Bogdan Bogdanovic: "In the NBA, you're not getting hit with coins or lighters during the free throws, they're not gonna point lasers into your eyes. It's super tough to score a free throw then. Now I know I'm not in that type of environment, it's all confidence and mental [toughness]"

Bogdan Bogdanovic: "In the NBA, you're not getting hit with coins or lighters during the free throws, they're not gonna point lasers into your eyes. It's super tough to score a free throw then. Now I know I'm not in that type of environment, it's all confidence and mental [toughness]"


Is this where the euro-step comes from? Dodging shit thrown from fans?


If you can dodge a brick, you can make a basket.


If you can take a brick to the chest, you can take a charge


Now when they say "League is Soft" we know it's based on facts when opposing context is the Euro League.


Turns out Kobe was just referencing his upbringing in Italy with that “soft” gif.




Lighters, lasers, bottles, trash defenders? All can be solved by the Euro Step.


Sir, this is a free throw.


If u don’t euro step into ur free throws, ur doing them wrong


Actually comes from Napoleon’s exile in Elba, he eurostepped past his defenders on to a boat.


This was how America won the war. Having Patton eurostep a Calais fake to Normandy. The Axis powers in Europe were not expecting the Americans to use their own move against them at the time.


Patton could hoop though. His full court heaves were like no other. Almost like he could cross co runners with his passing - Jokic wishes


It comes from necessity. The athletes just stole it and made it unstoppable.


i can imagine the man who brought the eurostep to the NBA, Sarunas Marciulonis, dodging bottles when he used to play overseas. I hear from the guys in podcasts who used to play in Europe and how crazy it can get with the fans. it's just like soccer on a smaller scale


In soccer the atmosphere is even crazier and most of European basketball fans are soccer fans of the respective teams also


We often support a sport club which encompasses a whole range of sports.... Beyond basket and soccer I also regularly watched volleybal and water polo of my sport club


This. The biggest European basketball team are normally attached to a much bigger football club


Y’all should watch a Libertadores’ match Edit: couple weeks ago a Libertadores’ match (Atlético Mineiro and América de Cali) was interrupted at least five times because the players couldn’t breathe because of tear gas.


He was the first to do it, Manu Ginobli made it unstoppable.


Adapt to survive


Drive to survive


He does not fuck smash my door! We have got two fucking idiots driving for us.


If you can dodge a lighter, you can hit a free throw.


When I travelled from Australia to serbia to watch the Belgrade derby in soccer they told us to empty our pockets and wallets of anything that can be thrown including lighters. like there was easily a couple hundred bucks in coins on the floor before entry, but once you enter and get to the seats you can see like 30-40 people smoking and lighting cigarettes. Also seen a couple of the ultra tell the boy balls to get the water bottles out of the players dug out for them to drink its just an amazing experience.


The people you saw lighting up sigarettes are smuggling it in and know the owners of the stadium. They put them in storage rooms/lockers before the games, bypass security by knowing them or whatever. Its kinda like a mob. The people within the mob can bring whatever they want wether it be fireworks or cigarettes to pig heads.


Did you really go to Serbia just for the derby all the way from Australia?


I mean, I'd go from Serbia to Argentina just to experience the Superclasico, it's not that strange.


The Superclasico is in a special tier, right with the Belgrade Derby and Fenerbahce v Galatasaray. I saw my soccer team playing once at the Monumental de Nuñez, damn what an experience.


That's quite the dream. Superclasico, El Clasico, Belgrade Derby, Fener v Galatasaray, Old Firm Derby, and I'd have said the Revierderby but Schalke went down


Within north america, Tigres vs Rayados is definitely up there, especially with the new stadium in Monterrey


I went to a Boca game when I was living in Argentina as a very-white, 18-year-old American. Came out of my room before the game wearing an Argentina national jersey. My host dad said, "you're probably going to get raped, but at least now they'll be gentle". I was fine, but a lot of the away fans did get literally pissed on.


