I don't keep any beauty products on my nightstand. I only have my phone charger, my Kindle, and a pair of glasses.


Just my hemorrhoid cream and some tweezers


You’re so real for this 😂




That hand cream is so good!


My room is a fucking mess at the moment. All these answers are motivating me to clean it up so thank you.


Me too! I just tore things apart gathering up all my dirty laundry I've neglected but my nightstand has been chaotic to say the least for too long.


my desk is angry at me that I keep pushing all of my junk to the side every time I sit to do my makeup. I'm feeling motivated as well lol


Have you cleaned? I haven't 😂


A couple skincare devices, they’re kind of boring so it’s easiest for me to use them in bed. I have the LightStim for red light therapy, the NIRA Precision Laser, and the Trophy Skin BrightenMD. The red light therapy is especially nice to use in bed, it’s slightly warm and soothing, the red light makes me sleepy. Even if it did nothing for my skin, it’d be worth using just because it helps me sleep. Other than that, just a heavy lip balm and hand cream. And a melatonin supplement.


My nightstand??? I got a box of tissues, a bowie knife, and hair ties... I keep all my skincare in the bathroom, and all my makeup in a bag in my living room.


The knife! Reminds me of how my mom used to keep a metal baseball bat under her bed “just in case!”


So I'm not the only one with a knife. High five 🖐️


Huge knives are a nightstand essential!


Way too much stuff, I'll tell you that! Skincare: Simple micellar water, Cerave PM face lotion, Cerave eye repair cream, Melazepam azelaic acid, Rosebud balm, Lanolips 101 ointment (for when the Rosebud won't cut it), CosRx snail goop (the 94 one) decanted into a recycled Cerave bottle for the pump, Cetaphil hand lotion, some sort of lip scrub sample that I'm not sure why I have Other toiletries: crystal deodorant, Dove anti-perspirant spray, contacts case, glasses, wooden Viking comb, nail file, tweezers, reusable cloth pads, tube of Trader Joe's hair mask Miscellaneous: pair of utility scissors, pin cushion with a dozen pins and two needles in it (I don't see any thread, but it might be hiding), two pairs of homemade earrings (one is blue pretzels, the other is glittery blue lightnings), several resin rings I made over the summer, daily antidepressant meds, tin of Altoids for nausea (mostly for when bowel movements trigger vasovagal syncope for no freaking reason), and a cocktail umbrella (no idea why that's there!)


Girrrrrrl how big is your damn nightstand?!


I don't think it's that big? It's just really full and messy. Edit: [photo](https://i.imgur.com/I7Ep4kK.jpg)


I had the same lamp!! Maybe getting 1-2 organizers would help reduce the visual clutter while still giving you full access to everything you need.


A container of Aquaphor, Cerave Healing ointment, tweezers, body oil. The rest of my skincare goes in my nightstand.


It’s more like a shelf that hangs over my head bc my house is 100 years old and there’s no room for bedside tables lol. Sleeping mask with headphones (for my rain noises, my husband snores), Summer Fridays lip butter balm, Kiehls hand cream, cotton gloves, sugar free gum.


• A whiskey glass with all my Glossier’s Balm Dot Com: Berry, Fig, Cookie Butter, Rose and Birthday. • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, original flavor. • Fiji White Sands anti-bacterial hand spray from B&BW. • Vaseline mini Rosy Lips. • Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. • A small thin of Nivea Creme that I use as hand and elbow cream. • Warm Vanilla Sugar FFM from B&BW. My nightstand is bigger than most so it fits a lot but these are at arms reach :)


I can't keep any products on my nightstand because my ferret loves to grab them and play a game of "how many teeth holes can I put into this?"


Laughed out loud at "teeth holes" that's adorable.


Aquaphor lip repair, Mane n Tail Hoofmaker hand lotion, a cuticle oil pen, and good old value sized bottles of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and melatonin.


