Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph


Randolph, the ultimate potential guy


I don't know why some of our fans were so high on Cam Reddish. I've watched him dribble right into a turnover and get tunnel vision when other players are wide open. He doesn't see anybody else on the floor when the ball is in his hands. That Duke stimulus package is working overtime for him.


He looks and shoots (form wise) like a good basketball player. Unfortunately the results are not good.


Cam fam was so annoying


Thought Kenneth farried was the next big thing when I was a teen lol


Yea, he just disappeared. I thought he'd have a good career


Back in the day it was Stromile Swift. He seemed like a perfect fit when Rockets picked him up, but he just wasn't that good.


His career was a C-, but his highlight reel is an A++


> his highlight reel is an A++ As is his name


guess thats why riff raff is actually the rap game stromile swift


Fucken Romeo Langford


We perpetually have one guy like this. Semi Ojeleye, Carsen Edwards, James Young.


You know who else? Sully. That man was putting up 20-20s and couldn't stay in shape


Lonnie Walker IV. Not a super high draft pick, but had all the makings of a steal. Super athletic, can shoot at all levels, really nice guy and has shown flashes of greatness from time to time. Just can't put it together consistently, and his defensive BBIQ is pretty damn bad. Can barely make a first rotation, let alone a second. At times will look like a star, then disappears for games


Came here to give this answer. So fun to watch at times and such an easy guy to root for, but there just hasn’t been any real development.


One think I notice with Lonnie is that he has exceptional vertical athleticism and very good north-south speed, but his lateral speed (side-to-side)is a little slow for his other facets being so exceptional.


Same, came to say this. Its all between his ears. And you cannot point to him being a knucklehead or off the court problems, he just cannot seem to put it all together.


Lauri Markkanen. Thought he’d be so good, kept saying he was gonna break out any year now. Still one of my favorite players in spirit


I still believe he's gonna be a late bloomer


he's a 15ppg 6 reb starter with okayish efficiency. when he's involved in scripted plays he's an even better player. he's a good nba starter, people are just pissed because he "played soft" and wasn't the next coming of dirk. but players like him don't grow on trees.


I think it’s because he started off pretty good already. It’s one of those cases where people don’t realize that not everyone’s development is linear. Some guys come into the league fully NBA ready, but just don’t really get much better. I think people saw what he did his rookie year and thought that was his baseline and that he was gonna get loads better.


i feel like his problem is that he's a system player. if you put him in a system where he's playing off ball, receiving it on the elbow after a pick when he can drive against slower defenders etc he becomes more aggressive and efficient. but if you stick him in the corner he becomes passive and is unable to show off his talent. boylen really did a number on him, it was insane how badly used he was which turned fans against him. and his lack of defensive quality didn't help either.


True he could have been Jan Vesely.


When looking at the last 25 7th picks I'd go as far as saying he's actually doing better than the average 7th pick. I do get what you mean though, especially as a Bulls fan during the time he came to the team, he had pretty big expectations put on his shoulders to help save the team during a shitty period with Boylen etc.


I'm just glad he found his role with the Cavs, he's been clutch for us some games


Cavs are the perfect situation for him as a starter cause he's always played like a 2/3 in a 5's body. I was never a big Lauri fan but the Bulls 100% fucked up his last year and RFA. We had a stupidly crowded front court rotation after the Vuc/Theis trades which cut Lauri's minutes in half and made him want out. Then after trading Thad + Theis we had an obvious need for a shooting forward but just let Lauri walk. Almost certainly a pure tax-avoiding move but Bulls fans wanted Lauri gone so nobody really cared at the time.


Bulls didn’t let Lauri walk. We did a 3 team trade and got a lottery protected 1st from the Trailblazers. His time with the Bulls was done because he wanted more than he was worth and he didn’t fit into the Bulls long term plans. (LaVine and Coby are the only Bulls still on the team from when AKME took over). It wasn’t a tax avoidance move. Even if we have him the deal the Cavs did, the Bulls wouldn’t have been in the tax that year. The Bulls made the trades for Vuc and Theis with the intention of using Lauri in a trade to get Lonzo, however the trade didn’t materialize at the deadline. Bulls didn’t see Vuc and Lauri as a long term fit in the front court. Prior to his last year, the Bulls tried signing him to an extension, but Lauri wanted $18M-$20M a year and he clearly wasn’t worth that much. Bulls were offering around $14M. His Cavs deal is around $17M a year which I believe is too much for his talent level.


