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I got married at 22 and am now 31. Feel very similar to this post. I love my wife but don’t see a lot of affection anymore. Send me a message


having a rant feeling a bit at ease (wine induced) is nothing to be sad about. Care to chat with a mature guy reply and we can chat away....


I feel the pain in your post. You may be in your 20s but you sound like you are 20 years older. You cannot sacrifice yourself on the altar of marriage. You cannot lose yourself to make any man successful or happy. I’m sorry to say this but unless you live for you this relationship will fail. Ask me how I know.


Glass half full...you're still young!


Good afternoon, it sounds like you have given up something that is important to you in order to let your husband be successful. Sadly marriage is a lot of the time about one person giving up something in order for the other one to be happy. I’m married and have given up a part of myself in order to make our marriage successful. It’s probably not a healthy thing to do but it happens. If you want to talk more about it you can message me.


Baby I understand I wish I could help you I am 41 I an 6’7” and I I would love to show you how to be happy I been told that I make people happy by simply talking if I can make you see what make you happy


Hey there! I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum, I got married later in life, so now im OLD! :) 49m here, and yes, in a similar situation, trying to escape the mundane, hoping to add that spark that has been missing. It starts with a simple message, then a chat, then a connection. At least that's how I see it. I'm fairly fit, professional, former military, blah blah blah. Let me know if you want to try to connect. I'm new to this world, hoping to find an exploration partner. :)