He's butthurt because they didn't appease to his bff enough. Kyrie has probably wanted out for a while and told KD so he asked out "first"


Yep, for the first time in his career, maybe his life, someone told him no. We are not letting your whims dictate the direction of an entire franchise. Predictably he threw a tantrum and wants to leave. Bus Rider 4 Life.


I mean isn’t his entire fallout with Draymond about Draymond telling him they can with without him


His life? Come on, just leave the shit at their basketball careers


Generational sports stars are surrounded by yes men from high school on, if not before. I mean maybe when he was in kindergarten he didn't always get his way but it has easily been most of his life.


He's mad at the owner for not extending Kyrie. That's literally it.


What does Kyrie have on the KD lmao. He’s also mad at Harden for not putting up with Kyrie’s annoying bs. This all could have been avoided if Kyrie simply took the shot, they’d happily give him the max


As Kyrie once told KD, “I feel like I was you in another life”. Paraphrased but that might be why.


Bros before billionaire led sports organizations


Lets say reincarnation is real... How is that even possible? Does kyrie think he inhabited kd's body at one point? Are they twin souls with the same akashic record in the cosmic multiverse? I'm not deep enough to understand


Kyrie doesn’t know


They are best friends And they feel that the big bad bully owners are being mean to them and not handing Kyrie more money to not show up to work


And he wants to go play for Sarver? Lololol


So were Harden and and KD apparently


He has a flask of Scarlet Johansson’s bathwater that he’s promising to give to KD.


It's fucking weird dude..idk how Kyrie has KD so whipped like this


they're basically best friends


KD is not very smart but feels self important with no ability to think critically, and Kyrie provides answers for everything (not that they’re good answers), at least that’s my take on it.


said so confidently but you’ve never met the guy even once


Ive also never met trump and I can confidently say that he’s dumb and a narcissist.


almost as if you’re supposed to know way more about the president of the united states


Kyrie must suck a mean dick. No other explanation


It would make sense if they were in a secret gay relationship


Kyrie's dick game probably strong


Why not just play one more season with Kyrie then ask for a trade ? There's more to it.


He doesn't want to play one more season for Tsai. Any other person, it would make sense with what you said. But this is KD, who has the sensitivity of a 14 year old girl


Durant would snap in half if he had to put up with for one day what a 14 year old girl puts up with


This is actually true, lol


I really don’t understand what people aren’t getting and I feel bad about seeing the Nets flairs having to say it plainly like this…but you guys are 100% right. You signed up for two incredible talents and what you got was two nutcases. It’s a fucking travesty how they’ve handled this. Fuck them. You guys will appreciate having a normal and hungry team again.


Thank you for understanding. I'm not a Hornets fan obviously, but their arena is like 20 minutes from my house. I'll try to catch a game one day, they're fun to watch.


Luckily I’m more of a casual NBA fan and I chose the hornets cus I’m a massive Panthers fan (NFL). But the hornets are so fucking hard to root for, especially right now 🫠 lol But! Yeah fuck those two. They didn’t win shit anyway while here and never have without LeBron/Steph, two actual leaders and actual winners. I’d be so done after these 2-3 years.


Yeah, what are y'all gonna do with Miles Bridges? Cuz I wouldn't want a guy like that step on my court ever again


Hopefully help prosecute his ass. I find it hard to believe teammates/higher ups didn’t know he was capable of this, so it kinda sours the whole thing for me.


Someone is about to give up their whole future for this guy lol




Right. People just sprout stuff off as facts as if we’ve been hearing from KD. Woj tweets something out and that is 100% what Kd thinks to them


I genuinely think it’s that he’s over Kyrie.


But there are reports that he and Kyrie still want to play together. He’s mad that the Nets finally put their foot down, they gave Kyrie and KD every single thing they wanted these past three years only to get swept in the 1st round. Durant should have made the call and traded Kyrie instead of Harden


I don’t believe them. It’s a non option.


Everything was fine until it came out that the Nets wouldn’t give Kyrie the max. There was no talks of KD getting traded after they got swept


Reports were that Kyrie let nobody know about his decision to opt in including KD. My theory is KD was like fuck this guy for not including me in his shit. I’m out.


But rumour has it that KD wanted no part in the contract discussions between Kyrie and the Nets. Talking heads in the media were calling this an indictment on the Nets and quite possibly Kyrie.


What was else was he going to do? Opt out? Anyone with half a brain (granted that’s 50/50 with Kyrie) would do so


You don’t think that KD would be pissed that Kyrie is out there looking for trades without talkin to him?


