It’s the curse of leaving the swamp. Until the Nets return to New Jersey and embrace their fate as Swamp Dragons, they will no know championships.


I still can't believe Spo's dad convinced all 7 of the Nets owners to change the teams name to the Swamp Dragons, then convinced all 26 other NBA teams owners to go with such a silly name, and then the NBA spent 500k to lock down the Swamp Dragon trademark, only to have an enraged David Stern calling him up shouting: what the fuck is going on? Turns out one of the 7 Nets owners whose turn it was to vote that day got cold feet and insisted on voting no. The vote was 26 yes, 1 no, but because the single no vote CAME FROM THE NETS, the name change couldn't go through!


**music plays** “The Moooooorrrreee yyyyyyooooooouuuu kkkknnnooowwww!!”


They only ever won championships in Long Island though. Maybe the key is to move to Nassau County 😂


We talking about the nets or the islanders here


We talking about practice




Not a game, not a game




I’m the MVP, and we sittin here talkin about practice, not a game, practice


ON* Long Island!


thank you for this!


God damn it I love the Raptors now


Know no


As a swamp dragon, I’m perfectly okay with the curse of Prokhorovino standing until they slink back to Newark.


*know no championship


Lmao what's up with the grammar and words in this post/ thread. I'm dying


bruh, I thought I was out of the loop of some meme speak, it was that bad


House of Swamp Dragons


> no know no that's a no-no, go "know no"


He just wants to be traded. He’s making demands he knows will never happen so he gets his way.


He’s getting traded but its less likely he ends up on his shortlist of teams.


He tanked his value and Nets won't accept pennies on the dollar. I feel like this is the beginning where GMs start to *fight back* on all these trade requests and make players fulfil their contracts or not get paid.


Honestly, I hope so. As a fan, I am getting tired of players torpedoing their teams just to play with their friends. I guess it’s great for the 5 teams everyone wants to go to but it sucks for the rest of the league.


It’s weird. I want players to have a good, solid say in what they do and where they play since it’s ultimately their labor but situations like KD, Ben Simmons, and Kyrie are ultimately destructive and harm the league as a whole.


But guys like kd get their say. Fulfill the damn contract, or do one year contracts. He could've signed a one year with Brooklyn. They paid him a whole year in rehab! He's one of the ungrateful asshole players and it shows in his success as of late


Nets also bent over backward to give him what he wanted. He has shown that he is a great player was an abnormally long toe away from getting the Nets to the Eastern Conference Finals. Still that does not entitle him to walk away at this point in his contract.


I have no problem with the way Lebrun controls his destiny. He signs short contracts, takes in the risk that entails and uses the leverage it provides. But signing a 4 year contract and then demanding a trade before it even kicks in is ludicrous. Doing that after having the team dismantle their team and trade away picks to accommodate you is truly shitty. Mind you I am not even a Nets fan.


And pay him a full year while he rehabs


Yeah, I agree with what some others in the comments have said that Durant *had* a chance to go somewhere else, but he wanted the money *and* the right to pick his team. It's not being honest with the team and that's just lame.


They always have. Its called free agency


They sign a contract to play a game for more money per year than 99.999% of people make in their entire lifetime. How is it anti-labor to want them to honor that contract instead of render it meaningless?


You’re forgetting about the labour that comes from the front office and coaching staff. Some of these players are getting coaches fired. Making GMs lives hell. Along with every assistant down the chain. Let’s not forget other players who came there in free agency trying to win. And now their plans are ruined. It’s not just the fat cat owners they hurt


Will be interesting to see what happens with the simmons court case, he’s trying to get paid for not showing up next year and that could have big implications here


It started with Simmons last year. Morey fought him so hard that this sub and the media thought he was fucking up, but he ended up only trading for the guy he wanted and nothing less, whether you think it was a good trade or not.


Let’s be real, that’s a great trade for the 76ers. Simmons wasn’t playing, Harden will be fine after rehabbing, if he’s even 80% of his peak.


the paycut means he also makes less than Simmons too right?


IMO he’s played his hand and it’s beat. People (not just star athletes) rarely get what they want when they start telling billionaires what to do


Especially when that goes against the best interest of the team. Celtics/Pelicans have offers that beat the best Suns/Heat offers handily.


