Mac Face and Body. No other foundation has the unique texture that it does (if you know of one, tell me! I know the Make Up For Ever Water Blend was similar but I believe it was discontinued).


I got face and body recently and love it. It was what I'd been looking for and had tried glossier etc but the mac is unique and like nothing else.


How would you describe the texture or finish?


It’s thin and watery at first. You activate it by rubbing it in between your fingers which will make it slightly thicker and tacky. Then you can apply and build up layers if you like. The finish is very skin like but quite radiant


Thank you! Is it your holy grail? If not, which has taken its spot?


It’s definitely a foundation I like to have on hand at all times. I use it to thin out other formulas most often. I have oily leaning skin so I do have to be careful when I use it because it’s so radiant, it can read as too shiny on my skin especially in photos. Most recently I found mixing it with my cover girl Matte BB cream gives me the perfect matte skin tint similar to a Dior face and body. During the winter I will wear it alone and I love that when my skin is drier.


Thank you for your response! It is going on my To Try list. I'm always on the lookout for new (to me) formulas to play with.


This was on my mental checklist but I haven’t tried enough foundations to confidently say there’s no dupe out there, good to know.


I agree so much, it's something special. Stunning, stunning foundation worth every penny.


I just got this, and it's fabulous. Not even Ilia Skin Serum has such a weightless texture and finish.


Yes! It took 18 years of wearing makeup to find a liquid foundation that doesn't do anything weird (break up etc) on me AND has a match for my skin tone, I can't go through that again!


Nothing. I survived losing the The Face Shop moisturizer that actually controlled my super oily face and then Marc Jacobs Beauty going down and taking the only eyeliner that didn't give me racoon eyes. There's always something out there and it's fun finding it!


>then Marc Jacobs Beauty going down and taking the only eyeliner that didn't give me racoon eyes. What's your new eyeliner? I was also a MJ Highliner devotee.


I mostly used it in my upper waterline, if that makes any difference. I've used a japonesque dark purple eyeliner and it holds up pretty nicely. Not sure if the black one works the same. The Lorac black eyeliner is super similar, with the exception that i think it dries a bit. Still works nicely, tho. Lastly I've used Bissu's tintaline, with the added benefit of being super cheap. Not all colors are created equal, with blues and yellows disappearing. The black works pretty nicely if you let it... dry? sit? for a bit. If your eye gets watery while it's fresh it gets a bit messy, but otherwise it's perfectly fine.


Not OP, but the NYX Epic Wear liner (pencil, non-retractable one) is working so far for me as a replacement! Everything else has smudged.


Ulta Matte Cream Eyeshadow in Vintage Beauty. Beautiful cool-toned brown with muted grayish/purplish undertones. The formulation is somehow even more beautiful: lots of time to work and blend, but once it sets, it fucking sets down. I have no idea where to even begin looking for a dupe. In a pinch, I can also use this as a contour. It’s good stuff.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. If I get a cheat pick, I’d choose one of their holiday palettes with finishing powder/blush/bronzer included. (My favourites Ethereal and Diffused Light are included in this year’s Butterfly palette). I’d be crushed about letting go of my glossy eyeshadows but they’re becoming more popular so I’m sure I could eventually dupe them out.


What are your favourite glossy eyeshadows?


Colourpop Super Shock Ultra-Glitters #Frog/#Ice Dream/#Ritz, a lot of the PMG Mothership 'special shades', Nabla #Water Dream, Hourglass Scattered Light #Reflect


Rom&nd Han All Sharp Brow Pencil in C2 Grace Taupe: an amazing gray-toned dark brown that doesn’t pull red on me. SO many gray-toned or cool-toned dark browns end up reddish on me, and I’ve no idea why! ☹️ Bonus is that it comes with a powder sponge and spoolie, the formula doesn’t smudge on my oily forehead, the pencil formula is just right as it’s neither too soft nor too hard, and is somewhat inexpensive. I can’t begin the day without doing my brows because they’re light and patchy.


Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in shade #23. Literally the only base I’ve found that doesn’t make me look too yellow or too pink.


It has a weird undertone that looks surprisingly flattering.


olive grey undertones for the win


Similar one for me: Purito BB cream in #21


Here to say #13 or the RX #17.


Charlotte tilbury pressed powder. It’s the only product I really feel I couldn’t replicate with dupes if I had to. Nothing is as good.


I recently tried a sample of this and now I need it


This is mine too! The only product that I use every single day no matter what else I use


If I had to pick just one: Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refeshing Foundation. I just have never found a foundation I love more on my skin or in a better colour match, and I refuse to go back on the hunt for another one. Everything else I’m not that attached to, but this foundation will be pried from my cold dead hands.


I'm super interesting in trying this out. Do you use the radiant version or the regular one, and may I ask your skin type? It looks so gorgeous from what I've seen


I believe mine is the radiant. I have slightly mature (40) skin that was usually just normal but is now kinda dry due to tret. The finish is spectacular on me. Very good coverage while looking so soft and natural, and it just feels incredible on my skin — almost velvety without being heavy at all. I’m obsessed.


