Could a young Steve Kerr play in today’s league?

If he grew up in this generation I mean. He was a great 3 point shooter which is huge now but his defense would be even worse then it already was, I also don’t know how his ball handling skills would be


Bench guard who can shoot at 40+% from 3 and just about 50% from mid range as well. Easily.


Not only would he make the league today, he would thrive in it. He played for 15 years when the league didn’t value the three-point shot, so of course he would put up even bigger numbers now. Players from then that would have a harder time adjusting to today’s game would be slow-footed big men like Luc Longley for instance. (sorry Luc)


Who’s the closest comparison to Longley in today’s game?


Had to think about it for a while, but maybe Nurkic. Of course Nurkic is a 10x better player, but similar builds with the purpose of establishing an inside presence. I might be overlooking someone but there just aren’t big men like Luc in the league anymore.


Probably.. Steve Kerr at Arizona actually ran point.. defense would obviously be an issue though


Kerr was a "scrappy" defender who gave good effort. There is no way his defense would be worse than guys like Jordan Poole or Duncan Robinson.


Yeah his defense is underrated. He’s not a stopper by any means, but was tough, scrappy, and could move his feet. For the people who think he couldn’t play in the league today, watch him at 37 dismantling the Suns in the playoffs. [https://youtu.be/kO4caOwS6jI](https://youtu.be/kO4caOwS6jI)


Replace Nunn on the Lakers with a 26 year old Steve Kerr and they are a playoff team.


There has never been a bigger premium on shooting than there is right now. Guys who otherwise wouldn't have the athleticism to make it or stick in the NBA are getting multi-year contracts now, i.e. Duncan Robinson. If anything Steve Kerr would be more valuable in today's league.


He’d be another Joe Harris


Yes. Even if he just standing in the corner. Also I assume if he grew up in this generation he would adapt to the league quite well. Wouldn't be the first short guard to be a liablility on D but a terrifying catch and shoot 3 man. At the bare minimum he could be a human meat shield during Warriors practices.


I’ll ask him and report back soon.






N-I-C-K K-E-R-R It’s the Nick Kerr family




The guy was one of the best three point shooters of his time, of course he would make a roster today. If Bryn Forbes, Duncan Robinson or Doug McDermott can get on a roster, Kerr definitely could.






That's what I was thinking. His skill today is stupidly over valued. Everytime they talk about any player nowadays they always ask about his 3ball.


No. He would be a liability on defence. Unless he would be playing limited minutes. But even then, he would be competing for a spot on teams.


Absolutely not. He would be in the g league


He’d barely make the rotation of most teams. I mean he was already a bench player averaging under 20mpg in his career in a less athletic, less skilled generation. So no I don’t think he’d play much in todays league just because of his lack of defence and athleticism. Maybe if he’s used purely as a spark plug spot up shooter he could find himself on some teams that don’t care about defence.


he'd pretty much be another tyler herro


You could argue he would be better but I also think you could argue he would be less special. He was statistically the best 3pt shooter in an era that didn't take many so his strength was more prominent.


He could probably be in the rotation right now given how bad the Warriors bench is


Lol. Young Keer would a fucking max player. Not a lick of defense. Couldn't get by a guy but 38% from 3


He was a career 45% 3p shooter.




No doubt.


Draymond would punch him so hard in the face if he played today.


Kerr punched back


There's lots of Div-1 college players who can shoot as well as NBA players but lack the speed, strength, and athleticism to make the NBA. For every 1 Joe Harris there's probably 10 Mac Mclungs/Nik Stauskis So I don't think Kerr cracks an nba roster today in a much more competitive and international league where the athletic floor has been raised a lot.