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This is the thread for discussing anything pertaining to Fanfiction in general. Like your ideas, thoughts, what you're reading, etc. This differs from my Fanfic Recommendation Link-Swap Thread, as that focuses primarily on recommendations. Every week these two threads will be posted at alternate times.

Although, if you like, you can talk about fics you don't necessarily recommend but found entertaining.

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I swear, these threads used to be posted a few hours earlier... Anyway, today I finished Amphibia, and came to the realisation that I lost interest in canon-compliant fanfics a loooong time ago. For example, I started reading a long Amphibia AU back when I'd only seen the first two episodes, but I have no desire to read anything that takes place in canon. Same with Animorphs and My Little Pony, unless the fics focus on supporting characters. It might be because I think the main characters' stories were cohesive enough, so I don't long for more of them.


As a series goes on, it can very quickly end up being extremely difficult to hold entirely to canon while writing a story that covers something not in the show. (For me, I think I hit that point somewhere around S3 of FiM.) For similar reasons, I often find myself struggling to write the M6 versus supporting, secondary, or even original characters: Their stories are largely complete and well-told, and the particular direction my brain-juices go doesn't work very well with their arcs.


> *"Right when the first firework goes off and signals the new year, you’re supposed to give a kiss to the pony you love most in the world."* {[The Firework Lotus](https://www.fimfiction.net/story/157069/the-firework-lotus)} by ArgonMatrix recommended by 6-D Pegasus ~ 17k words Spike struggles with the changing nature of the yearly event that holds the most meaning to him and his family. The Firework Lotus, a celebration and ceremony marking the new year, frames the entirety of this touching emotional piece. The story takes place during four different instances of the celebration at different points in Spike's life, each one progressively more detailed than the last. This repetition initially seems redundant — why would we want to hear about the same event occur similarly twice in a row? But only after reaching the end can it be seen how these flashbacks provide weight to the important moments. That imbalance is how the fic is arranged. So much of the dramatic energy is pressurized into the final moments, and everything leading up to it feels like a setup — a vehicle on a ramped collision course dead set on colliding at the bottom. This could be considered a blessing just as much as it could be a curse. I'm ashamed to admit that I found myself somewhat bored in the first half of the story, considering how engaging the final act proved to be. Setting aside the drama and emotional weight, this author crafted some impressive descriptions from start to finish. It is a feat of worldbuilding to create an event that gives the impression of being more solidified in canon than canon itself. The mane 6's performances of that event are not the focus of the story — that lies within Spike — yet their circus-like spectacles were imaginative and awe-inspiring. Despite being in written form, the imagery takes center stage both literally and figuratively. > *"Why do things have to change, Twilight? I was so happy—we were so happy before. Why do things always have to change?"* The core theme on display here is the relationship between Twilight and Spike. Everything else exists simply to fuel the dramatics of their relationship. There comes a time when Spike can no longer rest sleepily on the back of the unicorn he loves most while watching the fireworks, and when that tradition threatens to break, we get to see the emotion and love hiding behind the distraught dragon. Meaningful anecdotes of similar situations from those he interacts with add to the already stacked plate of depth and tension. This dramatic side of Spike and Twilight's relationship isn't often explored in the show, which instead typically favors their goofy sibling dynamics. But here in the words of this story, their bond is at its best. > *"And as the firework lotus burned far below, everything was perfect."* And it was. Perfect. That final moment everything had led up to brought tears to my eyes. The narrative structure of the ending, repeating the countdown of the story's opening lines one final time, could be seen from a mile away yet still hits just as hard. This fic manages to achieve that which I always have trouble describing in my analyses: keeping everything so self-contained and centralized around a core theme, where no moment feels out of place and everything has been planned out from the beginning. In this case, it is the core theme of familial love. For a story that began as a mediocre descrption of events, The Firework Lotus had found a solid placement in my favourites list by the final act.


[](/pinkie) Like [last week](https://old.reddit.com/r/mylittlepony/comments/15tytko/general_fanfiction_discussion_thread/jwmlltx/). **What fics and stories did you read this week?**. Even non-pony fics can be listed, Just please list the names and the approximate word counts.


[](/twifret) Between my interviews today and some sort of respiratory illness hitting me hard since yesterday, I had not had much energy to do any sort of reading this week.I remain at the start of "~ Act II ~ 24 ~ The Light of the Library ~" of { [*The Enchanted Library*](https://www.fimfiction.net/story/240255/the-enchanted-library) } for a total of 221,650 words out of 337,147 words total.


[](/celestiasquint) Thread's up /u/NewWillinium, /u/Nitro_Indigo, and /u/Supermarine_Spitfire.


[](/sunsetgrump) You too /u/MetaSkipper and u/JesterOfDestiny.