I just wanna chime in and say anyone who ran into him at whidbey island told me he was cool.


😂 He complained to the base CO about AD members approaching him while not working. My CO even threatened Captains Mast if anyone was caught. I've also heard he wasn't the nicest person to be around.


Potentially career damaging punishment over people wanting to just meet a guy. Sounds like the Navy.


Our squadron participated in the filming aboard the TR, and although I never personally interacted with them, my squadron mates who did had nothing but good things to say. They all ended up with coins and patches from Tom Cruise, and the crew who flew him off the TR at the conclusion of the det spent the entire flight getting to talk to him, take pictures, and crack jokes. They also got their helmets signed by him.


That’s pretty cool. I do wonder where these stories are coming from? I am more inclined to believe them since it’s coming from multiple ships now rather than just one. It would be a very odd rumor to start, and an even stranger one to keep running. From what I’ve understood, Vinson crew was not very excited about his presence, even going so far to walk around the p ways yelling, “fuck Tom Cruise”!


I think it’s one of those Navy-isms where someone says “hey, respect his space, he can’t talk to all 4,500 people on board,” then through the telephone game someone down the line hears it as “don’t talk to Tom Cruise,” then someone makes a joke “yeah, don’t even look at him!” All of sudden that’s what’s getting spread around. I imagine Vinson saw this story from the TR and were pre-loaded with preconception. He was very chill and thanked everyone for being there (on the TR), saying the movie was for the troops and as a thanks for their service. Not as available as some of the more junior actors … but you could imagine how hard it would be to get anything done with someone wanting to shake your hand every 3 feet.


The ships crew interrupted filming, and an announcement went out not to do that. When the film crew wasn’t trying to record, there is nothing but good things to say about them. Tom in particular.


I couldn’t tell you, to my knowledge the restrictions imposed during filming and other policies was a result of the film crew and not the cast themselves. But I’ll never know for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone out there had a negative experience, and I’m not discounting those that did, but every single squadron mate of mine who interacted with him had nothing but good things to say and left with a very positive impression. To this day that’s what many of them still bring up and talk about as being their coolest interactions in the Navy.


So I have a theory. Because I’ve never heard anything bad about him. There’s so many [well documented stories](https://www.vulture.com/2022/05/19-unsettlingly-nice-tom-cruise-stories.html) of him doing the coolest shit for film staff. Supporting his lesser known co-actors. Being incredibly professional. Investing himself in communities where shoots are happening. So back to my theory. The military is predominantly Republican, right now we’re seeing a massive culture clash, especially between Republicans and what they view as the “Hollywood elite.” Given the articles screen caps, these all read like lunatics who just hate the guy because he’s a celebrity out of Hollywood, so they’re making up shit for gossip and to validate their hate. Several in the screencap didn’t even see anything, they just say dumb shit like “corny actor” or “military is a way bigger hero than an actor.” Also, I question any of this with the timing. Several posts talk about it like it happened recently, it was filmed before Covid.


Tom cruise aside from Scientology, has never made any of his views, particularly political, really known. Dude just makes action films. So I am not sure how he can be hated by “republicans” in the military. So the folks bitching could have no affiliation with any party or even be democrats, libertarian, socialists, etc. I think you are very much out of line by trying to claim, ohhh these are republicans hating.


Ok. First, I don't honestly care if you think I'm out of line. LOL. Who are you? I'm a grown man, work in a field where I draw conclusions based on many different data points and have achieved much success because of this. I never said this was "Fact", in fact, I said "I have a theory." Now, I addressed the folks whining in my POV. By and large the sentiment is "anti-celebrity" which [runs counter to many stories](https://www.vulture.com/2022/05/19-unsettlingly-nice-tom-cruise-stories.html) about this actor. So in my POV, I am specifically speaking to this group. Data suggests <30% of military personal are registered Democrat, in fact, [active and veterans voted 2:1 in favor of Republicans](https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2018/10/17/troops-see-rising-political-tension-in-the-ranks-poll-shows/). So when you say, "these folks could be x, y, and z" it's a pretty hollow platitude as you're intentionally ignoring behavior. 60+% voted republican. That's a massive majority. Looking at this data along with the [cultural clash of Republicans not liking 'Hollywood elite'](https://www.ajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/the-georgia-trail-mike-pence-edition/B1NXVkkgBO27DhBNxaKeyN/) you get a culture of folks who largely don't like celebrities. So back to my "THEORY" (I never said proven fact), the military is predominantly Republican, Republicans have been active in a culture clash with Hollywood, THUS, it is FEASIBLE, that these individuals bitching, don't like the man simply because of his job, ESPECIALLY when you consider the fact that so many other people tell a completely different story about this actor. The person asked about a "Why?" and I simply put forth a why.


