Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2. Weird as fuck that they get rid of the originals but keep the Naked line going. I still have my Naked 2 and will never get rid of it.


I still have my naked 2 from 2014 and just now feel confortable enough to use it. And I have to say, I love the cool tones shadows. They actually suit my medium skin tone really well


naked 1 will forever have my heart!! so glad i still have it and didn’t do a declutter before i realized its value and how much i love it. if i’dve done a declutter just last year i probably would’ve got rid of all my naked palettes. naked 2 is really good as well, love it for more cool toned looks.


Estee Lauder seems to make a practice of diluting every brand it acquires.


Lauder doesn’t own UD, L’Oreal does.


My bad. I think Lauder owns MAC. Dunno why I got them mixed up!


No kidding. The latest naked palette is a pastel rainbow, which is cute, but why call it that? 'Naked' used to mean a neutral-ish selection of colors. I know it hasn't been that way for a minute but, come on.


at this point is more of name recognition


I would give anything to have gotten number 2


marc jacobs gel liner, i wouldnt say i cherish it but more so it sucks i cant repurchase because i havent found a better liner for the waterlines :(


I am sincerely going to miss my Quartz color. It is the perfect eye brightener, while not being obvious.


Check out the LA Girl ultimate auto liner. I’ve found that it stays as well as the Marc jacobs did (and is only $5). They’ve got a few colors besides black too


Ive tried this and it transfers ;/ i only wear eyeliner on my top lid and tightline


I bought the Too Faced killer liner - also a gel. I use a nude one on my water line and it seems to stay all day! Haven’t tried a darker color yet, but it might work for you


MUFE's new eyeliners stay put for me!


becca. just becca lol i’m coming up on the last of my backlight priming filter and i don’t really know what to do. i was thinking of trying the hollywood flawless filter but if anyone has a rec PLEASE don’t hold back lol


I have that primer and can suggest a BETTER substitute for the Backlight primer: Burberry Fresh glow luminous base or the recently named Beyond radiance primer. It is *supremely* good. So so luminous and glowing, the effect is stunning. It's pure love for me. Other options (which are still very nice) is the good old MAC strobe cream, easily forgotten but undoubtedly one of the strongest in the game for luminous primers. For reference, CT Hollywood flawless filter is one of my favourite products ever, but I like it a lot better as a spot highlighter under or over my foundation.


great recommendations, thank you!! i actually used up a mini of the strobe cream years ago. very easily forgotten but i did really like it. regarding the burberry primer, do you think it adds any moisture or greasiness? i’m a GREASY mf and part of the magic of the becca primer is that my skin is somehow almost completely dry to the touch all day despite being absurdly glowy, but still natural looking. do you find the base pigmentation is noticeable on the skin? i saw the fluid base had a few shades available but the primer just has the lightest shade available. i’d probably be the second lightest shade in the old line but can likely make the lighter one work if there isn’t a cast. sorry for all the questions, burberry doesn’t stock the primer at any stores nearby so i can’t investigate this further in person lmao


Yes, the Burberry one does add some moisture, so while it's for me the best luminous primer in the market, now that you're saying that you've oily skin, I think you should give a try to Ole Henriksen Banana bright primer! I have that one too and dries more to the touch and you could also get a sample somewhere :)


Second the ole henriksen banana rec! It’s jaw dropping!


I also love the Burberry primer and have oily skin. It’s beautiful and I only switched to Becca because it was a little cheaper with sales. I find the Burberry to add some luminosity but no visible color. It’s a little lighter than the Becca.


I'm running through one Becca sunlit bronzer now and only have one backup, I will be so so sad once that is gone. I hate trying bronzers, most things don't come in minis and swatching in store is just not the same as blending it out on the skin. Also, I love love loved their mineral foundation powder form way back when (before they reformulated it)... I knew they were in trouble when they kept discontinuing staple every day products like that. RIP Becca, you were always so good to me.


I'm not a CT person, and I can't speak to FF, but I received a sample of the CT Wonder Glow Primer a while back and *really* liked it.