>Came out of my room before the game wearing an Argentina national jersey. My host dad said, "you're probably going to get raped Why?


I went to Belgrade derby as a Croatian, just wanted to experience the atmosphere. Unparalleled tbh


I went all the way from Israel to salt lake city because I wanted to see my team play. Modern sports fans definitely incorporate their hobby into planning their vacations.


Took me 8 tries to make sense of that last sentence


Philly fans being compared favorably to other fans. This moment should be relished.


Philly (or any other NBA) fans would still be the softest Euroleague crowd, shit's totally different over there [https://youtu.be/cWrSw3X8TRs?t=239](https://youtu.be/cWrSw3X8TRs?t=239)


Fucking Europeans and their flares “Can you at least not bring explosives into the stadium” “No”


These guys have so much power at their clubs they can do whatever the fuck they like. Guy I know knew some guys at Partizan Belgrade and the mfers had a set of keys to the stadium to let themselves in. They'd apparently turn up hours earlier, stash all their shit in a storage room, then go get it once they got past stewards.


Same thing here in Zagreb for Dinamo games. I know guys that would go into stadium before games and hide flares in those fences in front of sections since those were hollow and then just pull them out


that's normal for torcidas organizadas


same for pretty much every club with at least one big ultras group. so they can prepare choreos and shit.


I want to confirm my understanding. Are some of these fans members of the clubs these pro teams belong to? Is that how the structure works? Can you just buy your way into Real Madrid or Arsenal membership or something? ok, maybe i don't understand lol


Organized crime, which pretty much runs Serbia, had its start in the 1980s as simple soccer hooligan groups. Civil war propelled them all the way into politics. So yes, you can have any key you want if you know the right people.


Pretty much, you can become a member of the club (which in 99% of the cases you have to pay for, save for those who are recruited by the clubs to play any sport) and then yeah you're associated to the club Edit: In some countries it's a requirement to be a member to be allowed to go to matches, moreso to avoid people who have nothing to do with the club and are often involved on criminal shit to enter and fight others (yes, Ultras exist but they're a different case)


That depends on the structure and ownership of the club. A lot of European clubs are majority-owned by the members of the club. Members then have access to vote on certain decisions the club makes, such as electing a president who are going to run the club. In some clubs, you can just buy a yearly membership, but in others, it's more complicated. As an example, FC Barcelona (football club) offers several ways to become a socio, but unless you're immediate relative to another socio, they all take at least three years, and requires you to physically go to Camp Nou in Barcelona (three times in three years for one of the most common methods).


Are they paying obscene amount of money for this power?


Nope, ultras can have a a lot of power inside a club, the kind of power enough to overthrow a board of directors.


They're like aggressive socios, very aggressive


Basically boards give them power so they can make propaganda to every shit they do. It's how it works here at Porto, they sell their ass to the board sucking the blood out of the club.


it feels like watching Apocalypse Now mixed with a basketball game


In Greece the ultras pack the ball boys' backpacks with smoke flares and explosives because they don't have to pass security checks. Security knows what's going on but they don't give a shit.


I mean they don't do it anymore as it's banned. The environment Bogdan discusses doesn't exist anymore in Euroleague. The crowd is passionate and loud, but don't throw things or light flares. The Serbian league is another matter...


Axaxaxaxaxaxaxa are u joking? I'm from Serbia so I'm telling to you that that things are happening to this day. Euroleague gives fines to club but nothing more. Only thing that they do is giving place for some stupid clubs with money place in league that don't have fans. Like Serbian clubs don't have permanent slots in league. And thats the biggest problem for leauge and serbian basketball. But they will give slots for uk clubs. Do u know any uk basketball club? How about Serbian clubs?


