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I have never felt sympathy for hyenas in the wild. Damned lion king propaganda got to me.


A fun fact that really illustrates the misperceptions surrounding lions and hyenas is that hyenas are actually the hunters while lions are the scavengers (hyenas hunt more than they scavenge and lions scavenge more than they hunt).


This makes sense though. The lions size and power means they can easily defend bodies when scavenging


Yeah it definitely makes sense, but what I mean is that the perception is the opposite of reality. Hyenas are seen as little pricks that cannot hunt and therefore have to steal food from other animals, like lions, that are actually “good” predators and can hunt. In reality the opposite is closer to the truth


Hyenas are also very smart, especially in terms of social intelligence. >Spotted hyena societies are more complex than those of other carnivorous mammals, and are remarkably similar to those of cercopithecine primates in respect to group size, structure, competition and cooperation. > >Like cercopithecine primates, spotted hyenas use multiple sensory modalities, recognise individual conspecifics, are conscious that some clan-mates may be more reliable than others, recognise third-party kin and rank relationships among clan-mates, and adaptively use this knowledge during social decision making. > >Also, like cercopithecine primates, dominance ranks in hyena societies are not correlated with size or aggression, but with ally networks. In this latter trait, the spotted hyena further show parallels with primates by acquiring rank through coalition. From Wikipedia. They have primate levels of intelligence. [https://www.livescience.com/7904-hyenas-surprisingly-good-cooperative-tasks.html](https://www.livescience.com/7904-hyenas-surprisingly-good-cooperative-tasks.html)


Oh wow I didn’t know that, that’s actually really interesting


Aren’t the hyena packs just bigger? That’s got to play a role?


lions are incredible hunters please stop


Compared to you. Not compared to hyenas. They're making a comparison, not a general statement.


Lion and Hyena hunting success is about the same (25-30%). It’s the wild dogs that are much better than both.


That may be true, but the relevant statistic would be what percentage of meals eaten are due to hunting versus scavenging.


Why would that be relevant? A meal is a meal. How you get it doesn't matter.


It's relevant if you're discussing prowess as a hunter. If you rarely hunt because you scavenge a high percentage of your meals it doesn't matter that your hunt success percentage is about equal to that of another predator that relies almost exclusively on hunting. IMO.


“good” predators that’s his quote, not mine. i interpret that as making a dig at lions, not a comparison to hyenas


But isn't that cherry picking? The whole quote is about the common perception when comparing the two. Compared to lions, hyenas are little pricks. Compared to hyenas, lions are good hunters...is the common simple comparison. Not a lion-hater, btw. And promise I won't be adding to this anymore if you want last word.


Is that the general perception? Like.. did people watch the lion king in their childhood and somehow avoid learning about hyenas from anywhere else since then? Do they think hyenas can talk and dance as well?


Documentaries also used to like to push that hyenas mainly scavenge. Part of this is even the scientific community didn't know much about hyenas until relatively recently.


I remember reading in Why Zebras don’t Get Ulcers the whole section on hyena hierarchy and the female ones are the alphas and have a penis or penis-like sex organ


It also means hyenas are the more successful hunters.




That’s what “Hye” gets for laughing at me. I told him not to.


No....Fact - female lions will out hunt hyenas.


No... Fact: Female Lions will out scavenge Hyenas.


I've always liked Lions over hyenas and not because of Lion King.


Well they have been a symbol of courage, nobility and power, so that probably helps.


To be fair, there are a lot of videos posted on this subreddit showing hyenas eating animals while they are alive. Lions at least seem to kill their prey at least half the time before eating. That influenced me more than Disney.




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Hyenas are extremely annoying, not a crumb of sympathy coming from me


I agree. Lion King? All the nature documentaries? It all makes Hyenas look like the evil ones when both are constantly stealing from each other and killing each other.


This changed a lot of my perception about hyenas https://youtu.be/AYJAJWCS8eM?t=2436


I was honestly just thinking the same thing hahaha.. I wanted the lions to win


And big boi number 3 coming in for some fun from the top of the screen


Good eye, didn't catch that


He's the inspector at the lion school


Player 3 has entered the game


Damn kill stealer.


You know what really sucks for that hyena is that this isn’t a food kill, there’s no chance that you might escape. Lions are just killing you out of enmity.


Hyenas do the same, if they had the chance to gang up on a lion and kill it they'll take it without hesitation. They're also known for targeting lion cubs to lower their numbers.


These two got beef on an evolutionary level


No cows were harmed in the making of this footage.


Removing the competition. All predators do it when they can


They do it so calmly, like, you are no match


Unless the bite your balls, they are doomed.