Stills Kitten Primer is better than the backlight primer https://www.ulta.com/p/one-step-correct-brightening-correcting-primer-xlsImpprod2390219 I used both and I really like this one and I think you will too. Just enough flow and it has the color correction type tone you are looking for with the lavender from the backlight. It’s not exact, it honestly I really think it’s better


oh i actually don’t like the purple becca primer very much, there might be a correlation because i don’t like the stila one either, not into color correctors at all 😅 thank you for the recommendation though!!




My answer was the first light primer lol. I've tried some dupes, but that primer gave me such a healthy glow from within I haven't seen replicated


I’m finally finishing up a Becca color corrector and idk what I’m going to do when it’s gone….


Revlon Just Bitten lip stains. Whhyyyyy Revlon whyyyyy?!


They discontinue everything good and then declare chapter 11 bankruptcy. I wonder what happened 🙄


Aww, this was my first foray into lip color. Honey was such a good shade. And don't shortchange the insanely wordy name: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. What a mouthful.


If they brought it back they’d make bank!


Have you found anything that’s comparable? I’m on my last one now, and I still haven’t found anything that’s similar 🥲


Clinique Chubby Stuck Intense in Whole Lotta Honey isn't far off in color and texture, but doesn't have a stain effect (and different price point, of course). Other than that, I can't say I've really found a dupe. 😕


I can’t believe they haven’t brought them back. Everyone loved those …..


Revlon seems to be finished in the UK.


Are they not selling over there?


It filed for bankruptcy in summer in the US according to articles, the products was reduced & displays were all taken down last I saw in the UK.


I still miss Honey, and whatever the Jordana one was called, it was the same exact product but that line disappeared before Balmstains did. The Jordana line had a gorgeous, vibrant pink coral called Tropical something that is pretty much undupeable, too. Even if a color is close, the texture isn’t right. That formula was pretty much perfect.


This right here. I LOVED those! They lasted forever, absolutely transfer proof, and with a gloss over the top looked fantastic. I've been looking for a similar formula for ages.


The LORAC Pro 1 palette. My husband bought it for me from Ulta on my first Mother’s Day. It has four pans in it now, and I’m sad to see that it’s no longer replaceable. Every important event that I’ve used that palette, I’m very happy with how my pictures turned out. I’ll probably get the LORAC pro palette artist edition to replace it once I pan a couple more shades.


I found the original LORAC pro palette like two months ago on Amazon of all places! Maybe still there?


The mega pro palette is mine for similar reasons. It just works so freaking well. I should break it out again.


Meow Cosmetics mineral foundation powder. I guess it’s not technically a “discontinued” product, as the entire brand shut down. The Ocicat range of shades was a great boon for those of us with olive complexions, and I have never, ever found a better shade match, nor a better performing powder foundation. I missed out on their going out of business sale, and not am sort of rationing my last container of powder. Fantastic product. If there are any other olive fans of Meow out there that have found an alternative, I am all ears.


Awww that’s sad to hear. I remember obsessing for months over what I would order from them, if I should order samples etc. I loved everything about the brand but never pulled the trigger. I’m sad they no longer exist


Nowhere near the range of Meow, but Lucy Minerals has several olive shades.


Oh no, I had no idea they shut down! I wore their foundation for years when nothing else worked :( I still use the concealer for active acne. No liquid or cream concealer has ever come close to the opacity of mineral concealers for me.


I moved to Jane iredales mineral pressed. There are many olive shades. I use satin in particular.


Lancome Juicy Shakers (Silver Lid) - Not the matte version (although I don't see those around too often either) but the glossier version. I wonder if Lancome is kicking themselves for getting rid of these right before the glossy lip trend came back. They could be sheer, they could be built up. They felt nice and were easy to apply. I'm using up my last one (Piece of Cake) now and I just hope they come back like Juicy Tubes did. Mac Velvet Teddy blush and eyeshadow - A couple years ago Mac released eyeshadow and blush inspired by some of their lip products. I think it was called Mac in Monochrome or something like that. I picked up a blush (Sur) and two shadows (Soft Teddy and Dear Teddy) inspired by Velvet Teddy. The blush is still going strong but I've started to see pan popping up in both shadows. They all really capture the 'old gum' vibe (as HLP calls it) on me. edit - [found the link to the Mac in Monochrome promo page](https://www.maccosmetics.ca/monochrome-velvet-teddy)


That Mac in Monochrome collection looks like fun. I would be all over See Sheer or if they were to do Chili or Marrakesh.


