be fine with it, replace him with Middleton or CP


Pretty spot on list but CP3 is one of the most efficient mid-range shooters throughout his career, gotta include him in the top 5 for sure. A middy is like a layup for the guy. lol


CP has IMO the most reliable mid range move "the snake PNR into the fadeaway at the left elbow", but I think the other guys are more versatile, can get that shot of easier "because of size" in an iso or coming of screens. But if you want to replace Derozan with him i'd have no problem


That's a fair take, if we're going by just versatility, sure. CP3 is just really good at getting to his spot, he's a pass-first guard so if the elbow isn't open he's likely going to pass for a better shot instead of forcing a shot.


You have to remember tho versatility isn't important when cp3 shoots 100 percent on snake pnr left elbowa


DeRozan, KD , Middleton, Embiid, Booker IMO


KD, Kawhi, Booker, CP3, Derozan


In no orders: DeRozan, Middleton, KD, Ingram, CP3.


This season it's Book > CP3. Shot just hasn't been there for the point god.


Streaky for sure but the dude's gotta return and actually play some games before I write him off all the way. Praying that Monty is just finally taking the "rest CP3" advice and he gets a good late season ramp up and can go all out in the playoffs.


SGA has gotta be in there over Middleton, no?


Definitely if we’re just talking this year. SGA has been going crazy I hope he starts the all star game.


This year he’s been insane, but Middleton has a years-long track record SGA couldn’t hope to match. You could probably swap Ingram/Middleton for Jokic before SGA got a nod, anyway.


Sga isn't so much a midrange shooter as a driver. I'd consider sga more like gian than I would deroz in terms of scoring


Curry is one of the 5




You’re being intentionally obtuse if you don’t think Middleton is a top 5 mid range shooter.


JB needs to be in there tbh.


JB is excellent from mid-range, but his volume from mid-range isn’t as high as others in the top 5. I’d say he’s still top 6-10 from mid. It’s so satisfying to watch him levitate from the foul line and hit nothing but net.


Replace him over who? I'd be hard pressed to put him there with the guys he already listed tbh. Maybe Middleton? But then again you also have Booker, SGA, Beal, PG, Kawhi, and Tatum.


JB is a better midrange shooter than Tatum.


Y'all forgetting CJ Hes mediocre everywhere else, but the dude is an assassin from mid


This year? Shai is better than everyone on here besides KD and Derozan


Sure, 20 game sample size. I’m using last season in my analysis too though.


KD, DeRozan, Curry, Booker, Tatum


tatum isn’t a good midrange shooter he’s just 3s and layups lol


Curry seems like an odd choice here but I swear he never misses from the midrange. It’s just that his volume is low


“Why shoot 2-point when 2<3” -Steph Curry, probably


KD, KD, KD, KD, Derozan


Jokic is a really good midrange shooter but the volume isn’t quite there. KD Derozan Cp3 embiid booker (Kawhi and Kyrie) when they play more than 20 games).


Yeah he’s shooting like 70% from mid range this season but on only 0.9 attempts. Last season he was 54%, but once again low volume of 1.7 attempts. Season before it was 52% on 3.3 attempts. I’d say the shot is automatic for him, he just doesn’t take as much now bc he can find a more efficient shot


Kawhi if you count him


I don’t think the first spot is even debatable. Derozen is number one. The percentages are there, hie degree of difficulty is insane & he still manages a crazy free throw rate off a diet of mainly shots 10-22 feet from the basket. I guess like Durant Embiid Curry and someone else can fill out the rest of the top 5


Durant >> Derozan. Anyone will tell u durants midrange is unstoppable


They’re both shooting extremely high numbers but derozen is shooting a higher volume and getting more FTs off the midrange. It’s also just more impressive with the eye test as mentioned in the post. He constantly has a hand right in his face and gets fouled. Durant can just shoot over people.


Being “more impressive” since he’s shorter means nothing to this convo


I think it does since they mentioned to factor in the eye test lol. It was a question of who can stand 15 feet away wide open and hit jumpers it would be curry by a mile


Actually they average the same amount of mid range makes, but Durant is 8% more efficient. I linked a stat that also shows 95% of durants midranges are contested.


Contests for Durant are just not the same. He can shoot over almost anyone. DDR also has him by a significant margin in number of attempts. I don’t know where to find the exact stats on this but DDR has him by a tiny bit in free throw rate and with that higher proportion of his shots being midrange I’m going to assume he’s drawing a lot more fouls on those shots although feel free to correct me if I’m wrong there, not sure what site shows that info


So what if his shots are easier because he's taller, don't think it's fair to penalize someone over their height.


It’s not a penalty, his looks are just a bit easier. Contests don’t affect him as much


Don’t you think that should therefor make him a better midrange shooter? Wouldn’t this be like saying Giannis and Lebron’s finishing is easy because of their size and athletic ability so less credit.


No. Steph curry is shooting like 80% at the rim but I’d still say Giannis is still better. Embiid is shooting better than both of them and is taller but I’d still put Durant & DDR ahead of him


Couldn’t you use the same arguement. Giannis length and size makes it so contests don’t affect him as much?