> Even if we have him the deal the Cavs did, the Bulls wouldn’t have been in the tax that year. According to Spotrac the Bulls were $1.97mil below the tax last year, so I'm fairly certain they would have been with an extra $7-8mil in salary. Might be wrong ([Seems like I didn't think it would at the time](https://www.np.reddit.com/r/chicagobulls/comments/oyqmei/charania_the_charlotte_hornets_have_emerged_with/h7us4wm/)) The fact remains that the Bulls had match rights on him well after they knew what the rest of the roster looked like and chose not to keep him. Regardless if $17m is an overpay in a vacuum, the salary slot alone would be more valuable than anything we've gotten since losing him, and we've now spent a year bitching that this team needs "size and shooting" with no answer in sight. And if it wasn't a tax-avoidance move then it's just pure bad roster management. Edit: It also would've guaranteed we'd be a tax team this year once Zach's new contract kicked in


$17m is not that bad considering Dam and Beal are gonna be getting 60 mill a year in a few years


At a glance it appears $17 million is a lot to pay a starter who isn’t a star, but when you actually look at the salaries of what guys are actually making these days, you realize it fair market. https://hoopshype.com/salaries/players/


Lauri had a monster game as a rookie in MSG. 33 points, 8 threes and outplayed Porzingis down the stretch of OT. Thought Lauri was the real deal and the next “unicorn”. Turns out that game was a bit of an anomaly, as the Knicks defense was atrociously bad helping Lauri. He has yet to have a performance as good as this one


It wasn’t much of anomaly because Lauri was pretty dang good his first two seasons and he’s had similar games. We literally had to sit him during the last bit of his rookie season because he was playing so well we couldn’t tank. His issues started with Jim Boylen then injuries and it really killed his confidence. Our development staff was also total ass during this time. He’s been better on the Cavs, but your right, he’s still not showing the potential he did early on in his career. We thought we were seeing the next coming of Dirk and his numbers were actually pretty comparable to Dirk’s early seasons, but it was a flash in the pan.


One of my favorite stories about Jim Boylen related to Lauri's reduced touches. Boylen told him, and I'm paraphrasing here, to just get offensive rebounds. His touches in the halfcourt had been cut in half, and Lauri's response was essentially "it's hard to get 20 offensive rebounds a game, ya know?"


Boylen was full of great quotes. My favorite is his belief that a lottery bound Bulls team should average 35 assists a game. “I watch the films,” Boylen said. “I see the open shots we miss. I see the assists we have. I didn’t pull this number out of the air. This is something that I think we can do. I think it’s attainable" The Warriors have averaged 30 once.


The highest average assists per game in a single season by a team, ever, is [the '84-'85 Lakers with 31.4 per game.](https://www.statmuse.com/nba/ask/highest-average-assists-per-game-by-team-single-season) Yes Jim, you want to average 10% higher than the highest team average ever. That team had Magic Johnson in his prime to generate offense, and you have... *checks notes*... Zach Lavine and Kris Dunn. Brilliant.


Crazy how he looks like a big ass shotgun


I watched him kill the Nuggets at the end of last season. He looked like an all star caliber player.


I’m not gonna lie I’m worried about Patrick Williams going the same way. Still have a lot of optimism for him though and he’s already amazing defender.


>I’m not gonna lie I’m worried about Patrick Williams going the same way. Has this not been true for like... every pick during the Bulls' rebuild? None of them panned out in Chicago (PWill TBD) and it's why they overhauled the entire team over the span of \~6 months.


Wendell Carter Jr too. He’s looking much better on the Magic tho


It’s funny because the Bulls could really use a player like WCJ. I completely understand why they made the Vuc trade and apparently he’s a huge reason why Derozan signed there, but Vuc seems to have regressed and they could really use a rim protector like WCJ.