Kyrie wasn’t looking for trades, Kyrie was pressuring the nets to offer more by threatening to sign for 7 mil in LA, and that Durant would ask for a trade if they didn’t extent Kyrie. Guess what happened


Why wouldn’t he be looking for a sign and trade partner, once he know brooklyn wasn’t offering him an extension?


Man, I really don’t know. I’d hate to have Kyrie on my team, great player but whoever he goes to next is gonna deal with the same shit from him.


I agree with this one. Kyrie started shopping first before he eventually opted in and Tsai didn’t give Kyrie the extension that KD wanted and Ben hasn’t done anything for KD yet. KD is breaking up with ALL Kyrie, Ben, and the nets.


The Warriors won a ring without him and he's panicking


Exactly. Steph winning without him and Barkley's "bus rider" comments all in his head. The Kyrie situation is a smokescreen. Dude wants to go to the Suns for "legacy" reasons.


His preferred teams are the #1 seeds from both conferences he’s 100% front running like he did on his way to golden state


Will he be the "bus driver" in Phoenix?


Of course not. And even worse than that, he's gonna have a coach who doesn't kowtow to his every whim and isn't going to just let him iso every night all game. The dude really doesn't think things through.


I mean yes. Absolutely. lol


His legacy will take a bigger hit going to Phoenix than if he stuck in Brooklyn and tried to figure it out.


4 years after he won with them. Lol that's not the reason why he is leaving the Nets organization.


Yeah but also their first/only healthy year


It’s been 4 years??? Damn dude


Only 3 seasons after he left and the first season that Klay came back….


1st year all 3 of them healthy.


Why do yall just make shit up? Yall project so hard when it comes to kd its embarrassing. In reality YALL want him to feel a certain way just say it, you want the dude to be miserable cause he made yall miserable. Just say it


I'm a Bulls fan. Kevin Durant has been in the West and/or my team has never been even close to his team's level. I have no bad blood from a playoff series or he was supposed to join my team during FA. I can't recall any basketball context in which my opinion of Kevin has been anything but awe at his talent. I still absolutely hate him as a person. He's a thin skinned whiner who takes no responsibility for his actions and leaves everybody else holding the bag. Then will parachute into a situation that has already been built for him, take the credit if it works or pass the blame if it doesn't. He's not a good person. Long story short, bad take.


Have you ever met Kd? If you haven’t had real convos w him, how can you hate a stranger? Y’all act like he’s out here killing babies. He gets paid millions to play basketball, the rest of the league is making big money too. He just wants to play basketball for a different team. It’s not a big deal, he isn’t hurting anyone else (unless you’re angry that the people being traded have to move their families and they don’t have a choice?). Obviously you can feel how you feel. I just don’t see how you (and so many others), can hate someone you’ve never met bc they switch basketball teams…?


Right. They’re angry at him bc he doesn’t do what they want him to do. Calling him this and that, making up stories, etc bc he wants to play basketball for a different team. Idk how you could be that invested in a stranger


Cuz fuck em, that’s why!


Cause they wouldn’t extend his buddy


He wants to play with Kyrie and the Nets are sick or Kyrie’s shit. I feel like it’s pretty straightforward/been reported on already.


But if that’s the case staying on the nets is the only way to play with kyrie lol


No, the Nets made it pretty clear they’re trading Kyrie. That’s why he opted in, because it makes it more likely that he can be traded where he wants.


Right I guess I meant, if that’s really his/their top priority (keeping him and Kyrie together), they wielded their leverage so as to make it as unpalatable as possible for the nets FO


KD doesn’t have a say in where he’s traded, as he does not have authority on trade decisions in his contract, so it’s pretty unlikely that the Nets were going to trade them together anyway, because I don’t think a team could give up enough assists to get them both without blowing up basically the entire top half of their roster and all of their picks for the foreseeable future, plus, I don’t think teams want KD if it means they have to deal with Kyrie, which was kind of reported on when apparently very few teams had any interest in Kyrie.


I think it’s the opposite. I think he’s over kyrie’s shit. And he recognizes if Kyrie leaves and he doesn’t he’s stuck in a non winning situation. Get out, get away from Kyrie.


I don’t know. Durant has been making excuses for Kyrie consistently. I don’t see that changing all of a sudden.


The Nets are fed up with Kyrie so if this was the case then the Nets and Durant would be in alignment


Because the only way he's ever won is by bailing


That's not tr-- *checks notes* oh shit.


