Who are the best parents?

Whoever raised Cozy Glow, I wanna speak to your manager.


Whoever raised Cozy Glow, I wanna speak to your manager.


With her attitude, I’m betting they’re already dead….. by her hooves. Or at least as “dead” as this show’s age rating allows.


Cozy Glow Gregor Clegene'ed her parents in my headcanon


I doubt they were dead because of her. She might become straight evil because of not having them. That's how many bullies are in real life. Though it still makes Cozy boring character, because she was just evil for the sake of evil. More evil than any other villain in the series, that at least have motives. She didn't. Her motives were to be evil.


I was joking about her killing them. 😂




maybe her parents abandoned her when she was a baby. All I can think of ''how exactly they abandoned her?'' is Penguins origin from Batman Returns haha




Tirek and Chrysalis did a better job honestly


Look up "comic:Fix" on Derpibooru for a fan interpretation of her parents.


I think I know of which you talk of. The one where twilight goes to help the three after the end of FiM and her friends end up going with as well right?


I think you have the right idea.


I love that comic. I always wondered what kind of childhood cozy could have. It was nice to give her some development that way. It was even nicer to have a solid end for the three instead of ‘stonify!’ I felt that was a little cheap.


Lol yeah


To be fair, she could have just been born that way


Twilight’s are definitely the healthiest. Scootaloo’s parents are kind of still teenagers, RD’s are… definitely the parents of an only child to say the least, the fact that Fluttershy’s parents make her look outspoken says a lot, and Diamond Tiara’s are just… not a vibe.


Not to bring things down but RD's parents give me the vibe of people who wanted more than one kid but for whatever reason couldn't


They should just adopt Scootaloo. Her parents are so absent they wouldn't even notice.


OMG yes. I mean, RD is already basically scootaloo's big sister so why not?


I want that so much-


rd wasn't even supposed to have a sisterly relationship w scooltaloo at all acc to lauren faust which is crazy to think ab


I can't imagine them not having a sisterly relationship!


honestly, same but Faust said rd was too reckless to be an older-sister figure


But she's a great sister!


Yeah, I mean I don't recall seeing anything prior to season 3 so it doesn't surprise me that it wasn't planned from the beginning.


like twilight becoming princess twilight that wasn't supposed to happen either


They did actually seem to really adore Scootaloo and she seemed to enjoy getting a lot of praise according to the episode’s premise. ( I know praise isn’t the word I should use but I forgot how to spell incuragement.) But her aunts do seem like they’d be pretty good parental figures now that they’ve decided to move to Ponyville to care for her full time.


I didn't even realize Scootaloo had parents until i saw this post tbqh. I still haven't seen the last season.


Yeah, I agree. But just because they wanted more kids doesn’t mean they’re parenting style doesn’t scream only child. Parents of only one child are usually overly supportive to a fault, are willing to give their child a lot more than parents of multiple kids are, and are a lot more likely to be smothering. I’m an only child, and RD’s parents are kind of just a more extreme version of mine.


Hold on, hold on, hold on, Scootaloo had parents show up? WHEN?! Edit: nvm, I just didn’t find the image.


Season 9


For real that picture of the Riches would not look out of place as a loading screen for GTA V


Flutters parents simply because of the line "we cant all be as outspoken as you fluttershy." When we learn that **shes** the assertive one, wild and hilarious


Which speaks volumes about them if you look back at early Fluttershy.


I would say that happened after she's grown so much, but her parents have hardly seen her so are talking about how she used to be.


Twilight’s. Scootaloo’s, sweetie belle’s, diamond tiara’s can all be ruled out from the get go. Fluttershy’s parents let their son walk all over them, to the point fluttershy thinks it pathetic. Firelight, stellar flare, and rainbow’s parents have episodes about their not-so-great relationships with their kids. Can’t say much for pinkie or applejack’s folks, they don’t get much time to be parents on screen. Cadance and shining armor are fine, and doing their best, as well as the cakes. But the ones who seem to actually have their kids grow up the best are (drumroll please) Twilight velvet and Nightlight! Their kids become SUPER important, and it’s clear they have a great relationship with their kids. And we see them be super encouraging and present, even in their adult lives.


Wait why are Sweetie Belle's and Rarity's parents bad?


