What parts of the show, do you declare as non-canon?

Basically what Tvtropes calls Fan Discontinuity things that Fans like to believe or choose to believe that these events in a work never happened.


"It Isn't the Mane Thing About You," mainly because the premise that magic cannot help one regrow their mane because magic cannot make something from nothing is incorrect as we see multiple instances of magic growing hair, such as in "Boast Busters"with the mustache growing magic.


Either that or the mustaches are stolen from other ponies who had them...


Some poor Appaloosan just lost there defining facial hair


I headcanon that whatever remover Rarity used had a magic repellent that temporarily etched itself in her scalp, making magical growth imposible and then, Rarity just let it grow normally.


I also thought it was because summoning hair, which is dead skin-cells, had accidently fell under some anti-necromancy spell that some ancient and powerful sorcerer had cast. If it was a strange edge case then perhaps Maine is banned but mustache is still possible lol.


There's some things that I didn't like in the episode "Ponyville Confedential." I refuse to believe that Fluttershy uses hair extensions. I also hate that Mayor Mare has pink hair and uses grey dye.


Exactly as silly has it sounds Fluttershy’s long mane and tail is a defining aspect of who she is as a character. So much so that she sort of hides/obscures herself into it which is something I’ve always loved about her.


The fluttershy hair extensions is slander and lies. Mayor Mare’s mane dying scandal however 🌝


Fluttershy’s mane and Tail extensions were a lie for sure. They would have fallen out/off in so many circumstances. It was just part of the scheme for the papers


I mean I wouldn’t put it past them to make a lie for the papers.


I forgot the show basically said that fluttershy has fake weave. Good thing she wasn't on worldstar


Mayor Mare dying her hair grey to look more old and sophisticated is so funny, though


A matter of principals is non canon. In Unpopular opinion the g4 movie is what I love is actually canon because of tempest


Did the fandom not like the movie? I enjoyed it, even if the different art style took some getting used to.


It was liked at first, but after a while many people saw the flaws that it had and pushed towards them. I like the movie, but also dont like a lot of scenes and how some characters act.


Most of what I dislike is how *all the non-pony main characters were bipedal!* Like, having a couple be bipedal, like whatshisface the cat guy? Sure, means he's whatever Caterina was, that's fine. But there shoulda been goats and minotaurs, the sky pirates could VERY easily have been Gryphons, there coulda been Tirek-ish centaurs and manticores, instead of the sort of 'generic monstrous bipeds' they had.


I thought capper was cool. Seeing the slums in MLP of all shows was interesting. Plus others been bipedal before like tirek discord


Tirek’s not bipedal he’s a centaur


The mane six did act a little eh like s1 selfs on drugs. But i think it was to get people into the series. I liked seeing other places outside of ponyvillie/Equestria. Also tempest was so awesome and had a well done redemption that even if I hated everything else it would be worth it




Same by far in terms of matter of Principals. I know a lot of people would say s9 because of the twist... but I prefer discord doing something stupid and dangerous because he was genuinely trying to help a friend than because he was being incredibly selfishness


Yeah I like my boy discord too much to let that episode exist in any dimension


"I'm not gonna hurt it, I'm simply gonna send this ep to another dimension" "I can't have this ep interfering with Discords character development anymore"


And it actually kicks off s8


Twilight being afraid of ladybugs and the events of Lesson Zero.


I think they actually got discontinued the ladybug phobia afterwards.


Oh really?


Don't forget the ladybug next to them after they transformed from breezies back to ponies


Yeah a bit weird lol https://preview.redd.it/xp1z6jvcf9kb1.png?width=605&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=34d57d7fe21e7360e18c3757c21721f713fd087e




Chad answer, it respects the creators of the show. Even though I wasn't hating on the show as a whole. It does have some huge glaring issues or things I personally don't like that I do believe it would be better without or changed a bit. But I highly respect this answer.


It's perfectly fine to prefer an alternate timeline. "Declaring something non-canon" crosses the line. We don't have that authority.


Id argue either way is fine. If something hurts your enjoyment of something that you otherwise love, like characters highly going back on their character development in a way that doesn't make sense at all. But I do see what you trying to say.


