I’m almost finished FIM, but I’m scared to finish it

I only have a few episodes left (including some I accidentally skipped over), before I finish FiM. This show has been an absolute blast to watch, and helped me when I wasn’t feeling so great. But now that it’s almost over, I don’t want the good times to end. What should I do?


If you don’t watch the actual end, the show’s just going to end earlier for you.


i understand exactly how you feel because yesterday i finally finished friendship is magic, i was scared to leave it all behind but the last episode is just about that lesson, even if the FIM is over you will still have the good times and you can watch it again (and also there is a vast content of comics that are released until today)


Don't listen to anyone else here because they don't seem to show their understanding of your situation. You found a great show. It's your comfort show. It fills in your time and makes you feel good. Once it ends, that's it. No more new content, no new stories. You will finalize in your mind that that is the end of the journey. I'd slow it down. I'm currently at the 4th to last episode of Friends, I already watched the show several years ago but forgot a lot of it because I had bingewatched it. I'm taking my time. Maybe watch a bit of one episode everyday. And then wait maybe a couple weeks, and rewatch it. Maybe fill in your time with fanfiction or you could read the comics. Comics are pretty good too, when I first found out about them it was three-four years after the show ended. It was like finding hidden gold. Hope this helps. One more thing: if I find a really good show, I usually never lose complete interest in it. I found MLP when I was 12, about 10 years ago. Usually, with a really good show, your mind wanders into possibilities of different stories with the same characters. I'd write my own fanfiction that id really enjoy reading, and then wait a couple years for my mind to forget that I wrote it, and then find it again. It's like... the best gift I could give myself. Downside is that it takes at least two years for the story to be ripe for the picking.


I felt the same way, but the best thing about shows is you can always rewatch them! I’m currently on my second watch through after just finishing it for the first time this july


I'd agree. It's hard not to rewatch it when it makes that much of an impact on you. I just finished it for the 3rd time, and I'm not really sure where to go from here. Just keep watching it again? Seems like that would get stale, eventually. I'm trying to get through Pony Life, but it's just not the same. I might try to learn French by watching it in that language, since I know the lines so well by now. Or, I might start making some kind of fan animation of my own. Anyway, I'm sure I'll find something, but if I don't, I've still had a ton of fun with the series.


Finish it. You can always watch it again. Not really understanding what you're afraid of


I am in an identical situation, and my fear is that I may lose interest after reaching the end of the series. I don't want to lose interest.


Why are people so afraid to finish the series with such a fandom? Like, guys, you watch the lake of the show, and you will have an ocean of fan content ahead of you. Over 10+ years, the fandom has accumulated countless art, fanfiction, music and fan animations, there is always more to see


Don't forget, there's also Equestria Girls too!


Yeah, definitely finish it, you'll eventually learn to live with the abysmal gap in your heart it's gonna leave. We all do.


Felt the same way too, finished the series today.


Don't be sad that it's over. Be happy that it happened.


I’m only in season 5 so i have a lot of the show left, but once i finish it im probably gonna rewatch it over and over again. I’ll probably read the comics and stuff and there’s also that fim movie i think


Comics are amazing


Well, maybe you will eventually finish everything, but for now, you’ve got Equestria Girls, the comics (which are phenomenal), various minor canon stuff, and then the second or so most fanfiction of any IP in the world! You’ve got a ways to go yet.


I don’t plan on watching EG, but I do plan on reading the comics and fanfics!


Obviously it’s your choice, but you should definitely watch EQG. The average quality is at or above the average quality of the show; if you skip the first movie (which is entirely possible), there isn’t a bad movie or special in there. Rainbow Rocks, Forgotten Friendship, and the holidays unwrapped shorts are my personal favorites.


I was a little anxious that the show will end while I was watching it aswell, but there are so many official comics, books and fan made content to consume that I figured there was no reason to worry about the end so much. There are magnitudes of pony content outside of the show, you just have to find it.


Thanks a ton! Any suggestions for fan content and official books?


I am currently only reading IDW's [MLP FIM series](https://readcomiconline.li/Comic/My-Little-Pony-Friendship-is-Magic) and [MLP Friends Forever series](https://readcomiconline.li/Comic/My-Little-Pony-Friends-Forever) but you can find a list of all MLP comics [here](https://mlp.fandom.com/wiki/My_Little_Pony:_Friendship_is_Magic_(comics)) using the issue guide. I only read a single page of one MLP book (it was in a MLP FIM comic) but i reccomend G.M.Berrow's books, the list of which can be found [here](https://mlp.fandom.com/wiki/Chapter_books). Though I am unsure where you can read them for free. For fan content I suggest ["Anon's pie adventure"](https://www.canterlotcomics.com/comic/en/anon_s_pie_adventure-310) by pencil (however it is unfinished and I do not know if he is still working on it), [the last adventure](https://www.canterlotcomics.com/comic/en/the_last_adventure-1577) and [Discord's jurney through Death](https://www.canterlotcomics.com/comic/en/discord_s_journey_through_death-1711) by Eveeka and TheFVguy (the last two fanfics are connected).


