The day you leave for bootcamp would be your first day of that 6 yr contract. DEP time barely counts for anything except at the back end if you eventually retire you might get a few days tacked on to your service computation time.....maybe. Probably not enough to add up to anything


DEP isn't real. IRR isn't real. For benefits like GIBILL, training doesn't count. 2 days a month, 2 weeks a year. Then you're a man, my son.


You will depart for boot camp and on that day your service obligation starts. When you finish boot camp and A-school you’ll receive orders to go back home and report to your local naval reserve center (NOSC, I think they changed the term though). You will do your monthly weekend drill at the NOSC, however the actual “real” navy unit you’re assigned to could be anywhere in the world. They are who you will do your summertime annual training with. For example, let’s say you live in Fort Worth, TX and your NOSC is in Fort Worth. Your “actual” navy unit is the 21st navy cargo handling battalion located in Japan (made up example, but you get the picture) You will go to the NOSC 1 weekend a month for your monthly drill weekend. When the 2 week training comes around you’ll go train with the cargo handling unit in Japan. Note: experience may differ ;) Hope this helps!!


Your contract begins the day you arrive at Boot Camp, from there, you will receive basic military training, then, once you're done with Boot Camp (About 9 weeks if you do not get set back), you will be transfered to your rate's A-School. Once you arrive, you will get to learn the BASICS of your rate. Just because you go to A-School does not mean you know your rate, and you'll find that out really quickly if you go on deployments. Once you graduate from A-School, you will need to check-in to the Navy Reserve Center that's closest to your physical location (where you enlisted). Once you are gained to the NRC (about 4 months) you will be required to Drill at the NRC 2 days a month (1 weekend a month) every month, and 14 days a year (you can choose the days, this is called Active Training (AT)). -YN3


Assuming reserves operate similarly to active duty, it would most likely begin at your Active Duty Service Date (ADSD), which is the day you hit RTC.




your 6 years starts the day you get/went to boot camp