Giannis is closer in age to Bronny than LeBron is to Giannis.

Giannis is closer in age to Bronny than LeBron is to Giannis.


Ya lebron is very good for an old man


If you take everything he is good at and reduce it to the mean, he's nothing but average. Total scrub


I swear I will never get tired of how stupid that sounded when he posted it lol


Do you have a link to this? I need something to entertain me.


Here's the original: https://np.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/d5maow/oc_after_adjusting_patrick_mahomes_stats_removing/


The random r/nba dissing thrown in for good measure lmao


love that his account is suspended now


Honestly this is the kinda post that would get leverage if posted at the right time I mean fuck, we constantly do that the other way around So many "projection" stats thats literally just upping someones averages, not taking fatigue into consideration at all Does nobody remember all the "per36" embiid posts or how many people posted random shit about how Luka will be scoring 35 a game because hes 21 and will progress on a linear curve


He deleted his account lmao. I wonder how long he spent on the "research" for that "post".


It reads as satire to me but idk


That is an extremely generous interpretation


Thank you for introducing me to that shit lmaoooo


Wouldn’t he be below average? He still has some faults


Not if you adjust his faults to be slightly above league average


Is it just me, or is this not that crazy. Like, LeBron was drafted as an 18 year old in 2003, and Giannis was drafted as an 18 year old 10 years later in 2013, which is only 7 years ago. LeBron played over half of his current career so far before Giannis was even drafted. I didn’t know this fact exactly, but it’s not surprising to me, especially since Bronny is only a few years away from being NBA eligible himself.


If you think about it, it's obvious. But if you never thought about it, it feels kinda weird


Yeah I don’t really think it’s weird. A lot of pro athletes have kids at a young age because they have the means to do so, so it isn’t really surprising that a 36 year old player would have a kid nearing adult age, and it also isn’t surprising that there’s a really good young player in the league lol.


Nephews are just impressed by age


Yeah, this isn't crazy at all. Lebron is 35, Bronny 15. There are 288 players age 25 or less. Some might miss the cut based on months, but that is still hundreds of players closer to Bronny than Lebron. Jokic, Capela, KAT, Smart... plenty of names that feel like they'e been around for a while.


I cant remember where I saw it, but Lebron was in the locker room and was asked about a couple of rookies and he was talking about how he already knew them because they would come over to his house and play games with Bronny. His wife got upset since they would call her Aunt or Miss Savanah. It was a good interview.


I know Ja Morant did this. He's cool with their family. A few others as well. Lebron is like the grand pops of the league these days


Yeah, now that you mention it...I totally agree and remember him being asked after the grizz game. Thanks man! 😂😂 Totally is the grand pop now


you coulda just left off the last 3 words of the title.


that's not the way to fix the botched title. Taking out the last three words doesn't make it clear since it could be read as meaning Giannis is closer in age to Bronny than Lebron is to Bronny. It should be "Giannis is closer in age to Bronny than he is to Lebron"




And that has exactly the same meaning?




"A is further from B than C" compares distance from A to B and A to C, not A to B and B to C.


“Not really. That would change the meaning of the sentence entirely. This is saying LeBron and Giannis are further apart in age than Giannis and bronny. What you are saying is that Giannis is closer in age to bronny than lebron.” This was the comment by original_funny_name Can’t believe you had to argue with this guy what’d he say in his reply it said he deleted too fast


Isn't that true though that it's comparing giannis and bronny to lebron and giannis Edit: nvm I get it. It is comparing those two but the wording can be done like that




Or just not post this at all. It’s not like that kid is going to be NBA-level good, barring some Westbrook/Anthony Davis-type growth spurt and massive increase in skill. I’ve always thought it was quite irresponsible of Lebron to state that he wants to play with his son. Not to mention having a documentary film crew at all his games. And he did all of this after saying that he regrets naming him Lebron, Jr. because of the expectations it has put on him. Makes no sense whatsoever.


Kid might not even like basketball but how the fuck can he say that when his dad's LeBron James. Hope he does. But he's still only 15, don't judge his build yet.


Doing this and not stating the ages is just damn lazy


10 years younger than lebron, 10 years older than lebron jr. that is really not that crazy considering lebron has been in the league for over 15 years


what? that is not weird at all a young player being closer in age to the son of one of the oldest players in the league is not that crazy


MVP "race"... Don't get me wrong. LeBron is insanely good especially at his age. But Giannis is just better.


Are we pretending like the Bucks didn't slow down while the Lakers were ramping it up before the season ended abruptly? LeBron had picked it up by a lot and was great defending (seeing as he defended both Kawhi and Giannis very well). Giannis was miles ahead, but if it continued and the Bucks kept losing games while Giannis was going to miss some time due to injury then the gap was going to close quickly.


LeBron’s defense has been great all season, not just for that last bit of the season.


I’d argue that the bucks losing games while Giannis was out only proves he’s the mvp


Sure but then again. What if the Lakers caught up to them? When LeBron was resting in the bench they were doodoo so imagine if he missed 2 weeks?


Of course it could work either way but that guy made it seem like it was already happening


To bad the mvp won’t be decided based off hypotheticals


>LeBron had picked it up by a lot and was great defending (seeing as he defended both Kawhi and Giannis very well). The narrative about Lebron beating Kawhi and Giannis in a span of a few games making him all of a sudden some MVP favorite when Giannis literally had done the exact same thing earlier that year, blowing out both Kawhi and Lebron in the span of 2 weeks was nuts. Harden had more of a valid argument for MVP over Giannis last year than Lebron this year


No, we're not pretending that that wasn't happening or whether that would have lasted. We're just looking at the league leader in field goals made, defensive rebounds, PER, Box Plus/Minus, Defensive Box Plus/Minus and Win Shares per 48 vs the league leader in assists.


That's ridiculously simplistic and unfair... Lebron does way more for his team than can just be explained with "league leader in assists" If you want to base your MVP on specific stats only, that's fine. But the actual voters won't look it at as simplistic as you did.


You're right, it's absolutely not fair. But neither is suggesting that a late-season uptick by the Lakers would continue. Maybe LeBron WAS planning on dropping 50-point quadruple-doubles for the remainder. Who knows? What we have to go on are the performances up to the time the season was called off. And Giannis' PER and Box Plus/Minus this season were top-10 all-time, just behind LeBron's insane 08-09 season.


PER and BPM are not generally used for MVP voting, at least I don't think they are. Usually MVP's will be near the top of those stats because it lines up that way, but the narrative factor is a lot stronger with voters. After the Lakers beat the Bucks and Clippers back to back and the Bucks also dropped a few games, the narrative started shifting heavily. We could definetly argue how Giannis is favoured by the numbers, but I don't know if that was enough to stop the late season push by Lebron and the Lakers, especially after Kobe's death. It's mostly narrative.


Voters are traditionally morons, I agree, but it would be awfully difficult to ignore just how far ahead Giannis was. Add in those voters that preach about how it's all about how valuable a player is to the team. The Lakers having AD would make me lean towards Giannis. I guess we'll never know how things would have unfolded "naturally"...


Lebron has AD. Giannis has Khris Middleton these are not equal lol. There is a reason we slid while Giannis was out.


Again that's ridiculously simplistic... The Bucks overall supporting cast is way better than the Lakers. The Lakers have the best and 3rd best player in the series, then it's mostly Bucks


2nd best and 3rd best ftfy


hahahahahaha oh you sweet child


Giannis is Lebron's kid confirmed