You can’t downplay after the vid came out that was a full force punch by Draymond could have done all sorts of damage. No one expected that.


Man come on teammates knock eachother out every other weekend. Boys being boys.


League is soft. Hockey players fight routinely… /s


Saw a guy say this in another comment. Ignoring that hockey players agree to fight, and square up before the fight (and often are fighting to protect a teammate that they feel might have been cheap-shotted). The most famous example of a player sucker-punching another player, was Bertuzzi-Moore, which ~~paralyzed~~ Concussed Moore, got Bertuzzi suspended 17 months, and resulted in a 68 million dollar settlement.


also they fight on ice skates, not even comparable levels of force.


> 68 million dollar settlement holy shit I didn't know he got that much out of him. Good for Steve Moore.


Aside from that whole being paralyzed thing, anyways.


Yeah, I’d easily pass on 68 mil to not be paralyzed. Fortunately, Moore’s not paralyzed. He never was. In fact he was still attending team workouts for a few years after the incident, but never got medical clearance to play again. u/TexasCoconut is mistaken. I have no idea where people got the idea he was paralyzed, but he is not.


Not to mention in a hockey game, if a guy takes a shot at someone in a scrum *at all* they’re immediately and pretty much indefinitely considered a dirty piece of shit. Literally nobody would ever defend a player doing this to an opposing player, let alone a teammate in the NHL


> Ignoring that hockey players agree to fight, and square up before the fight Yeah like this is what makes this so foul. He walked up on him with his hands down and then threw. That's a punch with malicious intent. It's completely different from two guys squaring up like in hockey or a typical basketball fight where two guys just weakly flail at each other after a foul or something. I even suspect that the person who leaked the video might have done it because they felt like Green needed to get punished. This is not some everyday scuffle.




Devastating if true.


Wait, you’re the r/anime guy who makes all the cool charts. I want to say I’m surprised to see you on this sub, but I think at this point the crossover between anime fans and nba fans isn’t even surprising.


Back in my day FetchFrosh was known as the man who [redacted] after watching [redacted] and got his username color changed across the subreddit because it was so hilarious.


The moment my human experience peaked right there :P


I was there when you got bitched for the 98th time about not putting a specific anime in and just commented "this anime was dropped to spite you, specifically" before making it a staple of your surveys lol


You’re a hero.


Oh sick, a Mad Lib. The first ones a verb and the second a noun?


Nut (verb)


Yeah, definitely see a decent number of faces from r/anime here. The Gobert/KAT post especially brought out a lot :P. Dig the username btw. Girls Last Tour is a gem.


Yea I saw some guy here whose name is literally Deca-dance fan and I was like "hey I know that name, it's a solid anime too".


the more i browse this sub the more shocked i am about how big the crossover between both communities actually is


The NBA is actually just anime. The 2016 finals feels like something out of Haikyu.


What is the nba if not a permanent tournament arc?


Truth hurts, like a mean right hook from Draymond.


Like a mean ~~right hook~~ forceful strike from Draymond.


Can't even punch a teammate in the face with cancel culture the way that it is these days smh my head


Kick a few dudes in the balls and punch one teammate in the head and suddenly YOU’RE the bad guy?? #softgeneration


I thought this was AMERICA!


Good times > Weak Men > Bad Times > Strong Men


This is probably exactly the stance Dray is gonna take on his podcast.


Smh my head RIP in peace ATM machine


Oh no the consequences of my action


The thing that keeps jumping out at me is how QUICKLY the narrative here has turned from "Draymond Green stole on a teammate and Superman punched him to the netherrealm during practice and literally everyone in the org basically baldfaced lied about it" to "The real crime here is that the video leaked out, League officials are going to have to seriously rethink their video team personnel." And the entire time I'm like... this just reads to me like **the Warriors are fucking cosplaying as cowardly, shady-ass Indiana University staff/boosters from the 90s.** Why would you *want* to act like Bob Knight's staff when you don't have to? Why would anyone make excuses for that bullshit here in 2022? The negative here isn't that someone on the video staff leaked the video. The negative is that **the team is full of shit, the org is shitty at cover-ups, and the knee-jerk instinct to protect trash behavior at all costs is basically no different than what you'd see at your local police precinct**. These teams shouldn't be acting like that. *Especially* not Golden State. Especially not for the sake of fuckin *Draymond Green*, LOL.