They're largely absent from Sweetie's life, dumping their youngest daughter onto their very busy eldest who is working hard to run her own business from the ground up. Maybe Sweetie wants to live with Rarity and it's clear Rarity enjoys having her around, but Sweetie isn't old enough to make that choice and it clearly isn't wise (or polite) to dump their kid on a pony who already has her hooves full enough with her own business. Rarity's independent nature could come from her parents lack of direction in life and aversion to committed responsibility, something she compensates for by working hard to make her own life meaningful. Meanwhile, Sweetie's oblivious nature could be due to her parents laid-back lifestyle, again coming back to that lack of direction in her life that makes navigating social situations more confusing for her. Maybe it's just me, and it's probably just her personality, but Sweetie often seems to be the most unaware of the CMC. Scootaloo is assured in herself, Applebloom is confident yet curious, yet Sweetie Belle seems to struggle with with understanding others emotions + the affect she has on them (more so than her two friends)


ohh that makes sense


I mean Twilight's parents get the credit for raising one of the first princesses in a 1000 moons, the captain of the guard, being inlaws to one of the other first princesses in 1000 years, and grandparenting an alicorn. I think they win out of sheer credentials.


Yeah they got sheer high quality retirement with just connections alone.


I'd say Twilight's parents. Both Shining and Twilight grew up to be pretty great individuals and we haven't seen any major problems from them. A lot of the other parents, while genuinely caring and probably good overall have shown some issues. Either smothering their kids, trying too hard to plan their life out, being pushovers, etc. Shining and Cadance and the Cakes seem like good parents mostly, but we only see them parenting babies so it's hard to judge how great they'll be with older kids. I'm sure the Apple parents were great but we never really got to see them raise their kids at all so I can't judge them, and Rarity/Sweetie's parents also don't show up enough for me to judge. Filthy Rich seems like a pretty decent dad on his own, but Spoiled is a terrible mom and drags him down with her since he's clearly not doing enough to stop her for whatever reason. Scootaloo's parents just suck.


Definitely agree on Twi and Shining’s parents. Both their kids turned out to be freakin’ royalty, one of whom became an alicorn, and the other not only married another princess but also fathered a goddamn one of a kind genetic miracle. Them Sparkle genes came to win.


>Rarity/Sweetie's parents also don't show up enough And that is exactly the reason of why they are bad parents


But the question is, do they not show up enough because they're gone all the time like Scootaloo's parents, or do they not show up enough because they're around but the show just doesn't feel like focusing on them at all? They go on vacation in Sisterhooves Social and leave Sweetie with Rarity, which isn't a great first impression but we don't know how common that is. There's shots in later episodes where they're around. One with them at an event with Sweetie Belle, and there's one scene where Sweetie seems to have a room in a house other than Rarity's, and her father is fishing out front of it. So, that's why it's hard to judge. I don't know if they're absent all the time or if they're around and the show just didn't show it.


I don't know about best, but Cadance and Shiny Armor are the most relatable. I don't even have kids yet 😅


Are we just gonna forget Scootaloo's lesbian aunts who took her in and gave her a home? They're parents, too. I'd say they were pretty damn good ones considering they raised a Cutie Mark Crusader. Also, Applejack and Big Mac count as parents for raising Apple Bloom and Rarity counts as a single mom for raising her little sister.


Of course they are a parent figures and a family, but I couldn't call them a literal parents


Parenting isn't just about being genetically related. It's kind of unfair toward adoptive parents and all of us who've been adopted to not be inclusive of them, too.


The real question we should ask is who is the worst parents


Is that even a question… Diamond Tiara’s


I dunno... Don't count out Scootaloo's parents from the running.


Believe me, I'd much rather have neglectful parents that don't even try to raise me and leave me in better hooves compared to actively abusive parents, or at least an active abuser and an enabler.


My mom




I mean, my favorite episode in the entire series is the perfect pair, so it’s simple Bright Mac and Pear Butter


I don't remember scootaloos parents 😭😭 I thought she was an orphan


She was raised by lesbian aunts.


\*Gets to pic 8, proceeds to load M249-Browning\*


mr and mrs shy because they are so so sweet and its so cute that mr shy collects clouds


The cakes


The Pies, probably; all of their kids are kinda weird, and yet there’s not a lot of tension between them.