I will be real with you I don't considerate anything non-canon https://preview.redd.it/zc9pihj0n5kb1.jpeg?width=640&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=7b36b25b54b181fcf6ff5aec7628b7ed421215e5


https://preview.redd.it/0y6yk08t16kb1.jpeg?width=800&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=e159ad5aabfc0c8f3d8f6ab676fd0a6403c31536 Capybaras are canon to MLP, never forget…


That animal looking serious goes well with this response lol


Basically everything outside the main show. Comics, movie, especially EQG. I know Sunset made it into a blink and you'll miss it collage in the very last episode during the very last song of the series, but she's never mentioned or referenced until then and has no impact on the series at all. And there is the continuity errors like Twilight not even recognizing Flash Sentry at all at the train when she met up with Cadance. To me, if the show itself ignores something, I'm free to consider non-canon to the show. Edit to add: I also don't consider Twilight's phobias to be canon either. This is because of contradiction. Pinkie said Twilight is afraid of quesadillas, but Twilight herself counters that she's not actually afraid of them, just doesn't like them because they are too cheezy. And the ladybug thing, she wasn't afraid of them before. They show her being fine with them in at least one earlier episode. So add to this things that don't make sense when the contradicts itself. As an aside, I'm actually working on a story that takes out all the contradictions. Whatever was shown or stated in the show first is part of this AU, and anything that go against something already established gets cut out and events work around it. Example. Twilight is stated to have never had any friends at all in the very first episode. It's even confirmed by Twilight herself later in the first episode. That gets taken as historical fact which means it's incompatible with her having a BBBFF. Shining Armor and Cadance subsequently don't exist in this fixed contradictions alternate universe.


are you sure? I think you mean S04E11, when Cadance visited Twilight (and Discord ruined everything). Flash sentry exit the train as guard. BUUUUUT - at 04:17 there is quick glance from him. It means they acknowledged themselves, but he's at work and need to maintain composure. They aren't dating officially, and random Princess-Guard hug or talk can disturb the flow of work, quite important thing for Head of state's Security


He looks at Twilight the way I would think any guard with eyeballs would be able to appreciate her. Twilight however doesn't even recognize him at all, or at least makes no acknowledgment that she does.


I mean eqg and the show were made by different groups so it makes sense the show wouldn't include much reference to it. EGQ being canon doesn't really affect anything so I could take it or leave it


Scootaloo's parents were a mistake


None I will accept canon as canon even if I don't like it unfortunately, I just simply headcanon around it I am a major Rarijack shipper and Appledash DESTROYED me so I head canon now that AJ and Rarity dated before but had a mutual breakup and now Rarity is the sugar mommy of Capper and Trixie


Well both appledash and rarijack happened


I'm glad Rarijack is canon in EQG I just wish it was the other way around


Same, I'm still salty that Appledash was the one that got implied in FIM


Seriously Applejack and Rarity had endless chemistry


Exactly! I get that AJ and Rainbow have a rivalry, but that doesn't always translate best to being a couple. I definitely prefer how difficult AJ and Rarity are from each other, yet they still care about each other


Bronies love the rival lovers trope Trixie x Twilight, AJ x RD, etc And I just, can't always get behind it, it seems like such a lazy way to ship characters sometimes ngl I don't ship any of theane six together other than Rarijack because imo it's the only one that makes any real sense


>I don't ship any of theane six together other than Rarijack because imo it's the only one that makes any real sense Same, if any of the Mane 6 would end up with each other, it would probably be Applejack and Rarity. G5 on the other hand... Sunny and Izzy are definitely girlfriends, and Zipp and Hitch are so into each other!


TwiDash makes total sense, trust me. The jock/nerd trope thing has been around for over a century plus my bestie and I are as in love as it gets and I'm Dash while he's Twi. It makes as much sense as the farmgirl/city girl trope does. The shy girl/party girl trope is a thing, too.