Omg yes pls i would buy a marrakesh blush so fast.


I just got the Smashbox halo sheer to stay cream tint in terracotta and it is so similar to Marrakesh. But you could probably just use the Marrakesh lipstick as blush too!


Marrakesh would be amazing! Diva would be so nice too. I think it would be a fun annual release with a different shade getting a collection.


Ugh. The juicy shakers!! I loved them so much. Wish they would come back. :(


For me it's also the electric palette! I still use it to this day too because the eyeshadow still works well.


Wet n wild fergie eye primer. It is my HG and I am starting my last reserved one


i looooved the fergie primer, I’m 99% sure their photofocus primer is the same formula but it’s been so long I’m not positive.


I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing. I loved the fergie primer too and the photo focus is just like it to me


I still have one or two Fergie eye primers in my backup drawer that I'm saving to trade to someone else on Makeup Exchange - because having compared the Fergie primer to the Photofocus primer in all of its stages of dryness, and having compared the ingredients: They are the exact same product. I just hope and pray that the Photofocus eye primer returns to store shelves with its new packaging soon :( I'll basically have to re-learn eyeshadow if they discontinue it!


I think so too. I’ll buy that today as the back up ( I just opened my last replacement I got in 2016-2017.


Yes! I loved this primer so much.


l’oréal’s color riche balms 🥲 edit: just adding on since this got any upvotes at all—they were so buttery and the perfect blend of sheer with a hint of color. MISS THEM SO MUCH, they got me through college lmao


I still have one.


Becca Berlin Girl. And Smoked Quartz. Something about them are just lovely and haven't been similarly captured by my million and one highlighters.


I desperately wanted Berlin girl but it wasn't available in my country, and now I know itll never happen (sobs)


I'm so sad that I didn't snag Smoky Quartz before they went under. I kept waiting for it to go on a going-out-of-business sale price, but they just continued selling at full price and then vanished.


My Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks. Especially Chai. My Becca highlighters, especially Prismatic Amethyst - it's unfortunately all broken up and I have to absolutely baby it so it doesn't shatter into a million (more) pieces. Also, a hair product - My Honey Child's Coconut Milk moisturizer. I bought like 4 bottles for $2 each when they stopped selling hair products. It's perfect: it's super lightweight and doesn't weigh down my fine curly hair, but it's super hydrating and my hair drinks it up. I still have like 2.5 bottles left...but I have yet to find anything like it. :(


The original non-vegan Agave Lip Mask from Bite Beauty


I second this. It's my favorite and each tube took over a year to pan so by the time I was on my second tube, they've changed the formula and I hated it.


I’ve personally found that other lip products that contain lanolin all help keep my lips nice but this one grips on better than other things I’ve been using since (rose salve, glossier balm dot com)


I still kick myself for not picking this up before it was gone.


I totally agree. My replacement for this is lanolips! It’s not got the nice agave, but the texture is pretty similar.


I love this one. I got lucky and found a couple of the maple version (might have been a canadian exclusive) at Winners a couple weeks ago so I scooped them up!


Might want to give the aritaum ginger sugar lip sleeping mask a shot. I never used the Bite Beauty one but I know the Aritaum one has lanolin and it helps remove all dead skin in the morning.


Too Faced "Life is a festival" palette. The colors are fun, but very easy to wear, including a lot of very pretty duochromes. Oh, and it smells like candy, which is also a big plus.


Yesssss. This palette is a prized possession of mine, too. The duochromes are fire. Wish Too Faced did more of them.


KVD’s studded kiss lipstick in “Bow N Arrow.” For the bullet lipstick, not the liquid lipstick. I’m about to start on my backup, but I LOVE that color.


OG Lolita studded kiss was my MLBB. I loved everything about it and I down to almost nothing in the tube and none of their current stuff feels/looks the same :(


The ABH glow kits, specifically Gleam and Sweets. I’ll keep those until I completely pan them.


I panned Sweets and the Nicole glow kits. They were all I needed for so long. I miss the Nicole kit :(


They're still ok for you? Mine went off about a year after I got it. Horrid smell. Bought it for full damn price, too.


