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Kyrie already in mid-season form.


*looks at watch* Christmas already?


Nets: “Well, maybe we can make this work. Let’s give it one more season.” Kyrie:


Yeah I'm just waiting for them to leave. They aren't winning a chip. I can't stand either of Kyrie or KD, they have eroded every last shred of goodwill I had for them this off season.


KD is miles better than whatever the fuck Kyrie has become.


I generally agree, but KD has seemingly sided with Kyrie throughout all of this. He wants all the power that comes with being the main guy on a team, but none of the responsibility or accountability. Firing Atkinson, the DJ contract, hiring Nash, Harden trade #1, siding with Kyrie, and Harden trade #2 are all on him (and the FO for allowing it). Kyrie needs some sort of reality check, and KD is one of the few people who could have made that happen. Kyrie's obviously the biggest problem, but he's become such a problem in part because of KD.


> He wants all the power that comes with being the main guy on a team, but none of the responsibility or accountability. Firing Atkinson, the DJ contract, hiring Nash, Harden trade #1, siding with Kyrie, and Harden trade #2 are all on him (and the FO for allowing it). well said - had been getting downvoted by insecure KD stans all summer for basically saying this. KD is not a leader, he lacks interpersonal skills. If he at least had a shred of self-awareness, then he'd probably sit back and let the FO do its job and who knows, might've won something on his own by now.


Dude wants a ring but doesn’t seem to understand that you get there with teamwork and leadership


That's one way. Or you can always go join Steph's dynasty!


Yeah KD is an annoying little bitch, but Kyrie is a danger to society.


KD was the biggest bitch in NBA history just a couple years ago. Now he's not even in the top 2 bitches in his own team.


Ben Simmons catching strays is always good for a laugh


Lmao I don't even hate KD that much but this is hilarious and probably accurate.


I don't hate KD, I just think it's annoying as shit how whiny and dumb he is


KD can't even get a legit legacy being the top bitch, he always number 2.


Hah. True. He's a snake but at least not a quitter on the court. And if I were him, I wouldn't want to play with Simmons and Kyrie either, so I can kind-of see where he's coming from.


Nets: Whew we finally reached the bottom and got out of it relatively unscathed. Kyrie: Hold my tinfoil hat.


Well this isn’t entirely surprising


Kyrie simultaneously subscribes to left-adjacent conspiracy theories within the black community and far right conspiracy theories peddled by white nationalists. He might be the most ideologically incoherent man alive.


Never met a conspiracy theory he doesn’t like


That's honestly all conspiracy theory believers. Notice how it's never just one single theory.


It must be addicting to feel like you’ve figured it all out. You start with something remotely plausible, like the frozen envelope on draft day, and then start going down the rabbit hole of gay frogs and pizzagate.


My grandpa is into some absolutely wild conspiracy stuff and the look of absolute smugness on his face after dropping the most ridiculous sentence you’ve ever heard tells me all I need to know about why he’s so into them


this is a prescient observation. Everyone has seen that look before.


I've worked in this space before. It bkils down to psychology, the world is random and things beyond our control happen. By believing in conspiracy theories, it gives the actor agency over what's going on. Often, people who have been through trauma, are unable to handle the truth and by saying everything is a conspiracy, they feel in control again. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6282974/ https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-people-fall-for-conspiracy-theories/


Are you saying they feel more control by believing they aren't in control because others have stolen it(bilderbergers,illuminati,etc) compared to recognizing the world is essentially pure chaos?


Because even if its a terrible evil conspiracy, the fact that you've figured it out (before most others !) makes it more rational than chaos. It makes them feel like there is a chance for the order to be restored.


I think 99% of all conspiracy theories are trash, except you will never convince me that Epstein killed himself


A lot of conspiracy theories like that which just require one thing to be true are good, it's the ones that require 5 steps of thought and everyone to magically keep quiet for decades that suck


Like 9/11 where hundreds of people would have to be silent


My favorite was faking the moon landing, as if the Soviets weren't trying to find any shreds of evidence and couldn't find shit


Most conspiracy theories just are way too complicated, like it's baby killing satanic cults or lizard people infiltrating every institution on earth and everybody is in on it. Instead of like basic hard to deny facts like rich people bribing politicians for influence.


It's also never some random Democratic lobbyist or unknown rich person you've never heard of running the conspiracy it's always like Lindon Johnson murdered the president with the help of Jimmy Hoffa and Hillary Clinton is personally smuggling kids around. it always involves the five people every stupid person knows


The Q stuff all centers on JFK Jr. because he's a famous guy who died when Boomers and Gen X were still clued in. It's clearly just word association for a lot of these.




