I was mad as a kid when the Lakers got rid of Eddie Jones so Kobe could have a bigger role lol


I was DEAD WRONG about wanting to draft Suggs over Barnes.


Kemba in free agency for us lol. Also Noel fumbling the bag was huge in hindsight


The Kemba signing didn't work out at all though


Bucks getting fucked by the whole Bogi fiasco, but then signing Bobby Portis which they wouldn't have had money for if they had gotten Bogi.


I definitely wasn't on board with trading for Wiggins. Thought we could have gotten more for DLo


I thought Danny Ainge was insane for trading down from #1 to #3 to grab Tatum over Markelle Fultz. I was like "Danny's being too cute, he can't help himself when it comes to grabbing extra picks, we finally got #1 and he's going to pass on the next Harden." Turns out he was right and I was dead fucking wrong


Amen brotha!!!


Let me think


True… we could have picked literally ANYONE other than Jimmer in 2011 or ANYONE other than Thomas Robinson in 2012 ANYONE after Ben McLemore in 2013 or ANYONE after Nik Stauskas in 2014 or ANYONE after Willie Cauley- Stein in 2015… Then of course Bagley over Luka was the shit cheery on top… FUUUUUUUUUUUUU But we wouldn’t have this team today if it wasn’t for all those failures… longest butterfly effect ever lol


I remember being really upset about the rumored PG for Crowder, Avery Bradley and the #3 pick that became Tatum not happening. That was the last time I trusted Bleacher Report lol


drafting luka instead of ayton. and by result of needing a center drafting Mitchell Robinson in the 2nd round of that draft instead of Ellie Okobo. Also keeping Joe Johnson in 2005


Luka and book would be nasty.


Father and son ❤️


Add Gary Trent Jr and we got 3 generations on one team


Luka Doncic is Devin Booker father


The worst defensive backcourt in the league lol


The Mavs made the WCF with Brunson and Luka, it's alright.


Fair point lol


That distinction is owned by any team starting Trae Young.


Dejounte is all nba defense though...


Yeah, but Trae doesn't even try 80% of the game. They're essentially playing 4 on 5 on the defensive end.


Say you haven’t watched a single hawks game this season without saying it


It's true. I haven't watched Hawks basketball this year. Has Trae decided that he's finally going to at least put effort into defense this year?


Yes. He’s still a negative defender but he’s absolutely been trying harder than year than ever previously


Lol He's sure trying


curry and klay


Are definitely better at defense than Book and Luka lol


The pacers draft debacles from 2017-2019. Everyone knows taking TJ Leaf over Collins and Anunoby but then taking Aaron Holiday over Brunson the following year. Then drafting Goga, a pure 5, who had no opportunity to crack the rotation.


You just made me remember goga, does he even play for you guys at all


Rarely, but he's gotten some burn this season. The big man rotation outside of Turner has been in serious flux all season though--Jalen Smith started the season as the starting 4, now he's getting DNPs. He's a divisive figure in the sub--I personally think he has NBA skills--shooting touch, rim protection--but he's never been able to make consistent impact for long enough to stay in the rotation. Others think he's trash. He needs to go to a rebuilding team with a lack of bigs and get 12-15 min a night. But it all depends if he has the drive because I'm certain he won't be getting another contract from the pacers.


Bro we drafted D.J Wilson 🤦🏾‍♂️ were in the same boat.


Almost everything after 2017.


I was pissed initially that the Raptors traded JV for Gasol. After one game I was like okay never mind he's still incredible.


waiting to fully rebuild was a bit frustrating but if this season ends in wemby than I'll be happy


Spurs are absolutely belligerent in their tanking this season I hope they don’t get him they’re being shameless


IDK how we're being belligerent. Our team has had a decent amount of injuries. We've had players miss games for rest like 10 games the whole season. The spurs regularly gives minutes to vets like Richardson, McDermott, Bates-Diop, and Stanley Johnson over our younger players.


The Cavaliers drafting Anthony Bennet in 2013. Yes the draft was weak and Giannis was a wild card, but they could have gone for Oladipo or McCollum. But it probably has zero impact on the timeline, since whoever they drafted would have probably been sent to Minnesota along with Andrew Wiggins. Second one is trading Kyrie Irving. Yes, he demanded a trade and was threatening to sit out a season, but look how it worked out for KD. Should have run it back with the 2017 Cavaliers. The team was better than the 2016 one. Just run it back and hope the Warriors don’t make the Finals. They almost lost to the Rockets in the WCF.


Raptors are my second team. Was pretty pissed when they drafted Scottie Barnes over Jalen Suggs. Suggs felt like the perfect fit right after losing Lowry. How wrong I was


I wish my team never traded for Allen Iverson. Gordon, Villanueva, the Griffin trade, the Josh Smith thing, building around Drummond, this all sucked, but this all come fromt he fact that Dumars was mad that we lost close conference finals and broke a team that deserved to end their run on their own terms to bring up a selfish guy who wouldn't sacrifice anything


Letting KD walk vs trading him. It’s cool now but wish we got someone back like a Giannis or something


how has this worked out well?


Meh it’s whatever now, we got to pretend to contend with just Russ and then we blew it up perfectly instead of prolonging it like the trailblazers. I’m happy with our situation.


But without russ pretending, you wouldn’t have SGA


I agree! Which is why I’m happy, and maybe we wouldn’t have gotten this situation if we did trade KD. So yep happy :)


Monta. Some might say it all worked out


Lots of Raptors fans wanted to torch the FO when they didnt re-sign Marc Gasol and Ibaka. Turns out both were washed and Im glad we didnt give them those deals


None. All seemingly bad moves was bad moves, save for drafting Josh Green who is ok now (not close to Bane obv).


I don't even know where to start. I guess getting the picks that turned out to be Maxey and Thybulle pops to mind bc even though he was completely lost in Philly, I still had faith he could become serviceable bc even without his shot he had a great feel for the game and he beccame Jonathon Simmons who was terrible and 2 protected picks. Thybulle is fine, but getting Maxey with the second protected pick thanks to Mike Muscala is pretty much a miracle.


Celtics trading Kevin Garnett. Celtics trading Isaiah Thomas. Celtics trading Kyrie Irving. Jazz trading Rudy Gobert. Jazz trading Donovan Mitchell. Jazz trading Joe Ingles.


Lol this is like r/nba therapy


Kevin Love trade.


I was definitely in favor of the Rockets' part in the vetoed Chris Paul to Lakers trade: they would have received Pau Gasol (just turned 30) for Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, and Goran Dragic. Word is that the team would have then signed 29-year-old Nene and built around a twin towers set-up. That's a good team, and a really nice, quick rebuild from officially losing Yao Ming to retirement in the offseason after two years of functionally losing him to injury. However, this would have made acquiring James Harden a year later very unlikely. I like how it actually turned out much better.