I’m very happy we got Gaff from Bulls


Porzingis. He’s always injured but admittedly I keep rooting for the guy. Fun player to watch when he’s healthy


I’ll always root for KP. I’m sad it didn’t work out and I still think we could’ve had success with him last year if we had waited for him to return from injury. But hard to fault FO for not having the patience after so many injuries.


Whenever he was able to string about 10-12 games together then get in a rhythm and start playing really really good. And then every injury minor or major it’s like he had to reset.


When those long 3s are falling, he's tough to guard


When his mid range is hitting he was MVP level, literally nothing you could do. Look at the first couple weeks of the season he tore his ACL. Game 1: 31/9/1 Game 2: 33/5/2 Game 4: 30/9 w/ 3 blocks Game 5: 30/12 w/ 2 blocks Game 6: 38/7/2 w/ 3 blocks Game 8: 37/7 w/ 3 blocks Game 9: 40/8/1 w 6!!! blocks Game 10: 28/5/1 w 3 blocks Game 11: 34/5/2 Dude was scorching hot, if he could’ve kept his health he’d be phenomenal, let’s not forget he first got injured dunking on top of Giannis


Yikes! This is from consecutive games??


Had a not so great game 3 and 7 to start the season so didn’t include them but other than that it’s 9 of the first 11 of the season.


It is still an incredible feat. I always think guys like Porzingis, Draymond, are so uniquely talented that a coach needs to deliberately design a team a certain way, or certain plays to eke out their full potential. A lot is always said about Porzingis' flaws, post-injury, but not enough on how he could still be used optimally. Not every player is born to be a no.1 option, some guys were meant to be unrelenting secondary headaches.


Ya he was playing out of his mind. I hate injuries hope he bounces back eventually


that was an extremely fun time to watch the Knicks, KP was really looking like he had top 10 potential. Among those games was a blowout of Lebron's Cavs, and KP's insane games against Indiana and Phoenix which were my personal favorites of his era. Thats what made the ACL tear and trade drama all the more painful


feel like he didn't take as many perimeter shots before too. and was far more active on defense wonder what his ceiling would've been without that injury


When he was here, Kelly Oubre. He's still pretty inconsistent with the Hornets but not nearly as bad as he was with the Warriors.


Oubre just bounces back and forth between a total thrill to watch and a complete liability and there's damn near nothing in between. He's gotta be the most hot-and-cold player I've ever watched.


The Terrence Ross experience. Can drop 50 on you or play 6 minutes


Ross is apparently the only player in NBA history to score 50 points in a game while averaging single digit points for the season


Jeff Green’s Wild Ride


Bro as a wizards fan I feel the same way lol he has the physical tools to be a great 3&D but just seems like he always wanted more than that when he clearly wasn’t ready to take on a bigger role


HOLY SHIT. He has the length, athleticism and everything. His BBIQ is just insanely low. There is just no other excuse. He is just so naturally gifted, but he wants to force a bunch of 3s instead of having a well-rounded game that he is capable of.


Yeah he just tunnel visions soooo hard and never looks to pass lol


He has no skills tbh. No handles, no vision, no moves either. Can dunk. Can shoot.


Yeah he was the wrong fit…


he was horrible in the second half of the season


DLo, even though I’m a big fan of the kid. The definition of a streaky player. When he’s on, it’s fun to see him drop like 30 points with 10 assists. When he’s off, lets not talk about it too much because it can get really ugly.


Nothing hurts more for me than to see him hit 7 3s in the first quarter of a game, only to end the game with 7 made 3s total.


It was so wild how in one moment he looks like the second coming of Steph only to become the second coming of Swaggy P.


He was disappointing these last playoffs. Made < 5 FGs in 5 of the 6 games and shot 24/72 (33%) in the series. He completely disappeared.


The playoff series was extra disappointing cause he was maybe the best player of the play-in win. Like, I had been rooting for the guy all year and then he finally looks as good as he did during that mid-season hot streak and takes us to the playoffs... Only to play so bad the entire league thinks he should be traded. Hopefully having a serious lob threat will help him find his consistency.


I’m a big fan of DLo when he was with the Nets. Absolutely loved this kid. So many concerns about him when he got there and he became the heart of that team. I think the pairing with Atkinson was perfect for him.


