So when Rarity got possessed by dark forces in the comics, she became **Nightmarity.** What would her name be if she got possessed by chaos? **Hilarity**, no doubt. I wonder what this theoretical version of her would act like. Maybe she'd tell ridiculously highbrow jokes and then get magically violent when nopony around her laughs.


Now I'm disappointed that no-one wrote about draconequus Rarity for Choices.


There's always next year. And maybe instead of judging, I'll participate in the opposite way. [Just need to find a better picture than this one](https://derpibooru.org/images/2175235) for a cover image.


[](/celestia) So I have this crackpot headcanon/theory going on, where Equestria is Earth in the distant future and the Sun is an artificial star created by the hyper-advanced humans who have died out / left Earth. It was made after the real sun went supernova and Earth was successfully saved from it. And this artificial star is controlled by a hyper advanced AI, who felt lonely after humanity was gone and built an android body to interact with the new sapient beings on Earth. This android... Is Celestia. Now discounting the absurdity of this theory / headcanon and all of its plotholes, how would the ponies react to learning about all this? They're already starting to figure out things, through the new branch of paleontology that is anthropology, but I feel like the revelation that Celestia herself is an artificial construct is something a bit more mind-bending. And after the ponies find out her true nature, she'd probably tell them about the whole story. How would that make ponies feel?


Keep going with it, but... https://i.redd.it/33l1q0m7oc3a1.gif


I think your typical reactions of shock, disbelief, perhaps horror are all in effect. Perhaps more than a few ponies simply opting not to think about it, because it's such a hard thing to comprehend. (Imagine if we were suddenly discovered Earth was actually the post-apocalyptic remnants of a society of elephant-squids, and that there used to be a totally different "sky" before something bad happened...) I think the Royal Sisters themselves (and, after the secret is out, other ponies) would be struggling a bit with purpose: Okay, the planet is saved. Now what? The previous population was still lost, and now they're hurtling through the void with no further instructions or objectives. They've been cut free. I'd be having a crisis of purpose too!


Str8aura has an old Snippet with a similar premise. [Twilight is the AI instead of Celestia,](https://www.reddit.com/r/mylittlepony/comments/nmbvn3/writing_snippets_postwrite_a_fanfiction_scene/gzonfps?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) but the emotional beats are strong. When gauging pony reactions to fantastical, worldview altering revelations, its worth considering how late into the series said revelation occurs. The return of Nightmare Moon caused nationwide panic. But by the time episode 100 rolled around, the residents of Ponyville were plenty accustomed to monsters and mayhem. They were all veterans of weirdness at that point. Celestia confesses that she's a hologram projected by a dyson sphere? Sure, that's only marginally more strange than the chaos god who loafs around town. Plus, Celestia is retired now. If this powerful artificial intelligence was interested in eternal tyranny, she wouldn't have abdicated the throne to a mortal sucessor. All that said, even if the public's reaction would be a collective shrug, Celestia's immediate friends would probably freak out. Luna spent her whole existence believing she and Celestia were flesh and blood family. Now this illusory bond is gone. Twilight meanwhile would reevaluate every single lesson and situation Celestia put her through, probably having an existential panic attack over the possibility of her entire life being scripted. And what of the emotions of Celestia herself? Maybe tens of thousands of years of larping as a mortal have made her psychologically capable of feeling shame and guilt over keeping her secret. Maybe she also feels desperation to maintain the relationships currently being strained by her confession. She is an all powerful reality admin, but that doesn't make her distant and alien. As so many mythologies show us, Gods can be softies. This version of Celestia created ponykind for companionship. Losing that companionship after they learn her true nature is her ultimate fear. After all, genuine love is the one thing her nearly infinite powers cannot create.




Theres a lot of kerfuffle over Opalines origins, but there's one avenue I'm not seeing mentioned often (if at all). What if she's Sunnys mother? We've heard NOTHING about her so far, just Argyle. It would certainly increase the tension and drama.


I bet Celestia loves "Nothing Else Matters", the S&M2 version especially, and Luna loves "Until It Sleeps".


Why does Sunny's alicorn magic appear as a temporary hologram outline even though we know it can exist in a physical form in both g4 and g5? Maybe Opaline has a point in that Sunny may not be a true alicorn. Was this ever explained?


Well it's a brand new series and they haven't explained much on the new magic. My theory is it's something like Sunny has alicorn magic, but is not actually physically an alicorn herself. Like that one episode where Celestia and Luna gave Twilight *all* of their magic, but for an ordinary earth pony. Pegasi magic doesn't work without wings, unicorn magic doesn't work without a horn. Like the other episode where Rarity gets wings, it shows that magic can create wings. When Twilight was overloaded with 3 alicorns of magic, her magic was ultra powered and incredibly sensitive. She tried to teleport onto a rock a few feet away and went all the way to Canterlot. She flung the sun and moon around trying to do what Celestia and Luna do every day. I think it's a similar overpowered burst of magic that materializes enough wings and horn to do the magic Sunny wants to do. The glowing almost looks like unicorn magic on an invisible horn, could be *just* the pure overpowered magic in itself. Why Sunny might have all that magic? Well they haven't really said either, surely would be a big reveal later. My theory on that is Sunny and Argyle are descendants of Twilight and that's why they were the last ones who knew true history, it was family history. That's the short version, whole can of worms in itself. Been thinking about making a post of my theories like that.