Tbh, I’m rewatching Magical Movie Night, and I can see Sci-Twi and RD in EQG, but less so in FiM


If you have any interest in a rewrite, I've been starting work on one and I'm thinking about maybe making Rarijack happen in FiM. Maybe even Rarijackdash? I recently learned about that ship and it's pretty cute


Fair. Honestly I'm kind of stuck on what to do about those ships in my rewrite.


"i reject your reality and substitute my own, while still accepting reality" kinda based ngl


I have a solution to your shipping woes, polyamory!


Thats how I solved my rainbowshy shipping I just think of them as being girlfriends anyway, while also still having their canon relationships It helps that I really like fluttercord and appledash too (and lets be honest we all kinda knew fluttercord was probably gonna be a thing eventually)




Shit that last paragraph is a beautiful fanfic in the making.


Me and my friend were brainstorming ideas for the headcanon and I'm more convinced to write a fanfic for it tbh


Do it!


> I will accept canon as canon even if I don't like it unfortunately, I just simply headcanon around it I'm normally like this, but it turns out it's *real* hard to do when what you don't like is "Every major plot point of an entire season". I spent a long time trying to headcanon Season 9 into a shape I liked or could even just tolerate before I eventually had to just throw my hands up and admit I couldn't fix it to my liking. Normally I try to take the weird bits or the bad bits and find a way to think of them that's fun but I couldn't manage it here. So I just ignore it for the sake of my sanity.


Season 8 and 9 were pretty bad


Yeah, I think that last bit of the show's run was pretty rough. I'll defend Season 8 a little since I actually like a decent amount of it's episodes, but it's got big issues. Season 9 I just honestly hate, with the exception of a few standout episodes.


I cope about Sci-Twi and Timber Spruce in a similar way. I just tell myself that they broke up after high school, and Twi started dating Sunset after.


I reject appledash as a twidash shipper. It's really the only part of the show I don't find canon. Also, I always thought appledash was implied and not shown as canon.


Does me counting G5 as an alternative timeline count? I’ve always felt G5 would have less flack if it wasn’t connected to G4.


I definitely agree with this one Though I haven't watched the show yet, I think having the three pony-kinds in such conflict again in the movie just made me sad in the context of being a continuation of G4's world. I prefer to think of it as an alternate timeline where the og Mane 6 just didn't go as far in their adventures, meaning there was more conflict in the world to eventually become what we see in G5


Yes it can count


That rarity uses fake lashes… she kinda looks scary without them


https://preview.redd.it/pyem2npdg9kb1.png?width=597&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d0e35bfdb5f1ac5ee6f54b5ed026a806c12a2113 "I shall appear in your dreams at 3 Am darling"


But it makes so much sense that she would use fake eyelashes. It's perfect for her character


The only thing I declare myself as 'non-canon' is the Sombra Arc. I just very much prefer the IDW Comics version of Sombra and the Crystal Empire.


What happens in the comics?


A way better story arc.


All of The Mean Six. I mean, there aren't any lasting consequences from Chrysalis's evil plan. None of the mane seven ever figured out what happened. The tree of harmony solved everything. None of that episode is ever referenced again. I question if everything that happened was one in universe fever dream. What a waste of time that all was.


It did get indirectly referenced in season 9, when Chrysalis is seen holding a purple log and talking to it 'Wilson' like.


Daring Doubt, I just think the whole “Ahuizotl being good” totally goes against the whole original story of Daring Do and it made her out to be a bad guy tbh. And I know she’s just a secondary character, but I loved all the other Daring Do episodes and this one kind of ruined it for me, so I pretend it never happened


Probably the ending of the end two parter, or at least I'm somewhat tempted to do so.


Same here dude


Mostly just pony life because of how wild it is compared to the rest of g4, but it did give us actual gwroth from trixie…


Oh in terms of Trixie? I'm interested to hear how. I never saw enough of pony life to know


There’s an episode where trixie learns to be a better friend from the mane 6 cus she wants to have a lot of friendship bracelets


That's actually pretty sweet Me whenever I found out there is something good about ponylife: https://preview.redd.it/j2v56ki6j9kb1.jpeg?width=602&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=fad5f4d4171b46298109d9c6f1106a9b0c18247b


None, because that is a bullshit idea. Fans don't get to just reject canon because they don't like it.