"Good ole boys" and "keep it in the locker room" culture is why people respond like this. Remember Stephen Jacksons Anti-semitism and all the people who came out to defend Him and Farrakan? Yeah, same shit popsicle, different color.


I think it’s telling that Stephen Jackson (who, in addition to his recent flirtation with anti-semitism, also brandished *and* fired a gun in a parking lot, and later waded into the the stands to deck a Detroit fan) came about and said this is pretty clearly some over-the-line shit.


This is how things work. Ive been loosely following the Hockey Canada allegations and those motherfuckers refuse to clean house so much so that Tim Hortons, Home Depot, Telus and others dropped support for them and even with that they refuse to accept any kind of responsibility


Hockey Canada are even claiming that the people responsible for the issues in the first place are essential to fixing them. Which is some next level nonsense.


I thik the message is that someone on Warriors staff just sold out the team to the media and there might be some very serious internal consequences.


The cash from TMZ combined with the severance fee is gonna be a good down payment for a home in a few months lol.


I'd imagine if they found the source of this leak, this would count as just cause for termination without severance? Though I don't know if staff sign NDAs or anything.


They 100% have NDA or else they would be able to leak practice footage to opponents. Above that the footage would be the property of the warriors and would not be the employees to sell in the first place


Just cause is too high a bar and too much of a hassle to prove. Better to just pay the severance.


It’s probably some random member of the staff, not a highly paid assistant coach or anything. Most of those people are at-will employees, they can be fired whenever and for whatever reason (except race/religion/gender/etc…)


Gonna have to move far far away for it to be a down payment on a home lmao.


It’s the Bay Area still. More like a first/last month rent on a 1 bed room apt.


I doubt TMZ paid more than 10k


You’d be surprised lmao. They pay 6 figures for some videos


False. The most they’ve paid for a video is supposedly 80k for Bieber dropping an N bomb. Edit: lol, downvote me and ask for a source then delete your own comment because you took the two seconds to google it and see you were dead wrong. Edit2: Reddit not letting me reply below: Page 6 claimed it was $250K. [Turns out it was $15K…](https://www.businessinsider.com/how-much-does-tmz-pay-for-videos-photos-2016-2#a-former-tmz-employee-told-the-new-yorker-that-they-paid-close-to-5000-for-footage-of-solange-knowles-attacking-brother-in-law-jay-z-in-an-elevator-at-the-standard-hotel-in-new-york-city-in-2014-while-her-sister-beyonce-stood-by-previously-page-six-reported-that-tmz-paid-250000-3)


Just because it's happened before doesn't make it okay


It’s interesting how people don’t view Jordan’s punch in the same way


Does anyone not think MJ is an asshole. How is that different?


With MJ you can give him more of a pass for several reasons. 1. The era. At that time, players fought on the court in front of thousands of fans and more on TV. It was just a different culture of acceptance for violence in sport. You have to judge on context of what was acceptable at the time. 2. MJ didn't have a history of being violent on the court to the point of kicking guys in the nuts and face, body checks, elbows, and straight up altercations/fights like Draymond does. 3. MJ didn't act like a spoiled brat who doesn't think he can be called for a foul when he just elbowed a guy. 4. MJ didn't flail his arms and legs every chance he got in order to hit someone and call it his normal motion. Draymond is just an asshole. [10 minutes of Draymond being dirty](https://youtu.be/IyV9x1mJah0)


lol did you just say MJ didn't act like a spoiled brat? that man had the refs in his pocket he was able to slap his own thighs to get a foul called he even admitted to this.


yup weird take. It was known Jordan was a cheapass and glorified asshole.


