*Such a pillowcase!*


This is fun! Heathers is my favourite film. Some other interesting things to note since names were a huge part of the film, aside from the joke of naming all the popular girls Heather, the writer also named the pair of friends who have grown apart, Veronica and Betty, after the characters from the Archie comics & Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn for their surnames.


I like Yishai (Jesse) Some additional information: Morgan/Morgen - In German means "morning." If you say Guten Morgen, it means "good morning." Morgan in Hebrew is combined of two words that together mean "myrrh garden." Gan means garden. Logan in Hebrew, would be "no garden." Gilligan would be "Joy [of] my garden." Daniel - Judge is God. Dan/Dean/Dawn.... - by themselves just means "judge" in Hebrew Roy (Ro-ee, Roii) - in Hebrew means Shepherd. Conroy - Established/es Shepherd. Elroy - God Shepherd Benjamin means "son of my right hand" but also "Son Yah faithful" - Ben Yah Amin Beth/Beit/Bet in Hebrews means house. Elisa means God is Savior. Together Elisabeth would be God is Savior [of] house. There are some similar names Elisaba and Elisheba/Elisheva - meaning God is Satisfaction, and God is an Oath. If you add "Li" to these it becomes personal "my, mine". For example. Elisa is God is Savior, Ellisa is God my Savior. Veronica means "truth conquers." Verity, Vera, Veritas, Veracity -- all have their connection to the word truth.


Heather was so trendy that I think it makes sense to go up/down one to get to the trendier name. So I would pick Amanda (#8) for 1993, Ashley (#8) for 2004, and Harper (#10) for 2021. Funnily, I think the Ashleys from the show Recess was a spoof of the Heathers.