I mean, I can't really "Declare" anything as non-canon since I don't own the show and am not really in control of that. Stuff is canon whether I like it or not. That said, I do like to sweep Season 9 under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist a lot.


I just cleared up what exactly I meant in the description. Which is yeah what you said which you personally like to see as non canon and/or sweep under the rug.


Sombra coming back in Season 9. Either that or he was a clone.


That farted out guidebook implying that Luna & Celestia are just about over a thousand years old. ...So~ not only would that mean that Luna spent THE MAJORITY OF HER LIFE IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, but also that both sisters rolled out of bed one morning, peeked so hard they become undying, and then messed things up so badly in just a few years that it took four United States worth of time existing to un-mess the worst of it. Yeah, no. That's to stupid for me. And judging by how those two books were proclaimed as THE canon source for G4 meant to trump all others, but not even Hasbro themselves seems to use the darn things... Yeah, quite the fumbled ball, seemingly.


"Just over a thousand" could mean Luna was like, 50 years old when she was banished. Also based on literally the first episode, she was pretty clearly young when she was banished


Appledash rivals ≠ lovers Sorry it just seems like a slapped together thing at the last second. Neither of them bring anything to the other to me. Rarity and Applejack both taught each other about opposite sides of their life spectrums and taught each other to appreciate it somehow. The two actually change one another. They're both independent sure and probably don't even actually need anyone. And if that would be the case then hey good on them Twilight and Rainbow even teach each other about certain things. Our main thing Twilight got rainbow to read and the two Bond over that, sure it's only over Daring Do but still. It's clearly a big deal to Rainbow. Also the whole idea of Discord and Fluttershy getting together is a little too sketchy for me. I can see Discord considering her his best and first friend but as a lover? No I can't see that. Otherwise? Nothing comes mind currently.


Just as a response to the Fluttercord comment. Love comes in a lot of different ways. It doesn't have to be like, physical attraction or whatever. Discord's whole new life (Being a good guy and caring about social bonds and such) is pretty much intrinsically tied to Fluttershy, and she gave him his new life by just purely trusting and caring about him. And for Fluttershy's part, some episode where it shows her dream, it's her being taken care of by a big animal. So, she's obviously a nurturing and caring individual, but she has a deep want for someone to nurture and care for her as well, which Discord clearly does. I was pretty iffy on the ship at first too, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the vibes.


I disagree with the Rarijack thing. They would probably last a bit but eventually they would get sick of each other. Plus there is no way in hell Rarity would want to live on a farm. Opposites don’t always attract and people need to learn that.


Iirc the writers themselves confirmed they were doing it on purpose..


I, too, disagree with Rarijack. Everypony knows Raridash is the better ship.


>Rarity and Applejack both taught each other about opposite sides of their life spectrums and taught each other to appreciate it somehow. The two actually change one another. Love isn't necessarily about teaching and changing. In literary works, it's kind of expected that a love relationship has to have a rational explanation and make some kind of logical sense, but love isn't like that. Most often, it *just happens*. For my own sake, I don't think I'd fall in love with someone who "changes" me. On the contrary, I'd more likely fall in love with someone whom I can feel 100% comfortable being my true self around.


Imma say a big one; mostly everything from S8 and S9


Definitely the idea that alicorns cannot be born alicorns and that they must earn their wings/horn. When this was introduced in the show it majorly ticked me off especially since I cannot see either luna or celestia as anything other than born with pure alicorn blood. Now I can most definitely get by celestia and luna being the only pure-blood alicorns left in existence, while all other alicorns either become alicorns from their achievements, or are born alicorns in some sort of genetic thing, similar to flurry heart. It is even shown in one of the comics, which includes starswirl the bearded, depicting the two sisters as very young and I fail to believe that they had been able to fulfill their destinies already at such a young age especially with their behavior. So there is really no way that I can personally see any pony being unable to be born as an alicorn


Everything that happened after the Crystal Empire two-parter.