Yes, but I don’t have them in their original packaging. I depotted into a big magnetic palette.


Nars Douceur blush. A few years ago I found one on makeupexchange and she's still kicking around! It's depotted into a travel palette and showing major pan. Love that shade and formula so so much.


I have a NARS Douceur if you are interested. It's definitely old but still works! I don't really use it so would be happy to send it to someone who would love it.


omg I just saw this comment! I'm going to dm you!! 💚


Shiro's Nic Cage glosses. I still have part of a tube of Nic Cage Resigned to a Loveless Marriage for the Good of the Realm, but I really like their gloss formula. Not sticky, genuinely moisturizing, almost no color transfer (the wax/oil itself transfers a bit), lasted well and stained nicely. No coconut oil or other ingredients my lips react poorly to. I'm savoring what I have.


When people found out the brand was closing I bought so many glosses since it really is one of the best formulas I've ever used. I keep pictures of the ingredient label in the hope to one day duplicate it


Mac Boldly Bare lipstick. It was the most beautiful warm pink, despite being a “light” pink colour a really wearable & flattering colour on Indian skin & the texture was perfect for it, just the right amount of glossy & creamy, making any makeup look look more special. My friend stocked up when she found out it was getting discontinued & gifted me one as I was the one that got her onto them, so I have two bullets I treasure now.


Ye Olde Sugarpill Quads - Burning Heart❤️💜🧡💛, Sweet Heart🤍💙💓🧩, and Heart Breaker💚💙💜🦚 UD Electric isn't as sentimental for me, but I'm glad I still have that too. Looking at it does make me a little sad about present day UD tho. I'm hoping the new palette with Robin Eisenberg indicates a new direction, but that pale ivory shade is making sure I don't get my hopes up too high :/


Still love, still use Burning Heart!


I still regret decluttering the Electric palette when I went through a minimalist phase! I can’t think of any others right now though.


I feel you, I declutteted so many things in my minimalist phase that I regret so much


Cyo lifeproof foundation 😭


Omg yes! And Soap and Glory got rid of the exact dupe also!!


omg it's like they hate money


Lmao, there needs to be a PSA to these companies.


Make Up Forever water blend foundation. I just opened my last bottle of it, and I’m going to be bummed when I finally pan it.


My last Marc Jacobs velvet noir and bite beauty upswing mascaras


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BECCA Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Papaya. Legit the perfect consistency (it’s like a gel?) for undereye to get rid of the darkness for my skintone. I stocked up and have like 4 extra pots 🤣


Omg I’m so jealous! I also love that color corrector and I had no idea they got rid of it until way too late. I have very dry skin so it’s just the perfect consistency to cancel out dark circles without drying them out to look like the mummy lol. I have no idea what I’m going to do when mine finally runs out


Becca beach tint in dragonfruit. I still use it at least once a summer.


Ughhhh, those beach tints were just perfect. Same with the cheek soufflés. I had to finally toss them since they had gone bad long ago.


I would give anything to get my hands on a dupe for fig, those blushes were supremely well formulated. I wish the BECCA x Smashbox partnership would wise up and bring them back! This is the moment for liquid and cream blushes, there will never be a better time for that product.


Have you checked Temptalia for dupes? I went down a rabbit hole for fig and it looks like there may be some current formulas that may be in the same color family. I agree totally tho, Smashbox should accelerate on bringing them back. I have yet to find a modern formula that really compares.


I did! But sadly they’re all a bit warmer than fig pulled for me. I hope one day someone will do a similar almost mauvey nude thin cream blush, apparently the Lisa Eldridge blushes have a very similar formula and there’s talk they’ll be restocked for the holidays!


This sounds crazy because it was a Cover Girl eye shadow sort of palette. It was called sparkling wines. I have hazel eyes and I always got compliments when I wore it. I have never found anything similar.