He's just transferring buses. Taking a different route.


To the hardest road.


Wasn’t he an FA the last two times? That’s not bailing. Here dude just signed an extension and has requested out


I think another player that some of y’all called King has LITERALLY only won that way 😂😂🤣


Yes, but we weren't talking about LeBron


Yea but he did it and you’re implying that KD leaving is some rare occurrence


No I'm not, where did I say that


LeBron has won a title with every franchise he's played for. KD only won a title by joining a 73 win team that he was eliminated by


*Lebron has only won a title by leaving to team up with All-Stars Say it right Oh you mean the team that blew a 3-1 lead and won LESS games with him and needed him for 2x Finals MVPs?


KD left the warriors to team up with 2 all stars and still didn’t win. At least wherever lebron goes he’s won. Not to mention the team kd left won without him. It would be like if Lebron left the heat and then Wade/bosh won a ring a few years later.


But they were injured lmao and Bosh retired early stop if


They were already injured/washed while he was there and they were healthy again in 2016 and lost to Kyle Lowry. Lebron stacks his teams but he always delivers a ring. And his superstar teammates never win anything after he leaves The first year klay comes back the warriors won without KD meanwhile he’s getting swept in the first round. Give prime lebron Kyrie he’s going to the finals


Ya with super teams. Let’s not change history because LeDick is too juicy in your mouth


Sounds like lebron. Hell that can be said for many superstars, why hold kd to a different standard?


We have no idea. There is so much that has happened behind the scenes that we will never know about. Speculating about it is pointless. For all we know, Nash and him had a full on fist fight. KD might have found himself believing the flat earth Kyrie stuff, and wanted to get out before he fully embraced it. A psychic might have told him it was in his stars to leave Brooklyn. We will never know.


If it’s KD, Book, and CP3 in Phoenix, who would suns fans see as the bus driver?


That's Booker's team.


In the sense that the 2017-2019 warriors were Steph's team, yeah.


KD. Anyone that says otherwise is crazy.


He needs to take the Hardest Road(tm)\*. More seriously, though, I think it's all about the saying that happiness comes from within. One thing I really felt while watching KD on the Warriors that didn't appreciate before seeing him play every week is that I just don't think he's a happy dude. And the thing that unhappy people want to do is change everything except themselves. Oh, if I'm just in the right place, if I just win a title, if I'm just the face of a franchise, if ... So things got harder than he expected. And he's unhappy. And rather than acknowledge the way that he's the architect of his unhappiness (the front office literally gave him everything he wanted!) and do the work on himself, it's easier to just go on and go somewhere else. I'm sure he'll be happy the NEXT place he goes. You see this in all walks of life, it'd be surprising if we didn't see in it the NBA as well. \*not actually the hardest road.


He’s desperate to win a title because the warriors championship was a big hit to his legacy.


Unless he wins one with the Kings or Magic, it’s not gonna matter for shit.


Lame ass double standard yall hold kd too


I'm sorry what's the double standard


No other superstar in the league gets piled on for wanting to play with the best team possible, in fact they are applauded for it. With kd it's "oh he running from the grind taking the easy way out"..it's just lame, if you don't like kd just say it but the double-standard shit is mad annoying


Because they’re trying to assemble the best team ever, like he did at the nets. Now he’s running to established one seeds again. That’s weaker than saying you want to drink someone you’ve probably met her bath water


Sure but other players don't make the claim they took the hardest road when in fact they took the easiest


How is it a double standard


You're saying he has to win with a garbage team to prove his worth


Wait the Nets were a garbage team? I could swear they had James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons at different points in time...


kinda strange, TBH, both Kyrie & Ben Simmons are positively oozing certainty


Nets didn't give Kyrie his max extension.


He’s in love with Kyrie and the Nets were mean to Kyrie. Weird stuff


I feel like we asked this same question just a few months ago w/Harden. In theory, (knowing KD was returning in a few weeks) a core of KD, Kyrie + Harden were title contenders, yet Harden wanted out, because of Kyrie... A few months later... In theory, a core of KD, Kyrie & Simmons are title contenders, yet KD wants out... because of Kyrie... Kyrie got everyone in their feelings in BROOKLYN.


Cuz he a bitch Only success comes for him on pre-built contenders. Bus *rider* remember?


Sure buddy.


Where am I wrong? Buddy. Brooklyn and OKC were fails. So yeah. Needs a pre-built team. Why do you think Heat/Suns are his preferred destinations? Two number one seeds.