TimberTwi or that they broke up sometime later so that Sunset can make her move


Octavia and Discord, hate that episode just because of that. Non canon 100%


Whats With them?


Discord mentions to Big Mac and Spike about how he knows all the gossip around town, and mentions that Octavia and Bulk Biceps went on a romantic date together, hated that


There’s an Octavia episode??? Also I just read why in your reply & I’ve never seen this episode but I hate everything about that 😶


Big Mac getting shipped to that candy maker. Should've married into the Pie clan.


In the last episode it is heavily implied that “Fluttercord” and “Appledash” is canon, I have nothing against these ships, however I would rather view other ships as canon so I consider both Fluttercord and Appledash non-canon I will say if you ship either of these, that’s cool, I don’t really care, at the end of the day, we’re all just really interested in colourful make-believe equines with horns and wings


They can easily be interpreted that way, but a lot of people exaggerate how clear it was.


I love fluttercord but I respect you not hating on the shippers


The entire Last Problem episode


None. The creators make the canon, anything fans make that deviates is fan content. The canon isn't necessarily THE BEST version of events, but the original canon is not my creation, therefore I cannot change it.


Is that really fair or right in your opinion?


I respect this too


All of the shorts episodes!!!


The Iron Will Episode never happened.


I'm the old testament guy, not too familiar with the developements after the 3rd or 4th season, mostly sticking to the first two.


No such thing. If it happened, it happened, whether I like it or not.


AppleDash, I refuse to believe they got together >:( they’re just helping each other on the farm that’s all I see the mane 6 as sisters so I don’t ship any of them together


I don't. If it happened in the show, it's canon. Whether I like it or not. Arbitrarily declaring things "non-canon" makes a mockery of the very concept.


Canon is a term that either needs to die in the west or japan needs to cut us off anime/manga so that it never comes up in conversation ever again. It’s like an addiction or sickness in fandoms. Something that actively harms enjoyment. Friendship is magic, like all western cartoons before it is episodic with continuity established within itself. This means you can reference previous events in prior episodes but there isn’t a serialized story being told from beginning to end. All this is to say canon doesn’t matter. Enjoy your media for what it is. Don’t try to remove something from it just because it doesn’t fit something that doesn’t exist. That just removes something special from something you love because someone told you that you have to say it doesn’t belong.


FiM is serialized though. you do have to watch it somewhat in order. i agree with you about being obsessed with lore and continuity is definitely a detriment to peoples overall enjoyment but a true procedural show is like old Scooby Doo or Ed Edd and Eddy where it truly does not matter where you start watching. a healthy does of suspension of disbelief is required for television and some people just cannot get their heads around that and expect everything to have the detail of Lord of the Rings


No it isn’t serialized. To be serialized, you’d have to have a clear direction for the story to go episode by episode with each one leading into the next. Fim doesn’t do that. Like all other western cartoons, it’s episodic in that it’s meant so that you can watch any episode and not feel lost but be intrigued enough to go to a previous episode to understand where a character came from if that subject were to come up like say a recurring villain. The closest you will ever come to a serialized western cartoon is avatar and korra. The later only because they had to do something after Nickelodeon renewed them beyond their initial mini series order of episodes but it was not conceived from the start to be a show. Fim on the other hand can be fully enjoyed if you watch it from beginning to end in order but someone is meant to get just as much enjoyment from watching it out of order. A foreign concept I know in today’s streaming world where streaming services condition you to use their binge option.


i consider there to be enough changes and over arching plot for me to consider it serialized but i suppose other people dont see it that way. i suppose you dont consider Gravity Falls, Owl House and Steven Universe serialized..? i think they all are.