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LOL. This is amazing dude. Appreciate you.


i remember seeing this blow up like last year and people were outraged till it came out and was revealed the person who made the facebook post lied and he was actually pretty decent.




Yeah? Source?


Do my mentor was on the TR and interacted with him personally every day when they were out there. They had nothing but good things to about him and the rest of the crew. As long as the cameras weren’t recording, Tom was nothing short of amazing to everyone they interacted with. If they were trying to record, then some of the film crew got frustrated because they got interrupted a couple times, so they had to make an announcement to the crew, and is bet that’s where the rumors started.


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I personally had a bad experience with him on the Missouri. He was always nice when I ran into him in the p ways. Always had an entourage with him so I didn't get much time to interact with him besides a mandatory dine in we had. It honestly felt like a real dog and pony show but that wasn't his fault. Our XO made us all get haircuts and iron our flight suits which we aren't even supposed to do. At least Tom signed my visor though so that was nice. My real problem with him was after filming was done. The last day of filming happened to be on our COs birthday. To reward the crew and celebrate Tom flew in a catering service and band when he left. Which sounds great right? Wrong! Tom didn't even bother to vet the guys he was flying in. They all turned out to be a bunch of assholes and locked our crew up in the forecastle. Luckily our dick XO I mentioned earlier had one of our CSs locked in the freezer before the party. Turns the dude was an ex SEAL, he ended up really handing it to the dudes Tom flew in and setting our crew free. TLDR: Tom was cool in person but don't trust him to plan a party.


Steven, is that you?


I had direct contact with him during re-shoots at NASL. He took a second to thank me for my time and shook my hand. He seemed to be pleasant while interacting with everyone that day.


He was on the Vinson for about 5 minutes just said some nice words and went over to the midway for the Premiere.


I was on USS Kidd while Transformers 2 was being filmed. We were told the same thing, to act the same way towards Michael Bay. This isn’t coming from Tom Cruise, this is from the Chain of Command. Before you get your panties in a twist with mock outrage, consider if you have your facts straight.


The idea of taking a sailor to mast for MAKING EYE CONTACT with an ACTOR is ludicrous. Those COs need to get a grip. No one would actually push this


This is why I was asking. I wasn’t there, so I linked the article for context, and then addressed crew of TR for supporting evidence.


The story conforms to his behavior on the LA-LB Coast Guard base when they filmed the GTMO scenes for A Few Good Men. Not only could we not look at him, we had to turn away. (I can also confirm that he is indeed quite short. Looks like a little kid sitting in his mom's giant Buick. Maybe that's why he doesn't want anyone looking at him.) In contrast, during the filming of Patriot Games, Harrison Ford approached one of the cutters one evening and politely asked if he could get a tour, stating he understood if that wasn't possible. He got one, of course, and he did some photos and autographs.


I can’t speak for the people of TR but met him couple weeks ago and he was a really great dude. Had a great conversation and even asked him if he was in the new Dr Strange movie lol. Couple years ago he ate at our old admirals house and even then was really great to be around and he loved the food or so he said to us.


Old news. Google and Reddit search can tell you the true story. There’s more to it than this blog of yours…


I just saw it pop back up on my feed. The Vinson story was much more recent. I just wanna see what people are saying since I didn’t get to see it myself.


Now I was not there but… Tbh if I were running a production where a famous person was in close proximity to 5000 people wanting to talk to them I’d set up a restriction like that s as well and invariably a couple of those 5000 would interpret it like the linked post


Cruise is legendarily a very weird guy with some strange behaviors.


I was on the TR during the filming. Only had one direct interaction with Tom Cruise and it was when I was standing watch on the O-brow. He blazed through pretty quick so there was not much to tell there. However, I had a guy in my shop tell the story of walking down the P-way, and having ship security tell him to face the wall when Cruise was approaching. Another buddy of mine was TAD to ISF, and said that they were told to do this by watch commander, but SECO denied it. When filming on the flight deck I got to meet Miles Teller and Jon Hamm between takes and they were awesome, interacting with lower enlisted and everything. Tom Cruise was over in his tent on his phone by himself during this time. My mom was a flight attendant and once had the misfortune of having Tom Cruise on her flight, who huddled the crew together and told them that if anyone approached him for any reason other than catering then they would all be fired. There’s also plenty of evidence throughout his career of him being a douchebag, so with all that I’m more inclined to believe the stories that were told about him when filming. Still love his movies though, dude can act.


Definitely the most insightful look into this. Thanks for including the story about your mom too. I really don’t like him much anyway. He’s a good actor, I just don’t support that behavior.


No problem! My mom met a lot of famous people while flying, the nicest of which she said was actually Usher!


