The thinner profile makes me more likely to purchase. The old boxes were unappealing. I think I'd have to see the shades in person to see if any really appealed to me.


I really loved the original Dallas shade, it was such a good bronzer/blush hybrid on me. Hope there is a better replacement than the reformulation. And hope that there is a good shade range overall. I also am really glad to see the slimmer packaging!


I also really need Dallas in my life forever. I’m using one at the moment, it’s my current favourite and I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s gone.


It looks like they still have Dallas & some other old shades in palettes? https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/en-gb/product/cheek-stars-reunion-tour-palette


Yeah mine is in a palette 😇


Yes I was so disappointed they didn’t bring that one back in the original tone! I think a decent replacement is TheBalm balm desert, though. It’s a similar rosy bronze shade.


I was going to suggest balmdesert. It’s so good.


I have a post from a while back in my profile where I swatched a bunch of similar blushes if anyone wants to see! I don’t know how to link them sorry. I think there is a similar color from covergirl


I wore Dallas on my wedding day. I've gone through three pans. I miss the original, the reformulation isn't the same.


Yes! I still have the dregs of mine and it’s the only “bronzer” I’ve ever gotten to work on me. Pretty much every bronzer product pulls really orange on me but the old Dallas worked like a charm. It had just the right color balance that it didn’t look like I was just putting extra blush on, either


I’m kind of tempted. I think it was a smart refresh. A lot of those colors look beautiful. However my blush number increased by 6 this year so it’s not something I’m rushing to purchase.


If you’re missing Rockateur, Buxom Wanderlust Blush in Seychelles is really similar.


Rockateur and Seychelles are also good dupes for the Original Mac Warm Soul and discontinued Chanel Golden Sun


I like the smaller packaging and extended shade range There's a few I am interested in getting. But I will wait for reviews because some of the newer reviews before they did the overhaul complained the shade changed or performance changed. I like they came out with minis of most of them out the gate too. Will probably try one of the minis first whenever I end up purchasing it.


Damn I had no idea this even happened.... I own most of the Benefit blushes and they're honestly great. Soft formula, easy to blend, hard to overdo. I will now be keeping my eye out at Winners for any stray Sugarbombs tho... Taking a quick look the shade range is pretty nice. Some very pretty deeper shades that aren't for me but it's good to see. I love strawberry shades to I'm v interested in Crystah... may splurge on the mini soon. I like Willa too, I love a soft neutral... Overall nice to see something new and promising from Benefit for once👌 worth a try I'd say. Now make a mini of the Twinkle highlighter so I can justify it😠


not to talk you into it but the twinkle highlighter is the only highlighter i own and i love her! ive had her for YEARS and even through heavy use have barely made a dent so in the end i think it was worth it…or maybe that’s just how i try to justify it to myself haha


Hahaha this is exactly how I justified Cookie to myself... and it's so amazing 😭👌 sooo creamy and glowy. I promised myself I wouldn't shell out for both full size, but.... you are tempting me🤔😂


the blushes are cute! I do wish they had made a lilac/lavender blush with this revamp tho


I thought Willa is going to be that but its described as neutral rose....i love me a super cooled toned pink too


I appreciate that they made the packaging slimmer, although I think they should have gone with different packaging all together. It bothers me to pay their prices and get cardboard packaging. I’ve repurchased the Hoola bronzer about 3 times now, but the packaging annoys me. I think it feels cheap and it’s hard to get my brush in there. As far as the shades, I wish they would have kept some of the OG ones that have such a strong following. Why wouldn’t they just add more shades to those existing ones instead of getting rid of them? There’s going to be a lot of sad people who religiously use the same blush.


I’m really surprised as they have become iconic & are favourites for a lot of people. Is there a reason I’m missing for this? Maybe they weren’t selling as well as I imagined.


Am mourning loss of rockateur 😞


my favorite thing about their blushes is weirdly enough how good they smell


I still use a giant box of Dandelion i bought in 2004 and it still smells great


Does anyone else hate the designs though? They all look like they were whipped up in 5 minutes by someone with no graphic design training.


They look like spotify playlist covers


Omg I was thinking the same thing. They look so generic, stock graphics-y & unmemorable. Literally like if you were going a graphic design project at school for a made up makeup brand.


Based on the pictures, the colors aren’t really looking like ones I would wear, but I’ll have to see them in person to know for sure. I have a large collection of blushes and these colors just don’t stick out to me, for some reason. Also, I still don’t really like their packaging/ aesthetic. I wish there were more neutral and muted toned shades. I think it’s good that they are catering to deeper skin tones now though.


The majority of the shades look very warm. I'm disappointed, but not surprised that every company continues to disproportionately cater to warm undertones. 😭


They didn't have to take all those influencers to Hawaii for the launch...esp as the locals have been begging people to stay away for years


After so many years of avoiding what is a lot of people's favorite product, I'm glad they listened and slimmed down the hideous packaging. Hopefully Physician's Formula will take note ...


I love this launch but I wish they had zero fragrance and weren’t so pigmented imo


I’m interested, I just wish it hadn’t taken them this long to come out with deeper blushes. Their shade range has been lacking for a while and this just feels a little late to me tbh. I’ve avoided Benefit for years as I just didn’t think their products were made for anyone with skin darker than light-medium.


I'm here for it. I have the cheek leader palette (I got it at a great discount) so I have a good selection of the old ones, and I'm waiting on a good deal to buy moone or crystah or both. I have more than enough blush but yes, this was very bold of them. Blush takes FOREVER to pan, so I think they know that people will find a new one to like, or buy backups and those will still last them ages, but here is to hoping the old ones hit discount stores soon!


Honestly, the issue I have with these products is the packaging. Less so for the blushes, I suppose (it's a serious issue for the bronzer) but the pans are too small and hard to get in to. I like to swirl a fluffy brush in the product, rather than tapping. But you can't do this with Benefit and I find I pick up too much or too little. So, not a mad fan. But I applaud them for FINALLY coming out with some shades that can be used by customers with deeper skintones.


Hawaii trip when locals have asked for tourists not to go, tested on animals... It's a no from me.


I hadn't realized that they were getting rid of the other ones. I am a little bummed about this.


I love the new blushes, especially the packaging overhaul. Great formulas and a wider shade range.


I bought Shellie and it’s fine. It’s much more of a coral/peach than pink though. Probably the most dupeable shade in existence. I swatched a few other shades and I thought they all leant very warm. I thought Willa might be a bit cooler but it looked like a redder version of Shellie on my skin. The cardboard feels cheap as ever and there’s no brush included anymore. It does make me feel like a mug to pay nearly thirty pounds for something that must have an absolutely insane mark up.


honestly, i've never been a fan of benefit or particularly drawn to their products purely because of their packaging. this new blush revamp hasn't changed that for me at all.


It's not cruelty free. Oh well.


Switching to compacts would’ve been better. Just because cardboard boxes are “their thing” doesn’t mean it’s good.


I detest that still too bulky packaging so an easy pass for me.


The color range has me interested (especially that potentially cool-toned berry), but I just can’t like the cardboard box. I want a sleek metal/plastic compact that can be cleaned and still look good after a year+ of use, and doesn’t squish my brush trying to get it in there.


I think I still have an ancient box of Dandelion and Coralista hanging around somewhere. I really like a lot of the shades, I wonder if they are doing anything new with the formula. I think the biggest reason I stopped using it was the fact it was settling in my pores and it was pretty noticeable.


Do you guys have any idea which of the newest shades would match closest to sugarbomb ?