Absolutely, skull. KD is taking a sledgehammer to his legacy


Legacy points deducted


I mean his legacy is pretty solidified as a fantastic player and the biggest bitch in league history


I dont think either party gets what they want here. The nets I think want him gone at this point, but KD doing what hes been doing, I think all other 29 teams are finally like nah fuck this guy and his whiny little attitude and no effort for responsibility. I think all other teams are happy to just let him sit in Brooklyn and not help the nets get rid of him. What I'm saying is hopefully everyone is now done with KD's bullshit and KD has now put himself out to pasture. We will see tho


Which teams beyond his short list actually want him and have more assets to trade than the teams on his short list? The problem with trading for Durant is that you not only have to meet the Nets's asking price, but also have enough pieces in place to win immediately. You also need enough depth to get through the regular season, and you have to feel comfortable having an extremely short championship window followed by a period of little-to-no draft capital.


Pelicans and Celtics.


He could easily avoid that by telling teams not to trade for him tbh, it’s a stalemate


Dude has 4 yrs left on his deal, could easily call his bluff tbh


The player empowerment movement is over, KD is the last straw. The new CBA is gonna have clauses that players can’t pull shit like this again.


Players have plenty of power, especially the ones as good as KD. No one forced him to sign a 200 million dollar contract with the Nets. Idk what you expect to happen when you make a commitment then regret it so early on. Perhaps a player buyout clause? If KD wanted more power he’d only sign one year deals like LeBron.


Yeah KD took it too far. If he actually sits out games, this is going to destroy whatever is left of players power. They'll still have more power than they did pre-2010, but we're not going to see player empowerment on the level we have the last 12 years after the next CBA. It's going to screw over a lot of role players who have been living the high life with multi-year 8 figure fully guaranteed contracts. Darius Garland just signed a contract for almost $200 million. Garland is a great player, but that should tell everyone how nice things have been for players. To make it more insane, KD literally could have been an unrestricted free agent this summer and could have signed anywhere he wanted to this summer. He could have gotten a 4 year max at 35% of the cap just like he got for basically the same amount of money he'll get from the extension he signed with the Nets and had full control over where he plays. LeBron has switched teams a lot too, but the difference is that he has honored every contract he's ever signed (sign and trades obviously excluded since it's a new contract). When players decided a couple of years ago they wanted the extra money they could get by re-signing with the same team but wanted to get traded to where they actually wanted to play to keep bird rights, the whole system started spiraling out of control and this is the result. It's not that I'm anti-player or pro-owner, I'm pro-player in general, but if you sign a contract, you need to honor it. Obviously I get that they players can be traded against their will, which sucks, but their money is fully guaranteed and they can sign with whoever they want to when their contract expires. By screwing up this balance, guys like Jae Crowder and Royce O'Neill who have been living the high life on these really nice contracts are going to be the ones who suffer the most consequences from this. That's why former players are speaking out about this stuff, they're screwing it up for generations to come.


Your third paragraph is the most important. These players want the extra money that comes with re-signing but still want to dictate going to another team. It’s having your cake and eating it, too.


It defeats the whole purpose of the bird rule, to keep players with the team that drafted them.


I agree. Another thing that players have started doing in the last year or so is adding big trade kickers to their contracts. So it seems like they plan on signing for a bunch of money, forcing a trade, and getting even more money.


The trade kicker seems so stupid in hindsight. I assume the original purpose was to discourage teams from signing players to long-term deals and then trading them back when there were six and seven year deals. Now it’s just another bonus for the player.


Yeah this might be something they'll have to take look during the bargaining agreement. I'd assume the purpose of this isn't so that Beal can sign a contract with both a no-trade clause and a 15% trade kicker.


What are they going to put there? Non-guaranteed contracts? If that's the intention, let's prepare for a long ass lockout.


Ah, like how I applied for unemployment benefits after only applying at fortune 500 companies as ceo to fill my quota for proof of job application.


I'm guessing the origin of this recent story is just KD telling Tsai nothing realistic is going to change his mind about the trade request. But that doesn't get as much "engagement", so they present it as KD actively campaigning to get them fired.