Oh so many things.... For most things except foundation, once I find something I will repurchase that for the rest of time. So... That's why it hurts even more that so many of my staple every day products have been discontinued or changed. 1) Too Faced Peach Perfect setting powder... Truly the most perfect mattifying but not overly drying setting powder for my oily combo skin. Mattifying enough to stand up to humid summers, not too drying that I couldn't use it in the winter time. I can use a lot of just a little and it will always look perfect. RIP holy grail powder, I have 2 back ups and one open one right now. I hope by the time I go through these, I will have found something I love just as much. I used to go through one of these each year, but I'm definitely using it more sparingly now. 2) Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation... One of the few foundations I didn't feel the need to mix with anything.. perfect light to medium coverage.. not too thick not too runny soft matte/natural matte finish that could carry me through all the seasons. Could up the moisture factor in the winter with heavier moisturizers and carried me though some hotter weather with the setting powder. Thankfully I think it is easier to find something I like just as much in this category, particularly because I love trying samples of foundations. I've been really liking Armani Luminous Silk though it's not as matte throughout the day as I would like. I've been mixing it with the Nars Soft Matte foundation in the summer with good results so I'm curious how it stands on its own these upcoming Fall and Winter months. I've also been LOVING Lisa Eldridge's foundation too. 3) Becca's mineral foundation powder from way back when, before they reformulated it even. It was such a perfect powder as a standalone foundation, setting or finishing powder. I was still holding out hope they would bring it back with the resurgence of powder foundation for that one year but then they just went ahead and closed up shop completely. 4) Another Becca product- their Sunlit Bronzer. Bronzed Bondi was just the perfect shade and undertone for me and I love how natural it looked on the skin, sheer but buildable. It had shimmer in the pan but you wouldn't know it the way it blended on the skin, it was just perfection. I still have one backup of this and one I'm going through... I was never one to try multiple bronzers so I don't even know what's out there. I just hate shimmery bronzers where the shimmer is apparent on the skin and I know that overly glowy look is in right now. But matte bronzers just look off to me and don't look super natural on me. Definitely not looking forward to finding a replacement. 5) Smashbox Oil and Shine control primer before they reformulated it, the one with the mint green packaging... Why... Just why does everythig I love get changed or disconnected. It's just a primer that did it's job and held back the oils for most of the day.


I also miss the Peach Perfect foundation, it was highly underrated


I never tried the peach powder but I do have oily skin, the Nars radiant powder is really great. The name is misleading - it just doesn’t get overly matte and crusty. You have backups tho so this might be discontinued by that time 🤣


Everything I truly love gets discontinued somehow so if I jump on that Nars train I might ruin it for others who love it 😂😂


The Bite dirty chai coffee lip gloss. Only I don't have it anymore because it went rancid. Loved it while it lasted, tho


Mine is sometimes considered controversial or whatever, but man I love ABH Subculture.


My Mac soba single eyeshadow. It's the perfect allover one and done for my skin tone. Never found a color quite like it.


That was my very first MAC eyeshadow


Also Urban Decay. The lipstick shade "violate". Can't find anything that's quite that pink/lavender.


THEY DISCONTINUED THAT??? Noooo that’s literally my favorite shade in the whole world! So pretty. The closest thing I’ve found was Lorac’s Goddess shade but it’s still not the same. Plus I think that was DC’d too :/


UD Electric! I don’t use it anymore but it was my first ~high end~ eyeshadow palette that i got on sale!!! Even tho I don’t wear it i have fond memories w it. 🥺 It was my entryway into bright, colorful eyeshadow!


KVD Piaf. KVD was a twat, but that is one of the most unique lipstick shades I've ever owned and I'm gonna be sad when it goes bad.


Lipstick Queen Medieval, Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Bali Sands for autumn and spring, Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Bronzed Bondi for summer, Marc Jacobs lipgloss sticks in One Mauve Time, P(r)each and Coming Out, Marc Jacobs Glow Stick, Marc Jacobs Coconut Perfecting Primer, Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, Juicy Tubes in Fraise, Lychee and Pamplemousse, Benefit Benebalm, Mac Lustreglass in Wonderstruck, By Terry Baume de Rose Couleur in Cherry Bomb, Berry Bloom, Toffee Cream and Fig Fiction, Jouer cream highlighter in Tiaré and Camellia, Stila Crush lip stains! Tarte blush sticks in Flush and Exposed, Benefit Box o' Blush in Rockateur and Coralista


> Benefit Benebalm OH MY GOD I had all 3 of those lip balms and they were amazing. And then they were just GONE, I was so sad.