> Axaxaxaxaxaxaxa I trust this guy


Lmao that's my home team, Aris (the first yellow/black one) First chant: "Oh f***ts your dad is also an Aris fan" (meaning it's us who are their fathers aka lul mum sex) "Your team is a whore and your crowd just ruffians" "Your whole life you will be running (from us), there is no other way" Second chant (offspring) " My God (Aris is the god of war) for you, I'm visiting the psychiatrist a lot! " " I have no house, no job, no girlfriend no money" "Ari oleo oleo, oleo ole" "Aris and I'm not very well!" "Ari oleo oleo, oleo ole" "Aris and brain damage!" "I travel for you to the whole Earth" "Wherever you go I will be there" "Just for you, leo, oleo ole" "I will never ditch you / stop supporting you"


Meanwhile in the NBA: "De-fense!” ta-ta-ta "de-fense!"


its weird that american sports culture is so tame in a way. when i used to go to football/soccer games there were fireworks n shit and flares every single time but i kinda prefer nba crowds of basically just eating popcorn and watching the game lmao


I just wish we'd come up with better chants in the states. Some good potential with the players here


can't chant when the speakers are always playing 10 second clips of songs. i wish they curbed some of that. maybe it'd help gets fans chanting and cheering more, making their own noise


What you mean, defense is a top tier chant. It‘s so creative and unique


Yeah that is a good one, but honestly nothing beats the legendary... **EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS** ^Clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^clap ^Come ^on ^y'all!


*party rock anthem plays for the tenth time in the same night*


after watching the NBA for 20 years, i am so exhausted of the defense chant for real.


That’s why college basketball can sometimes be more fun than the NBA. People have more of a sense of personal connection and belonging, because they went to, or go to the school, rather than just rooting for a team because you live near them. I’ve been to a bunch of Celtics games, including an ECF game in 2018. But I currently go to Syracuse, and the most electric environment I’ve ever been a part of was when Duke came to town last year, and this was just a regular season game.


I played rugby all through high school and college and one thing that I really wish American sports did is team songs. We have a few of them, and many teams have some sort of chant, but I wish there was more of that in the US as it's really fun and leads to really great team bonding


It is kinda like concerts with bands who have mosh pits. Often I'm not in the mood to join in, but when you are in the mood it's the best shit ever. When you're not in the mood and just want to enjoy the music mosh pits are the worst.


Tickets to American sports are more expensive and one of the results is a more genteel crowd.


Man that shit looks lit as hell. I’d love to go to a game with that type of environment lol


There are huge brawls all across the town if there isn't enough police presence tho. If you want some really hardcore Balkan fans AND players AND police fighting each other than look at this [video](https://youtu.be/En6wViD1jtY). It's basically a precursor to Yugoslav wars.


The whole hooligan situation in Serbia is an organized crime ring. It has nothing to do with sports. They lure in problematic kids at a young age, who then slowly move up, from selling weed to more serious crimes. The football/basketball rivalries are just a cover-up in some sense.


For real. iirc the police there raided some of the hooligans earlier this year and found multiple stashes of hard drugs, weapons and apparently even found fucking bodies.


Dude legit had a meat grinder for the rival gang members. Multiple houses equipped with torturing devices and shit.


but is it a cover or the organized crime just use them for that? here in brazil, atleast in Sao Paulo, all the torcidas organizadas also are used for stashing lots of drugs cause they have huge "hangar"(? idk how its called in the us xD, basically huge closed spaces they use as their HQ for everything) and for decades they where almost never raided. It even lead to basically the end of 'hooligan brawls' that happend every game all across the city, because it was attracting too much police and media attention and started investigation and raids, so the boss here just said 'no more fights, if theres a fight the leader of the 2 groups that fought will die' and it stoped lmao


Znam brate, Ista stvar je sa druge strane Dunava.


> Police presence Hello police? Chris Paul tyna beat me up


That was one of the best segments on inside the nba ever. Shaq and Chuck just choking from laughter


Don't go into the crazy sections but it's really cool to watch from regular seats. Those teams are big soccer clubs (Aris, Red Star Belgrade and Panathinaikos) and their ultras follow their basketball teams as well. Went to a Red Star Belgrade game once in soccer, despite it being a minor game those same guys in the video (delije which translates to "heroes") spent the entire game doing the same thing and also lighting shit on fire.