I met John Krasinski on 32nd street while he was filming Jack Ryan. Very nice guy. No reason to be famous and an asshole


Didn't really do anything "nasty" on the vinson, just finished his 5 minutes of wasting our time by saying something along the lines of "the navy made me an honorary sailor, im basically just like you!" with complete sincerity, and I swear, 90% of us were trying not to laugh at him saying that


The TR is in Bremerton in dry dock, so this can't be recent. Plus, that seems like a pretty silly order. "Do not look at Tom Cruise." Did that get passed over the 1mc?


I think they did most of the filming several years ago. The movie was supposed to release a couple years ago and then COVID hit.


I know the TR event is old, but Vinson was more recent. I just wanted to know more about it from people who were there.


Honestly its all scuttlebutt at this point. And worst sort of scuttlebutt at that: zero evidence and completely uninteresting. Most ring my alarm bells and red flags for BS. “Don’t look at Tom Cruise” is probably a bad faith misinterpretation of “don’t bug the film guys, stay out of their way so they can work.” Maybe the exact phrase of “don’t even look at him” was said off the cuff by some Chief or officer that anybody there with two brain cells to rub together could figure out they were obviously being figurative. The most credible rumors about Cruise rubbing some people the wrong way was in the Navy *media* office (the one that liasons with Hollywood to allow Navy assets to be used in movies and works with the actual F-18 squadrons doing the filming.) But that‘s not even remotely the same thing. He’s the producer and a pretty involved one based on his last several movies. He’s trying to get certain things signed off and in the films. The Navy office says yes or no. Money and budgets and safety. A back and forth that might be a bit sour is to be expected. Bruckheimer got into the exact same fights in the 80s for Topgun 1 with the Navy.


I bet they were told not to look at him. How weird would it be if there was a scene on the flight deck and as the camera is panning across theres 10 sailors standing around watching what is being filmed. Ruined scenes cost money.


Exactly. I can for sure see 'don't bug the film guys' getting passed down, and then being exaggerated as 'don't make eye contact with Tom Cruise'


It sounds like something a division chief would say. I remember how some of them used to get before a commander's call or a celebrity visit to base. "Don't talk to him, don't even look at him. He's not here to talk to you. If you see Tom Cruise, turn around, walk the other way. If you happen to pass Tom Cruise in the p way, pretend you are fucking invisible. This shit is serious. This movie is going to represent the us - The Navy - to the whole world. So all I'm asking... is for you to keep your head down, do your job and shut the fuck up. "


A big portion of the film was film at VRC30 and it’s flight line. I had two interactions with famous folks One not so good with the tiny man belonging to the cult of Scientology and one awesome interaction with Jon Hamm. Tom Cruise had a black SUV that he remained in until it was his time to be in the scene or put his input in or whatever. The SUV was running 24/7 with the AC blasting. It was tops, six yards from being inside the hanger. He would have his assistant girl there on bated breath for when he got out of the SUV with an umbrella so he didn’t have to walk those six yard in the sun. Once I was standing outside my shop speaking to someone and I saw him get out of the SUV without here being there with his umbrella. He found her and proceeded to berate her and make her cry for her not being there to hold the umbrella for that six yards max. Also everything else you hear is fucking true. He wears lifts. He is waaaaay shorter than we all realize, like it’s comical. He’s a shit person. Really bummed me out cause I’ve always really enjoyed his movies but he really is just human garbage. Now Jon Hamm was walking across the hanger. I was also walking across the hanger. I was gearing up for a deployment at the time so my head was buried in my phone in one of the twelve fucking group chats or trying to calm my gf down or something like that so I plane as day was not paying attention. He is a big Hollywood actor so also head buried in his phone not paying attention. We run directly into each other. I look up see stars on his collar. Butt hole puckers and I’m like shit. I keep looking up and realize it’s fucking mr Draper from mad men lol and internally scream FUCCK YOU IDIOT lol. I start apologizing. He starts apologizing. He is very insistent that it’s his fault despite us both doing the exact same thing. I was visibly in a hurry and so was he so we ended it with have a good day to each other and went about our day. At the time I beat myself up for not stopping and talking to him more but I dunno to have a seemingly normal interaction with someone famous is kinda rad. The crew on the movies were fucking badass everyone of them. But Tom Cruise, yeah that guy can fuck right off.


Thanks for the story. There are so many conflicting stories, it’s hard to really draw any kind of conclusion. I met John Krasinski when he was filming Jack Ryan down in San Diego, and he was very nice. He even stayed to take photos hours after he finished filming, despite being dead tired. That’s the only celebrity I can speak to


Did Jon Hamm show you his massive dong


No but I didn’t know about it until I relayed this story to one of the girls I worked with. We than took ten minutes out of our day to admire the photos taken of him showing off his massive dong What a lucky man. I’m telling you I feel like dudes with big dicks are way chiller, nothing to prove.


