Can someone help me find some 80s songs in 4/4 half rate tempo?

Can someone help me find some 80s songs in 4/4 half rate tempo?


Come on Eileen (it's a song)


You mean cut time? How about Rosanna by Toto?


I’m not natively English speaking so I’m not sure I’m expressing myself perfectly. Regular 4/4 I think is easy to find. But at half tempo I can’t come up with any song just spontaneously. So I just thought I’d see if any of you had any idea on the top of your head? 🙂


Considering how time signatures and tempos work, and that a lot of music in that entire tradition is originally written out as little more than a list of chords and some lyrics, pick any song that has a 2 or 4 feel to it. You'd have a harder time finding songs that don't fit that criteria.


this song uses alternating tempo [queen is in love by yngwie](https://youtu.be/zMr3pI6V_4o?t=28)


i think OP means songs with half-time feel. like, snare on 3 instead of snare on 2 and 4 (vs double-time feel, snare on every + ).


Exactly 🙂


a whole song \_can\_ have a "half-time feel" to it, but it's more distinct when there is a half-time \_section\_ in a song that contrasts with the standard time of the rest of the song. are you looking for songs with half-time section, or for songs where the whole song "feels" like it's in half time? without a "standard" time section for contrast it's harder to say a song is "half-time," because you could always just count it differently and make the snares fall on 2 and 4 rather than on 3. but the phrasing and harmonic rhythm can give a sense of where the "1" is on their own, and when the snare hit comes on 3 relative to the 1 established by the harmonic rhythm, then we could say an entire song is in half-time.


"Almost Paradise" - Footloose