I'd say they are both assholes.


The only true “pass” is because Jordan was an entertaining player and there’s this mystique around him that everyone falls for lol let’s not pretend like him punching a teammate (and everyone laughing it off) isn’t equal levels of headassery here


Also, people just don't like to criticize MJ for anything


Some people* I've honestly never seen an MJ thread where someone didn't say he was an asshole. Even the documentary that people say is Jordan propaganda had plenty of people calling him an asshole. He gets criticism.


MJ also genuinely had a remorseful apology to Kerr which Kerr accepted. They ended up being closer teammates and won championships together.


Lol. Hilarious how you give MJ a pass. Damn the MJ cult is real here


This entire list can be summed up as “I like MJ more so it’s ok”


Jordan is a known asshole. People just don’t think about it because he is the best player of all time. I would bet Jordan would willingly kill a person just to be the best.


Kerr punched back. The worst one of all time is the Rudy Tomjanovich. Just terrible. Then years later Kermit Washington got busted committing insurance fraud.


Branding and image are everything


Jordan also apologized and didn't call the press right away to tell them Kerr was a shithead because he got a new deal


Also Kerr even admitted he was antagonistic. It was a much more heated exchange that climaxed with the punch. In that video Poole is like 25 ft away not doing anything, but Green walked over fully intent on fighting, and when he did throw a punch, he threw it with intent to knock Poole out cold.


Impossible to say how bad it was.


Which is the point of Steins tweet. Jordans punch could have been just as bad but we just never saw it


Sure, could have been worse, could have been nothing. No point in speculating.


Didn’t Kerr get a black eye?


Shit is basically ancient history at this point. And that point in the NBA there was generally more fighting and physicality. I mean you had Charles Barkley hold Bird so Dr. J could swing on him. But it's a new era and the same dudes that will preach that the NBA is a brotherhood are apparently swinging on teammates in practice. We can expect better of guys today. As someone living in 2022 I don't really care about the Jordan thing one way or the other tbh.


I think Draymond/Klutch immediately getting Haynes to tweet about how the team thinks Poole is developing an attitude also makes this incident much worse


It’s a lot easier to draw conclusions about something you can see rather than just reports about it


Imagery is always more powerful than reports. The LA riots of '92 and the George Floyd protests in 2020 were both instigated by video evidence of police brutality. Everyone knows that this happens all the time outside of those occassions captured on video, but i guess theres always a lingering doubt over what the real context was behind the assault.


I don’t think that Stein is condoning it, just pointing out what is and isn’t unique about the situation historically.


People died believing the earth was round, things change.


This ain’t just a standard punch bro That was a type of punch you throw at an enemy. Remember Draymond is 6ft6 weighs about 240-250. And he put all his weight in that punch.


Yeah lol. I highly doubt it’s happened a hundred times before that a guy punches a teammate so hard he collapses onto the floor. It’s quite literally an assault.


And if Marc Stein knows that it's happened a hundred times, doesn't he have a duty to report it? Is he suggesting he's known about these kinds of incidents happening repeatedly for years and never said anything? Somewhere between Jordan decking Kerr in practice 40 years ago and now it's happened a hundred times and he's just now speaking up, while also implying it's not a big deal?


Marc Stein is a clown. We'd have dudes on the concussion report every week if this shit went down often.


I mean, he's kind of right. Teams just cover it up. Did we ever find out who punched Cam Johnson in practice a few years ago and broke his nose?


These people are falling over backwards trying to defend a fucking bozo.


Watch 90% of nba players when they square up in a game lol these cats aren’t fist fighting hundreds of times a year


Hold me back!! Nah seriously dude, get in front of me.