I would have to disagree with you by discrediting durants shooting ability simply because he can shoot over people. On the same page I could say it’s more impressive he’s shooting this volume of midranges because a 7 footer shooting like this is a once in a decade time of thing (Dirk, KD, Wemby)


KD is a career 45% midrange shooter and Derozan is a career 40% midrange shooter. They really aren’t in the same league for their career. Derozan has reached a new level over the last three years so that is largely influencing your memory and the eye test. Dude has been a beast. But so has KD. Last season KD shot 58% from midrange, which is a number that Derozan won’t ever approach. And the argument that KD is better because of his height which means he isn’t better than Derozan doesn’t make any sense.


The question was for right now not career


CP3 has always been, and will always be a better midrange shooter


His percentages aren’t there but is volume is close. Free throw rate he hasn’t been in their league since 2011. Even if you leave his career year like this one in the mix you still get a really low FTR which gives a giant edge to the guys like Embiid & DDR who increase their effectiveness that pushes him out of the top 5


Why the hell is Free Throw Rate relevant in a mid range discussion?


The fact the demar draws a ton of them increases his true shooting. Which is higher than CPs


We’re talking about midrange game dude, not TS%. It’s irrelevant here. Harden had someof the highest TS% in the league for years and he didn’t even attempt mid-rangers. In fact, TS% is influenced the least by mid-range shots


I’m talking about just from mid range would factor in the FTs drawn. I’m looking for TS% different locations on the floor but can’t find it. That would probably settle it for me. I’d imagine one of Embiid DDR or Durant has the best number there. I’d put the leader number one in my ranking


Most free throws aren’t drawn from midrange shots, and TS% doesn’t take into account where the FTs were drawn from. So once again, you’re completely misusing TS% here. TS% tells you absolutely nothing about someone’s midrange game. Lebron historically had a higher TS% than Kobe, but you’d be wrong to think he was the better midrange shooter. It’s irrelevant here


For those specific guys I’d like to see their TS% specifically on midrangers to determine who is the best overall


Unfortunately you can’t do that, because TS% takes into account much more than midrangers. What you’re looking for is something that isn’t TS%, but you insist on TS%. Either way, lets settle this Chris Paul career TS% - Regular season: **58%** - Playoffs: **59%** Derozan career TS% - Regular season: 55% - Playoffs: 50% (all time lowest for the amount of attempts he has) Chris Paul career midrange percentage: - Regular season: **48%** - Playoffs: **48%** Derozan career midrange percentage: - Regular season: 42% - Playoffs: 37% They’re so far apart from each other, it’s honestly offensive to Chris Paul and other all-time great midrange shooters to compare them to Derozan Edit: formatting


CP3, Booker, DeRozan, Durant, Middleton


DeRozan obviously, after that Durant and Embiid are probably the most capable right now. Lowkey Devin Booker in Paul's absence is really showing elite footwork and dependable midrange. And I still think that in the shooting aspect itself, I'd put Kyrie Irving and Bradley Beal among the top. Oh and Cade, dude's got some of that DeRozan's automation in his midrange. Probably his most impressive scoring skill at this moment. Hard to say really though because shooting midrange is still not a good play even for these guys. Probably more then it was in the past though because these guys can really make it a high percentage. But, like, Steph Curry or Jokić would probably be the best if he wanted to for some reason, instead of making more effective plays. In current NBA, somebody would have to make way more than 60% off 2-point jumpers for that to be a play you wanna end up with.


Booker has had the same moves and efficiency in the midrange since he entered the league. CP3 being injured has nothing to do with DBook's game. There was a reason CP3 forced a trade to the PHX Suns.


Bookerhas been aneite midrange shooter since line year 2 in the league . Since playing with cp3 his midrange percent are worse


Jaylen Brown needs to be in this top 5. His percentages are absurd, and I’ve never seen him miss that free throw jumper.


Not in order list of guys who i think dominate that area Booker Derozan SGA Jaylen Brown Kevin Durant Joel Embiid Bradley Beal De Aaron Fox Paul George Devin Vassell Jayson Tatum Brandon Ingram CJ McCollum Jalen Brunson


This isn't against you, I don't expect anyone to remember mid range % of each players, but some of those guys feel a lot like "take a lot, and make them at a meh rate" guys. For example Tatum is actually a pretty mediocre mid range shooter


Agreed; Tatum doesn’t take it too often but he’s good enough that he can take it sometimes and it keeps the defense on its toes. I’d say brown is better at the midrange than Tatum cuz he actively looks to drive or take a midrange shot a lot of the times. His 3’s are more catch and shoot barring the occasional step back.


The disrespect to Khris Middleton


Marcus Morris Sr. won’t be mentioned much here, but there’s a strong argument for it.


I still remember like the half-season where Mook was the #1 scoring option for the Knicks... ahh the good old days.


Jaylen Brown


KD, DeRozan, Khash, Curry (even though he doesn't take much), Jimmy Buckets. CP3 also, Ingram and Tatum - one of whom could replace one of the first 5. Shaun Livingston was fucking automatic from mid range when he was with the Warriors.


Isn’t Towns pretty elite at mid range as well. I feel like he’s being left out here


Booker, DeRozan, and KD are the obvious ones. I’d fill it out with CP3 and Khris Middleton.


Lowkey Luka has been godly with the dirk one legged fade away.


DeRozan. God how I wish he's with the Lakers


Right now 1a and 1b are probably Luka and KD, the rest doesn’t even sniff them


Fox is lighting it up from mid this year as well


Nobody besides kings fans are going to mention him but Fox has always been elite in the midrange especially this year.