Big fan of [Rainbow Dash's apartment](https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2018/6/5/1750676.png), or "cloudominium" as it's called in-universe. I like to imagine pegasi keep snowclouds in the corners of their kitchens, where they store food and other perishables. Fantasy fridges!


The Crystal Empire. There's an entire bucking EMPIRE built in perfect geometric symmetry to the tri-pronged, circular castle powered by the happiness of the subjects. What's not to like?


the golden oak library and izzy's home, really like the cozyness of a treehouse


Cloudsdale and Zephyr Heights. Pegasi have a really interesting way of approaching their architecture and engineering. They always seem to produce high energy in both gens.


I like how the major cities cultures in G4 reflect in the architecture, they’re all pretty unique. -Manehattan: an earth pony city centered around steel and metal skyscrapers, similar to our major cities, business oriented -Cloudsdale: a pegasi city built out of the clouds, floats around, influences the weather with its factory -Canterlot: a unicorn founded city, dominated by whimsical medieval spired buildings, the source of magic knowledge for the country, + serves as the capitol city