Atkinson's player development skills are extraordinary. I was pretty bummed when he turned down the Hornets offer, it would've been fun to see how Lamelo developed under him.


Man, that Kings game when he was on the Nets, where he scored 44 points with 27 in the 4th… he looked like a superstar. I thought he was breaking out, but then he just… kinda stopped.


I think he's just too limited athletically to be an elite level player. He's a bit too reliant on getting hot from hitting contested twos, but when he's cooking its very fun to watch.


It's hard to be consistent with his type of game. He's not athletic enough to get to the rim consistently so he's super reliant on jumpers/floaters/fade aways and naturally, you will be more up and down playing like that rather than consistent. I still love the guy tho. When he's on, he's so fun.




Dennis Smith Jr Really thought he'd be the next coming of Derrick Rose pre injury or some Westbrook type of player. Small player but extreme athleticism that had an exciting type of game. Unfortunately never really panned out


I think he had a few monster games his rookie season and NBA superstars were saying “watch out for this kid. He’s next up”. Then I never heard anything about him again


NBA superstars, why don't you have a seat over there also, Dallas pulled a huge W when choosing to draft for talent and not for fit.


Dude had a janky shot and his small hands kinda hindered his dunking ability cause he could never finish against contact. Also how his bbiq got worse when Luka came over I'll never know (dude constantly got to the rim and passed it out for a turnover)


Kris Dunn


Dragon Bender.


I thought he was gonna turn the franchise around lol


That was always so confusing to me.. like he couldn't even play himself off the bench in Israel but people thought he'd be an NBA caliber player


Right. Averaged 2 & 2 in Europe and somehow was a top 5 pick then we followed it up with another disaster pick in marquisse Chriss in a pretty strong draft. That Bender pick was just flat out stupid and awful, porzingis effect


Giannis put up middling stats in Greek 2nd Division so there’s that…


scouts were fucking intrigued by his mixtape that looks filmed with a nokia 5320.. I really don't know if I would have been.


Big guy with a nice looking jumper is all it takes to convince people these days


What a sick name


Jahlil Okafor. I was convinced he’d be a future MVP.


Long live the legendary Jokic vs. Okafor thread in 2016


[For Reference](https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/vxrj2g/thread_from_2016_jokic_or_okafor_who_would_you/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)




Anyone on the sub at the time knows that EG more than earned that ban, dude was one of the worst parts of the sub at the time


My sister was studying at Duke at the same time as Jahlil, said that he was the biggest douchebag ever. She also mentioned that Zion was the most humble, kind person ever.


Checks out about everything I see on Zion


Idk what you’re talking about, Zion is clearly a manipulative evil man and toxic teammate who hates New Orleans and wants to leave. He lies in all of his media appearances and honestly pels should trade him for KD. /s Source: idk, probably a random nets or knicks fan


> said that he was the biggest douchebag ever. [I mean...](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F5ZQvWVloU) Here he is fighting fans and telling them they aint shit because he's got money lol


In that video someone yells “you’re disrespecting one of the best players in the NBA” ahahahahaha


Find you a friend that gasses you up that hard lol


Same here. He didn't even look THAT bad his rookie season. It's amazing how many lotto picks Sixers fumbled on. Noel, Okafor, Fulton. Yet they can still contend this season


All they needed was that one hit in Embiid And then sending Simmons for Harden


Lol those were longshot gambles as well. Who knew Harden would become available like that and Embid missed his first 2 seasons and barely played his 3rd. Granted he did look insane when he started though.


Yea it’s pretty crazy how Embiid’s career had gone. Those first 2 years must have been rough


Need those 2 stars healthy now. Need to see Harden back to 2021 level. People forget but he was MVP tier that initial Nets season IMO


He had a 2 month stretch when KD got hurt of averaging a 30 point triple double on 60% TS and leading the Nets to like a 17-2 record. Also won back to back player of the month It was a real question who was the best player on the Nets before his hamstring injury. Even in the 1st round against Boston he was insane


> Fulton Do you mean Fultz?