Until you touch the fucking boulder


Igneous Rock is a WILD name 😭😭


It’s so cool though.


The pies are the best in my opinion


Twilights parents def


I'd call it a tie between: \-Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles it didn't matter to them which place that Rainbow dash got in a contest, they cheered her on every time. \-Igenous Rock Pie and Cloudy Quartz Despite Pinkie being so different from the rest of them, they didn't shame her or force her to be like them, they love her just the same \-Cadence and Shining Armor They're literally raising an Alicorn from birth and continue on through any struggles or challenges while leading a kingdom and they're also good at not letting Flurry Heart be smothered or overburdened with being famous because of being a royal. \-Mr. and Mrs. Cake Running a business while raising twin foals where one's a unicorn and one's a pegasus. \-Bright Mac and Pear Butter they loved their kids and were very supportive ​ ​ ​ for a few of the others it's hard to tell because they didn't get enough parenting screen time ​ as for any others, they just generally suck/ doesn't have a spine to properly make their kids into proper adults/literally abandoned their kids.


Well outside of spoiled rich, Scoot parents and Queen Rarity they're all amazing and great parents who has some flaws but still is ultimately doing their best to make them child happy no matter what and giving the childs some amazing life https://preview.redd.it/xkwf10gpc7ib1.jpeg?width=736&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=0b3a062fd7af8b7037d066245c2e07314ace1e0a


My parents! But i do like Igneous Rock Pie, Couldy Quarts, Mr.Cake And Mrs.Cake too.


Twilights parent


Twilight Velvet and Night Light by FAR. The only time we see them are when theyre supporting their kids, and they do so wholeheartedly. Bow and Windy close second, though lose points since Dash is a grown adult and theyve clearly been overbearing for a long time and never picked up on how uncomfortable that made her. They clearly love their daughter though and would do anything for her. Igneous and Cloudy, and Mr. & Mrs. Shy are tied for third. They both clearly love their daughters but seem to have a kind of distance about them either through lack of understanding/differing personalities (Pies) or an inability to stand up for/to their children when its for their benefit (Shys). Pear and Bright are disqualified because they died and we never see them parent lol


At the very bottom are scootaloo’s parents. They honestly need to be there in jail for parental neglect, or allow their daughter to be adopted by her aunts. Like good lord they really fucked up as parents on a legal level. Second to worst is diamond’s parents for blatant classism and teaching their daughter to be an asshole to everyone. Third worst would be sweetie bell’s and rarity’s parents. They are always never their for their children but at least left sweetie bell with an (most likely) adult older sister. Rainbow dash’s parents are the 4th worst being that are way too much and practical happily allow rainbow to walk all over them if she wanted to similar to the fluttershy’s parents but they are slightly worse for just for willing to justify rainbows sometimes shitty behavior. Now Fluttershy’s parents are similar to rainbow’s as they are ok with their children doing whatever they wish as long it makes them happy but their slightly better because they are way to kind and soft spoken. Stellar flair and firelight are about the same and can’t accept their children are adults with their own lives but other than that their fine. The rest are fine and good parents the only ones I believe are at the top would be AJ’s parents.


Derpy is the best mom.


Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles. HANDS DOWN they're awesome. I mean, they're annoying as parents but still super awesome. A close second would be Shining Armor and Princess Cadence/ Twilight Velvet and Night Light. They're just really good parents and the most realistic to say the least. Spoiled Rich and Filthy Rich shouldn't even be on the list. The things they did to Diamond Tiara was just not cool man. ESPECIALLY SPOILED RICH.


Rainbow’s parents are top tier. You can *feel* the love in that picture.