Except Shams literally tweeted, verbatim, "me -- or the GM and coach". And it's Shams.


sorry the most well connected nba sports reporter does NOT know more than a REDDITOR obviously


And that's based on what exactly?


His guess


>Status quote is not an option for him. r/BoneAppleTea


That entire write-up by OP was so fucking hard to read lol


fr the quote part stands out but the entire thing is chaos, i was confused by it being framed as a direct quote too cuz what journalist would write or talk like that


I thought I was just having a stroke lol


Glad I’m not the only one picking apart poor grammar in these posts lol


It’s not even grammar it’s just straight up the wrong word lol


This entire post was painful to read


“Kevin, we need a quote about your status.” “That’s not an option for me.”


legitimately embarrassing might was well type 'pacific' not 'specific'


The Nets paid Durant 40 mil to rehab his foot before ever even playing a game for them. And now he demands to be traded just 2 years later. Good for Tsai telling him to fuck off. If they can't get him to just hold out so they don't have to pay him hopefully they can find the worst trade destination possible for him to send him to


He's made over 120m for 105 games played.


The modern player empowerment movement is the worst thing to happen to the NBA from a fan’s perspective in decades, change my mind.


Agreed. On a philosophical level, I can get behind the idea of “teams do what’s best for themselves, and have no loyalty - players should do the same.” However, as fan I want to see a fair amount of parity between teams. I like the team building aspect of sports too - teams drafting well, trading well, building into a true contender over time. The player empowerment stuff ruins both of these, it’s just superstars teaming up with their superstar friends, creating super teams. Ruins the sport IMO.


The NBA has never had parity, in fact most sports leagues don't. The NFL only has somewhat parity because having that many players on a team and having a single game elimination format creates a lot of variables


There’s gotta be a balance between the ability to demand a trade in the event that your organization is not holding itself to the standards it had when you signed, and just being able to hold any franchise you want hostage while you’re under contract until they send you where you wand.


Actually I disagree. You signed a contract saying you would play for this team for this amount of money for this many years. An organization “not holding itself to the standards it had” is completely opinion based unless there’s something egregious going on and it’s way too speculative. Wanting to go to a championship team isn’t a good enough reason to try and get out of a contract that’s paying you fuckloads of money and when the team has invested their future in you imo. They make a ton of money so play for the team that’s paying you or request a trade. And if they don’t want to trade you suck it up


Agreed. Goes both ways. A team spends a lot of money on a player but that player doesn't pan out? Still pay him. There are tons of stories of players on insane contracts (wall, Westbrook, etc), and the team is left picking up the bill


All the players you list have been traded though?


If you sign with a team and they can send you to work for one of 29 different organizations without your consent, you haven't signed a contract with that team, you signed one with all 30 teams. Which is what NBA contracts are, after all. I can't think of any profession outside of sports where an ostensibly entirely different business would take on an employment contract without the employee having a say. Yes, the specific team that holds the contract is paying you, but a player who wants to be traded isn't trying to get out of a contract any more than a team who trades a player is trying to get out of the contract. Unless a player is actually breaching the terms of a contract than a wantaway isn't actually getting out of the contract, it's just the unique rules of a contract being recognized be 30 related businesses of varying desireability to work for.


yup. just send him out of the fucking country. that'll teach him a lesson


You mean trade him to the Kings?


They said out of the country. Clearly they mean Florida. ​ Orlando Magic it is!


Tampa Bay raptors?


I have dual citizenship with the United States and Florida.




i just want my Nets back, man.


Heat are playing in Mexico for a few games, so that plan just might work.


They aren’t a true poverty franchise though. Heh, I know, let’s find the worst team by franchise total W/L% in all 4 major sports and send him there


Build a wall and make his mom pay for it.


Britney greiner for KD


Honestly yeah if the Nets wanted to improve their outside shooting and add some bulk to the 4/5 spot, Britney = straight upgrade over KD


Can't wait to get my Бутырская тюрьма Basketball Club KD jersey


Nah, send him to Phoenix, where he wants to go, and watch him still be unhappy 2 years from now.