None of those shows are serialized either. You need the criteria I specified earlier for it to actually be serialized. You can have a narrative that connects multiple episodes and still be episodic. It doesn’t make it serialized. There are entire classes dedicated to telling you the difference between the two.


i get what youre saying, but there is still a continued story being told. it is not completely episodic. you couldnt watch fim out of order- there are episodes that you can, yes, but plots still span a season. so if 'serialized' is Breaking Bad and 'episodic' is spongebob i dont think my above examples fit into either category. edit: i'm so tempted to agree with you i just cant sit here and say Venture Bros and Bojack are episodic. that sounds incredibly incorrect


I think the issue here is that you're viewing serialized vs episodic as a purely black and white issue when I'd say it's really more a spectrum. A show like Gravity Falls has an overarching narrative, mysteries that are solved as the series progresses, character development that sticks, status quo changes, etc. Same with Steven Universe. Same with MLP to an extent too. Shows can mix serialized and episodic elements together. Like, if you say Gravity Falls is just as episodic as Ed, Edd n Eddy I'm gonna look at you a little funny. Not every episode of Gravity Falls is written to work as a good first episode, any episode of the Ed boys could be your first and it really wouldn't matter.


>What parts of the show, do you declare as non-canon? it doesn't work like that. just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's not canon


How do you declare something in the show as non-canon 😭 ya'll wack sometimes


I refuse to believe fluttershy is together with discord cuz it's gross. I pretend he got stoned along with other villains


The existence of the school of friendship.




Pink mane Celestia and Appledash


Originally I convinced myself that Twilight simply had a prolonged lifespan instead of immortality, and that she would still pass away around the same time her friends did. I have now accepted the fact that, yeah, that poor mare is going to be saying a lot of goodbyes.


cheesepie and fluttercord. i just don’t like them as ships and were technically only official for one episode so in my mind they’re not canon lmao


They even have a kid .-.


The movie and any references to it. It just seemed so forced and totally transformed the mlp universe for no reason. It felt like a crossover.


Considering it was in planning since ~2013, the show evolved faster than that plot ever could.


Wow, that was a lot of planning for a 2 star movie


I want to believe enough of the show isn't true that the show is actually an AU to whatever the true story is.


Dash x AJ last episode ship.


Let's see how about all the episodes that make us second guess the character for no reason and the the twenty year jump of nothing so they could end the series


Every Little Thing She Does.


Diamond and Silver as evil! Why!? Here’s an example. I’m still using Diamond Tiara as a villain from seasons 1-4. Imagine that she has a secret hide out under her house, and her family a robots as themselves. Also, imagine Silver Spoon’s parents that are in creepy robes, plus they should have robots as themselves too. So if they’re faking to be reformed, the mane 6 will turn them into stone too.


The Pillars creating the Tree of Harmony. It wasn’t needed at all.


The last problem... Just... No...




Season nine.


The Canon is the Canon all and true. Anything that's headcanon I'm considering an Alt. Universe


To an extent, the 2017 movie. Mostly cuz I didn’t care for it despite loving FIM from start to finish.


The child of pinkie and cheese. Last I checked, pony colors weren't hereditary.


They seem pretty hereditary to me... look at the mane 6's parents and you'll see colour similarities with all except pinkie.




Where are the similarities to twilight?


Are you joking? The purple and blue? Edit to add: also shining armour has his dad's blue, and flurry has pink and purple from her mum and blue from her dad


You know what I always found it weird that the last names aren't hereditary either. Like shining armor instead of shining sparkle


It seems to be only an earth pony thing that names get passed on, either as a last name or just in some other way (like the apples all having apple connections in their names)


There's nothing saying they're not.


Look at Twilight sparkle's entire bloodline.


Cartoon. Ponies. They're fictional. They can be whatever the writers or anyone wants them to be. It's *magic*.


Starlight becoming a main character




Bon Bon being a secret agent is referenced in supplemental material like the chapter books and the comics, so it has to be canon. Crazier things have happened in the show, let's be honest.


> like the chapter books and the comics Which aren't exactly on the same level as the show and have been retconned at times, but it's good that the writers did their homework. And yeah, Bon Bon's occupation isn't too far-fetched in the magical land of Equestria.


I wrote a mini essay as to why The Mysterious Mare Do Well and the events there in are the cause of and undone by the events of Its About Time.


The friendship school. I absolutely hate it, I can see it as being an embassy or a regular college with an emphasis on humanities (for lack of a pony equivalence) but to make it a school for friendship just seems so childish. I also never watched the final episode so I don’t count that either.


