Fluttershy MBTI?

Every cute little "which pony are you?" MBTI photo says Fluttershy is ISFJ. I think I've seen ISFP before, too. I'm curious who decides, and what makes her ISFJ. I would have pinged her as INFP, like myself, since we are so incredibly similar. But I'm sure there are some key differences between us. Hard to say since I'm, well, me, and she's a fictional cartoon pony. But I an curious about it nonetheless! What do you guys think?


I don’t know much about mbti but I personally think there isn’t a concrete way to categorize personalities. Some days I swing a certain way and some days I view thing differently so I always thought my category was inaccurate


Most people get differ results every time they test; mbti has no scientific basis. There is a scientific approach to personality that’s similar but uses different vectors.


All people exhibit behavior of different personality types, the point is which style of behavior you resort to most often. I know that it’s hard to see this when you live in the moment, but I promise that you will see patterns if you collect information about yourself over a long time.


I think ISFJ is fitting for her. She demonstrates an Si dominant function with her attention to detail, getting everything in place. She is very attuned to what all her animals, friends, whoever's needs are, which can be auxiliary Fe. She really thrives in a harmonious environment and can become distressed by conflicts between two beings, which can also be indicative of Fe. Fe thrives on group harmony.


So interesting! I'm hearing a lot of different perspectives. It's hard to say for sure. Thank you for your input! I love hearing everyone's thoughts especially since I'm not very well versed in this. Very interesting


Fluttershy was much easier for me to identify than most characters. Her solitary preference and sensitivity to stimuli places her as **Introvert**. Her grounded worldview, focus on surface-level detail, and strong habits places her as **Sensing**. Her emotional expression and priority of feelings over logic puts her as **Feeling**. Her organization, preference to structure over spontaneity, and value of clarity and closure places her as **Judging**. From the ground up, we get ISFJ. Stereotypes aside, her qualities as a Defender are best expressed in episodes like Keep Calm and Flutter On. I really can't picture her straddling any other personality type - she seems pretty solid in each category.


[](/fluttershh) I think it's just that the ISFJ stereotype is being the caretaker. So they see a character who takes care of others and pin them as ISFJ without thinking. And while there's grounds for the stereotype, Fluttershy is just not it, since she is obviously Fi. And Fi lead at that. [](/sp) [](/fluttershy) With ISFJ, the feeling and thinking functions are in the middle. And while the ISFJ might have a slight preference over one or the other, the two functions are still in relative balance. That means, they have no problem connecting with people, but will also be able to hold their ground in a logical context. They tend to have more discrepancy between the sensing and intuition, which are their first and last functions, respectively. They'll have more problems adjusting their worldviews to new ideas. [](/sp) [](/flutternice) The ISFJ caretaker stereotype comes from the balance between the feeling and thinking. They got an idea of what's right and have no problem putting those ideas into actions. They know what's important and will project that onto others through Fe. Paired with the fact that external functions work on a wide spectrum, so there's always enough feelings to radiate to everybody, when it comes to FJs. Fi is the opposite of that. It narrows down and concentrates in one point. Internal feelers tend to have very deep wells of emotion inside themselves, with a limited scope. It is not a spectrum, but a few very deeply held values. And when one of those deeply held values happens to be the wellbeing of animals, for examples, well, that's how you get a caretaker, that isn't an ISFJ. [](/sp) [](/flutterwink) Okay so Fluttershy is clearly an IxFP. The remaining question is whether she favours intuition or sensing. Which is pretty tough, since those are her middle functions. The ones that are balanced, so it's harder to spot them. But if she was an INFP, then that would mean external intuition on second place. Which is the function that makes one curious and eager to explore new ideas. Do we really see Fluttershy do that? Do we know her as someone who's always ready to search for new possibilities? Does she use a lot of free-association? No, not really. **I say she's an ISFP**. [](/sp) [](/flutterkay) Edit: Uh, so this came out a bit longer than originally intended. I also used a lot of more advanced terminology and concepts, so some people might not even understand it. Feel free to ask questions.


Wow, I think that is so fascinating! I really enjoyed reading your in depth explanation. I do not know very much about MBTI but I love learning about personalities, especially my own and those who share similarities to me. So I find this all super interesting. Thank you for taking the time to type out that very detailed and in depth reply. I enjoyed reading it. I agree with your observations based on my limited knowledge. It's always fun to learn more about the nature of characters I love. /)


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She seems like isfj to me


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