Pear Butter & Bright Mac imo, while we don't get to see how they impacted Applejack, Apple Bloom and Big Mac, we can easily assume that they would do anything for those three if they were still alive, based on what they were willing to do for each other; there's no doubt that they were amazing parents to Applejack and Big Mac (I don't mention Apple Bloom because I think they were dead when Apple Bloom was born?) Irrelevant but I can't get over the fact Twilight Velvet named her youngest Twilight Sparkle


Twilight's parents just casually birthed records of events that'll probably never happen again so they got that going for them. Pinkie's parents...what do y'all think of them? Personal I think they kinda suck.. like imagine being like Pinkie's age in the cutie mark chronicles and never smiling? That's misery


I guess majority are going for Twilight's parents. It's not even a competition, Rainbow Dash's parent don't even come close to being as good as Twilight's prents.


i don’t even know why you’d include diamond tiara’s parents 😭


Best to worst imo: 1. Bright Mac & Pear Butter (Actual characters & I love them so much, they made me cry) 2. Mr. & Mrs. Cake (Actual characters, very endearing all throughout the series) 3. Cadence & Shining Armor (Actual characters, they're likeable enough throughout the series) 4. Igneous Rock Pie & Cloudy Quartz (Funny concept, that's about it) 5. Mr. & Mrs. Shy (Blank slates as well, but they have better designs) 6. Twilight Velvet & Night Light (Literal blank slates, I don't remember anything about them) 7. Bows Hothoof & Windy Whistles (Not that bad, I just find them annoying) 8. Firelight & Stellar Flare (Both of them are so annoying and they both ignore their child's feelings all throughout their life until the episode they starred in) 9. Hondo Flanks & Cookie Crumbles (Seem like absent parents, which angers me) 10. Snap Shutter & Mane Allgood (Actual absent parents, which angers me) 11. Flithy Rich & Spoiled Rich (Emotionally neglectful at the least, likely worse)


*scootaloo has parents*?


How are the Rich’s even allowed on this list? They emotionally abused their child to the point she became a giant mean girl just trying to please them and thought she couldn’t be anything else.


Rainbow's parents IMHO.


All these answers are good parents, except Scoot’s Rarity’s and Diamond Tiara. Everyone else is good and tried thier best stumbled a bit but everything turned out good I dont care for Cadence and Shining but thats the writers not them as characters


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I shouldn’t have checked


I'm glad I checked.




Rainbow’s parents


I wanna say applejacks parents because I have a soft spot for them, but honestly they were probably wonderful parents. Full of love and incredibly understanding because of the things they went through !!


Shining Armor and Cadence


Flutter parents are so cute and sweet.


I'd go with AJ's parents, cause Granny and Apple family, and I still laugh at seeing mustaches on ponies!


AJ and Rainbow both have lovely parents. I know Rainbow's were overbearing but they remind me of my parents as an only child whose parents wanted a baby for many years before, miraculously, I finally came into the world. So I can see where her parents are coming from. And annoying and over the top as it is, there's something special about parents who really love their child. Every child deserves parents who will cheer their kid on, hopefully in a less obsessive way, but Parental support Is invaluable. I sure am grateful for mine and I wish everyone had it. Applejack also had some amazing parents in terms of character, but we sadly never saw them parent their kids. As amazing as their kids turned out, though, I'm sure they were wonderful while they were still around. I still wish we knew what happened to them. I hope it happened quick and painlessly. :(


Clearly not scootaloos


Personally the Pies are the best imo, when their daughter decided to diverge completely from their familial culture they didn’t even hesitate to support and love her just like they always did, even if she was strange and an outlier


Bright Mac and Pear Butter. And it’s not even close


I feel like AJ's parents are the best. They seem like the type to just stick with family throughout thick and thin, and do everything they can to be good parents. I don't wanna hear "oh but they're dead." It's not their fault they died........ probably


# Twilight's Parents They are very supportive and allowed her to get the best education she could possible dream of. # Pies They are stereotypical... old school strict parents. They are not very supportive. They do love Pinkie and all, but they give me vibes of the childhood of my parents, when I listen to the stories how they couldn't do this or that and were punished. # AJ's Parents Not only supportive, but they actually made the family possible. Their love exist beyond their own lives. # Rainbow's Parents Oversupportive and annoying. I didn't like the episode with them **at all**. Dashie wasn't wrong to be mad at them but she was shown like she was the worst child possible. She wasn't. They were annoyance and treated her like she was 5. I understand that they wanted well for her. But they weren't doing it right. They were mad first second when they were criticized. # Fluttershy's Parrents They were the classic "I don't know how to raise my own kids" parents, spoiling Zephyr. I hate parents that spoil their kids. It's worse than strict parents. # Rarity's Parents I forgot they even exist. They showed up in one scene of one episode to drop and introduce Sweetie Belle to the audience, then just vanished and never came back. Though, I must say, they have interesting vibes. Her mother looks more like a fashion oriented mare, but her father looks like taken straight out the farm, which is interesting mix. Which is weird, because Rarity were later mimicking AJ in grotesque way, shouldn't she actually have the experience firsthoof? # Verdict Easily AJ's parents. But second place comes to Twilight's parents. The last place would go to RD's parents. Rarity is outside the list, because we didn't see them enough, but her parents are interesting by design. Then second worst would go to Flutters and the middle place would go to Pies, because interesting design and despite being weird and strict, they still show support towards Pinkie. # Edit I didn't know it's all the parents from the show. I don't know what to say after I already placed the Mane6 parents, so I just leave them. Though some parents were weird. Like Scoot's.