What a fun question! I don’t actually keep anything ON my nightstand (outside of alarm clock, plant, and my water bottle) but rather IN my nightstand. I have tret, a Kiehl’s overnight ginger and hibiscus mask, a jack black shea lip balm, cuticle buddy oil, Etsy flannel squares that are my reusable tissue solution, Pacifica face wipes for when it’s late and I’m drunk but I want to “wash my face”, and Costco sleep aid tablets for nights I need them.


Mine is almost exactly the same as yours. I have the Laniege lip mask too but I have the vanilla flavor, and the Gold Bond healing hand cream (I SWEAR by this stuff). And my retainer cases and a massive bottle of water lol


That Gold Bond healing cream is the best! It saves my hands every fall and winter when they start cracking due to how dry it gets here in the northern Midwest!


Yes it’s so good!!! I spent the past 5 years living in Boston and during the winters my knuckles would crack and bleed, this is the only hand cream that ever helped and I have tried so many


Phone charger, water bottle, and my vibrator.. not ashamed to admit it 🤷🏼‍♀️


An almost empty tube of the original Bite Agave Lip Mask (RIP) and a Buff that I put my hair in at bedtime.


I just brought out the SkinFix eczema hand cream for the cold season, I also have a big pump bottle of The Naked Bee hand and body lotion--random product but I really like this for daytime, it fully absorbs in but still works. For lips I have my trusty Lypsyl balm and the FitGlow Lip Serum in clear--this does work well and I appreciate the doe foot applicator but would not buy again due to price. For a fun bonus I have several claw clips, glasses cleaning spray and microfiber towel, and ibuprofen and saline spray from when I was sick a few weeks ago and never put them away!


My nightstand is a wooden stool so no storage space and not much space on top either. I've got * A vase with dried flowers * Anker wireless charging station * Melatonin capsules * Rituals aroma mist * Aveda aroma mist * Hand cream (usually Lush Lemony Flutter or Handy Gurugu but I have a Eucerin UreaRepair I didn't use for my face and try to use up on my hands) * A small leather tray with: Advil Fast Relief, Buscopan, Telfast 180mg, Quies nasal strips, Fradexam ointment (my puppy's), various lip balm or tinted balm I'm trying to use up (Lanolips Rhubarb, Huda Beauty Silk Balm Spice, Bobbi Brown Crushed Gloss in Free Spirit and Silk Naturals Lip Glaze in Allure)


Huge tub of aquaphor, Burt’s bees lip balm, hand lotion (currently BBW warm vanilla sugar)


Planet Luxe hand cream I bought on vacation, some deodorant I bought at a RenFaire (it smells good!) and a Pacifica Overnight Lip Treatment.


Other than chargers etc. : La Roche Posay Cicaplast Lips: a great healing, nighttime lip balm Sunscreen (currently Bioré Aqua Protect Lotion)


I keep a lip balm in my nightstand, but no beauty creams on it. It has a lamp, my cell phone, water, my Oura ring charger, a speaker, a Hecate statue and a Sekhmet statue.