I realized this after I got into a “debate” with a Q cousin of mine. I thought “lemme talk to this guy, see where he’s coming from, maybe I’ll learn something about the Q stuff, where it comes from” This dude was allllll over the place. Connecting one theory with another theory. Totally lost. For him, every conspiracy theory fell under the Q umbrella. I noticed a lot of his arguments were based on half truths. He would take something that’s somewhat true, and twist it in an incredibly convoluted way to peddle a lie. It’s a pretty clear tactic that worked to indoctrinate him, and he in turn tries to use it on others.


[You should make the conspiracies "fight" each other](https://xkcd.com/966/) instead


Black conspiracy theories (at least after the Black Panthers were neutralized) aren’t really left-leaning . Most trains of thought within that sphere are violently homophobic and sexist. The Nation of Islam and a lot of Black Hebrew Israelite sects want the same hegemonic masculinity that white supremacy pushes, but they want a black flavor of it.


I work for a staunch black supremacist and you're are spot on. The only difference between him and a white hood wearing, confederate flag waving, cross burning white supremacist is the skin color they think is better. Same hate. Same conservative values.


Black israelite groups chill downtown in cities just harassing anyone who walks by that isnt black. Hell even if you're black theyll find a reason to dislike you Kyrie fits like a glove with them


Man I always see large black religious groups in crazy robes downtown in Dallas. Is that what they are? Black israelites? Makes kinda sense based on them talking about Abraham and stuff but I’ve never heard that term before. EDIT: Man thank you above for telling me who these guys were I’ve been trying to figure out who they were forever. Finally found them. Onebody Dallas Israelites! They are out where I live across street preaching every week like clockwork. https://youtu.be/ifH-kAe18g8


Biggest two I known of are Black Israelites (used to see/hear them all the time) and Nation of Islam (famously the group Malcolm X was with then broke off from...and who proceeded to strongly imply that they 'dealt with him' themselves.) I've never actually heard NoI preach, but I have vaguely known a few. Note: NoI isn't *really* a type of Islam (which Malcolm learned and was a factor in his leaving) and Black Israelites are not Jewish. It's a whole shit.


The irony is that it’s the same psychological flaw that all races share because we’re all the same.


That's not left adjacent, it's just far right with a black nationalist slant


It’s because they both think it’s the Jews. He’s a fucking idiot


The two overlap far far far more often than you seem to be aware of…


Common ground: "the Jews control everything".


*inserts Cristiano Ronaldo [gif](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/960/986/d28.gif)*




And as a representative of the Jewish conspiracy, let me just say: If we had the control you assume we do, do you really think we'd like asshats like Alex Jones run around free to talk about it for 20 years? If the conspiracy were real, he would've woken up deqd with a ninja star of David in his neck long ago


Damn, I'm Jewish and I want a ninja star of David now


They'll be handed out at the next meeting


You clearly want Alex Jones talking about it because everyone thinks he's crazy. There's a reason no sane, rational thinking person is talking about this stuff, because those are the ones you kill... Nice deflection, but you can't fool me.


one word: jewish...space...lasers


Thats 2 words and an acronym


"Two words: Steve Nash and Chris Paul. Must see TV."


What does Space Balls have to do with this?


Because of the Schwartz, obviously


*Druish Space Lasers


> If we had the control you assume we do, do you really think we’d like asshats like Alex Jones run around free to talk about it for 20 years? ‘The enemy is both strong and weak at the same time’


This is actually kind of surprising to me on a more disappointing level. Like..the earth is flat and illuminati stuff is like ok you're stupid. But to actually post Alex Jones is beyond me....... Kyrie is mentally gone.


He’s going to start posting pizzagate shit pretty quick here


Kyrie trying to do Sarver a solid here and take the heat off


Anthony Edwards owes him one too now.


Anthony Edwards stock 🆙


LMAOOO The line between Kyrie parodies and Kyrie is long gone


Nets 2023 about to be comedy


Nets 2022 will be hard to top but I'm excited


What if I told you we traded our chief drama-playmaker to them and he might even play this season?


bruh kd and kyrie are acting so wack that I forgot ben simmons was there


Kyrie and KD are Carolina reapers compared to the peppercorn which Ben Simmons is


Alt-InsideTheNBA with your hosts: Kyrie Irving, Enes Freedom & Jonathan Isaac


"Outside the NBA" because nobody wants anything to do with them.


Keep that third eye open *drops the soap*


Omg, so THATS the Third Eye?!


Wasn't it obvious?


His whispering eye.


All the telltale signs of a pseudointellectual.