I grew up in the same area as Jahlil and played against him in middle school. I'll never forget that game because the amount of people in my school's gym for an 8th grade basketball game


Honestly, his offensive game always made me say wow. His defense must be just god awful


He had sick moves, but he was an absolute black hole on offense. Honestly, if he actually was the memed "20/10 rolling out of bed" but a sieve on defense he'd still be around. But he didn't really contribute to winning offense, just putting up stats on a historically bad Sixers team.


Yea absolutely classic good stats bad team player. Every time he got the ball he only looked to score, once teams worked that out he'd struggle more and more.


Yeah, bad defense. His offensive game looked good but wasn't the most effective because of his size and athleticism. He was a poor man's Al Jefferson


I still am. He’ll be better than Hakeem. /s


On my own team (spurs) honestly can't think of one. I guess it was Lonnie Walker even though I still believe he can put together a long productive career in the NBA.


He was consistently letting us down, but I'd put Richard Jefferson and Luka Samanic as even more disappointing Spurs. They both had the skills but just no heart and no motor and it was so frustrating to watch.


I was listening to RJ's podcast Road Trippin from yesterday (or the day before) and around the 33min mark they played an old clip from 2017 where he was interviewing Tim Duncan, and RJ asked Tim "who do you think Pop likes more, Donald Trump or me?" Then they both laughed uncontrollably. https://youtu.be/-LlgyQga0GE


The story about RJ telling Pop he wanted to give up starting for Lent is hilarious


I think it's safe to say that Richard Jefferson was not well liked in SA by the time he left. This still makes me chuckle: https://youtu.be/Ulg9n8ou1Dw


I knew it was going to be that clip somehow. One of the best comments if I remember correctly: "That was a fundamentally sound shove by Duncan."


Luka Samanic is definitely the answer. I took the post as asking for relatively recent players so Richard Jefferson didn't even come to mind. But yeah he fits the criteria lol.


Still love Lonnie to death. Amazing person, not a great nba player tho


MKG. No Morrison. No Raymond Felton and Sean May combined. You know what everyone drafted before Lamelo including Bridges.


Dante Exum


One of our highest picks ever completely wiffed.


Another HOF athlete name


Emmanuel Mudiay I do not why, but i was hoped that this guy was going to stand out in the league


OP you should be more disappointed by the people who drafted Frank and Knox.


The bad men are gone Edit: Scott Perry is still around but more specifically Steve Mills is gone


Ben Simmons


I think people forget how good he looked his rookie year. Superstardom seemed like a lock.


He could still get there... if he completely changed his attitude and work ethic. He's still decently young and has the physical attributes, but obviously considering everything that has happened that seems impossibly unlikely.


This is the one right here


his "rookie" year when we won 16 in a row to jump the 3 seed. The last 9 of them without Embiid. In those 9 was an epic duel we won against Lebron who was going 100% trying to keep the Cavs out of the 4/5 matchup. Expectations couldn't have been any higher in Philly for this guy. To end with him pissing down his leg in the corner as Embiid flailed all over the court trying to create 4 on 5 was about as far as you can fall


I honestly thought we should trade JoJo and build a Magic with Howard style team around Ben. I was incredibly wrong.


>I was incredibly wrong. Excuse me, we don't say that in this sub.


The infamous passed up dunk was such a perfect microcosm of him as a player. The entire series, he's been underwhelming on offense. Only attempted like 3 shots in 4th quarters total. He's been excellent on defense and done a fine job facilitating but the Sixers need someone to step up. It comes down to game 7, and it comes down to the 4th quarter. Ben's got the ball on the block against Gallo 1v1, and you can _hear_ the crowd start buzzing already. It's finally the moment he's gonna shut everyone up and prove himself. The spin move, the clear path to the basket - he's got nobody but Trae Young in the way and he can cement his name in Philly sports if he takes over this game and wins it for the Sixers. And then...


people like to undersell it b/c Tisse got 1 of 2 from the line and we only lost 1 point don't get it. This was home court game 7, like you said, the crowd was buzzing. we'd been supporting him like 3rd grade CYO parents the entire series and he spins....and is about to Yam on Young and prove us right for supporting him. And the entire building just had the air taken out of it. It was that moment we realized that no, we weren't right. This dude wasn't it and we were fucked.


I really believed Dennis Schroeder would put it together.