As a chronic insomniac you have my condolences! So I'm the complete opposite of you so I guess a bedtime maximalist? lol I'm a mess (both as a person + my physical space atm) so I don't have an actual dedicated bedside table or whatever just a vague reference to my "sleeping area".   Anyway, here's all the shit I apparently need within arms(ish) reach of me while I not sleep but am not quite awake either:   * CreaVe Moisturizing Cream (in the tub) — As a lizard person I constantly need to moisturise myself (I'm like Cassandra from Doctor Who). This is cheap and cheerful. I like the almost velvety matte finish it leaves. I use it on face, hands, feet wherever really. Before this I had a separate moisturiser for each category so it's helped me downsize. * Kikumasamune High Moist Lotion — I have this decanted into a bottle (a clean old mini MAC Fix+ bottle). I usually put whatever hydrating toner I have on hand in a mini spray bottle to again hydrate on whim with next to no effort. I hate applying moisturiser to "dry" skin so this solves all my lazy arse problems of getting up to dampen my face before moisturizing. * CeraVe Healing Ointment — I have two mini tubes of this from forever ago that I use sparingly as for some unknown godforsaken reason CeraVe has not released this in the UK yet! Like fucking why?! It's perfect if you anxiously chew, bite, pick your lips to death during a disassociatuve episode or just if your lips are fucked up in general. It's good for burns, healing scabs, and crusty cuticles. Such a fucking shame it's not available here. I will be purchasing the Lanolips Golden Dry Skin Salve soon which will most likely take it's place in my bedside arsenal. * Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Vanilla — What? You didn't seriously think I would only have a single bedside balm did you? Because that's ridiculous for someone who has a least 3 different balms in each bag & place she frequents regularly. Listen I have ADHD okay the more balms there are in one spot the more likely I'll find at least one when I need one. * Vaseline Cocoa Butter — Why yes of course I do need a 3rd backup balm just in case. I always have a tin/tub of the cocoa butter Vaseline dotted around the flat in all the places I lurk in. It's another good multitasking balm. * Garnier Micellar Water — I keep a bottle of this on hand for if I get a migraine or am otherwise unable to properly remove any make-up I may be wearing. I hate not actually washing my face but it's better than sleeping in your make-up & I always find face/baby wipes (not matter how gentle they claim to be actually irritate my face/eyes). I stash these along with a pack of reusable cotton rounds. I buy mine from Primark (I usually pick out a cute Disney set they come in their own net pouch) but I do also keep some disposable cotton rounds as sometimes when mental health/chronic pain is real bad and you just have to do what is most convenient for you in that moment but I do try to stick to the more eco friendly option of reusable pads when I can. I also keep a bottle of mineral water too so I "rinse" the micellar water off as not washing my face make me feeling a bit icky so this is the best compromise I've found. * Unscented Baby Wipes — Good to have on hand for night sweats, to help freshen up a bit when the depression is real bad, to clean off random midnight swatch parties from my arms and just cleaning your fingers after a snack. * Boots Nail Polish Remover Dip & Twist Pot — Again I will peel my nails into sheets at the slightest sign of a chip or just if get annoyed/nervous (compulsive skin picking disorder for the win) so it's best to keep one of these on hands to swiftly and easily remove any chipped polish. So easy I don't need to faff around with cotton pads and end up accidentally spilling half the bottle across my mattress. * MUJI Nail Clippers — It has a bit that contains the nail clippings. Again as someone who struggles with compulsive skin picking I need to keep a clipper on hand to prevent an accidental bloodbath from occurring. Also great for trimming annoying hangnails instead of impulsively pulling them out with your teeth because you clearly hate yourself. * Bedtime Perfume — Usually a sample vial of something that is very light and fresh with appalling longevity that I'm just trying to use up. At the moment it's Replica Bubble Bath - a nice clean fresh soapy scent that helps give me calm mind.   Other things I have on hand; a large bottle of handsanitizer, hair brush, various hair ties/scrunchies/claw clips based on whether I have a migraine or any of my sensory issues are acting up, dry shampoo (I find it works better if I leave it in my hair over night but I won't remember to use it unless it's right there), anti-perspirant (same reason as before I read it works better if you apply post shower at nighy), mini Tweezeerman Tweezers, cotton buds, hydrocollid patches, floss and floss picks, random bottles of nail polish for insomnia driven nail "art", cuticle/nail oil, crystal nail file, a small handheld Glossier mirror, a Sailor Moon folding fan (for hot flushes) and a clean hand towel. I also have my glasses, phone, tablet, double charging bank and extension cables, Hycosan eye drops (purple bottle), lens cleaning spray, Voltarol, an assortment of painkillers and prescription meds, piercing aftercare lotion, honey lemon cough drops and a 2.5l water bottle, and two hot water bottles.  