I've still got backups! I like the others too, but Benebalm was really the HG.


Did the entire marc jacobs line get DC’d or is it just most of their famous products?


I think the entire line was (sadly) discontinued.


Almost everything from Becca, but especially the First Light Primer. I have 3 backups but I know I'll go through them quickly. I'll be so sad when it's gone. I'm holding out hope Smashbox brings the primers back. I also loved their highlighters and blushes. The other one is Makeup Geek eyeshadows. Specifically Peach Smoothie (still my go to transition), Creme Brulee (if I don't use Peach Smoothie, I'm using this), Lucky Penny and Pocket Change. The last two are the perfect satin finish one and done all over the lid shades. They're such a good formula that is so flattering and the colors are perfect to just throw on without much thought. They're my go to for work trips.


Bite Beauty will always be that brand for me. The Matte Lip Crayon in Cavaldos is my favorite lipstick. It’s the perfect brownish midtone red and the only lipstick I have ever bought a back up of. Also honorable mention to their foundation which I also bought a backup tube which I literally never do. I still regret not buying another tube of the French Press Gloss in Dirty Chai when they discontinued their original line. So when they went out of business I got my two favorite things for when I inevitably run out of them soon


Wet N Wild Comfort Zone. It used to be my standard recommendation to people new to make up. That and Rose something. Their new release lack that colorway and I hope they bring it back.


If you have some of a favorite product left you can send it to Three custom colors https://threecustom.com/custom-blended-eyeshadow.html They can make dupes based on what you send them. Not just eyeshadow but all product types.


The Lancôme lip oils.


It's drugstore but I've never found anything else like it (but also thank you to the people who have suggested alternatives in the past, maybe I'll buy the Stila...) **Bourjois Clubbing Eyeliner in Dancefloor Bronze** This shade was the perfect match to my eyes and bought out the nicest aspect of my eye colour. I could be totally lazy with this eyeliner and not bother too much with learning how to do a smokey eye because it was so sultry! So I'm literally just learning how to do a proper smokey eye at 40 🤣 This liner also lasted so so well on my eyes, covered my waterline and just worked. Also it glittered a little. I mean, it was perfect. And so easy to apply! I never bothered with lipstick because this made my eyes pop so well I wasn't interested in lips beyond a bit of gloss. I gave up on make up in my 30s for lots of reasons and the loss of this eyeliner was a contributing factor.


I have a few! Too faced chocolate gold palette, Abh x Nicole highlight palette, Abh so Hollywood highlight, benefit Dallas blush, mac warm soul og


WNW photofocus eyeshadow primer. Ugh. I’m down to having to cut my tube open to get any more out. I’m dreading using the last of it.


this got dced?? noooo it's the only eyeshadow primer that works for me! :(


When did this get discontinued?? Why would they do that!


A while back I believe. I haven’t seen it in stores in months.


This hasn't been discontinued (I hope)! They're changing the packaging. It's still available on their web site. https://www.wetnwildbeauty.com/photo-focustm-eyeshadow-primer-only-a-matter-of-prime.html


Becca ever matte primer


Urban decay collagen spray, it was hydrating and made my base make up perfectly dewey


Becca mineral blush in wild honey. So so sad it’s discontinued.


UD Stray Dog eyeliner. It was in the anniversary vault and was absolute HG for me. I want another so badly!!!


UD vice lip chemistry stains! they were the perfect mlbb look w a slight tint and gloss😭 i have never heard anyone talk about it!!!


Nars Madly blush- it was a cult fav idk why they discontinued it but mine is almost gone 😭


Clinique lucky penny eyeshadow. I still have 2 left, but even the Maybelline nude glow isn't a 100% dupe. It just works. I wear it a lot as a single eyeshadow look to get out the door fast. It seems like so many companies shoot themselves in the foot discontinuing their most popular products.


MAC Kid Kat lipstick. I have the teensiest little sliver of it left and it’s definitely not wearable because it’s gone off but I refuse to throw it out or recycle it in “back to MAC”. The colour and the formula are so beautiful! A bright, punchy, sheer fuchsia with faint purple shimmers. The most perfect summer colour there ever was. And MAC has never brought out anything remotely like it in colour or formula since.