I can understand that feeling but you can still rewatch or watch something new to fill that space https://preview.redd.it/0j6ztevzilhb1.jpeg?width=468&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=c7704731af1fa312f4f25eeca0c881e0b89e8ed6


I never watched most of season 9, so in my mind FiM still carries on! Why yes, my Egyptian river cruise *is* nice, thanks. [](/c07)


Who knows what adventures the Mane 6 are going on after the show ends, and the experiences of the successors as well! The show may have ended, but their adventures never will, at least in my mind :)


I was in the same boat as you.. I stuck with the show as it was airing up until the final season.. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it.. I ended up waiting a year and a half to two years I think it was before I finally watched it.. the ride is never truly over though.. I’m still here rewatching the show and hanging out having a good time.. plus I’m enjoying G5 as well..


Don't worry, there are a lot of comics, books and fan content to stay tuned to this great fandom


Gonna be honest, I've been a brony since 2013 and I haven't seen the last 4 episodes, and I don't think I'll ever watch them.


I feel you, I’ve been stuck in season 9 for almost a year now for the same reason


I wouldn't say it's ended honestly, g5 is good still going and just close enough in terms of story and feel to g4 but still far enough to feel fresh, I was in a similar situation and it worked for me


Honestly, I feel as though G5 isn’t great, and falls flat in a lot of areas, even with the improvement of quality in Chapter 4


I just finished watching it for the first time! My plan is to a) find and read the comics online to see if I like them (I tried watching Pony Life but couldn’t they beyond one episode due to the jerky, fast animation style), and b) watch it again!! (But I’m autistic and tend to re-watch/re-read things I like many, many times.)


It's ok it'll be hard but u will get through it, I even cried when I finished the show


Aww, thank you!


No problem brosicle!


I finished it and started rewatching season 1 again. Gives you a whole different look once u know how some parts of the story would develop later.


well you know what they say all good things come to an end but its worth it especially the final episodes you can still rewatch them if you like.


Yeah, i get you. Took me lots of time before actually finishing it. Take your time, don't worry. It's not going to disappear.


i’m on season 6 but after i finish i plan on watching g1, g3, and g5 and reading fanfics to keep myself occupied. i understand they’re not the same but i wanna see every mlp related thing lol


Continue with the official comics and side movies/shorts. Then, continue with the fanfiction


Believe me, I felt the same.


I just rewatch it, after my first time watching it and it ended, I was Soo upset 😔 but it's ok we'll live on


Watch or rewatch more of G4. Read comics, fimfics, get into G5 if you want. or do all of them, at once. If not then branch out into new shows.


Awwwwww I love my little pony with the passion. I'm a clopper


The good news is the episodes are absolutely rewatchable. I’ve seen Canterlot Wedding, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and other random episodes so many times. It gives you a bigger appreciation for your favorite episodes now.


Fimfiction after :eyes:


Start it all over again !


The show may have ended, but the fandom is unlimited. Just because FiM had an end to it doesn’t mean being a brony or in the fandom is done with. We still have the same community for a reason and it’s to share our love and integrity with this great show. Of course you can always rewatch the show. It hits different for me since I’ve been a brony since the very beginning (ran from 2010-19) yet I rewatch episodes all the time. There are still conventions going on, those aren’t stopping anytime soon. Heck, the eleventh Everfree Northwest, held in Seattle is going on right now. The phenomenal voice actresses, music producers, writers, and well-known bronies are still loving this show and fan base as much as us. More fan fictions, videos, memes, deviantart, articles from EQD, etc. are coming every day, just like 10+ years ago. See what I’m saying? This fandom is still powerful today. I am always finding myself going back to the old days in this fandom on YouTube, Twitter, etc even this subreddit. This fandom made a huge impact on everypony and its one of the best things that have ever happened to me. So, don’t be afraid to finish the series. I’m telling you, it’s still a series. MLP:FiM will never end in this fandom.


I know that feeling, I have been keeping it up with the episodes since like 2018, and I still haven't watched the last 15 episodes or so. Watched the finale and the last episode when they got released tho


I find that rewatching it through a reaction helps with the feeling. Although you have seen it all, watching it through someone else's pov keeps it fresh.


Rewatching it rn 🤷🏼‍♀️