How do you feel about Grubber?

I'd heard a lot of hate online about Grubber from My Little Pony the movie and how he was an unnecessary character for the film. I didn't mind him too much, though I feel his role in the chapter book A stormy road to Canterlot was way better than anything he did in the movie. We see Tempest meet him in the desert where he at the time is second in command unleashed the Storm Creatures on her to get the Misfortune Malachite she just found. A while after escaping Tempest and Grubber meet again in the Forgotten Hills and Tempest confided to Grubber what had happened to her horn before Grubber introduced her to the Storm King, who later sent Tempest and Grubber on a mission to steal Queen Novo's Pearl of transformation in exchange fixing her horn. I thought Grubber played a good part in that scene I don't wanna get to into writing about the whole thing, and later after that mission fails Grubber helps Tempest with a new mission for the Storm King that will get her horn fixed.

I thought Grubber played a great role in this prequel book and wish he had some more moments like those that unfortunately didn't happen in the movie.


Tempest and her silent bodyguards are pretty dark on their own for a film looking to include younger audiences. Grubber adds some much needed balance to the tone of the villains by taking the form of comic relief in the scenes where Storm King isn't able to fulfill that role. https://preview.redd.it/2g0dek26q5kb1.jpeg?width=1174&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=5987c7500b2145f70d4f940542369c6a57ca5e23


Remarkably meh. Like, I don't enjoy him. He's one of the kiddier things about the movie, and I'm neither fond of the forced humor nor the anthro characters. But in the grand scheme of things that *bother* me in the movie, Grubber isn't even up there. He's merely uninteresting.


Grubbers the gremlin right?


Cus if so I think he’s skrunkly, but underused. Definitely could’ve at least been a part of “open up your eyes” playing the sax or something


He's the short, grey hedgehog guy with Tempest who was almost always eating something


Yeah, The gremlin, like I said. Thank you for confirming


He looks like Stitch.