\- Lip balm. Blistex lip medix is my nighttime favourite but right now I have some no name freebie brand. \- Vaporub. I like to put this around my nostrils but will also sometimes put it on my lips if I don't have the lip medix. \- Saje sleep mist. Smells so good \- Massage ball/roller/gun I always like to roll out before bed and roll my feet first thing in the morning \-Stretch loop or theraband. Sometimes I will do a gently hamstring or straddle stretch at bedtime \- Manicure kit \- Covered glass of ice water. Pet owners will understand the covered part. \- Glasses case \- Lamp \- Phone Charger \- Some sort of ancient expired nyquil-esque product in case I wake up stuffed up/coughing or whatever.


I used to take a glass of water to bed every night. The night I woke up hearing “lap, lap, lap, lap” and found my pug standing on the edge of the bed and reaching over… I bought a water bottle with a twisty top.


just a tiny jar of vaseline


I am so slovenly. I wish I was one of those people who had a beautiful candle with a tray with my one perfect lipstick, a sassy pill case, maybe a tiny doll given to me by a friend who travels to far away lands, a designer vibrator and a vintage table top lighter for the weed I keep stashed in a 60's Estee Lauder compact my glamourous aunt left me. and tissues that can only be purchased at Italian pharmacy that caters to models. Oh what is on my nightstand. Two bottles of Corn Huskers Lotion. My partner's grandmother turned me on to it a couple of years ago. It is not my all time favorite hand lotion, but it works wonders on my feet. It is a bit too sticky for my hands. I have two bottles, because I misplace stuff, buy a new one, and end up with dupes A bottle of hot sauce, El Yucatero. I eat in bed more than I care to admit. We don't have a dining room space in my apartment so my partner & often switch between bed and coffee table. Two pairs of noise cancelling headphones because if I actually hear him eating in bed, there would be a problem. A coffee flavorited Chap-Stick I purchased en route to family the Christmas 2019. I got over my fear of it harboring vintage covid by accidentally using it and surviving, but I did eventually get it almost three years later, just not via that chap stick. I am a horrible person and bought a she-glam lip mask. It sucks. I will say the packaging is nice though. Two tubes of Aquaphor, one has a crack at the bottom, so I am making myself finish it. Another tube of Walgreen's brand of Aquaphor and it is too vaseline-y for me. I acutally like Vaseline, but something is not right with it. But I'm trying to use it up. A giant tub of Nivea. I had coupons. The Family Dollar already it had the big ass tubs of it for zilch, and I now own a lifetime supply of Nivea. A couple of hair clips and hair ties. These are to keep my night-sweats at bay. Three books are actually on the nightstand." Gommorah," I have yet to crack, just picked it up "Reckless" Chissie Hynde's auto-bio, it is pretty good and a journal that is empty save a few numbers for orders long forgotten I have two drawers in my nightstand. This is a new development as of this Summer. ..I thought i'd be all organized, but nope, I can barely open them. Wires, more lotions, more lip balms, nail files, tons of perfume samples, more aquaphor, loose pills, pill bottles, flashlights from recent storm, vibe, and that's just what I can see. There are at least 20 books under the nighstand..oh cat toys. tobacco crumbs, lighters...an old phone


Laneige Sleep mask. Aveeno lotion. KKW Beauty Body perfume (as decor). Set on a gray/white marble tray.


Just a Nivea Soft hand cream.