probably not pinkie's parents.


I will always have a place in my heart for Applejacks parents and their backstory


Stellar Flare is the soul creator of Sunburst? Good to know she didnt need no man


Sunburst does have a father in a flash back, but he doesn't have an official name.


I think you missed one. You should have rarity on the list. Hondo and Cookie are Rarity's parents and Sweetie Belle's grandparents... Hondo and Cookie just claim to be Sweeties parents because Rarity isn't ready to be mom.


Fluttershy’s parents just seem pleasant and cozy to be around 24/7.


I think we all know who isn't winning


Between the mane 6, I would say RD's parents are the best. RD did not value them the enough. The worst, I would say rarity's parents. Quite carefree, and always left sweetie Belle in charge. I could say the same of Twilight's


Why the hell are Tiara's parents even counted


I’d say either Twilight Velvet and Night Light, or Candance and Shining Armour, as they seem the most healthy and normal parents. I would also say Bright Mac and Pear Butter, but we don’t have any parenting examples of them, because, you know…


Bright Mac and Pear Butter is my favorite couple here, but I’m not sure how they were as parents. So I’m gonna go with Twilight Velvet and Night Light since both of their kids ended up being very successful/high class


Easily Cadence and Shining Armor


Cadence and Shining Armor On top of being a sweet and loving couple, they care about Flurry Heart so much they get tearful at the thought of being away from her for too long.




Probably cadence and shining armour in my opinion bc they’re some of my favourite ponies


Twilight's parents easily.


Rainbow Dash's parents. Like, they're so supportive. They did everything they could to support her and her dreams. Yea it was a little over the top and Rainbow often hot embarrassed but she still had AMAZING parents. Cadence and Shining Armour too. So exhausted but definitely trying their best. 💗


I didn't remember any of them, I really feel like I missed half of the serie, but cause of my family issues I want to meet Shy's family so bad 😔


I think Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor's parents might be the best. They are always supportive of their children's achievements


Cadence and Shining Armor


Dashie's parents are the most supportive, but I feel like Flutter's parents are just super sweet. I really don't think Scootaloo's parents should even be on that list. Her aunts should be, though.


Cadance and Shinning Armor take it for me because they are succeeding in raising a demigod. Edit to add, Twilight's parents have proven they are great patents as they have great relationships with their foals and are for the most part shown to be very stable.


Scootaloo parents shouldn’t even be qualified ☠️


I saw you sneak in spoiled rich and filthy rich


I lean to RD’s parents. Biggest reason is because they took up the mantle of parents once more for Scootaloo. They were always so supportive and it helped their daughter grow, yes, she grew so she wouldn’t be embarrassed of them cheering her on even though she didn’t win or there was no winner, but she thrived. Now she and her parents do this for Scoots. I know twi’s parents helped raise Spike but this was never truly shown. All in all. I love Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles for this. That’s why they are the best parents.


Whoever says Diamond Tiara's parents are the best parents: No, it's the worst


I’m feeling mr and mrs cake but that might just br cause they are the parents we know the best I would say


People saying Twilight’s parents are the best seem to be forgetting they were relatively neglectful of Spike. He’s an adopted son and he was treated like a second-class child in that household. Twilight and Shining Armor seem to realize this in the sibling competition when Spike asserts himself by winning when they didn’t even realize he was a player.


I love the image chosen for Cadance and Shining Armour


Sunburst’s mom has got it going on….


Firelight, because that one doesn't come with a hot mom.