The Fanfic Recommendation Link-Swap Thread

So, because it's No-Pics Thursday (August 24th, 2023) today, you know what that means...

It's time for the Weekly Fanfic Recommendation LINK-SWAP Game thread to continue!

Anyways, THE RULES (read 'em carefully):

  • Post a link to a fanfiction you like (can be your own as well - it's okay to self-promote), with or without a short blurb.

  • Important: Reply to someone else's post with a link to a fanfiction you think they might like, based on their choices.

  • Put each of your choices in a separate post if you want to make sure to get a recommendation based on each one. You may reply to someone else's reply, either to you or to someone else. Please make long discussion threads, they introduce a healthy bit of exploration and can help us find new interests! And that's it!

PLEASE COMPLETE BOTH STEPS 1 and 2. Don't just show up and ask for recommendations if you're not willing to provide any. I'll start the first few threads myself, and reply with a gentle reminder if you forget.

IMPORTANT NOTE. Thanks to /u/BookHorseBot (many thanks to their creator, /u/BitzLeon), you can now use the aforementioned bot to easily post the name, description, views, rating, tags, and a bunch of other information about a fic hosted on Fimfiction.net. All you need to do is include "{NAME OF STORY}" in your comment (without quotes), and the bot will look up the story and respond to your comment with the info. It makes sharing stories really convenient. You can even lookup multiple stories at once.

Ready? Set? LET"S GO! Also, feel free to self-promote in here!

Last week's thread on August 17th, 2023.


> *"Usually when something explodes in Equestria, Twilight had something to do with it. So, out with it. And perhaps while you’re explaining yourself, I could get a towel?"* {[One Assassination Attempt Too Many](https://www.fimfiction.net/story/425072/one-assassination-attempt-too-many)} by naturalbornderpy recommended by Megabrick ~ 3k words Twilight introduces fragile, gooey body doubles to protect against situations like Chrysalis' daily "package deliveries". A comedy filled with gags and fun.