Cerave pm cream & Vicks


my room is too small to have a nightstand, but at my partners i keep: - notpot gummies - a small dish for my jewelry (i take my earrings off before bed) - a laneige lip mask in choco mint and the fresh lip mask (i just haven’t brought one back to my place yet and we both reapply often) - my sleep mask , which actually stays in the bed usually worn by our squishmallow so it doesn’t get lost - water - sometimes claritin i’m feeling inspired by y’all to add hand cream, typically I just use apply my excess skincare to my hands when getting unready


Laniege lip mask, Aquaphor, Nivea Creme, 54 thrones shea butter, Pai rosehip oil, Heritage store rose glycerin spray. (It is a large bedside table)


I have a clear tray with all 10+ of my perfumes—my favorites are A La Rose by Maison Francis Kurkdjian and God is a Woman by Ariana Grande. My fragrances are my babies so they need to stay close lol. I also keep my daily jewelry, a glasses case and an aquaphor stick there. I like that I can stop here and grab everything I need for the day to feel “ready”


A lipbalm I really have to use up (ancient Burt’s Bees tin), a solid hand cream that’s too sticky to use at daytime (gifted. A lump of bees wax and oils, not hydrating at all) and foot cream (drugstore in-house brand, 10% Urea).


Laneige lip mask, lush sleepy lotion, and hand sanitizer.


A tube of handcream from Uriage, vaseline decanted into an empty Laneige lip mask tub, a switchblade, a comb and some hair ties because i cannot fall asleep with my hair down, vitamin c and d supplement, eye drops, and a box of ear plugs just in case the neighbors dog gets locked out (again)


palmer’s hand cream, aquaphor lip balm, burts bees cuticle balm, eye drops, glasses, book of crosswords for when i can’t sleep!


As far as beautyproduct go, only an handcreme (the working hand creme from O'Keffe). I also have my medication, some water and a book.


Burt's Bees honey lip balm and Nivea hand cream. And my book


La Roche-Posay cicaplast for lips and SVR Topyalise hands cream.


Lanolips Strawberry 101, hand cream (currently a travel size Kopari Body Butter), Poesie Sleepy Ghost perfume oil.


& Other Stories hand cream, numerous lip balms (Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm is my fave), NCLA cuticle oil and Cerave moisturising lotion.


Right now I’ve got Nivea lip balm, Aesop hand cream, Mario B Seaweed Mask and some foot lotion. My preferred combo is switching out the Nivea for mint Eos, but everywhere has been out of the plain mint Eos for months.


A lip mask (Kaleidos Blue Agave), a thick hand cream, deodorant and all my perfume bottles


I’ve got a book, laneige lip mask, rosebud salve, ear plugs and hand cream.


Just lipbalm. I do all my skincare and makeup at my desk.


Other than discarded jewelry and headbands I always have 3 things: - Laneige Sleeping Mask (currently in mango) - O’Keefes Working Hands hand cream tub. This stuff is literal magic for me - Current favorite perfume (Nest Indigo at the moment)


Jack Black lip balm! The best


Laneige Lip Sleeping Masks for the win! I have original and pumpkin spice, lol. Klairs Supple Preparation Cream (a lotion.) Glossier's Rose Water, and Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist, which both are just something to spritz on. Kosas Deodorant. The rest of my beauty products are in the bathroom, storage closet, or my little makeup / accessories area.


How do you like the scent of pumpkin spice? I'm due for a new one and agonizing between it and the gummy bear scent, which I have the glow balm of and love! 😂 Also, does anybody know if the added vitamin C is a reformulation of the mask or are they just advertising it to make it look "new?" I hope it's the latter as I typically don't do well with vit C...


Ooo now you got me wondering. The pumpkin spice is nice but there is a ever so slight grit (or rather, more gripy-ness?) that I've not had in the vanilla or berry, though I hadn't purchased any of those since the added vitamin C thing. So, is it this one specifically, or all of them now? Really hope the former. Also the scent is pretty light for a pumpkin spice product, but it does smell just like it.