My first ever holy grail lippie was a Smashbox lipstick in the shade Marvelous from their defunct Photo Finish line. It was the perfect plummy shade, sheer but buildable. I had never actually finished a lipstick before then and didn’t think to get a backup when they reformulated for the Be Legendary line. It’s been years since I used it up but I still think of that lipstick sometimes. Also the UD Mariposa palette. I know it was never one of their cult favorites pre-Naked but I adored it. I actually just recently let go of the last couple pans I had left of mine because they’d finally gone off, but they were cherished while I had them.


Benefit 3d Browtones in light medium. I use it as a topper and it just makes my brows look instantly good.


Smashbox Full Exposure Palette - This palette was before its time and under appreciated. Released during an era all gurus ahhhh’d and ooooh’d for foil like pigmentation… this didn’t have the moment it deserved. The bottom row of mattes are beautifully thought out from light to darkest tone. Buttery smooth and effortless blendability. Top row: now this is the magic-MAGIC. All the top shades are toppers to complement the bottom shades…. The way Surattt/Chantecaille/Hourglass/Victoria Beckham/Urban Decay Moondust shadows have the wet looking lids with microsheen particles. Somehow my textured eyelids looked smoother with this formula - crazy. Use it alone, use it with the mattes. I get stopped every time I wear these shadows. On days I am low on social battery or want to not be disturbed, I make sure not to use this palette. 🙃 one of my favourite palette for my pale olive skin. The second Double Exposure is lovely too but is very metallic and definitely released to fit in with the ooh and ahhhhhh pigmentation every guru swatch lusted over. Lorac Pro 1 palette - butter. I love the mattes but the whole palette is divine. Only thing is that the shades pull cool-neutral on my olive-skin. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation - bloody bring this back 🥲 Chanel Acqua dupe. There is no other palette quite like the UD Electric Palette… the quality was phenomenal because the shadows are high in pigment due to being pressed pigments … not the usual eyeshadows combined with other fillers. Idea was you could mix it with a medium, water/cream/gel/lipstick, to create a multipurpose product. Q: what do you like about the Too Faced Chocolate Bar? I have it and struggle to enjoy it!


> Smashbox Full Exposure Palette This is one palette I wish I had gotten, to me it's like the perfect wearable palette. >Bourjois Healthy Mix Hah I remember having one of these back in 2015-2016 when there were so very few shades and ALL OF THEM were warm toned and did not fit me. The texture was nice tho. >what do you like about the Too Faced Chocolate Bar? It's one of those very wearable palettes, the shadows are still soft and buildable and blend like an absolute dream. Plus I get hit so hard with nostalgia when I open it and the chocolate-y smell hits me. If I'm lazy I literally put one of the shadows on my whole lid, blend it out, add mascara and it's a look!


Finnnnne, okaaaay. It’s almost 12am but let me bring out the Chocolate Bar Palette and do a look for funsies and wash off before bed. Gotta test out these big claims.


Do it! I was doing the same at 1 AM last night because I was hit with nostalgia for the early Beautuber era! Let me know how it goes, I think at one point too faced had some issues with their quality so their eyeshadows were wobbly and not up to standards.


Oh god I miss healthy mix so badly! The perfect foundation.


There are so many and most people wont know them because they are from the uk..but list is long.. 1st my all time favorite perfumes Hot couture by Givenchy and Angel by Mugler..you can buy them but they are reformulated therefore not the same at all...and Mark Jacobs Decadence (green purse), this is sadly discontinued...again why, oh why???😭😭😭😭 2nd My deodorant from Superdrug called Glamour - paired perfectly with Angel.Their own brand of face/self tan/anti ageing cream..discovered it due to a reduction and it gave me the best face glow, i only used it during winter to prevent looking yellow, since then i just look yellow, Thanks Superdrug!!!Lastly they have discontinued body mists from their own brand, Cocoon and Gourmand 😤😭😭😭😭..this about 1month ago..forsee this shop closing in future as they keep discontinuing stuff from their own brand.. 3rd Mac..oh Mac what a dissapointment you turn out to be...my foundation, the only foundation in my shade..prolongwear in black compact, will turn into liquid upon apply with brush..amazing..yes they brought it back in silver compact..its crap..and their foundation brush, its synthetic now, again absolutely crap.. 4th Mascara, i believe it was rimmel london, black with kinda stocking design with purple letters...i forgot the name, best mascara ever...(may edit if i remember the name) 5th Chocolate cake from Iceland, frozen and you could eat it frozen, defrosted or put it in microwave to have the top melting..their own brand, one day they change the packaging and it was never the same again... These are the ones i remember and i will always remember as nothing comes close and i remain for life trying to replace them but nothing really comes close..thanks!!


