say your favorite team didnt exist; who would you be rooting for instead?

say your favorite team didnt exist; who would you be rooting for instead?


Bucks, Giannis is my 2nd favourite player and Khris's game is awesome. So is Jrues.


Trailblazers are always a fun squad to follow, and Dame is a must watch.


Definitely a player I hope gets a ring, even if he has to chase the last few years.


I’ll cry if we win a ring with dame


The Warriors, because they would be the local team.


Pistons. Grew up near the Canada/Detroit border so natural second team to cheer for


Gang. I’d support the Raptors


Would they be on TV enough though? I feel like I'd have ended up a Lakers fan (pls no) or something just by who was there.


Denver, love Jokic. Sacramento rn


Bucks probably. I really like Giannis.


The mavericks, because Dirk was one of my favorite players and Luka is currently one of my favorite players


Sixers. I'm a Philly fan in baseball and football, so it would be an easy conversion. Plus the Wizards have caused me so much pain already the Simmons saga would be no problem.


Nuggets. I feel like they're sort of the Bucks of the west in drafting a generational star late in the draft and doing a good job of building around them. Nuggets built around Jokic with additional smart draft picks while the Bucks made some good trades to build around Guannis


Warriors, because of the most entertaining player of all time.


i might be biased as nuggs fan but Jokic is more fun to watch than Draymond


I’d cheer for the Clippers because they’re LA and there’s no more Sterling. I never understood Clipper fans who followed the team religiously under Sterling & before CP3. Then I’d follow whichever team CP3, Ja & Giannis are on.


I started rooting as a kid, so I had no idea who management was. all I knew was that the Darius Miles, QRich, and Maggette played with such swagger. so you don't really think about anything other than basketball at that age.


I was exactly where you were. For me it was Danny Manning, Benoit Benjamin & the rest. I was a Clipper fan until I learned how Sterling operated. Back then I didn’t know the name, I just knew the owner was cheap and had no desire to put a winning team on display.


The pistons geographically


Warriors because Curry easily the most fun player to watch for me




grizzlies.. Ja is the man


Bucks or Pacers Giannis is amazing both on and off the court and I just respect how the Pacers organization operates


Clippers, because fuck the Lakers. Other teams that I'd love to win would be Denver, Portland, and Utah.


I’m a Suns fan (I was born in Phoenix but moved when I was 9). I’ve lived in Atlanta for the last 7 years and generally root for the Hawks so I’d go with the Hawks.


Last year was a good year for you huh? Alternatively, you probably hate the Bucks now?


I was really hoping for a Suns-Hawks finals. That would have been a lot of fun. I actually really like the Bucks. I love seeing guys like Giannis and Khris stick it out, grow as a team, and win without forming a super team. And funny enough my college roommate is a huge Bucks fan so it was fun for us to see our teams playing each other in the finals. I was happy for him. Obviously heart breaking to lose after starting 2-0 but I’m happy to see Giannis win a championship. He’s incredible.


Miami Heat. I live in Miami now and Butler is my favorite player so yeah


Grizzlies probably. Just a really likeable team not to mention Ja.


Probably the 76ers, they were my dad’s team before we drafted Patrick Ewing


Dallas since that was what I did when the Charlotte team didn't exist for a couple years


Raptors. Always loved their colors and something in me always made me like the Canadian teams in every sport as a kid.


Probably the Knicks


I’d probably be a Wizards fan since my dad is one as well. Either that or I’d be a Warriors fan because of Steph.


Nuggets. Big honey win titles.


Wherever LeBron was


Unfortunately the Nets (knicks fan)


Unfortunately the Knicks (nets fan)


Charlotte my homestate


Spurs. Watching the twin towers and later the epic battles against my Lakers gave me the utmost respect for the organization. Granted the are a pale shell of their former selves, but I like em. Or the hornets simply because I moved to NC and try and support local teams. Ball seems like the real deal so the future is a LOT brighter than the spurs. Go Lakers.


Probably the Bulls? They were good when I was little and are fairly close.


Suns. Loved the Nash era with Marion and Stoudemire and currently enjoy watching their young team with what CP3 has brought. Those years in between though... yikes.


Seattle Supersonics


Pelicans because of proximity and love for the city. Brooklyn because of Harden.


Bulls are my second team so probably them, excited to see what they can do this season


Prob the grizzlies. That’s a fun team




I’m going to say the thunder because of Shai and now Giddey. Not to mention all the future picks. But with the way this draft class is looking. I’m also excited for Huston. I’ve been a fan of wood and green. (IMO should have went 1st). But now with the future potential of sengun it’s going to be an exciting future for both teams.


