rainbow factory was kinda a missed opportunity

I read half of it and then got distracted but I got to Rainbow dash and Ive watched a lot of the videos... Great another evil version of the main 6 that's evil because evil. Yeah you could say she's just desensitized but she should be a little apprehensive about Scootaloo. That could cause a conflict with her. The original song has such visceral descriptions. Like it's someone who doesn't want to work there. All of the songs have that in common. So why is RD so evil? Idk maybe I should finish it


Rainbow Dash presents's version of Rainbow Factory completely reclaimed the fanfiction for me. Honestly the original isn't worth finishing.


Yeah, you should finish it. And, if you want a better understanding from her perspective, read the side fic Rainbow's Factory as well. She got herself in too deep, and now she unconsciously creates excuses in her mind to justify to herself what she's doing. Also remember that this alternate universe has a vastly different culture that affects her perspective. I never got the sense that she was evil for evil's sake. In fact, I was surprised by the characterization layering that led way to her motivations. It's best not to compare the fiction to the song from which it was inspired.