Tbh, Europeans treat sports as more than entertainment.


This looks like football culture in a basketball stadium - that's insane


It's basically that


It’s not that we wouldn’t, it’s that we aren’t allowed. Some guy threw like nine pieces of popcorn at Russ and he’s banned for life.


Santa is off mumbling his thoughts in the corner.


A lot of these fans come from a soccer environment. Y’all should see a player trying to take a corner kick in turkey when rivals are playing against each other. You got fucking 10-15 police men with shields protecting the player. Philly fans compared to this are just like an annoying fly. Not justifying what they are doing but there’s levels to this. Edit: that’s the video I’m talkin about https://youtu.be/CmQ3mgRB7ks


This is at a match between 10 year olds https://youtu.be/kVF8MQb7jt8


What the fuck, lol.


This is straight up tribal, wtf


LMAO. But this has to be a great memory for the kids tho.


Shieet imagine scoring there and run to the fans as a 10 year old lmao


That's the shit I dream about now in my 20s. I'd have tried so hard for that.


LIT!!! Where was this energy for high school basketball lol


no pyro no party


Your reminder that for Celtic/Rangers matches in Scotland (the best 2 clubs in the Scottish Premiership, also old sectarian rivalries to do with protestantism vs catholicism), they have to do [THIS](https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2018/04/nintchdbpict0003753860451.jpg?strip=all&w=960) so people don't get hurt


where im from soccer fans at a match arent allowed to mix at all, visiting fans have their own entrance to the stadium that leads to the visiting section of the stands thats surrounded by metal fences to keep the home fans out so brawls dont happen.


For several years, Marseille fans and Paris fans haven't been allowed to go to the other team stadium for their games. For safety measures. Once or twice, they may have been allowed, but usually not.


[Take a look at this](https://www.tovima.gr/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/12/31167260_MM_06213.jpg) Greek Cup final 2019. For some context, in Greece away fans are forbidden from attending all games in every sport. The only exception is cup finals where half the stadium is a buffer zone and even then the fans fight each other and the police at the same time.


Has anyone throw a pig head on the court? No? Ok, just checking


No but buffalo throws dildos


[Sunderland fans got you covered mate](https://youtu.be/Jsm4ryP6RqM)


Certain demographics of people in this country would lose their damn minds seeing that.


actually they have. When Figo went from Barcelona to Real Madrid. The first game he went back to Camp Nou was crazy and they threw a pigs head.


Of course, that was what I was referring to. I was asking has anyone done it in the NBA yet.


> I was asking has anyone done it in the NBA yet. I tried to imagine this happening and it made me laugh


someone throws in a snek when kd is at the ft line?


Or a bunch of Winnie the Pooh toys at LeBron.


this needs to happen


meanwhile in hockey we have octopus on the ice.


My favorite is when they lit a Vespa on fire in Milan and ghost rode the fucker over the balcony and onto the pitch of the San Siro. Imagine kyrie & KD’s Instagram if they had to dodge a fiery Kawasaki ninja in the third quarter. The playoffs would be abandoned.


I still can't believe Figo done that lmao.


They also threw knives too. It was crazy and so so bad.


https://youtu.be/2t_SjbOOtrI He throws his own crutches. XD


Yeah man I think soccer fan culture is unmatched regarding this.


At Poland somebody has thrown a knife at a player. A KNIFE. He got hit with the pommel ...hilt?... Handle! Yeas, that's it handle! He got hit with a handle so he wasn't hurt, but ffs.


It was thrown at Dino Baggio when Wisła Kraków was playing Parma in UEFA Cup. Shit can still be wild sometimes, but to be fair it was 20 years ago. Fun fact! Guy who threw this knife later became one of the leaders of Cracow mafia. He was arrested few years ago and snitched on like half of hooligans in Poland who are now thankfully put in jail thanks to his confessions. There was some good that came from this incident I guess.


