They are headed for a rebuild anyway. LeBron no longer plays D, Anthony hasn't taken any steps towards being the guy aside from the one play off run, and there is no viable long term star on this roster.


Lakers rebuilds are different than anyone else’s. Something tells me based on nba history that they’ll be okay and probably win a title in the next 5 years somehow


Tatum will make his way there in a few years.


Lol players don’t voluntarily switch from the Celtics to the Lakers. Keep dreaming though!


Oh, yeah? Explain Brandon Bass then.


Bet he feels silly now


Just got off the phone with Mr. Bass. He said he doesn't feel silly in the slightest.


I’ve never seen a player dick ride another franchise he didn’t play for harder than tatum. His dream is to be a laker the Kobe arm band the 24 thing he wears. That man is coming.


Lol he’s a Kobe fan, not a Laker fan. He don’t give a fuck about that franchise. Players now care about the player themselves, not the jersey they were in.


“The Lakers were my favorite team, and Kobe was my favorite player,” says Tatum, who wore a purple No. 24 wristband to honor Bryant in Boston’s win against the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. “So it was crazy that the Lakers had the second pick and I was so close to a dream come true. But it was just like they didn’t want anything to do with me at the time.” All I’m saying is don’t be shocked in a few years when he in LA




I mean they were really bad in the mid 2010s i don’t really expect anyone to come save them, only reason lebron went was because they had an absolute ass load of assets


They'll pick lebrons sons with a couple of late 1st round picks. Lebron stay on for minimum vet for 5 years. Tatum leave celtics to join lakers. Boom dynasty.


Didn't Lebron play great D the last two years before this one? Of course he's not gonna play great D when he has to play center full time. AD didn't die and he's still 29. This Lakers team is really underrated. With Beverly and Shroder they finally have got some perimeter defenders back. Wing defense is meh, but it also was in 2020. Really they need just one more person to step up. Whether it's Thomas Bryant, Westbrook, Nunn. Just to get the make the game easier for Lebron and AD


You sound like me circa 2015 when I was on ProSportsDaily forums talking about how Jordan Clarkson was the player for us to build around in the future once Kobe retired. The haters are not always wrong. This is a dumpster fire. Enjoy watching LeBron pass Kareem because I have seen this exact story before. I called Russell as 2013 Part 2 last offseason, and we're about to watch its final act. They're either going to reinvent a new basketball paradigm or be murdered by other teams' wings. Too many old, undersized combo guards on this roster.


If history has shown us anything..they will be champions in the end


I hope. But these last 10 to 12 years have been brutal.


Who from the lakers org said they wanted to trade Russell?


Everyone and their mother