I think you mean Sacramento...


Nah I really don’t want him anymore tbh even without Scottie the man is just gonna force himself out again in 2 years or ask for Masai and Bobby to get fired If the Celtics are dumb enough to trade Brown for that snake let them do it


**BREAKING NEWS** Kevin Durant has been traded to the Shandong Hi-Speed Kirin for cash considerations.


Send him to nba Siberia aka the Kings


They have competed for a Championship more recently than the Knicks to be fair my mate! Last time the King's were contenders was 03, and the Knicks was 99.


I know Minnesota is good now, but they are a much better Siberia comparison. Sacramento has better weather than most of the other NBA cities.


I’m generally pretty pro player but I cannot get on board with what KDs doing. It’s absurd to basically build the team and push for moves to happen and then demand to leave when things don’t work (while protecting one of the main reasons the team isn’t working). Like lebron does a similar thing where he leaves teams that were built for him but at least he plays out his contract and goes down with the ship. Demanding a trade because the situation you built isn’t good enough is an all time weak move


Praying for the breakup to be as drama filled as possible, don't let me down KD.


This is like winning a championship for y’all


What's the offseason equivalent of losing a championship by having shoes a size too big?


A balding midget owning your team the one time it actually made the playoffs


Sheesh lmfaoooo


Getting owned by a 6 foot guard in the first round?


6 foot 1, actually.


counting hair or no?


He has hair?


How is that part of the offseason? At least attempt to make sense if you're going to try and lolknicks.


Knicks have two *actual* championships...so nah its not. But Nets fans was acting like they won a chip when KD signed with them. So this is Karma in its most poetic form.


Talking about acting like you won a chip ....who was more pathetic when they got some all-stars...nets or clippers?


I don't think the Nets talked at all, given the role players were likeable at the time of KD + Kyrie joining. Clippers immediately got some flak because Trez and Bev talk a ton of trash


Same, for draft purposes


Nets should call up the five worst organizations in basketball and ask for their best offer. Ship this dude to Siberia.


You spelled Sacramento wrong.


Please, I want this so bad.


Imagine how fast everyone would go from pity to hatred if y’all started winning.


You spelled Brooklyn wrong. Nets so inept they'll trade him to themselves and still lose 2 draft picks.


Joe tsai is so rich he should just build the worst team possible around KD and keep him for the last prime years of his nba career. Trade kyrie for Westbook, sign a bunch of dudes from Yugoslavia, hire Billy Donovan as coach. Go full on count of monte cristo and use his wealth for an elaborate revenge. What's the point of having billions if you can't use it to crush your enemies?


You joke but this was literally my thought when this story came out. KD thinks he's got a big ol dick, I'd like to see someone with legitimate power slap his ass one of these days.


Are we still doing 'phrasing'?


I’ve always thought of durant as the dude who loves hoops more than any other superstar ever. But if he doesn’t play basketball because he’s not happy with his team of 2 other all stars and good role players idk how that can be true


KD just wants to play basketball his way, while getting paid the NBAs way, while getting praised MJs way. Pretty sure there’s a sub called r/choosingbeggars for people like this lol


It's for a championship, honey. NEXT.


This will never get old




Outside of saying he loves hoops, why would you think he loves more than anyone else? I don't think he works out or practice as much as LeBron. He also doesn't have the crazy 4am workout stories like Kobe, or the killer mentality practice like Jordan or even Butler. He got hurt bad, twice, took his time to come back twice, played well when back both times as well, but seems to never be happy even when playing in the most stacked team ever or the team he built. So why?


You are absolutely right that "loving to hoop" doesn't mean a lot for a professional player and that there more important facettes of motivation he doesn't show like you said. But people aren't pulling this out of their ass. KD is known to love the game evidenced by him watching all levels of Bball intensely (e.g. in the Olympics he had a full pro scouting report about the AUS women's team at the ready) and talking about the game passionately. When people say this they also directly compare him not to guys like Bron but people like Simmons where it's long been suspected they actively don't like to play basketball. So I don't think KD loves basketball the most of all NBA players but he does love the game enough that sitting out a season will at least be painfull to him. Don't know whether that will impact his decision at all though.