Aren't they completely different named foundations? One is called Syncro Skin foundation and the other is Radiant Lifting foundation?


Saw the title and immediately thought of this foundation as well!


Mac lip pencil in Whirl is my perfect shade for wearing on its own, layering under gloss, creating dimension. I lost mine and wanted to find a drugstore replacement that was also a wooden pencil, but had no luck so I caved and bought MAC again.


They really do have wonderful lip pencils.


Hindash Monochromance 100%


Yes! Or beautopsy, I don't know how I would pick just one


Yes! Anti Dote for me especially is completely unique and I use it practically every day.


Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colors or Roen Liquid Lip Balm, they are probably dupable to some degree but they are amazing and I just want to have them always in my make up bag. The BB Crushed Lip Colors have amazing muted tones that don’t turn magenta on my olive undertones and are the perfect blotted lipsticks. The Roen Liquid Lip Balm is so thin but pillowy and hydrating it really feels like a liquid lip balm and not a gloss, it’s so comfortable I forget I have it on. This were the first ones that popped in my mind and there’s probably more but tbh I could probably dupe any make up product I own, there’s so much variety this days and I don’t feel like I have anything that unique.


The crushed lip shades are so perfect


Crushed lip colour in Blackberry would be my product. I have very fair skin, but for some reason a sheer layer of this dark vampy shade layered over MACs subculture lip liner is my perfect mlbb shade. It just makes my face look a 1000 times more harmonious


Ooh I just ordered the BB mini crushed lip kits, one has the free spirit gloss which I already own and love. The lipstick is included so this will be my first time trying those.


Mine is already discontinued: the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er in Cocoa. I’ve tried a dozen other brown liquid liners and nothing comes close (so far Benefit and Sephora brand are probably the best though). Marc Jacobs made a number of my HG’s, so it has been rough lately. But in my collection not currently discontinued that I’ve never seen anything close to a dupe for - probably the Danessa Myricks Vision Flush in Grape (liquid blush), KVD ModCon (liquid contour), and Notoriously Morbid Shadowbind (pigment primer/glitter glue).


The Armani Neo Nude A-Contour is very similar! As is the Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand


Ooh what are your thoughts on the Notoriously Morbid Shadowbind (+ versus other glitter glues if you’ve tried any)? Been eying this and the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to use with pressed (microplastic free lol) glitters and pigments


To be fair I’ve only tried Nyx Glitter Glue, the ShopMissA version, and that monstrosity of a wand thing from Pat McGrath. I’ve also experimented with the Danessa Myricks Colorfix in Clear (a misguided notion). None of those come anywhere close to working as well or as easy, and the Pat McGrath is possibly the most disappointing product I’ve ever purchased. I haven’t tried Pixie Epoxy but I think it may be close to Shadowbind from the descriptions, only with the doe foot applicator which I wouldn’t like because it would get messy. That said, Shadowbind is magic and I use it every time I apply a shimmer shade, whether loose pigments or pressed multichromes. It feels like thickened water, not sticky and no smell, and it does not disrupt any base of color that you already have down, including liquid or cream shadows like P Louise, About Face, etc. As long as you don’t use too much, and give it a minute to set, once you put the shimmer down it locks into place and stays put all day with no creasing or fallout. It’s amazing for loose multichromes. My pressed mulitchrome shadows do tend to fade, fall out, and crease a bit over the course of the day without using something like Shadowbind. So I really swear by it personally, and love the price - but I’m interested to try the Fyrrinae just for comparison.


My milani eyeshadow primer. The only other one I've ever tried was the trish mcevoy one and it was bad enough to never want to try another eyeshadow primer again. The milani one is literally perfect, lasts me 10+ hours at work on oily eyelids with no creasing, and cheap as hell. Plus its such a boring makeup step i wouldnt want to go looking for a new one.


Actually, this is the same for me. I love the Milani eye primer, it's cheap and it actually works and the thought of having to try and find another one just as good sounds like a nightmare.


Maybe my shiseido eyelash curler? Everything else I am sure I can live without, having survived many discontinuations of my “ must haves” already!


Etude House Fixing Tint. I’ve tried so many and this one is the only one so far that works so well on my lips. The tint stays through greasy meals and stays with me from day to night. And feels weightless! I love this product so much


I'm still trying to find a replacement for my Becca primer and powder :(


I was so thankful Smashbox kept the Becca under eye brightener and the highlighter Opal. I have dark circles for days. And the opal highlighter actually looks good on my jaundice skin tone. LoL


This already happenened to me many times over, lol. Through no intent of my own, almost everything in my normal makeup routine has been discontinued. I try not to worry about it; there's no point in trying to replace anything until it's almost gone. My most painful dc'ed un-dupeables: Shiro Cosmetics Finishing [Move] powder. Once I had a bad night and cried for 20 minutes on the bus. This powder held my makeup perfectly until I got home. That brand went down in a blaze of r/hobbydrama. The other loss I still feel is a concealer palette from MUFE. It had the perfect green for red spots, the perfect orange for dark circles, the perfect pale off-white for contour highlight, and a perfect match for my skin tone for everything else. RIP and o7


MAC eyeshadow in Patina Which has been discontinued for a year and no one has managed to find a dupe for it yet, and the only *maybe* dupes are in expensive palettes with a bunch of other colors that would look terrible on me 🥲


MAC really discontinued a lot of their more nuanced unique colors. Sad to see Patina is on the list too.