> Not justifying what they are doing but there’s levels to this. Thanks for saying this. A lot of people in this thread are pretty much condoning this crazy shit. It's fun to be passionate, but those fans aren't "better fans" because they routinely cross the line. We *just* got done freaking out about the popcorn incident, and now people are saying this type of shit is a good thing?


Yeah man I’m all in for being passionate about something. But there has to be a line drawn clearly. Just wanted to share what maybe a lot of Americans aren’t aware of how things can get in sports. I don’t condone this type of behavior in any way, shape or form.


I mean as someone from Turkey, I'm asking honestly, what have Philly fans ever done that was so bad? as long as no one's getting hurt or eating horse poop, it's all fair game. edit: never in my life have I gotten so many what-about comments, so I'm going to propose a flow chart we follow here. was someone physically harmed? if yes -- ok, that's a great point worth considering. if no -- consider getting over it. edit 2: about the santa thing: if it happened long enough ago that no video footage of an incident exists -- consider getting over it. edit 3: domi had it coming


Cavs fans ate horse poop after 2016


And I'd do it again.


Imagine being known for that in your friend group. Legendary


Haha I remember in the Europa League in 2019 Roma were playing a must win game in Istanbul vs Baskaksehir and we were winning 3-0, and they hit Pellegrini with a coin


Philly fans have an unfair rep from incidents from 20+ years ago. Obviously there was the popcorn dickhead last week but as the other major cities showed following, every fanbase has a minority of assholes


I think people also always notice that they're willing to boo their own players if they're not bringing it. which is just awesome imho.


My favorite Philly crowd moments was when Byron Maxwell lined up too far off the line and gave up like a 5 yard completion. They booed the hell out of him. For context he was a massively disappointing free agent signing, but it was such a small mistake to get booed for


The Santa thing was 53 years ago!


I remember watching a Europa league game and the goalie got hit by a fucking flare during warmups. The game was delayed 5 minutes. I'm pretty confident if that happened in North America the game is cancelled right on the spot. Europeans are insane when it comes to sports and especially soccer.


Just look at the US-Mexico game from the other night. In Central America I’ve heard that entrepreneurs will sell bags of their piss to throw at opponents. John Harkes said you’ve paid your national team dues when someone throws a piss bag at you. Even in England you can’t drink beer in the stands. American sports fan are super well behaved compared to the rest of the world.


Shoot, it happens here too in soccer. Just watch the USA Mexico game from Sunday in Denver. NBA players make a big fuss though if a fan from the crowd says something mean to them.


Yeah man I think soccer fan culture is unmatched. There’s maybe one thing that adds a nuance in the nba and that is that fans can sit so close to the Players and to the court. It makes it easier for them to get into a players head.


I'm from Turkey and people throw shit during basketball games too if they get heated. It got better over years tho.


Galatasaray highlights are the craziest highlights


TIL Bogdan is fucking 28!? No wonder he's so cold blooded in game


He's got that baby face that can fool you into forgetting that he's been playing in the Euroleague since he was in his early twenties.


We need Bogdan vs. Bojan in the Finals


I thought about those things when Kyrie disrespected the Celtics logo. if he'd pull that in the Balkans or Greece there's be more flying his way than just a plastic bottle.


They would probably attack the bus or whatever


Busses are attacked regardless of context tbh. It’s just one of those things they do to rival teams


Don't scare Americans any more hahaha


Greece is part of Balkans. Other than that you're right. Source: I'm Greek.


Source: the map


really? TIL moment for me, somehow I always thought it's only the ex yugoslavia countries.


"Balkans" is short for the [Balkan peninsula](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/80/Karte_Suedosteuropa_03_01.png) which includes countries other than the ones from ex Yugoslavia.


There would be war.


He would be killed


Any player coming from Europe will not be distracted by americans crowds.


It might have the opposite affect where the more calm atmosphere is actually a bit jarring


No wonder Luka was having problems. The clips kept playing music lmao


If it's anything like playing music, it's way more uncomfortable playing in front of 10 people than 100.