Nobody going to mention Cam Reddish or Marvin Bagley?


As a Kings fan, I place a lot of blame on the FO for the pick in the first place. Frankly he never let me down because I never expected him to be good, and he never could show more than flashes of "good-ness". You know who constantly let me down? Willie fucking Cauley Stein. This kid is an athletic GOD, had amazing highlight reels of big Blocks followed by sprinting like a Gazelle down the court, getting the Lob and throwing down the dunk. **He's 7 feet tall with a 3.15 seconds 3/4 court sprint.** (at combine). He could defend anyone on the court when he wanted to. But he only looked good in maybe 20% of his games. The other 80% he just looked asleep out there. If he just put more effort into his game I would swear he'd be an All-Star. I remember how excited Mavs fans were to pick him up - they saw the potential there too. And they were equally disappointed when he just fell asleep game after game.


Heavily suggest listening to the WCS interview on Duncan Robinson's podcast. The guy does not like basketball at all, he just happens to be good at it. He talked a lot about how he was always an artsy skater kid that just wanted to bring his paint kit everywhere and paint, but the NBA culture bullied him until he dropped all that stuff. Guy honestly sounded super depressed about it. I totally understood his play style after that interview. The guy just doesn't love basketball.


sigh here i go dunking and throwing deez nuts in their face again


Yeah… there was definitely a lot of that negativity towards him from Kings fans after we found out he spent the summer in Vietnam painting. We went to far tbh, but the fan base wanted him to be working on basketball stuff with the team instead of pursuing his passions. It’s just a shame, and I hope WCS is able to pursue art full time when he’s done with the NBA.


Players literally bullied him into throwing away his Vans collection and made him replace it with all the big basketball shoes, which he said he only owned one pair for playing in. Oof.


Damn dude... that makes me even more sad for him...


Couldn't agree more. I was amazed he fell as far as he did in the draft, and I thought he could be a generational defensive presence.


The draft day hype was so weird. We got Deandre Hunter 3rd and all anyone talked about was Reddish at 10.




Marvin bagley looked good in detroit even though the sample size is small, cam reddish on the otherhand


Romeo Langford. I was happy to finally be rid of him


Theres a pattern of mid-first round wings the celtics got little-to-nothing from. James Young & Aaron Nesmith can join Romeo on that list.


James Young is it for me. My guy : (


How long is this list be for other teams?


I don’t really fault him for it due to injuries but man I really believed in Jabari Parker. I had my aunt who’s lived her entire life in a rural environment drive me to Downtown Milwaukee to the public market to watch his introductory press conference and later on buy me a replica figure of him as a collector piece hoping that I could pass down to my future kids/grandkids. I specifically remember telling my step-dad that Jabari and Giannis would be the modern day Jordan and Pippen. I believed in Jabari *that* much. Still love him tho and always will, he was one of the first players to really get me to fall in love with the game.


Luke Jackson, 10th pick by the Cavs in 2004 I think? I watched that man hoop at Oregon and thought he was gonna kill it in the NBA. To a lesser extent, Luke Ridnour. He had a solid NBA career, but I was hoping he'd be the next Steve Nash after the showing he had at Oregon...and he had some early flashes of electricity with the Sonics early in his career.


just stop rooting for luke’s bro


Especially white Luke's from Oregon


Kyrie Irving. Got 3 t shirt jerseys cause he was my favorite when he was on the cavs. Loved Boston as a kid so got that one too, then the nets colors match anything. Now I’m just sitting here… I wasted my money, I look like a dumbass, and my dissatisfaction is immeasurable


Yeah, but if you collect the jerseys from his next two teams and reveal all of them from your hand, you win the game.


Google:”is kyrie exodia”


If you bought the nets tee after the shit he pulled in Cle/Bos that’s kind of on you


Listen. Cool dribbles cloud the mind, they lead to some things the Jedi consider… unnatural


Bro, but he's about release your subconscious from the media's grasp


Chris Paul. He is one of my 3 favorite players of all time, and is phenomenally skilled. I could watch him get a screen, snake through defenders, and sling up midrange jumpers all day, but he’s let me down so many times.