The hyena looks like he’s tied up


I think they just broke his spine so he looks kinda paralysed


I think Disney cartoons have indelibly fucked humans understanding of animals. I wonder if this damage can ever be undone. Why do we “like” certain animals, prefer others? King of the jungle. Right, til you see one taken out. All shit.


It’s not on Disney, they didn’t invent the notion of lions being the king of the jungle. Lions are apex predators, they’re cool AF.


I take your point. But I was making a broader point on perceptions of animals.


It just sounds like you saying people are dumb because of Disney. People would be just as ignorant about wildlife if you take Disney out of the equation. I get where you’re coming,I agree that culturally Disney has impact on attitudes but I wouldn’t go as far as blaming them for peoples ignorance. They make films about talking animals, they aren’t documentaries.


Actually you raise a good point on my comment I want to clarify. I am not blaming Disney for peoples ignorance. I’m blaming them for making people think they know, but they have the wrong answers. In a world without Disney, would you have tourists trying to sit on buffalos at Yellowstone? Or trying to pet a Panda at a zoo? I don’t think so.


Yeah just ignore me bro, sometimes a spend too much time on Reddit and end up starting arguments for no reason.


No argument man. Enjoyed chatting.


Yes, without Disney we would still have that lol


Yeah, could be right.


It's a crazy world we live in. Cheers mate


True that!


At last one hyena died. I despise em all


Someone watched too much lion king


Is that a documentary?


Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not lol


It's a show on Netflix about some gay guy and a fat woman he's trying to kill


Wdym lion King? Do you not watch national Geographic and discovery?


If you did you’d see that hyenas aren’t as bad as people think.


i saw one rip an animals balls off and climb into them and continue eating it while it was alive. hyenas seem absolutely brutal.


They do that because they have to. They aren’t adapted to kill quickly like lions or other big cats, so their strategy is to eat as much as they can before rival predators show up, be them lions or wild dogs or even other hyenas. Clans can number up to 80 individuals spread out over a wide area, but when they all congregate on one kill they can strip it bare in minutes, and every hyena wants to get their share.


They don't have lions charisma though


Be it humans or animals people despise ugly-looking ones.


Striped Hyenas [look cool as fuck](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/33/ec/0e/33ec0e05760723c58b28d4915088e288.jpg) tho.


Just because fuck Hyena?


Yeah fuck em


Thank you for writing the dumbest shit I’ve seen today


My pleasure.


I'm so confused by the tonal whiplash of your original comment about despising all hyenas being upvoted, then this comment being downvoted lol the people don't even know what they want to hear


I always see these videos and think how cool would it be to see dinosaurs eating each other? No just the big ones like Rex but the raptors and the carnotaurs. I mean it’s crazy that a medium sized predatory dinosaur was like 25ft. Those fuckers probably did some crazy shit.


Damn homie. In high school you were the man homie.


Blessed to be human. But even then, death is everywhere. So, just happy to live this day


Worst part about this video is the third lion coming down from the center


They got that alligator death roll in the mix


Munchy crunchy!


Third lion popping up in the back: "damn I'm late?"


I'd like for you to leave (this life) now. Ignore our panting...we can't help it.


In the camping van: "Barbara, you won't believe this, but don't get out and come see this."


It takes two


Couldn't be worse way to die.


How about a third?


Damn we didnt see them violently eat the cock & balls while the hyena was laughing


Looks like they got the last laugh…. eyYEAHHHHHHHH!


Now, eat his asshole while he’s still alive!


hyenas... in the pride lands!


Finally 😅


That third lion at the top running in like “y’all need some help? Nope y’all good. (Slow walk)”


"I'm fed up with you, Hyena!"


Who's laughing now? - The lions I'm sure.


Good bois


And a third in the back


Lion in the back is like “what the fuck how come nobody called me?!”


Hyenas irl are little bastards, tbf


Lions probably didn’t eat the hyena. Read that they hate them too much


Hyenas are surprisingly hard to kill. Full grown male lion can outweigh them up to 4-1, but the lions pretty much have to throttle them to kill them. Can take a lion 20 or more seconds to do this. Not like a jaguar, which could kill a hyena by crushing its skull (It seems we can deduce this). You often see lions with a bite on a hyena's head, but if the male lions gets interrupted for any reason, the hyena often survives and walks/limps away. Lions seem to lack the bite power to crush their skulls. Every once in a while you read about a male lion able to break a hyena's spine with a bite or shaking. That is equal to killing. But it doesn't seem common. And there is a lot of footage of hyenas being mauled bad by lions, but they limp away after.


Lmao what a pleasant view to see a hyena ganged up by lions. It's usually the other way around.


I’m glad this happened. I hate hyenas.


Yeah, Fuck that hyena


Good, fuck hyenas


There’s is something about them I just don’t like either… them and wild dogs. Lol


Coward lions


Pfft wait till you find out the shit hyenas pull