The suns were considered frauds this postseason so miss me with the "1 seed" talk. Yall just butthurt he putting himself in situations to succeed when yall would rather him fail and its obvious as shit


Yeah. He’s a bitch


They weren't a #1 seed, he only flocks to those, if the rumors about him only wanting to go to the Suns or Heat are true


Yall are being obtuse, both of those teams got exposed in the playoffs. But now "they're a 1 sed!"seductively!, yall are transparent as hell


Losing in Game 7 of the ECF when one of your best playmakers is demonstrably hobbled isn't getting exposed, what are you on about?


Ahh good, I see you got my message about making your burner names slightly less obvious Kevin


I think for KD does he really think this roster is the one to win him a championship? There’s huge question marks on Simmons and Kyrie and why waste another year not contending. Both Ben and Kyrie have no real value atm and Kyrie is likely to leave next year and he’s tanked his market due to not giving him the long term contracts. I think that’s what a lot of people are forgetting, there’s major doubts on them being a championship level roster for this year and the future and he might see the Suns/Heat a better org to contend and close his career out.


Lol "It might be kind of difficult to compete next year despite having two other all stars on our roster, so I'm looking at either of the top seeds in both conferences as my preferred destination" You just gave a long winded explanation for KD once again shying away from a challenge Also he literally played arguably the biggest role in creating the Nets current situation, so it's funny for him to turn around and question their potential for success in the upcoming season They traded James Harden because KD enables Kyrie to be a dipshit, and that was after the Nets mortgaged their future to help make it easier for Kevin by putting another MVP caliber player next to him


Did you watch them this season? Kyrie is insane and KD would rather go after internet strangers than hold his BFF accountable so he's dipping


I was halfway through writing this same post! I really don’t get it. He’s made about Kyrie not getting the full extension. I’d think KD would rather have him on a 1-year prove it deal with Ben Simmons in the mix. There aren’t that many better situations on the table.


He doesn’t want to play with Westbrook. If Irving is going to LA, then they certainly are going to have to trade for him and that means Russel is going to be in the mix. KD and Russel hate each other. KD wants out so he doesn’t have to play with Westbrook.


He gave them 3 years just like the Warriors. Guess he's a 3 year guy now


He watched videos of Simmons videos where hes making shots and then he saw trae young dunk on him and said fuck this shit.


that’s like his thing


Maybe the Nets org really does suck and that played more into Harden wanting out than just Kyrie being insane


>Maybe the Nets org really does suck They bent over backwards to hand him everything he wanted on a silver platter. It ain't that.


And maybe I have a 10 inch cock, who knows


We all know


1. Hes soft 2. He’s 34, his timeline is expiring 3. He doesnt enjoy playing here 4. They havent even won anything or been close


Could’ve stopped after the 1st one


He wants to win. He wants to extend his legacy even more. That's all lol


Let's see. They had Harden, Kyrie, and KD coming into the trade deadline last year. And instead of just holding onto Harden to make a run at the chip, they trade him for a bench warmer. They tell Kyrie that he can only play if he is vaccinated, even though he was allowed to play a bunch of games during the season. And the culture on that team is an absolute disaster now. It isn't what KD signed up for. It's as bad of an environment to play in as many other teams in the league and KD only has a couple of years left to prove himself.


Imagine still crying over what a grown man did 4 years later, yall are pathetic


Think about it. You and your boy go make a tram championship contested. Then the front office blames Kyrie for the nyc mandate. You might be like, fuck y’all then. U don’t take care of my by then I’m out. I’m not saying I agree with that, but he prob doesn’t like how they treated his boy. People are acting like Kyrie chose to sit out. No, he was not allowed to play. As soon as he got the green light he was playing . I condone vaccines but I don’t condone forcing people to take vaccines (unless ur in a job that puts u around vulnerable people)


LMAO it was a literal CHOICE not to get the vaccine. 2022 NBA All Star and Champion Andrew Wiggins also didn't want to get the shot, but he sacrificed and made a CHOICE for the benefit of both the team and ultimately himself >I condone vaccines but I don’t condone forcing people to take vaccines (unless ur in a job that puts u around vulnerable people) What even is this take??? Bro there are vulnerable people EVERYWHERE, hence the need for a vaccine lol


Choice to take the vaccine is not equal to choice to play. Lol I know how serious Covid is man. Shit almost killed me. But I still don’t believe people should be forced to take it. we can advise people to take it, educate people on its safety, promote it, but not force people. And no, if you work around sick or elderly people, ur around more vulnerable people than a basketball player who is playing a 5v5 sport. Not to mention the hypocrisy of the fact that he could play in road games but not home games. Come on. So clearly it wasn’t an issue when he was on the road .