Japanese MMA. I'd stay up and watch their NYE shows, 50k+ in the Tokyo Dome and it'd be so quiet you could hear both corners clear as day.


This is such a flex move haha


Hella deserved too. If you haven’t seen a video of euro basketball you should do yourself a favor and watch. It’s like straight up Medieval battle energy


Check out the crowd at a indoor socxer match between 10 years olds https://youtu.be/kVF8MQb7jt8


Bahahaha man that is so epic. I wish we had that energy here but I think it’s only possible in Europe because those villages/communities are hundreds if not a thousand years old




“What’s wrong with you people?! Go home to your shanties.”


2010 or something as i remember there was a game Partizan vs Red Star in Serbia. Throwing pee bags on the floor, moving construcion of the basket while doing free throws. It was wild and Bogdan was part of that


Yeah those are the old firm clubs in Serbia. That shit runs deep. I don't know how much of a football fan you are but this is a doco on their Ultras - https://youtu.be/vdj7jBT9tu0


This is why European players are more crafty, they’re dodging shit all the time.


i am buying so much Bogdonovic stock


The Bogdan-Trae merger will go down as the best trade deal in the history of trade deals


https://youtu.be/FhO4Tatw4Us this was Bogdanovic’s first team. So yea, just imagine this in NBA games and how lit could it be..


Ooooh I want this


This is pretty much US sports crowds vs European sports crowds more generally. That said, I love a good NBA playoff atmosphere. I want the crowd to be into it and hostile to the away team, but I don’t need it getting to the point it detracts from the sport, which is what can happen in football (soccer) games and other sports in Europe.


Ywah agree even though the big leagues in European soccer are relatively "tame". I do remember that St. Etienne fans tried to storm the pitch against Lyon when Fekir celebrated in front of them though lmao. I think players had to flee into the dressing rooms and they finished the game like half an hour later. As well as some incidents in Germany and Italy. Obviously balkans and turkey are on a different level there


I'm from Serbia and totally agree. I like a good loud atmosphere, but throwing things and violence is stupid. But for some fans in Europe sport is bigger than life, they are literally saying that. They favourite team is basically their religion.


NBA or any other US sport/league is fundamentally different from sport/leagues in Europe in which American sports are made to be more of **"family entertainment"** and in Europe sports are still regarded as **"boys thing"**.


I think that’s definitely true of football, and I’m not a fan of the culture that accompanies that fan behaviour. I would say that European sporting events do tend to focus more heavily on the sport itself. As you say, US events are more family focused so there’s a lot more happening around the edges. It’s also much more heavily commercialised, with sports pausing for tv ad breaks and a lot more overt corporate involvement (although oddly, until it changed in 17-18, I always enjoyed how NBA jerseys weren’t covered in sponsors!).


Also owners would never allowe fans to get that much power and influance like fans in Europe have. I mean let's say in more "civilized" leagues like English Premier League, it is unthinkable for owner to let's say take club like Liverpool or Manchester United and move it somewhere else, fans would burn down whole city before they see that happend. And in American sports it is "normal" for owners to take **THAIR** club and move it to some other city or state.


Completely agree. The European Super League fiasco was a great example of fan power at work.


That's what I was gonna mention. Not even 48 hours after the announcement and most teams had to backtrack and apologize after the backlash they received by their fans. And still, after that, fans are pushing for the owners to quit, sell the team, and give it back to the fans, and there have been talks to force the rule to make half of the teams fan owned, which is something Germany does with their clubs iirc


Yeah, in Germany half of the share (+1) have to be fan owned, there are some exceptions, and one club skirts these rules, but 15 of 18 Bundesliga (soccer) clubs are majority fan owned.


It has some positives that I think would never be implanted in USA. For example, Croatian second biggest football club is "fan-owned". You can buy stocks of the football club and shit like that. I honestly think that would be a much better alternative to basketball and football clubs being rich people's personal toys and lead to more fan involvement. I don't think it's possible with how big nba clubs are.