Anything after season 3


Everything I don't like isn't canon




Does Gen 5 count? Because I hate thinking of Gen 5 as canon to the continuity of Gen 4; it just ruined so much of the lore.


As little as possible, but also the vast majority of the lines spoken. I just kinda pick and choose, really. It's hard to say.


flurry heart, she was born as a pegasus.


Pretty much all of g5 doesn’t exist to me.


The last crusade


Cosy Glow's betrayal/show off of her true colours and everything following since I see that arc as the reason gen5 exists canonically and, I'm sorry, but I just can't support such an agenda lol. In my own AU I rewrote her power hunger to be the influence of Chrysalis, how, I don't remember, I haven't read it in a while/am reworking said AU. But, yeah, anything thereafter: "Grogar", Mt. Everhoof; etc all aren't canon in my eyes.


well since G5 is a """sequel""" to G4 i would say its not canon, going to pretend it never happened and finished with pony life or should i say chad life.


Episode 23 of Season 8 Get mad.


G5 in general lol. the decisions twilight supposedly makes in g5's canon undermines all the lessons she learns in FIM. i think maybe g5 isnt canon to g4 and vice versa. Instead g5 is the future of an alternate timeline of g4.


G5 is in its own continuity, or is fictional from the perspective of G4.


I can’t remember everything but some stuff off the top of my head are - AppleDash, CheesePie and also that whole weird episode with the buffalo tribe displacement and colonisation stuff 💀


Flash Sentry being an actual love interest for Twilight, though to our credit the show acts like it’s not canon too.


I don't know if this goes as far as Fan Discontinuity but I tend to believe that very few of the songs actually happened in the show. Like, most of them are just in a characters head or memory or just for fun. Only songs like Our Town or Best Friends Until The End of Time actually happened and you can tell because they are referenced by characters.


Lmao that's pretty funny to think about. It makes me think of the moment we're the guy is like you could have won the competition if you didn't sing that song.


I refuse to believe that Vinyl is mute. We never got to hear a word from her, but I believe she just doesn't like her own voice. Alyssa from The End of the F...king World for example also explains that she rather expresses herself through dancing than talking, as she finds it embarrassing saying something wrong or sounding stupid.


I never liked EQG and it’s not canon in my head. Sunset is a decently interesting character without the stupid human thing though


Everything past season 3


the bit at the end with spike where he becomes a weird humanoid chad instead of a dragon


To Many Pinkie Pies episode is not main universe but parallel one with much more dark outlook. I can not make my self believe that that episode is major canon how much dark it is!


It's pretty dark how they just killed those clones


the fact that earth ponies take care of the weather, mainly winter wrap up. imo, itd be MUCH cooler if an alicorn did that.


the fact that earth ponies take care of the weather, mainly winter wrap up. imo, itd be MUCH cooler if an alicorn did that.


Is “everything after season 5” a reasonable answer? If not, I would also accept “everything after season 3.”


A Matter of Principals doesn't exist to me!


The End in Friend. After everything they been through and becoming friendship tutors, how could they possibly just end their friendship just because they have nothing in common?


Twilight looking like Celestia. Not enough bleach to get it out my eyes


^[Sokka-Haiku](https://www.reddit.com/r/SokkaHaikuBot/comments/15kyv9r/what_is_a_sokka_haiku/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) ^by ^Zedanade: *Twilight looking like* *Celestia. Not enough bleach* *To get it out my eyes* --- ^Remember ^that ^one ^time ^Sokka ^accidentally ^used ^an ^extra ^syllable ^in ^that ^Haiku ^Battle ^in ^Ba ^Sing ^Se? ^That ^was ^a ^Sokka ^Haiku ^and ^you ^just ^made ^one.


Most of the replies in this post read like that scene from The Simpsons where Homer is doing Itchy and Scratchy Q&A. [https://youtu.be/JQH2rmQ5-vk](https://youtu.be/JQH2rmQ5-vk)


Except it does in her brothers case because she calls him BBBFF (Big Brother Best FRIEND Forever) Spike was shown to be much more her assistant than friend.