For folks who wear winged eyeliner regularly: you can stretch the use of pricey eyeliner pens by only using them to only draw the sharp outer tips of eyeliner wings--only the parts that require precision, basically. Once that's done, you can fill in the rest with cream eyeliner. My experience usually when only using a nice, precise eyeliner pen to do my entire winged liner is that the pen will usually last about 3 months of daily use before it eventually either dries out, or gets clogged with eyeshadow. Using the method I described above, I'm usually able to use a single eyeliner pen for an entire year. The result is usually a darker, more dramatic wing as well.


Now this is a great idea! Thank you!


My biggest tip (and one I need to remember myself) is to beware false economy. Endlessly hunting for a bargain-priced dupe for a spendy favorite often winds up being an exercise in futility.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. Also, this is unrelated but I love your flair lmao.


Omg yes this! I never knew what it was called but I tried explaining it to a friend who kept judging me on purchasing a MUFE lip liner when I can just look for cheaper “dupes.” I told her I wasn’t gonna spend the money and time looking for a dupe when I can just purchase the MUFE lip liner in the shade I want and call it a day! Lol.


Not me hearing this right after spending $150 trying to dupe my serum and moisturizer only to admit defeat :))))))


You can't dupe first place. If it's my holy grail, endlessly searching for a more affordable version is going to cost me more than buying the thing I know I love.


If you find a HG item, unless it is unaffordable to continue purchasing for you based on your financial status, just stick with it. I understand FOMO and also possibly just wanting something that is the same but cheaper, but its a waste of money to (possibly) spend an endless amount of time looking for a dupe or trying out new things when you already have something you know works for you. and honestly constantly purchasing several cheaper items in a search for something that matches a more expensive HG item can sometimes cause you to spend more money than if you just stuck with the expensive HG in the first place.




Ah yes the pull out method 😩


About dupes: if you know you already love a specific product, keep buying it rather than purchasing several cheaper similar products. BUT if there is a new to you product or category, definitely read reviews, try out, sample, etc. more affordable choices before purchasing a more expensive or high end version. For example, if you know you love a particular $40 high end lip stain, just repurchase it if you can afford it at that time. But if you’ve never used a lip stain before, experiment with more affordable options to understand the format, colors, and packaging you prefer, or even to determine if actually lip stains really don’t work for you, before trying the hyped expensive option. Otherwise I agree with OP to eliminate as many middlemen as you can. Fingers for makeup application, hands for removing makeup (versus cotton balls or pads), etc. Makeup is for fun, not obligation, so if you don’t want to use lip liner or mascara or setting spray you don’t “have” to.


INGLOT DURALINE!! Will preserve your gels, waterproof your foundations, extend the longevity of your waterproof mascara, and you can make nifty eyeliners mixing eyeshadows with it. It is also not a completely bad glitter glue if you're in a pinch. Lasts forever, too.


I have this but the packaging sucks. Or is it just mine?


I agree the packaging sucks. I'm going to try to decant it into something else bc I like the product so much though.


Have you tried other mixing medium products?


yes - esum pro mixing medium - I can't get it to work for me tbh I also carry kryolan mixing medium in my kit but it's more for turning the cream foundation into a liquid than being a workhorse for eye makeup


Wait for sales and follow sale accounts on social media! Also use ULTA rather than Sephora because they have a better rewards program!


Some things that work for me: - I don't buy for the packaging, because all my powder products get depotted into magnetic palettes. It really takes away my interest in buying something just because it's a "status" item. - I no longer buy eyeshadow palettes. I have never seen a palette where I want to use every shade. The colors I do like, I already own (or close to it). I have three magnetic palettes of 12 singles each -- cool neutrals, warm neutrals, and colorful/sparkly. - My blushes, bronzer, and highlighter are all depotted into a fourth magnetic palette. I can see exactly what I have. - I know this is really anal, but I keep a spreadsheet of every beauty product I own. It includes swatch photos of everything. Lipstick photos are of the color on my actual lips. This helped me realize how many lip products I have that are ridiculously similar. It makes me think more critically about any purchases. - I participate in a lot of the challenges on r/makeuprehab to keep myself rotating through all my products. I don't focus on trying to pan things -- I do "use this ten times" instead.


Do you have pictures of your collection? 😍


These are my eyeshadows, but they've been consolidated since then into three palettes: https://imgur.com/a/6O0FUX1 I can take pictures of the other stuff tomorrow if you like.


Holy cow! You also use/have Clionadh Chamomile? It's one of my favorite eyeshadows of all time. I was beyond lucky that I had bought back ups before it disappeared from the website. Chamomile is gorgeous, but you cannot find pictures of swatches or reviews really. It was so bizarre when even Temptalia had nothing listed on it. Excuse the outburst. I've just never encountered my favorite in someone else's collection.