Shoutout to the packers


This is no longer typical for Euroleague crowds in general. Red Star, Olympiacis and Panatinaikos are these days the only Euroleague teams where you can except this kind of environment. The rest have taken measures to discourage of straight up forbid this sort of behavior. The previously mentioned 3 teams fear that sperating themselves from these fans would end up with them loosing their identity, even though Euroleague would strongly prefer if they did. Zalgiris and Macabbi are probably the best examples of a Euroleague atmosphere done properly, without it getting out of control.


Red star also no longer can bring in flags to the lower ring of arena, and stands now must have chairs, there are also many more rules Euroleague chairman likes what such club bring in as it is unique expirience but they are trying to tame it. Right now it is tame. Also there have been instances where Zalgiris fans were attending games in Belgrade without any incidents so I would say it is a lot safer in general.


One thing we North Americans can take from the sporting atmosphere in many countries around the world is the singing. I think it’s weak that the only memorable chants we can sing are “Let’s go (insert team name here)! *clap clap clap*” There are a bunch of creative countries out there and it really adds to the atmosphere and camaraderie.


Bogdan is the best man.


Lol, didn't Harden get shined by a laser pointer shooting free throws in Utah?


I mean there was one Serbian final series between Partizan and Red Star where Red Star played their games in some really small arena, and the fans would spit on everyone on Partizan's bench, throw lighters, coins and similar stuff at players, not to mention standard pointing lasers into the eyes. Maybe the craziest thing was shanking of the basket construction during Partizan's three throw attempts. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKVq58xwgLU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKVq58xwgLU) This is just a short video where partizan players were attacked after celebrating victory with their fans. On the other side you can see some of familiar faces wearing Partizan's jersey like Davis Bertans, Joeffrey Lauvergne (played for the Nuggets, OKC, Spurs and Bulls) and the Cavs legend himsefl- Sasha Pavlovic.


There's a reason why Manu wasnt afraid of the bat. But the bat was afraid of Manu..


Now we know why Luka got worse at FT in NBA,he likes a challenge... Too easy here :D


So what % would ben simmons have in euro league? P.S.: he is 13/40 in PO this year


Probably be better because he'd be dodging coins and not overthinking the shot so much.


Philly fans should be allowed to throw coins at him while he shoots them during home games


Bogdans a beast.


I think American sports fans should start more organized chants and cheers other than the unoriginal “boo” or “refs you suck”. [Japanese baseball for example](https://youtu.be/hk4DbjJcV2E)


Maybe Ben Simmons needs to be hit with some heavy Greek coins to get thru his thick skull that he should be making FT underhanded


Imagine the pressure of the away team playing in these loud crowds, some NBA fan chant looks like a child's play compared to this. It really wonders how does it feel to win in these kinds of moments.


Maybe this is why the last MVPs have been from Europe. NBA is cake when you're used to dodging wrenches, flares and D cells thrown by hooligans during the games.


Lol yes that’s the reason.


There are less lighters and coins, yes, but you still have to deal with 7 foot dudes who move like point guards and dunk from the free throw line.


You just described Giannis, a european.


What the fuck goes on over there.... crazy ass mafackas


Domestic leagues in Europe are wild. People take basketball very seriously. Euroleague is safer, but the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. The chanting and singing from the fans, fully packed arena for every match, the emotion is unbelievable. I recommend attenting an EL game in Greece, Serbia or Lithuania to every basketball fan. Edit: Turkey is wild too.


last clip of the video was the first time someone mentioned riot police. in belgrade for the derby roads are closed in a radius of 1km. u have to walk to the stadium with police everywhere, heavily armed. confiscating bottles and everything. police on horses. helicopter circling the area. when you're in front of the arena the ground is shaking. unreal atmosphere.




In Europe, its county vs country small and large so you can expect a lot more animosity than you see when its city vs city.


If you compare NBA crowds vs European soccer\basketball crowds we can agree NBA crowds are pretty soft


Don't give the Philly fans any ideas


lol, and people think a water bottle hitting the air around kyrie's head was a HUGE deal.