I think he meant a hundred times in the history of the NBA. No way it’s common these days…maybe it was like that close to 30 years ago and even earlier…but not today. Most players are friendly with one another.


Maybe because these journalists know when things are off the record. Why would they run around and report every incident that happens, especially if it's something that's being addressed internally by the team.




I mean it looked more like he was surprised and fell over backwards. He was back practicing after this incident so I don't think he'd have been knocked unconscious.


Dolphins doctors checked him out and cleared him for practice


Just a back injury


God damn




Jump punch too. Nooo way he hasn’t swung on someone before. Maybe that’s why him and Durant were on the outs


Looked like prime GSP


Absolutely, I am hobby boxer of similiar size and I wouldn't allow myself to ever throw a punch like that other than being in risk of my life. Way to dangerous.


Lol, am I trippin or are some people trying to condone workplace violence in some of these threads?


Those same people are saying “light skins” can’t take a punch. Very bizarre response to this.


Yeah shit is crazy. No way this is normal or common. Dray superman'd JP and may have knocked him out.


It shouldn’t be condoned and he should face consequences, but let’s not act like this is a typical work environment either. Not really comparable to what is accepted at an office job obviously.


You not tripping. Poole is just chilling before Draymond tries to TKO him yet somehow everyone wants to blame Poole shit is crazy


Maybe Poole shouldn't have been in the way of Dray's fist. Natural swinging motion.


100%. "It's not that big of a deal, teammates do it all of the time!" "They'll get over it no need to over react" etc.


Most of these dudes are just frat boys that happened to be tall huh


There’s definitely a “halo effect” with athletes, isn’t there? They’re good at one thing, so we assume they’re good at everything. Then something like this happens, or Aaron Rodgers talks about vaccines, or Neymar makes a Bolsonaro ad, or Kyrie flat earths all over the place, etc. and you’re reminded of exactly what you just said.




I think many people assume athletes are good at other things, which is why they're lionized in spaces outside of their expertise.


A lot of people do. And it’s not just athletes. It’s any famous person. That’s the reason why celebrity worship is toxic and detrimental to the common man.


Athletes who get to retire rich from playing sports are forever children. That’s not a knock, that’s just facts. There’s a great quote from Moneyball alluding to this idea: “We're all told at some point in time that we can no longer play the children's game, we just don't... don't know when that's gonna be. Some of us are told at eighteen, some of us are told at forty, but we're all told.” https://youtu.be/QRGgCnxp9Lo


no shit. most athletes should never be role models. good at throwing a ball in a hoop or dribbling off the ground in no way is equivalent to being smart, educated, or intelligent (or mature)




Time for the league to learn adults punching adults is neither okay or justifiable because it is a sport.


The nba is too cowardly to disciplined their players


You should be disciplined for that spelling.


The only language they speak is in dollars.


Judge: sir you have been accused of first degree murder Me: “yes your honour, however people have been murdered in the past, I think you should imprison the person who filmed me killing that guy instead”


this 👆


This goes beyond the scuffle I thought it was. Maybe this is common in the NBA but it really should not be excused or glossed over. The MJ Kerr punch is often quoted as a "funny story" but honestly it should be an example of toxic workplace culture, if not actual criminal assault and battery.


Jordan honestly did have big stretches of his career where he was a toxic teammate and looked down at the rest of his guys for not being as good as he was.


Finally some locker room drama that ain’t us. As for this situation. Yes teammates fight all time. I fought plenty of my friends/associates over the years during pick up games. That said, in a professional setting, considering Draymond’s history also, This is obviously far more serious and consider the ages of both him and Jordan. Or, consider the simple fact that this punch was far more vicious than everyone expected it to be. He could have seriously hurt this kid. If the warriors don’t consider suspending him for awhile you have to question that organization. Whatever plan they had in motion to nerf the seriousness of this was thrown out the window the minute this video got released Bob Myers said he didn’t anticipate Green will miss any games…yea that’s out the window now lol.