In a little container by my bed I have: - pistache beauty pistachio body butter -Bath and Body Works Secret wonderland body butter - BBW mini lotions in sweet pea and moonlight path - Hempz lotion in birthday Cake and a mini in pomegranate - Sephora açaí lip balm (my laneige one is in my bathroom) - Sally Hansen cuticle oil -another random lip mask from Ipsy - a scrunchie Also my melatonin for the random days I need it, and I just put a facial roller on my bedside table, I like the feeling, and have narrow tear ducts so sometimes I wake up with gunky feeling eyes, so its an almost twice a day thing. I get dry skin and rotate through all of the lotions pretty frequently, depending on the seasons and the perfume I’m planning on wearing the next day.


Glossier Afterbaume for when I’m real crusty, and Trader Joe’s hand cream.


Nesessaire the lotion and Laneige lip sleeping mask


None. And don’t have a nightstand.


I’m also a minimalist. I have the lip products I use every night: Moroccan magic lip balm in rose, blistex medicated balm in berry, and a little tub of Vaseline, and small bottle of body lotion-curel anti itch, lol, not a fun one but very effective for my dry skin


Fellow minimalist here. I have Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion and a Nuxe Reve de Miel balm. I also keep a satin sleep mask, glasses case, coaster (for nighttime water bottle) and tissues.


Laneige sleeping mask (I just opened a new pot!) & body butter, for my feet. They get so dry! Currently I'm trying to finish Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter, but the cetaphil moisturizing cream is so good, a great healing cream.


* laneige lip sleeping mask * electric hand warmer. my hands get cold so easily. * roll of toilet paper to use as tissue or to kill bugs * a glass of water nearby especially before i sleep. i drink throughout the night sometimes. how my SO manages without water nearby is crazy from my perspective ​ The rest are nearby but not on my bedside table * lip balm * a cooling eye roller to soothe my eyes when they're tired. may replace with my facial roller * a scrunchie * tweezers * crystal nail file/buffer * recently, blue-light blocking glasses (gimmicky, but was $2)


Soap and Glory Hand Food, Soap and Glory Foot cream (so good), , Smith's Rosebud Salve ( I have these everywhere), Aceology lip treatment, and a perfume oil that I got in a little seaside town. I always keep water on my nightstand, as well as my Kindle and some glasses. Oh and I have to take Trazodone as a sleep aid so I keep that nearby too


Right now I have a medicated facial cream, Burt’s bees cuticle balm and laniege lip mask. I miss my deeper skin routine but I’m having a bad breakout going on and had to stop everything.


Shiseido hand cream, Glysomed hand cream, crystal nail file, nuxe lip balm, Nitehood sleep cap/mask, melatonin gummies, glasses, watch and phone chargers, and more. I have a rather large bedside table.


Chapstick, a bottle of melatonin, a stack of books I’m going to read eventually (I swear!) some hand cream


Aquaphor, elf sugar scrub bullet lipstick, whatever face cream I feel like using that night, and whatever lotion I’m trying to use up as hand cream. Along with a ton of cotton gloves that i wear with lotion. I’m lazy and I like doing a bunch of skincare stuff while I’m watching tv in bed


a lamp, my glasses, a book and a glass of water


laneige lip sleeping mask original flavor as well! and the 3rd ritual moon hand/body cream and some cuticle oil from urban outfitters


Eucerin Urea foot cream, CeraVe moisturizing lotion that I use as handcream, Dior Creme Abricot, a tube of panthenol cream. First three are for me, the last one is for my kids.


Laneige lip mask always; the heavy duty toenail clippers sometimes.


Aquaphor, the end.


I have my chargers, air freshener, hair ties, remote controller for led, lotion but I think it’s a whole mess. I don’t find it very appealing.


Nothing. I have cats 😂


My vibrator


So many things. Honeymoon Glow Body, Bag Balm, Eight Hour Cream, Laneige Lip Mask, Cosrx Lip Sleep, Lanolips, prescription eczema cream... Lol.


Vaseline in the tub, cuticle oil, Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb.


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, the pink one (of course) and Weleda Skin Food. They are always the very last steps so when I finally put my phone down, I moisturize my lips and hands and go to bed!