The Sonics, in theory Tbh I'd probably root for the Cavs as they are closest in proximity to my own location


Probably Miami, one of my favorite cities oh, I love South Beach for the exact reasons that stephen a smith alludes to lol, great weather, great food, gorgeous women that aren't afraid to show it off and as far as the heat themselves they're just a well ran organization, a team with Pat Riley at the helm will always at least generally speaking put on something you can be proud of as a fan so if I wasn't the slightly above-average casual Bulls fan that I am I would probably be a Heat fan




warriors - mainly because of curry, they are my second fav team




Our biggest rival: the Lakers bc of their tradition, history, and lore


Nuggets, Suns, or Mavs because I love good passing


Hornets. They seem to get a lot of ex-Celtics and I was a weirdo kid who fell in love with other teams/players that never won anything, so I was a random fan of that early 2000’s Hornets team of Baron Davis, David Wesley, Jamal Mashburn and PJ Brown


From Germany, so it would be the team that landed Nowitzki two decades ago... maybe the bucks since they drafted him.


Bucks or Heat


Probably the Heat since I became a clippers fan because the Lakers traded Shaq and the Clippers looked like they were on the come up with Brand, Maggette, and Livingston


The Knicks cause my dad was raised more a New York fan and only became a Philly faithful when he moved down here for work and coworkers started taking him to games. Would have been a Knicks, Jets, Mets, Islanders fan.


Blazers/Celtics Not a hypothetical situation here. All too real.


Rockets. Timberwolves. I was huge on Harden and I’m huge on KPJ, and am excited for what they have going on a lot. And honestly idk why I like the wolves so much. I stream a ton of games on legal websites 😀 in the background while I do homework or lay down to sleep and their games came up often and I ended up liking them.


Pistons (a lot of my friends are from Michigan) or Nuggets (just moved to Denver)


76ers, Iverson was my first favorite player


if i had gotten into the nba in 2019-2021, then the bucks. if i had gotten into it at the same time i actually did, either the wizards or the nets but probably not the nets since i hate the devils


The Sonics....wait...


As a Sonics fan, this actually happened to me, so I have direct experience. I don't really root for teams any the same way I did before, so the actual answer is no one. In practice though, I jump on and off the bandwagons of various teams that have interesting play styles or players. I've been on the Nuggets bandwagon for a few years, and I got on the Hawks bandwagon during the playoffs last year. I root against a few teams though. Always will.


Crazy for me to say as a Celtics fan, but probably the Lakers. I think I started watching basketball in the 1997-98 season, and then starting getting obsessed with it in the 1999-00 season. It felt like 90% of nationally televised games were the Lakers, and Shaq and Kobe were the two biggest personalities in the league. It would be crazy NOT to be drawn to the silky smooth 20-year-old with an awesome afro and the nimble bulldozer big man. I specifically remember watching that [Shaq on Chris Dudley dunk](https://i.imgur.com/r6Y9i8Y.gif) live on tv, and I was watching with a friend during the famous [2000 WCF Game 7 alley-oop against Portland](https://i.imgur.com/ZKY5S8l.gif). I "hate" the Lakers in the way that you hate your rivals, but I always loved Shaq and Kobe throughout their careers.


I cant even lie to you, if I had to pick it would probably be the nets, that is simply because I am a filthy casual. The only reason I am a sun's fan was because people kept telling me to check out basketball and how it was so good and I clicked on the la lakers vs sun's game 1 round 1 of the playoffs last season simply because I knew who the la lakers were, I didn't have a Scooby who the sun's were lolll, so probably the nets or lakers or the celtics because of the Irish ties or a big team like that


Warriors or Hornets, easily


The Pelicans. Because their team name is the Pelicans


Nuggets. Melo was my favorite player with Denver, Loved the post melo squad, and I was drinking the eg Kool aid with Jokic and he's my favorite non Celtic rn.


Magic or the Bulls


Hawks definitely


Good question. My head says I should pick a big market team so there's always some upside in attracting players. Also because when I finally go to America to see my team It can be in a major city that I'll already be going to .. No hate to Oklahoma but it does mean I need to make an extra special trip to OKC when we finally get round to a America trip to see my boys heh.


Right now I'm really into the bulls, mostly because Vooch. It feels like they took a bunch of dudes who were in NBA purgatory (Lavine, Vooch, DeRozen) and are giving them a solid chance. Dark horse wild card east team.


Nets, probably a toss up between Bucks, Suns or Nuggets.


Orlando, lived there for awhile and having my team win too much makes me uncomfortable.


clippers cause I'm from LA and I root for LA teams


From western Canada, Sun's fan because of Steve Nash, if the sun's weren't around probably Dallas. Or wherever else he spent his years


I’m a knick fan, but always love and appreciate the blazers in all their tragedy and triumph. That would be my dream finals match up


Spurs. Dad was in the Navy so he got me following the Admiral early.