Kyrie Irving reality is worse than Kyrie Irving satire, at this point


Putting the Onion out of business all by himself


Reminds me of that time when some journalist asked Jon Stewart why his show was moving away from comedy and towards just being a regular news show, and he said something like "I'm not moving closer towards being news, news is moving closer towards being comedy."


That's a great quote, thanks for sharing it


It's like when the creators of Always Sunny realized that with Trump getting elected, plenty of people in real life had revealed to be way worse than the Paddy's gang, so they had to turn everything up to keep up.


At least the IASIP gang doesn't run a country or have access to nukes.


They did have an RPG and commit election fraud though.


"The Gang Has Launch Codes"




"The Gang Starts World War 3."


When you want him to be going coo-coo and kooky as Kool Keith, but he ended up bawitdaba'bing.


Bro is a slave to the Instagram explore page


He is the living extreme of the phrase "so open minded your brain falls out"


He should like some ass pics so all he has on his explore page is booties


The algorithm is so aggressive now that just 1 like will be enough probably lol.


My explore page is like 99% ass lol




I clicked on one video of John Mcenroe defending his comment that Serena would be ranked 500+ on the men's side, and now YouTube is trying to redpill me.


This is the thing with Kyrie. He's just sharing whatever comes up on his Instagram feed but thinks he's smarter and more spiritual than everyone. Looks for what tidbits of information fit his brand and like someone behind the scenes controls everyone and the environment to destroy the human spirit of our ancestors or some fake woke bullshit like that. He doesn't have an actual overarching idea. Just this is all being controlled by a secret society and pretends to act like he knows but actually hasn't formed any coherent ideas to put it all together. Go unchecked long enough and now he gets to sharing out of context Alex Jones. 3rd eye blind fake smart ass dude that's no better than a middle schooler that thinks he's the only one who's figured out how the world works.


For anyone wondering the video claims that "The new world order" will release a major plague. Kyrie is now claiming that COVID was done by the world governments. Edit: People, the video claims that the world governments cooperated for this, not China. The video, like most Alex Jones content is utterly unhinged.


Third Eye Kai sees all.


I won't even be mad if everyone starts calling him that


I'll never get over "World B Flat" personally. lmao


When someone tells you who they are over and over again it's best to believe them. Kyrie is a conspiracy nut job, he always will be.


I can change him


I believe in you baby. This time it'll be different.


He just needs a change of scenery. They just don’t understand him


I for one am shocked the anti vaxxer flat earther has also been brainwashed by infowars


Kyrie is the exact type of person InfoWars targets. People who are uninformed but are simultaneously desperate to feel smarter than everyone else.


Exactly correct.


"If Alex Jones didnt exist, the CIA wouldve created him "




Kyrie reminds me of Angela from The Rehearsal. Deadset on their own views but ignorant and flippant of others.


Commenting on reddit is actually a Satanic ritual.


Can we go through a list of all the satanic things real quick, because I just feel like it would be easier if I knew what was satanic before you said it.


Hahahahah Laughed so hard I almost crashed my Scion TC


At 100 MPH


I just saw the number 88


You commented on this post Bender7676 76 76 That’s 76 twice


We just need to get that old Jewish lady to call Kyrie an anti-Semite to his face and maybe he'll quit the show too!


How many tactical flashlights do you think Kyrie has by now?


Kyrie is textbook Dunning-Kruger effect


Man good at ball and becomes convinced he is good at everything.


The frogs are gay and the Nets are screwed.


He's the poster child of Dunning-Kruger Effect and narcissism


Wow, that is the best succinct description of them I think I've seen.


Just want to share the Alex Jones cellphone texts reveal with Phoenix Wright music is delightful: https://twitter.com/Papapishu/status/1554914554018160640


Can't believe i haven't seen this, it's brilliant. My favorite part about that sequence is his 'torn larynx' fake cough he was using to get sympathy from the jury while interrupting the lawyer at every turn totally disappeared after that revelation. Schadenfreude af


It's also important to note that he was still doing his show throughout the trial and there was no real sign of his cough during it. You'd think he would at least try to keep up the act.


The Nets are once again must see TV (off the court)


Harden was right...


Honestly good on him to dip, I’d go fucking insane


Still can’t stop laughing at Harden looking at Kyrie like he had three heads during his sage burning when playing the Cavs.


How long til Kyrie is sponsored by MyPillow


The Nets might as well get My Pillow as their jersey sponsor.


It’s always funny when Kyrie posts this shit, like bruh you worth over 100 million dollars, little impoverished kids hand make your shoes, if these organizations were to exist YOU would be considered a part of them


I would totally expect him to do something like post shit about the Panama papers without realizing his accountant is listed.