I also don't believe legit fights resulting in haymakers is a common thing. Maybe scuffles with pushing from time to time but if fist fights were common then NBA work culture would be toxic af lol


Exactly. Throwing a punch in a mutual fight is not that bad. That probably happens fairly regularly in the NBA and at all levels of competition. That’s not at all what this was. Throwing a full force haymaker sucker punch at someone barely even looking and not engaging in that level of altercation is straight up never acceptable in almost any circumstance. Anyone acting like this is a normal altercation is either an idiot who doesn’t understand nuance or acting in bad faith.


It's refreshing, isn't it?


Very. This isn’t some news that will blow over in a week or so either considering the contract situations between both these dudes


Like if he only did the super man punch my reaction would've been different, but he went on to continue throwing more punches. Like dawg it's bad enough you threw the punch after he pushed you away for getting up on him, but following up with more punches makes it that much worse. Leagues definitely gonna get involved now


we're only acting like this because there's a video. If all we heard was that draymond punched him hard out of nowhere we'd forget about it in a day. We have no idea what actually happens behind the scenes.


It’s bad brother. minor stuff doesn’t get leaked, major stuff like this does. Any video of an NBA starter clocking someone like this is worth GOOD money from outlets like TMZ. Check their website out for contacts regarding having juicy stuff like this; you can get PAID. Draymond just gave one of their up and coming star players a concussion, and then continued to try to hit him in the head. Falcon punching someone in the face is assault, regardless of workplace scenario.


Yeah, it’s the viciousness for me that elevates this to a much higher level of concern. Draymond snapped at a very deep level for something like that to come out.


You also have to consider that Poole is in the process of negotiating a contract extension and is in a contract year coming off of a rookie deal. He has just about 10 million in career earnings and is set to get a 100+ million dollar contract. That’s HUGE. Now, I don’t think one punch destroys all that earning power, but there’s the risk of a concussion or a broken bone in the face, which could limit Poole’s production in a big contract year. If he gets off to a slow start, maybe his contract value dips (or if he comes out like gangbusters, he could be looking at a near max). If I were him, I’d be pretty pissed that a teammate potentially jeopardized that.


Pretty pissed? Shit if I knew someone had access to the video, I’d pay them to release it. Dray nearly ripped his bag right out of his hands. Not to mention Dray wants a bag too and in ways they’re competing for a pot that can’t pay both without severe tax implications. This is WAY over the line, even for Draymond.




It also can't be understated how much damage can be done by a punch like this. A detached retina, broken jaw, ruptured eardrum, concussion...


Don't forget death.


Seriously. If punches "like this" really "happened a 100 times", we would know about a lot more than just MJ/Kerr, Portis/Mirotic and this one. There's just no chance that there were 100 of punches like what Green did with only 1 injury.


If this punch hits Poole in the temple, it could literally kill him.


This is the kind of punch that a half-buzzed drunk guy throws at that other guy he thinks he making moves on his girl and accidentally kills him


If you have to go back 30 years for a comparable example, it’s probably not that common.




Yeah I thought I was going crazy for a second. This is literally just the police body cam argument right? "Police brutality is bad sure but what's really bad is people leaking that police brutality happens". As good of an argument here as it is there


If I’m Jordan Poole, I’m plotting on Draymond all season until I get my hit back. Can’t hit me with a heihachi mishima punch like that and we’re just going to move forward.


i agree bro, i would never forget this.


This man Shannon Sharpes


We also live in a different world where that sucker punch is assault and gets you fired on the spot..


