An insight to negotiations is that you start your demands very high.


Politicians have taught me that you actually start negotiations very low, negotiate yourself down to exactly what the other person wants without any pressure from them, and then give them even more as a token of your respect for future negotiations. Rinse and repeat until you've bled out every asset you have.


The Bartomeu school of negotiations


ah yes… the fuck over the average citizen special only in this case nets fans have been used and abused for months


Underselling only works when overselling fails. The way I see it you always want to ensure you get the maximum amount in a deal no matter what. If the other party is unwilling or unable to follow through with the oversell that’s when you use the undersell as the token of good will.


There’s a point in strategic bargaining where you just look like a complete windbag wasting everyone’s time, though. I actually think teams leak pointlessly high asking prices to protect the more meaningful negotiations they are actually having that are based in reality


I feel like this gets said every trade and then the eventual package is pretty damn similar to the initial ask.


exactly. start with booker knowing they will say no so you then say fine on ayton but they have to throw in bridges and cam johnson


Big if true.


Correct. You don’t undercut your players or their trade value.


We have no idea if that’s true. Obviously brooklyn is going to start negotiations with Booker.


Booker has the same problem as Bam with the rookie extension so it won’t happen


They would trade Ben Simmons in that case. This rookie extension rule is really dumb


Where would they dump Simmons, and what would they put around Booker?


No clue. But if they can get booker they would figure it out.


If the Nets trade Simmons somewhere else they can then take Booker in


Wait, how does this work? Sorry I don’t get it haha


You cant have 2 players on the team that are signed to designated rookie max extensions, which Booker and Simmons both are. If the Nets move Simmons to another team then they can take Booker in as part of the hypothetical deal.


Ah I see, thanks; seems like a very random rule lol


They could move Ben elsewhere if needed but yeah it’s not a realistic trade.


It's pretty simple, he's not going to the suns. They want much more than ayton and bridges and the suns don't want to just breakup a contending roster for what it would cost


I cant imagine a much better deal than Ayton/Bridges/picks


Turn on ESPN, Woj, Lowe and Bobby Marks are throwing out their opinions on realistic deals. Said they will be looking for an elite outlook under 25 with a bevy of picks. They mentioned a couple teams, but said the cost will be much steeper than what Miami or Phoenix want to offer bc of the 4 year


One of the ones thrown out was around BI and Bucks + Lakers + Pelicans picks The most possible picks to recoup from the Harden trade, and an all-star caliber player who’s not too good to where he’s unattainable. KD on a 4y deal.


I'd personally rather have Ayton bridges and picks


If kevin durant is forcing his way to phoenix and will throw a fit anywhere else its going to be a lot cheaper than you expect


Lowe and Woj said Nets aren't willing to let that happen with the 4 year deal


What’s he gonna do? He’s on a four year deal without a NTC.


> suns don't want to just breakup a contending roster for what it would cost hilarious because Sarver's cheapness has and continues to break up contending rosters because of cost (avoidance)


Who are they going to get for better than Ayton/Bridges + multiple frps? Plus he wants to come here apparently. Just saying, I think that's a decent deal for them. Considering he wants out. It scares me, since I love both DA and Bridges. But it's a trade we gotta make.


According to Woj and Lowe they want an under 25 player with an elite outlook as well as a bunch of picks


Suns can offer a bunch of picks, a close to elite under 25 player and a young all defense player. They aren't going to get an elite under 25 player of much better quality. Not sure whom it could be.


Don't shoot the messenger, they are expected to go heavily after Zion and players as close to that caliber as they can.


Not shooting you, I just feel like they don't have many options better. But who knows! Going to be interesting


Truly is incredibly fun to watch, I was too young for the Gretzky trade, first time getting to a kings ransom like this. Lowe and Woj saying it's going to be the largest trade of all time, bigger than AD trade


>re apparently. > >Just saying, I think that's a decent deal for them. Considering he wants out. > >It scares me, since I love both DA and Bridges. But it's a trade we gotta make. close to elite under 25 player that you wanted to get rid off anyway lol, i dont get why celts are not trying to trade jaylen and some shit to get durant


I don't want to get rid of him. Also the reports are that he wants out also, we don't know what is going on. But he is a very good under 25 player. Idk about elite, but I'd be shocked if they get a better haul than the one I said. But we will see.


They can't get Booker if Ben is there


he's also signing a supermax today so he cant be traded.


That too


Battle for Kendall. Resign Blake. Let’s go


Somebody PLEASE find Jordan Clarkson!


What a mess


Man that sucks for Brooklyn. They traded for Ben, he never played a game, and now his very existence is blocking a lot of possible KD trades.


I think that sucks mostly for you guys. Nets what half the league calling them in like the first 29 minutes of KD requesting a trade. They’ll move on from Suns or Miami fast


A trade for Booker isn’t even legal, I’d say it’s a sign that whoever reported it has no clue what he’s talking about.


Is Booker underage?


Can't have two rookie-extended players brought in by trade. Simmons and Booker can't both be on the Nets.


Why does the nba seems to have the dumbest rules ever that fix nothing? On par with the MLB.


But the NBA made a rule that they have to make stupid rules.


Eehhh I disagree. It stops small market teams from the cycle of drafting high caliber player, sign to max, trade him for picks to rich teams like the Lakers and Nets.


That’s … such a random rule hahah. What’s the point of that ostensibly?


Probably to prevent rookies from signing big deals in small markets and then forcing their way out to a big market after the ink is dry. Can’t fully stop that but if you make it so that each big market team can only get 1 player from that route it does help parity a bit as one team can’t just stockpile all of them


Yeah I suppose that makes sense; thanks!


For you


> A trade for Booker isn’t even legal *Technically* not true. Booker + Ayton + Bridges for KD + Simmons That’d be ridiculous tho


Nets doing their best to unite the Eskimo Bros.


The issue is that Ayton is restricted


If he gets the max he’ll take a S&T anywhere imho


KD already signed a long-term extension, you have a top-5 player on a great contract and all the leverage. Will they get Booker? Absolutely not, but the asking price is going to be at the moon


CONFIRMED: Booker is the real MVP of the Suns. Thanks, Nets


They’re starting very high in negotiations, they’re not getting Booker.


If I’m BK I need a true 24+ PPG player. Bridges, Cam, Ayton, etc are role players. Nets will be a 7 seed with those guys. Nets owe it to their fans to get the best deal possible. KD will wind up in Miami is my guess.


and who is miami giving up that scores 24 ppg?


Miami can’t even offer Bam.


Nets were a 7th seed with KD. Lol.


Yes since I think Phoenix would like to get KD for as cheap as possible


the trick is to pretend like we really dont want him. reverse psychology.


Man everybody knows Phoenix wants him




Only if someone offers someone better than Ayton or Bridges.


If thats true then im walking away if im the suns.


Jw why does a simmons ayton duo make no sense? What center would make sense?


Then the trade won't happen lol


False report. They can’t have Bookers contract and Simmons. Same reason they can’t get Bam too.


How does Simmons and Ayton not make sense?