Reminder that kyrie is a dumb piece of shit


Congratulations to the Nets on having the most disconnected from reality roster of all time.


I wonder if Kyrie even believes Ben Simmons exists


“Ben Simmons is merely a social construct, he can’t hurt me”


Does Kyrie realize he's among the elite, economically?


I think Kyrie has stopped realizing things a long time ago.


Kyrie is fucking braindead


Can you imagine being stuck on a team bus or plane with this moron. It's like Thanksgiving, there ain't no escaping the batshit insane moronic verbiage to be hurled your way for *hours*. I'd get traded off that team for a Klondike bar, good god.


"What does government mean to you?"


Alex Jones bro? The sandy hook denier? Jan 6 Alex Jones? Clown


Is that really how you know him? Have you not heard about what's been happening to the frogs?


The FROGS are turning GAY


What a loser


LeBron strongest GOAT argument: fooled us all into believe this mf was normal


Shit, even Michael Jordan couldn't convince people that Dennis Rodman was normal.


And Rodman is Grant Hill compared to Kyrie.


Yet Kyrie stans still wonder why this idiot gets as much shit as he does.


As a reminder, from that [BS puff piece](https://theathletic.com/2885561/2021/10/12/kyrie-irving-and-his-vaccine-stance-clarified-why-the-nets-star-has-made-a-decision-that-will-sideline-him/) by Shams: *"Multiple sources with direct knowledge of Irving’s decision have told The Athletic that Irving is not anti-vaccine"* As OP said, Fuck Kyrie Irving, and everyone that enables his bullshit.


I’ll never forget all the idiots who pulled this stupid shit. “I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m anti-mandates!” Or “I’m anti-this vaccine.” Like for the love of god shut the fuck up


"As soon as the government tells me to do something, I hate it!"


I’m longing for the day when other players start calling him out for his bullshit


>Yes, the same Alex Jones who last month was ordered to pay $45 million in punitive damages to the parents of a 6-year-old boy killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre - after Jones, a discredited conspiracy theorist, falsely claimed the shooting was a hoax. https://twitter.com/TommyBeer/status/1570510772920545280


100% this tweet is too dense with information for Kyrie to comprehend




Anyone who seriously believed that the world is FLAT is an Alex Jones level moron.


and who also opposes vaccines.


Dude. He thought the Earth was flat. Alex Jones might actually teach him something about frogs at this point.


Yeah...look, I love what he does on the court...but he's barely shown up for the Nets on the court lately. I didn't hate on him or clown him like many here for all the weird shit he says...a lot of it I just didn't mind or get as irked by. I was bothered when he promoted flat-earth theory, because that's anti-intellectual...but 4 months later or so he apologized, and hasn't mentioned it again publicly in years, so I was like "Okay, whatever; he can believe stupid things as long as he keeps them to himself and doesn't make young fans think shit like that." Then he had this anti-vax thing...it fucked up the team, him not playing, which sucked...but he was also keeping quiet about it except when asked, so he wasn't promoting crazy theories or saying other people shouldn't get vaccinated. It was a bad position but I figured, as long as he's not actively promoting it... He bothers me and bothered me, but again it seemed like just a couple of truly egregious things and then a lot of noise that people here on reddit made too much of a big deal about. So I just put it out of my mind; just let him play the beautiful basketball he plays and help the team, and I'll just ignore him as a person off the court, aside from his charity work which of course I dig on. But this? Alex Jones? Supporting Alex Jones? Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones? Suggesting that Covid-19 is a man-made plague for some reason? Fucks sake. This isn't just foolish, it's vile and immoral. Dude just keeps piling on, making it harder and harder to enjoy my Brooklyn Nets...this whole peachbasket thing is supposed to be my fun escape, and be about bouncy bouncy and ball go in hole. I don't come here expecting to have to deal w/ this idiocy. Fucks sake, Irving...


I mean this, genuinely, is there not a single person in Kyrie’s life that cares about him enough to have an honest conversation with him about his crazy ass beliefs?


I've known people like this, you can talk to them for hours and painstakingly get them to understand why what they're saying it's wrong - then they say 'yeah that might be true, everyone's got their own opinion on things' then they'll walk away and start telling someone their crazy conspiracy theories again.


That’s my brother 😔.


What you're asking isn't possible to do with a narcissist. [Dr. Ramami](https://youtube.com/c/DoctorRamani)


Kyrie Irving is the dumbest player in the NBA


Possibly the Big 4 sports


There's some really dumb NFL and MLB players. But none of them think they are as smart as Kyrie.