I know I am a tad late, but those of you in the US may be familiar wth the Cosmetic Company Store, a makeup outlet, i think may be owned by Lauder. Anyway, they have an online shop now where a lot of the discontinued/LE stuff goes to die [https://www.thecosmeticscompanystore.com/en-us/makeup/eyes](https://www.thecosmeticscompanystore.com/en-us/makeup/eyes) and if you are in NC, or drive through, there are several locations of JR Tobacco, which not just sells tobacco products, but lots of cosmetics--there is one in Smithfield, one I think between Winston & Greensboro off the top of my head . I have found MAC, Dior an other stuff there.


Lipstick Queen Medieval!


KKW Beauty lip liner in “Love” from her Bridal collection. Nude lip liners either wash me out or are too dark. But that one was just perfect! So sad that even if she relaunches, I doubt she’ll bring back her bridal collection (version 2.0) since she’s divorced now lol.


UD electric and Makeup Forever Duo Mat powder foundation. Its my absolute perfect match and the perfect coverage for me.


Soap and Glory brought out a collection of nude shades in gold packaging for their ‘sexy motherpucker’ (bad name good product) line. Comfortable, soft matte lipsticks with good staying power and a nice undertone for my medium/pale yellowy skin. ‘5th avenude’ is a nice pinky nude when I am very pale or looking to deliberately have a pale lipstick on but my true ride or die is ‘super nude’. I have gone through three tubes of this lipstick which is impressive for someone like me who likes a variety of finishes and colours. The frustrating thing is some boots stores still have the shelf space but they haven’t actually stocked any of the nude shades for over a year- just the red ones. I am hoarding my last tube fiercely. It’s just the perfect shade to match everything!


NARS Cannonball. Rest in peace, best waterproof mascara in all of history. \*cries\*


They discontinued it the Chocolate Bar?? Nooo it’s just like Naked 1!




MAC Prolongwear Foundation - the one in glass container, not the current one in plastic tube. Never oxidized on me, lasted forever without extras added


The older Shiseido eye shadow singles. The texture was gorgeous, very smooth and silky, and they know how to do an amazing satin finish. I will be gutted when my Alchemy single is gone.


Mine is the sally hansen line smoothing mineral lip treatment (drugstore brand). It was a gloss that felt like butter & came in a lovely shade range. It had no smell/taste, which is always a plus for me. And it was comfortable & not sticky or syrupy. I bought all I could find when they discontinued it years ago. I don’t think I’ll ever got over the discontinuation of this one.


Essence Silky touch blush in Adorable. It was the perfect blush for me. Great finish, you couldn't see the color on.me but it gave such nice blush and glow. Like I was lit from within. I still cry for it.


NYX Bare Skin Veil or whatever it’s name is. Such a great skin tint, so light and just evens everything out. I have half a tube left and I’ll be devastated when it’s gone.


Three palettes that I still love and use: Too Faced Natural Eye, the original in cardboard packaging, my oldest still-used palette. The mattes aren't very good anymore, but the shimmers are still absolutely beautiful. Colourpop Dream Street, just such a pretty neutral-with-a-pop palette. Even when I'm using a new palette, a shade or two from Dream Street might creep in as a companion. Nabla Soul Blooming, the newest of the three, was such a deeply underrated palette with such a lovely color story. I love the formula, too.


I miss the old Armani Eyes to Kill mascara. And Becca primers.


Mac sumptuous olive eyeshadow.


Because liquid shimmerinh perfector, the original formula.... >_<