Ohh I just looked it up and it sounds so good! Damn sad I'm too late!


Urban Decay's anti-aging eyeshadow primer. It's the only one that keeps shadows in place without drying out my eyelids.


Can I go back in time and bring back nyx bare with me skin veil? I haven't found a foundation that holds up to it since!


I’m sad this one got discontinued as well!


Mine is already discontinued or just a pain to find anywhere. YSL 613 Cascade Bordeaux Water lip stain. I am waiting for Amuse 08 Spring Night in the mail to dupe it


My gold bond friction defense stick. My skin gets dry in winter and any fabric that rubs against it will cause issues.


I was going to say the Elf Putty Eye Primer, it's literally the only one that lasts all day on my oily lids, but apparently it's already been discontinued so that's just great.


it’s been discontinued?? omg i didn’t hear anything abt that


It has??? I thought they started making different variations of the putty eye primer? What a bummer


Maybe the Jack Black lip balm. I don't think any of my color cosmetics are so special I couldn't replace them.


Em Cosmetics Rodin Eyeshadow Palette. The blend-ability, the actual neutral tones (I say actual bc a lot palettes claim to be neutral but they always lean super warm lol), the compact packaging. I’ve never loved a daily eyeshadow palette so much. Nars Powermatte Liquid Lip, no liquid lipstick formula is as thin and as durable as this one. And that is a hill I will die on, lol. They’ve also managed to create the perfect red for me in the shade “StarWoman” & I would probably die if they discontinued it. I’m a red lip wearer so it really would break my heart lol


Glossier skin tint. It makes my middle aged, dry skin look bouncy and radiant again.


l'oreal nude tinted hyaluronic serum in the shade 4-5, as it is the closest (its near perfect) match i have ever found, and goes on quite seamlessly. If this ever gets discontinued I would lose it tbh.


This for me too. Hands down my favorite foundation.


Too Faced 24 Hr Eyeshadow Primer. Nothing else prevents creases as well and eyeshadow is my favorite part.


An un-dupeable item.... I don't think I have anything I couldn't eventually find a replacement for. I guess I'd go with Kevyn Aucoin's Neo-Highlighter in Sahara. It's more of a rose gold bronzer on me, which sounds weird, but it is the only bronzer that really works for my pale bum. Closest thing after that is Flower Beauty's bronzer, but it kinda comes off as blush on me.


Coloured Raine Cherry Blossom liquid lipstick. And I do want to find a dupe. This is my THE red lipstick, and I'm losing hope that it will ever be restocked again. Temptalia didn't really help. It only features the stick formula. I tried anyway and got the Sephora Collection liquid lipstick #97 that was supposed to be a close hit, but irl it's visibly more muted.


The Elf Hydrating Concealer is the only concealer I have EVER tried that does not crease on me. It’s also the right time to brighten up under my eyes. Everything else isn’t special enough to me to not be discontinued. For my mail polish, it was technically discontinued, but the Bee’s Knees Lacquer polish inspired by Rengoku I bought is my favorite ever. And I haven’t found a single polish close to it.


No hesitation, MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork. Every single other makeup item I have can be replaced with something else, but nothing will come close to this in color, texture, formula, finish, longevity, bendability, etc.


I wish I had the skill for the MAC Paint Pots. They are lovely, but I just can’t get it to work for me.


Maybe Kevyn Aucoin contour powder in medium. I've tried so many contour powders and this is the closest match for my natural shadows. Mac omega is supposed to be a dupe but it's slightly more reddish.


Probably silly, but Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. I couldn't find it in my area for the entire pandemic basically, so I had to use other stuff, and nothing else works as well for my oil slick face. Everything else is replaceable, but not this.


The only item that I haven’t been able to dupe is Benefit 3d brow tones. I’m going to be so sad when I finish it. The other item I’d really cry over is Perricone No eyeshadow liquid. It doesn’t crease. It hides discoloration. It literally does not look like I’m wearing anything. Just the slightest most perfect sheen. There is no dupe of this for me.


MAC eyeshadow All That Glitters. The most perfect eyeshadow ever. My ride or die. I’ve never tried to dup it, but I haven’t seen an eyeshadow like it.


Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I've tried so many and nothing compares.


Discontinued undupe-ables: Benefit's Box o' Powder in Hervana and Bella Bamba. Crystah is not a Bella Bamba dupe and it also does not smell like watermelon. Boo. I'm waiting for Willa, but my hopes aren't high because Hervana is this swirly pink-purple-mauvey-coral kaleidoscope situation. And the scent is unforgettable.