It's so pretty!


Your collection is so well-curated, lovely and well-organised (I'd hire you)! I just ordered some small magnetic palettes so I can save some space. I briefly considered getting one of those book style magnetic palettes to put everything into but it's probably nor practical for me. I'd love to see if you want to share!


Here you go! https://imgur.com/a/xcFmu63


Looks wonderful! I've been looking at Mac Harmony, plus the fact that you can buy a refill pan is attractive. The pro refills pans seem to be harder to find these days though, I hope they're not phasing them out for regular consumers.


I’ve been debating doing a spreadsheet. How is yours set up?


Here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/DeImoFv


Thank you so much! This is awesome!


You're welcome! Making the spreadsheet and keeping it organized gives me the same dopamine hit that I get from buying new products.


Ahh your make up only has so much preservative! I’d avoid trying to extend it tooo long. It will eventually breed bacteria and mould!


Some cream and powder products might not even have preservatives 😜 I'm generally unworried about waterless products if they smell, feel and perform the same.


Instead of tinted lip balms or semi sheer lipsticks, mix/layer (lip)balm with lipstick.


Avoiding most dupes. They add up! Getting the expensive eyeliner or concealer one time will cost you less money.


Never buy when it comes out. Always wait for sales. Haven’t bought a make-up item without some kind of sale for 4 years. Also, in my country when you reach the “gold” status in Sephora you get 25% off anything 4 times a year to replace the staples. Also these days, I don’t try to find dupes, because more often than not it’s cheaper per gram + you know the quality is great. Beauty outlets are amazing too.


The first few sentences confuse me. Are you giving advice or telling your own experiences?


If a matte lipstick is too drying, you can make it wearable by layering it over lipbalm to moisturize. Different levels of sheen of the lipbalm will give different finishes of the end result. A matte waxy lipbalm will not chance the matte lipstick look much. A glossy lipbalm will add a slight sheen so the end result may become a satin matte.


It helps that some of my holy grail everyday products are cheap to begin with. Like the saem concealer (bad shade range though) and the elf putty primer. I don't use a heavier night cream, just use petroleum jelly (slugging) over my normal moisturizer (cerave pm) which I try to buy on sale like at Target. Ulta almost never has the cheapest price for anything lol. I learned threading through YouTube so that's money saved on my moustache/brows.


For mid-range/high end brands, their own websites will often have better deals/sales and more GWP, so if there is something you know you love or have your heart set on trying, it often pays off to watch for those sales rather than buying from Ulta or Sephora. You won't earn points for Ulta or whatever, but I think shopping this way helps me be more mindful about what I'm buying and discourages me from buying things just because they're on sale or because "it's there".


Mixing powder products to create new colours and finishes. And to get use out of products that are too pigmented, too bold or mute. By mixing blushes highlighters and bronzer you can create many more colours than you own, so you don’t have to buy many. - Tap the brush over different blush colours and apply -Tap the brush over blushes and bronzer(s) to tone the brightness down. - Layer blushes over eachother -Apply (a bold) blush before bronzer, so the blush will become a healthy glow from within. This is a tip from Rae Morris - -Mix blush with highlighter for a luminous blush. -Tone down a highlighter that’s too impactful by layering it under blush or bronzer.


How cool you’re making your own lip palette! I ve wanted to do that for a long time. Do you have a palette (meaning the empty case) brand that you recommend? I’ve been looking at Vueset


I really want [this](https://www.artistkitcompany.com/shop) but the minimums for intl shipping and shipping costs themselves are ridiculous for someone who isn't a mua. I just used old empty metal pans and stuck them in a makeup forever palette. I also just ordered some from taobao to try out but I won't receive those for a while!


That s a great looking design, too bad the shipping is so high! Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it.


No problem!


Pat McGrath likes to do foundation with her fingers so I don't think it's weird at all. The warmth of the fingers really helps meld the product onto the skin. Plus it's a bit finicky to get cream products off brushes completely. I also find that I need less base product when I apply with fingers; brushes and sponges eat up so much product. I sometimes use grapeseed oil as a facial oil ($4 for a bottle @ TJs) if I'm not feeling "splurging" on jojoba seed oil ($6 a TJs) or rosehip seed oil from the ordinary. Use up products up completely in a certain category before purchasing a new product. (very hard to do; I don't think I can do it; just a tip for the strong willed). Use dark eyeshadow as eyeliner. Powder tend to last longer then pencils (at least my eyeliners have dried up before I fully pan them)


You should check out cosmetic supply stores for facial oils. Like the ones who target soap makers and formulators (r/DIYBeauty might have some links in their wiki).


I just buy less in general. It doesn’t make or break my budget to save a few bucks in a sale. The real savings come from just not making the purchase at all.