This is the thing I keep coming back to and him not sitting out. All the mockery of legacy and bus driver stuff, I think he to a point doesn’t care that much. But it feels like he’s always been proud of the fact he loves hooping and that people see him as a guy who loves the game.


The mother fucker won't shoot halftime buzzer beaters for fear of bringing down his FG% lmao he CARES. (And I don't take the fg% effects player contracts excuse, teams & players both know they can *easily* factor out those shots when it comes to contract talks)


He won't even do it in must win playoff games.


He definitely doesn’t love hoops more than the top guys


👆🏻 What’s going on in Brooklyn? 👆🏻


Now, why is that? 🤔


This shit always cracks me tf up I dunno why 😂


I would love to see the metrics on how much the frequency of the “pointing upwards” emoji has increased on r/nba since the Goberttysberg Address


What was that? Hahaha


Oh my god, if you really haven’t seen it yet, buckle up: https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/vs4931/windhorsts_galaxy_brain_read_on_goberts_imminent/


Lol I’m too out of the NBA to recognize that one lol.


🤔 Something is REAL 🐠🐟🎣🐟🐠 going on


Ben Simmons really influenced his teammates wow what a team player


Ben with his 1st assist for the Nets without ever suiting up.


For someone who seems concerned about legacy, sitting out and demanding a trade a year after signing an extension is certainly a way to add to it


If he knows that it’s MJ then LBJ for GOAT, maybe his new focus is to be King Snek.


Don't even have to look at it from an all-time point of reference. KD's cohort already has Lebron/Curry as #1/#2. KD is painfully aware that his legacy will end at best with him as #3 even in this brief segment of NBA history. All KD can do at this point is try to win a ring without Curry to make his case over Kawhi. And if Harden pops off and gets a chip next season, then that would further muddy the waters. The Giannis/Embiid/Jokic cohort has already given us new superstars. Who have already "bus driven" their team to a title or someday will. The novel of the NBA will mention KD, but his chapter will be sandwiched between the Kobe/Duncan/Shaq era and the next group of superstars. Most painfully for Durant... The chapter will be titled *Lebron James & Stephen Curry*.


> For someone who seems concerned about legacy Does he ? All his *“legacy”* tweets were poking fun at the idea. Of all the current All Timers still playing (Steph, Lebron etc) he definitely seems like the one who is least concerned with legacy


Yes, exactly lol. KD just started winning back people and growing back his fan base last playoffs. He knows this is an unpopular move but seems like his shtick now is being "different" and doing whatever. he basically had a month to rethink his decision over and instead he gave an ultimatum.


I would be surprised if he shows up to training camp Even if he does then he's probably gonna sandbag like Harden did


I think the way Kevin Durant would do it would be to fake an injury. He sure doesn’t want to give up that money.


Ah yes, the Kawhi method


I can't see KD intentionally playing poorly like Harden I think he'll just sit at home like Kyrie did this season


I would like to see KD attempt to get very fat like Harden. He would have the world’s strangest looking body.


Like a tall E.T


That’s honestly even worse lol


Players sitting out games isn't that abnormal when trying to force trades When you're actively throwing games and playing poorly you're ruining the fans' experience, ruining your team chemistry, killing your own value, etc Playing poorly or not playing at all. Ask Lakers fans which option they prefer


I think Harden in Houston averaged 22/10 in his couple games? And he also had an ankle sprain so that’s not bad at all tbh He was clearly not going 100% against the Lakers but he was still playing decent


For Houston Harden it felt more like he was just checkout rather than intentionally sabotaging the Rockets. Like, he didn’t pull a Vince Carter or anything close to that.


Harden didn’t sandbag, what a garbage take


KD: let me sit on that driver's seat! Then KD started the bus and jumped out of it.


I agree that players can't sign a four year deal and then demand a trade. If Durant didn't want to stay or thought he might not, he should have signed a 1+1 extension.


The league is surprised that their grumpy malcontent 21st century superstar is behaving like a grumpy malcontent 21st century superstar.