> Ask Hayes about the existence of dinosaurs and mermaids and you'll get the type of mythological hot takes you're only likely to find on the furthest reaches of social media and the Internet. > > "No, I don't believe dinosaurs existed," Hayes said last month. "Not even a little bit. With these bones, it's crazy because man has never seen a dinosaur, we can agree on that, right? But we know exactly how to put these bones together? I believe there is more of a chance you will find a mermaid than you will a dinosaur because we find different species in the water all the time. > > "I don't understand how [Long] just believes in dinosaurs. That's just crazy to me. We know they died. We know what a T-Rex eats? That don't sound crazy to you? We have never seen a dinosaur before but we know exactly where every single rib [was] and which rib goes where. That's crazy to me." https://www.espn.com/blog/st-louis-rams/post/_/id/25334/no-dinosaur-bones-about-it-william-hayes-remains-key-cog-for-rams


Ah, the Carl Everett school of education.


Kyrie is just smart enough to think he’s not dumb which means he thinks he’s really smart so he’s actually dumb


Aubrey Huff comes to mind. Sad to say as a Giants fan. Dude is an absolute lunatic.


And there's stiff competition, sadly. Just ask Shaq about the right time to fill up a gas tank.


If the press had any balls, they'd constantly push Kyrie for an answer as to why he's comfortable promoting a man who slandered the parents of murdered children. It's a good thing Kyrie grew up to be 6'3, because he'd be flipping burgers if he were 5'8.


lol fuck this troll ass clown.




Wow ive always said ‘fuck kyrie’ but fuck kyrie frfr




Maybe we were to harsh towards harden


Very uneducated people are easily susceptible to conspiracy.


I didn’t realize Alex Jones was around doing this stuff in 2002, guy is a real pioneer in his field


He got famous criticizing bush and was an original 9/11 truther


He's an OG, he was ranting about Janet Reno on community access television in the early 90s


my dads been into him since like 2004, he ended up moving to south America and building a bunker but the land flooded so he moved back to Canada to his moms place (my grandma)


This seems very on brand for that type of person. Theyre big into crazy planning - with emphasis on the crazy and not so much planning.


spent so much time researching weapons, but not much time researching weather


Believe it or not, it was a huge shock when he opted to support Donald Trump over Rand Paul in the 2016 primary. People used to take his libertarian credentials more seriously than they take them today.


Dude Alex Jones has been around since Waco


Kyrie makes it so easy to hate him


>What in the absolute fuck is wrong with this guy? The same thing that is wrong with most of the people who buy into this shit- he is a very stupid individual who lacks the self awareness to analyze shit critically. This should have been a foregone conclusion when the stupid fuck started pushing flat earth shit and then had the audacity to act like the joke was on us.


Anti Semite posts video of anti Semite echoing an anti Semitic conspiracy theory


I was pretty agnostic about Kyrie, but I gotta say this makes me hate him (plus the vax stuff). I can't respect anyone that would amplify that a-hole's reach.


He needs to be boo’d relentlessly.


Seeing comments like "Yeah Alex Jones was wrong about Sandy Hook, but his **other** conspiracies are totally right..." is maddening.


I only know Alex Jones as the gay frog man


I am so here for this, needed a lil somethin before training camps started


> A 6-year-old boy killed in the massacre in Sandy Hook Elementary School shouted for his classmates to run while the gunman paused to reload and was shot moments later, the boy’s mother said Friday. The boy, Jesse Lewis, had just seen his teacher shot and urged the others to flee while the gunman, Adam Lanza, put a new clip into his semi-automatic rifle. >In Jesse’s classroom, which was led by teacher Victoria Soto, 11 students survived, including some who ran past Lanza when he stopped to reload. [Source](https://www.fallenheroesproject.org/post/jesse-lewis) Jesse Lewis was real, his life mattered and still matters. He was a hero at an age that no one should have to be a hero. Alex Jones Told the world that Jesse never existed, and he did it to make money. He tried to replace Jesse's legacy with a lie that the government and the globalists staged the shooting to take your guns so they could enslave and murder you. He did this because he knows that when his audience is afraid, they buy more of his products. Jesse's teacher, Victoria Soto was also killed that day. Her sister testified **two days ago** that when meeting new people, if they ask if she's Victoria's sister, she will often deny it, for fear that the person might be a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist. Imagine having to deny your own slain sister because you're afraid someone believes the lies that Alex Jones tells. 19 more people died that day at Sandy Hook, they all have stories and they all have families with stories like those two. Kyrie either knows all this and doesn't care, or he doesn't know it because he doesn't care.