This is old info. It came out that he told crew not to look at him or something but turns out that’s just him being respectful of that fact that he’s a guest on a warship and they still had daily operations, he didn’t want to be a distraction. That being said, I had friends in V2 on the TR & said he was fine but the overall ship mentality was a bit anxious & chaotic. You will of course always have senior enlisted trying to do too much.


Most actors are entitled assholes. I pay money to watch them pretend to be people they’re not… their personality and personal ideologies don’t mean shit to me.


I got to the TR after they filmed. The only outlandish thing I heard about him being onboard was he got rang on and off as “maverick” and he apparently wanted people to salute him.


I work in the film industry and certain studios have VERY restrictive policies when it comes to interacting with military/law enforcement personnel. Personally because I was usually a PA or Camera Assistant I got to shoot the shit with them when there was a lull in production however, when the gears are turning and were getting ready to shoot no body says shit unless they're told to. I can't speak for the Maverick Crew but from what you guys told me they were nothing if not professional.


Heard from a few that miles teller wasn’t too great to be around


I was on during that cq det. We were told the weekend we flew out that we would not be allowed to even have our cell phones outside of our pockets or used whatsoever to include listening to music in the gym or calling loved ones in the hangar while we were still moored. He did in fact say don't talk to me or look at me as reported by multiple coworkers in my squadron. The day this article was published (we were still pierside due to a part that needed to be shipped from Bremerton) he had to have a massive PR damage control speech done with the whole ship, can't remember if it was like an all hands call or just over the 1MC as I was changing out a part on one of my jets that was on North Island... after that we were allowed to have our phones and the day he flew off, he gave a big TYFYS speech over the 1MC. But yeah that article is 100% accurate. We hadn't actually started the det when that article came out.


This is probably the most coherent story I’ve heard yet. I like how you didn’t just say, “yes, I was there, he’s an asshole”.


Literally search Tom Cruise in the search bar of /navy and how he treated everyone on the air base is well documented. Dude is a known Cunt. Love his movies, but he's a fucking shit show. https://old.reddit.com/r/navy/comments/axf5et/my_lpo_managed_to_get_this_awesome_top_gun_2_coin/ https://old.reddit.com/r/navy/comments/a698vn/since_tom_cruise_is_going_around_different_bases/ https://old.reddit.com/r/navy/comments/av8zty/tom_cruise_got_pooped_on_by_a_bird_at_nas_lemoore/


I’ll do that. Hadn’t heard of any other accounts. Thanks for the info


Just remember that although he's got great movies out there, Tom Cruise is a short bitch of an actor. If it's not done his way he throws a tantrum like a little child.


True or not why are our tax payers paying for all of the resources to help film this movie with military assets


In a word.... recruiting. It isn't new, and they won't stop doing it.


I honestly think top gun is one of the biggest movies for the navy. I’ve heard so many people say that top gun inspired them to join. That’s kinda why I also believed the navy would tolerate Tom being a dick.


Im pretty sure paramount pays the navy for use of their hardware, at least some sort of risky rate that they work out. And when you combine that with the amount of good PR that this film will have, its a good deal for the navy and the taxpayer.




Is it legal to keel haul civilians? Asking for a friend


Nah but I will still unironically see this movie multiple times in the theaters 🍿 🛩 🇺🇸


Welp, one more reason not to watch this. Guess I’ll download it instead. What a dick.


I had friends on the Navy PR side of things on the TR during that, and never heard a peep behind the scenes about this.


He was there to do a job. Honestly I wouldn't blame him if he got annoyed a few times dealing with the crew. I can see just 1 or 2 instances of this speading a negative view of him on the ship. I myself get pissy when people are in my way when I need to do pms




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Heard from someone here that he was rude to some people, but I didn't experience anything myself so I can't give any input.


You surface sailors talk too much. Loose lips get hits


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Sorry Chief, I’ll go back to sucking off entitled millionaires


I love this. I don’t know if you’re still in, but always stand up for yourself. There are so many people who will try their hardest to bring you down to their level just to have company. Edit: I saw some people were downvoting this earlier, so I’ll just clarify. This is not a statement to attack anyone. I have seen so many people get steam rolled just because they were too afraid to speak up for themselves. I always encourage others to stand their ground, because if you don’t stand up for yourself, who will?


I am, and being in has actually helped me to learn how to stand up for myself by forcing me into uncomfortable situations.


100%. I wish the best for you. I will never regret my time in, but I would never do it again.