He’s so smart and so gifted - then he does some dirty dirty shit and I’m mad at myself for rooting for him


https://i.redd.it/bmit91gpwx071.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E6jOCz3X0AESXbe?format=jpg&name=4096x4096


We need the flail against boogie in 2016. That takes the cake 😆


Bol Bol


2k legend Bol Bol*


He's my backup center in most of my leagues 😀


Really? I thought expectations for him were generally low. He was the 44th pick after all


He had a big social media following and had some mixtapes go viral (a tape of him at 15 has over 2 million views on YouTube), and was being compared to Kevin Durant in High school. Of course by the time of the draft most analysts didn't project him to be anywhere near that level and apparently front offices agreed which is why he slipped to 44th, but the social media hype train took a lot longer to slow down.


Part of me was hoping he would bulk up. He showed flashes of his potential as a shot blocker and shooter, but just had no awareness on the court and a shitty attitude


I think that body type doesn’t work in the NBA. KP, Mo Bamba, Bol. None have lived up to the hype. Maybe Chet will. We’ll see.


We got bol and mo


I thought Darius Miles was gonna be KG Jr


I feel like Darius Miles legit could have been a superstar but he didn’t have the drive/work ethic. Once he started getting paid, he seemed perfectly happy to just be doing his thing. He’d probably be much better in this era too.


Same player I reply with to the "who have you not lost hope for yet": Justise fucking Winslow


Lol take a wild guess


I don't know there's a lot to choose from in the past 10 years.


Simmons? Fultz? Okafor?


Two of them werent here long enough to consistently let us down lmao




MJ. He kept winning the most important games when I watched the NBA as a kid and I was sick and tired of it.


I was disappointed Sabonis got to Portland after his prime.


Sabonis got there but his knees never made it out of Europe. He would dunk and not leave the ground. His vertical was about 2 inches and I loved em


Embiid getting injured every playoffs. Every time it happens I feel all the hopium ripped from my body.


He’s gone now but Bledsoe. We hadn’t had anyone even decent running point since like Sam Cassell. Our starting point at the time was Delly and he was a free agent signing, like they went out to get a PG and that’s the best we could do. When we got Eric it was a revelation, like holy shit an actual point guard with some actual talent? Sign me up. He got here, bought into the team and system hardcore, absolutely **loved** Milwaukee and said it felt like home. He genuinely wanted to win here. Then we met Playoff Bledsoe. I don’t hold any animosity toward the guy - I genuinely feel bad for him. No question of talent but his head was just never in the right place.


As a wolves fan Wiggins. Constantly underperformed as a Wolf then finally took it to the next level at golden state. Couldn’t be happier for the guy though always knew he had it in him.


He didn't take it to the next level tho. Players just look significantly better when their roles are condensed.


Going retro. Darko Mlicic 🙌


I had taken a break from the bulls/nba (not from USA) and I decided to get back into it by picking a rookie that was going to kickstart my love with the bulls… I picked denzel valentine lmao


Anthony Bennet


Jarrett Culver, Wolves traded up to get Garland, Cleveland picked him at no. 5 and we ended up with Culver. Only saving grace was that Memphis decided to give us Pat Bev for him and Juancho.


Aaron Gordon He came into the league with great size and athleticism, decent handle and passing, ok *looking* shot... and he has basically just been the same exact player his entire career. Like how do you play in the league for damn near a decade and not get any better?




Jordan Bell for the Warriors recently. He had an awesome March Madness run with Oregon (a team I’ve rooted on-and-off for since childhood because of their sick football unis), basically single-handedly taking them deep into the tournament after their best player went down. During the draft process he was touted as the heir to Dray because of his versatility and size and the Warriors probably believed it enough because they bought a draft pick with cash to get him. I thought it was a total steal. He could’ve been awesome and kick-started the second run even earlier but just didn’t seem to put in the effort on the court and with how lost he was didn’t seem to be putting in the effort off the court either. To top it off, he gets in the dog house for buying something at a hotel and *charging it to Mike Brown’s room*?!?! Just seemed to never grow up and was off the team after a couple years.


Darius Bazley. Both on the court and off the court


Coach Pop would say Danny Green.


He’s out of the league now but Wesley Johnson. Every year I was sure he’d make that jump and win MIP