Which is a good thing


Yea. I don't doubt that little dustups and scraps are a relatively common occurrence in team practices. I also don't doubt that this particular incident goes far beyond that. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been reported on as heavily as it was even before the video was leaked, and the leaked video itself wouldn't have been such a hot commodity. Personally, I think Draymond is a big-mouthed pussy who deserves significant repercussions. Tbh I really think the Warriors should just get rid of him. I'd look forward to him displaying to the world how incredibly overrated he's always been (just look at his stats in the 2020 season). Seriously, he may be a good defender, but it's easy to stand there and facilitate when you're passing to the two greatest shooters and off-ball movers in the history of the sport.


Exactly. Times change.


So you're telling me is that there's just a couple bad apples in the bunch, and we shouldn't be jumping to these drastic conclusions because of these "bad apples" because there are good apples are there that are doing the best they can with what they've got? Is that what I'm hearing?


You won't get a lot of upvotes for this correlation, but that shit is hilariously ironic.


Yeah we hear locker room verbal fights everytime. But if somebody gets punched, suddenly no one will talk to the media right. Hundred times lol


Y'all realize people have died from being punched like that? Life is not an action movie


You act as if players don’t routinely kill each other during heated practices.


At least we're going to get some interesting stories from Shaq and Chuck...


Shaq did the same shit in PHX.


I started following NBA when Portis broke Mirotic face. Man was out for like 20 games and Portis was suspended. How is that not the standard here even if someone has been clocked before Mirotic?


People saying this happens all the time are crazy. Dray superman punched the shit out of him. This isn't you're casual scuffle and move on. and then add on their prominence on a defending champion team and the contract situation.


And if it does happen all the time then maybe it shouldn't. And it's good that this got out there. Believe it or not celebrities aren't actually allowed to get away with assault, even though they constantly do


Shaq literally KO a teammate in PHX and we didn’t know shit until Grant Hill said it in a interview years later while laughing.


Big Shaqtus would never! Also he put him in a "little brother" sleeper hold. It just happened to work.


Crazy how women are considered emotional. Meanwhile a grown man is sucker punching someone a decade younger than him over some words.


sir are you implying Draymond Green was never considered emotional?


Lol certainly nobody has ever claimed guys like Draymond, PatBev, or DeMarcus Cousins aren't emotional. And anyone saying "women are emotional" like that's something you can paint across the board is just dumb. But I know it's a common sentiment sadly.


I believe the quote was "[DeMarcus Cousins is an emotional lesbian](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_0wjFP3YsQ&t=103s)"


Sounds like the NBA is full of millionaires with fragile egos. Fresh off a chip, let me sucker punch my teammate. Seems like y'all are stuck in a fantasy world bound to a monitor and Twitter drama


How the fuck did the warriors organization become the victim here


Stein carrying Draymonds water here.


They say Wembanyama can defeat anyone in One Punch


Way too much hair for that


imagine if they said this about the ray rice elevator video....domestic abuse happens all the time, its not a big deal, this one was just caught on camera. crazy.


If Marc Stein thinks society is in the same place as the nineties, he can release his opinion in a traditional newspaper or on page 2 of ESPN.com.


My first knee jerk reaction was- Athletic competition is a different scenario than some guy flipping out in an office and hitting a guy. My second reaction is -Wow maybe that's a bullshit/out of date assumption that needs to change! This is forcing public conversations and scrutiny over matters that might usually stay private. It is one thing to read that a guy punched a guy in training. It is quite another thing to see how disgraceful it looks in real time. That wasn't even in the heat of some intense competitive moment. That was just Draymond walking up and being a shithead. So I applaud the person who leaked it. Maybe it will create a new dynamic in athletic environments where people aren't so quick to let their ego go unchecked and act impulsively. This is a healthy conversation to have! And when the dust settles after all the arm chair experts weigh in (myself included) , I think it will create positive changes.


Stein: this has happened at least 100 times before Stein: *gives one example of this happening 30 years ago*


Interesting that somehow the person leaking the video is a bigger villain than the veteran assaulting their young teammate...


People trying to normalize this need to take an upside down shit.


