How are the colourpop lippie stix in the matte formula?


I love them. I find them to be a very comfortable, more “satin matte”. The matte X ones are more of a true matte, which I also love the formula of. I’m a big fan of colour pop Lippie Stix!


What shades do you like and have?


I have eyeshadows that have silicone (dimethicone) high up the ingredient list and they tend to pill if I try to blend them too much. I get the feeling stippling them may work to blend them smoothly, I sort of tried it today (when it suddenly occured half way through the look that it might work) but need to try it properly. Any tips or comments, any one else have this experience? Edit grammar / words


Do you remember those little sponge tip applicators that came with eyeshadow palettes? I wonder if they might work better than a brush? It’s just an idea though.


Good idea! Anything is worth a try :) I probably have one somewhere lol


I find using a finger and more press/pat/gentle "pull" to work best with these, personally. And a sticky base.


Excellent, thanks! I'll try that too :) I've got UD primer potion so that should work I think


Has anyone got a recommendation for a good black lipstick? Liquid or bullet. I’ve only tried one from revolution pro and it’s okay but not great. Sorry should have added i’m in the uk so I don’t have access to a lot of brands.


Sleepwalker by Black Moon Cosmetics! It’s a liquid lipstick but they do have a bullet version as well.


Necromancy Cosmetica [Morgue](https://necromancycosmetica.com/products/morgue)


This is the correct answer.


Menagerie Cosmetics in "Cricket" is my go-to! Super comfortable and great lasting power.


liquid: Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Nightbird bullet: Melt Ultra Matte in Bane


Oh I was looking at bane. Guess i’ll go ahead and order it!


Anyone else with bismuth oxychloride allergies, do you find that liquid products with it also trigger your skin? I gave up on a bunch of mineral powders after i started to get itchy and sore patches along the brow bone, chin line, and cheek bones, and some research suggested it might be because of this ingredient. Now i notice my new liquid concealer has (+/- bismuth oxychloride) and after about a week of use, one of the irritated welts under my eye is back 😭 i was really hoping it was limited to powder products because of the nature of the particles but i guess I'm out of luck.


I don't have that particular allergy, but in my experience if I'm allergic to an ingredient, I'm allergic to it in every format/formula.


If I recall a lot of people with that allergy get especially irritated when they get sweaty (like the particles dissolve in their sweat / oils and get unbearably itchy) so based on that I would think that a formula where it's already dissolved in some liquid would just deliver the irritating particles faster. But I am obviously not a scientist.


ND mini glam is a liaaar lol I've been owning it for a long time but maybe this was my first time actually using it and everyone is right, it's so not cool toned as it looks at all. I'm looking for a small, true cool toned palette. Viseart Lilas is the kind of vibe I fancy, but that dusty rose ruins it for me as I have a ton of similar shades. I unfortunately don't like either Colourpop That's taupe or Of quartz.


You might like Dior Soft Cashmere.


Maybe CT Uptown Girl or Rock Chick quads? I also love the Smashbox Punked palette.


If you like Natasha's formula, the Mini Xenon might be a good choice!




[This palette?](https://www.natashadenona.com/mini_xenon_palette) Maybe I'm confused but I wouldn't consider this to be very warm to most people outside of the off white shade.


Wow, I need more coffee, sorry. I read this as the zendo palette. That is a decidedly cool palette.


Oh no worries! Thank you for replying b/c I thought I was going crazy for a moment.


I would check out Sydney graces coffee talk palette, it’s more cool toned but similar to glam. Or just make a small palette of her singles.


What about the violet voss cool vibes palette?


has anyone tried the brand sunniesface? their branding is right up my alley so i wanted to give them a shot!


No but their marketing has me too lol. I will snag a lipstick once they come to the USA.


Best liquid blush and highlighters? I’m trying to embrace them more. I have the Hollywood Flawless Filter. Use it that way sometimes. It’s OK.


Out of all the liquid and cream blushes I own, nothing beats Nars Orgasm liquid. I doesn’t sit on top of the skin, is very brightening, and just always blends out beautifully. I’ve tried my Olympic best to find a replacement because the packaging is so messy and shitty but there just isn’t any other.


>nothing beats Nars Orgasm liquid Totally this. I'm a bit of a blush freak and amassed so many in the past 2 years. Not one newcomer in the market had beaten NARS liquid. Far second is Danessa Myricks Vision Flush and third place is Rare Beauty. Ranking is mostly based on longevity and blendability. NARS feels like it just blends itself.


Been eyeing this one for a while. Probably going to purchase. Thanks for your recc, it clinched the deal for me 😊


Does this have visible sparkle in it?




I have always loved NARS Orgasm powder, but have been very hesitative towards the liquid. ​ Definitely interested now!


I love the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch liquid blushes and their liquid highlighter. I tend to apply the highlighter **before** or under foundation/concealer for a seamless look. I do the same with CT Hollywood Flawless Filter. I have also seen people mix the Rare Beauty highlighter with their liquid blushes. Be careful with the Rare Beauty blushes - most are very pigment and a little goes a long way - but they are long lasting. I also enjoy the Flower Beauty liquid blushes but they don't last very well in comparison to the Rare Beauty ones if that is an issue for you.


I agree with Rare Beauty - it works the best for my oily combo skin that "eats blush" (most blush fades on me). I find the most trouble working with Rare Beauty when I at my fairest (even with the tiniest dot). I enjoy the viral trick of building it up a bit more pigmented than usual and then applying it under a skin tint/tinted moisturizer/buildable foundation. It blends seamlessly. I also use the tiniest amount of their orange/peachy shades as my undereye corrector.


Dying to trial ‘Pinches’ but it’s sold out everywhere in Australia!!