>And no, if you work around sick or elderly people, ur around more vulnerable people than a basketball player who is playing a 5v5 sport. So, you do know that basketball players interact with other people outside of the basketball team right? These are massive orgs that employ hundreds if not thousands of people. I'm sure then you also know that they interact with people outside of their respective organizations lol >Choice to take the vaccine is not equal to choice to play. Lol Yes it literally is, hence the Wiggins example, he made a choice and it worked out beautifully for him, and literally the complete opposite is happening with Kyrie Also you do realize that the only reason mandates were even in practice here (mind you vaccine mandates have existed since vaccines were available to the general public) is because so many people were making the CHOICE to not get a vaccine to protect themselves and others in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic?


Bro u used the word literally but no it’s literally not the same thing . Lol I will never be an anti vAxxer, I took the vaccine and booster. But if u can play in road games and not home games that is just hypocritical by definition. Funny how people have a problem with Kyrie not takin the vaccine but no body had a problem when nyc lifted the mandate. It’s hypocritical in every way. Lol. And no Wiggins can’t be used as an example . Because at the end of the day it’s choosing to take a vaccine. It’s not synonymous with choosing not to play basketball. Even tho u say it is. It doesn’t magically change the reality


I absolutely had a problem with NYC lifting the mandate almost exclusively for Aaron Judge and the Yankees You can be mad about the mandate all you want but the only reason it was even a story is because...Kyrie made a CHOICE not to get the vaccine Again San Fran also had a mandate but it wasn't a story at all because Wiggins CHOSE to get the vaccine No one is or was being forced to do anything, Kyrie CHOSE not to get the vaccine and therefore didn't play home games. The Nets didn't like that decision so they kept him out of team activities for half of the season. He still has his job, still got paid millions this year, and still never got the vaccine He LITERALLY wasn't forced to do anything Edit: For clarity because you clearly aren't getting it, if an organization or establishment has a rule you don't like you may CHOOSE not to go/work there. Just because a rule exists that you might not agree with, doesn't mean anyone is forcing you to make your decisions


I think he just realized it's not his best shot at winning a chip anymore, especially if Kyrie is gone this or next year. He doesn't have much time left to prove he's one of the best players of all time.


Nets didn't want Kyrie so after this season (not really after because they also want to trade Kyrie this summer) Nets will likely only have KD and Ben Simmons as their only stars.. lol


Snake's gonna snake


Kyrie was obviously going to be traded before the start of camp and Simmons/Harris/Curry/Claxton/Mills+ last years rookies + whatever they get for Kyrie probably wasn’t inspiring much confidence. Maybe if they could have gotten another star for Kyrie he stays but who knows.


Because its not an easy situation to play ball. KD hates scrutiny, criticism and most of all pressure its obvious af. He wants to be praised just based on his talent and wants no criticism whatsoever. He’s not a leader and doesnt wanna be he’s a top 5 talent ever but has the mentality of an AAU player


That's bullshit, kd never been afraid of pressure. He leaving cause kyrie won't be there


Lmaooo “KD never been afraid of pressure” is hilarious I seen this man shrink vs Tony Allen and Memphis, 2014 vs Spurs, 2016 vs GS, this year vs Boston lol He backpacked the Nets last year which was admirable but thats what he’s supposed to do play like the top 5 talent you are he got more respect last year vs MIL than he did in GS. This year he plays like shit and gets swept in the 1st round, GS wins a chip and he cant handle the criticism. So he’s prolly gonna run somewhere else he thinks established and ready to contend and try and piggyback his way to a title all under the guise of “I just wanna ball”


Cause he’s soft


Warriors got in his head


KD is geting old and his only way for somewhat of a redemption arc is to beat the warriors in the finals (or western playoffs).


Cause he a bitch, that's why


Dude is soft.


He listening to too much Drake


Kyrie choose to come back and Ben Simmons being a bum, he’s exhausted and don’t wanna carry bums to a 1st round exit and more disappointing events


Being a fan of Kevin durant, although he's been making that more difficult, I want to believe it's because Kyrie opted back in and Kevin said "fuck this", but I can't help but feel that he's just throwing a temper tantrum because they didn't offer Uncle Drew the max


Naw he’s giving up on the kyrie experiment shoulda just stuck with steph


He has strong opinions on Hong Kong.