So funny to see these reporters tell on themselves. Stein supposedly knows a punch like this has happened "a hundred times" but he only gives one example from three decades ago. So which one of these is true? 1. Stein knows about dozens of other punches just as bad as this but has never reported them. or 2. Stein is talking out of his ass.


Pushes, scuffles, and body swipes I could see but it’s definitely not happened to this degree during Warriors practice because this is the first time they felt the need to address it publicly even before video leaked.


Yo people here get too desensitized seeing ufc fighters. That type of punch, not expecting it, can RUIN your life. One concussion can fuck up your ability to live your life, could fuck up JPs future right before he’s supposed to sign a huge contract. I always had a hard time defending Dray but idk any other way forward other than cutting him or trading him. It can not be tolerated and the future of the warriors and their culture depends on them doing the right thing which would be kicking draymond off the team. Tbh I think this ends the dynasty right here. I have no idea how they can move forward from this.


So pampered athletes who don't face consequences get away with violence?


clutch pr working around the clock


Yeah leave it to a dork like Marc Stein who has never hooped in his life to give a take on what really happens inside NBA training camps 🙄


Hundred times? yet the only example they can think of is from 1996? Bobby portis comes to mind, but one of these guys has got to GO. think it's a blow to their chances to repeat, green's officially locker room cancer.


A [murder] like this happened in the [country] at least a hundred times before ... including [Charles Manson] [killing] a [celebrity] named [Sharon Tate]. What hasn't happened before is video of the [murder] leaking to the world ... which makes this a chapter unlike any these [killers] have faced.


this reminds me of when police quit because of oversight commission


I really doubt *that* level of aggression is a normal thing lol. Draymond put everything he had in that punch...


Oh no, people may have to actual like civilized individuals instead of animals attacking each other. What a tragedy.


They also did cocaine in the locker room during Jordan’s era 🤷🏾‍♂️


So now apparently they have to be "extra" careful with their abuse in fear of being recorded. Apparently that is the lesson we're all supposed to be getting from this. Imagine if this kind of report came out during the Sterling case: "A racist tirade like this has happened in the NBA at least a hundred times before... what hasn't happened before is a recording of the racist tirade leaking to the world...which makes this chapter unlike any these Clippers have faced"


Oh the old, it happened before so it wasn't wrong defense. Now do slavery Stein.


Like the Will Smith slap if they talk it out after and make amends or whatever that doesn't mean an assault didn't happen.


I frankly couldn’t give less of a shit if this has happened hundreds of times. Players are not immune from consequences and have been sheltered for too long


Marc Stein is completely full of shit.


It’s happened hundreds of times that you know about but it’s never been reported on? Oh, except when Portis did it, in self defense, got suspended for 8 games, and none of the coverage was about how it was common behavior. It was seen as a bizarre outlier. The way this thing is being covered is so bizarre.


[Marc Stein] Workplace sexual assault and harrassment and racism like this happened in the NBA at least a hundred times before ... including Red Auerbach grabbing a cheerleader's breasts from behind and ramming his erect penis into her back at a Celtics victory party just moments after telling an N-word joke to Don Nelson. What hasn't happened before is female employees leaking to the world... which makes this a chapter unlike any these Phoenix Suns have faced.


Warriors now have to explicitly communicate with the league office. The video leaking was like them getting called to the principal's office


I feel like my definition of sucker punch is a little different than some of the people here. That being said it’s not great to punch teammates or really most people.


I swear every response I’ve seen is more mad that people know about the punch than Draymond actually punching Poole


Abusers don't want footage of their crimes leaked. Just don't punch your coworkers, how hard is that?


Swinging at someone after battling for a rebound or giving a hard foul on the practice floor is an entirely different category than flying across the court from the sidelines (not playing the game of basketball at the time) is a big difference.


I hope it sets a precedent. These morons need to be called out


Saying that's happened a hundred times is complete and total b******* I say it's happened less than 10 times and I can only think of two others off the top of my head