Durant: I was serious about leaving the mess I helped create League: *Pikachu shocked face*


You left out the “oh, by the way, I didn’t actually create this mess. Y’all misremembering or something.”


"Kevin, did you mean to use your burner account?"


*shocked Pikachu face*


The nets have been posturing like they’ve repaired the relationship and KD will just show up to camp and play nice if they don’t trade him. Which is why their trade price was sky high, you can ask a lot when your backup position is just bringing KD back. For his part KD had been totally silent so the nets FO was able to plausibly put that narrative out there without KD contradicting it. Other teams must have believed it. Now it’s pretty apparent that KD’s isn’t ever going to play for the nets again.


And so? The Nets have very little reason to give into KD’s demands if the trade isn’t good. He’s signed long term and he’s old.


No all time great has sabotaged their career like KD. Don’t expect it to stop now.


Sad thing is is outside of public perception, he’s gotten everything else you could want. Ridiculous money, fame, and even the rings and awards.


Cause he's a certified cupcake


I don’t think Kevin Durant knows what he wants


I think he wants to be traded, then if that doesn't work maybe another trade.


There is going to be a lockout. And its going to be caused by players.


NBPA meetings about to become KD, Kyrie, and Ben Simmons tortured by the other 29 teams


Yup owners about to use a few bad apples and public perception, to absolutely strongarm the players association into conceding whatever bs they want.


Nah I'm with the owners on this dude, as disgusting as it is to side with a billionare. Simmons and KD setting ridiculous precidents. Small market teams are shitting themselves that star players on rookie deals are goin to start forcing trades if Ben and KD can get away with sitting and forcing trades with 4 years on your deal.


So they fired Kenny Atkinson : A coach that got the Nets out of the awful Celtics trade hole, brought in talent and developed that talent like with Russell and Allen and Spencer. Now Kevin wants to fire Steve Nash, a guy who he personally vouched for. Someone he had a close relationship with during his time in Golden State. There has to come a point when Kevin has to take some serious responsibility and own up to the fact that he wanted to be that guy, the bus driver driving his very own bus. With every single player on that roster since he got there were guys he wanted. And now that it hasn’t worked out. You wanna leave. I can understand firing Nash, cause he runs zero plays for their best players to get open and just focuses on getting the ball to Kevin and make him make a play.


Rejoice my fellow thunder fans we’ve known this clown act for almost a decade now


Can someone please explain to me why KD even wants to be traded? Like what is his issue with the sean marks and Steve nash? He hasn't said anything about why he's unhappy


Sean didn’t resign his friends and Nash wants to create his own coaching style and not be a figure head.


KD thinks he's bigger than the Brooklyn Nets. I bet he thinks he's bigger than the Toronto Raptors. Buyer/Trader beware.


Windhorst: what does that mean? 5 hours later, Jazz get 12 first round picks by trading 3 G league players they just signed.


He should go play ball in China and absolutely dominate. Score 120 pts per game.


They probably should fire Nash to be safe.


Is Jaylen Brown still on the table? I would just pick him up with picks just avoid this drama nonsense.


Kd is as mentally weak of an athlete I’ve ever seen., the only good that could come out of this is maybe he goes to Phoenix and they get all cocky again and then get shit on in the playoffs.


Dude, if the Nets win a championship with Durant pouting and sitting out. That would be the ultimate storyline.


Send him to the kings


This is a grammatical train wreck… I actually have no idea what this post says


Even if KD's end goal is to be traded, why not go to camp and try to win? If World B. Flat keeps his shit together and Simmons, TJ Warren and Harris come back strong this Net's team is no joke. KD's dipshittery is impressive.


this is not readable


I'm going to assume he spoke to every person associated with the nba


What is going on in Kevin Durant’s head? 🤔


I don't know if I agree with everything Windy is saying. The price for KD has dropped. Now teams know the Nets don't have an option on keeping him long term. Thats good for KD, has he wants to go to a team that isn't gutted for getting him. The problem KD has is, the Nets can wait for the right trade, but the dude is 34. His value is also going to go down quite quickly. Like they can't wait THAT long. If they dont trade him this year, his value next year will plummet, especially if he isn't playing like his heart is in it.


Windhorst loves his nothing burgers