I imagine when they were developing 2X2 someone proposed full art Shadowborn Apostles then someone said "Or maybe we could..."


DEFINITELY want one. DEFINITELY not for $400 though XD


Definitely gonna need more than 1


Man they’re driving fomo hard now with secret lairs. Like it’s one thing if you might not want buy a secret lair but now there’s a chance for a $200 chase card. I hate being cynical but I don’t like that…


It’s hard to call it even FOMO- it’s really just kind of confusing. Like, yeah, it’s kind of cool that you might get an ultra-rare card out of nowhere, but what’s even the point of releasing these unannounced one-off artworks of random cards at extremely low and random drop rates? It honestly feels like they’ve successfully targeted a niche of consumers that don’t actually exist.


Now that we have these as the blingiest version (it's hard to tell but it is foiled since there is a star between the set code and language code) it should put some minor downward pressure on the regular foil versions. I don't believe that these regular versions will drop all that much since if you need one, you need 30. Another question is whether these will follow the persistent petitioners model with several different artworks released. Depending on where this new version (and possible additional arts) begins to be priced there might be opportunities here because again, people who want them want 30, so the first copies for sale might be underpriced due to misunderstanding of the demand by less experienced sellers.


Definitely is foil, that picture didn't show the foil off well, apologies


Grats on the pull, happy reddit cake-day. BTW, in case others here don't go check the comments in your main sub post, you mentioned there that you sold your copy for 400$, any problem confirming that for us?


I can't confirm as it was an in person transaction. Someone offered and I didn't wanna miss a chance to cash out.


Which secret lairs was it?


New capenna gilded edition


Oh man now I really can't wait for mine to get shipped


I can because I know I’m not getting one lol


Happy Cake Day Mikemeron! Stop searching the world for treasure, the real treasure is in yourself.


I meant confirm the amount you got for it


I dont have a receipt, but can confirm I got $400.


That's what we wanted. Thanks.


> Another question is whether these will follow the persistent petitioners model with several different artworks released. The breakdown of collector numbers would indicate a likely yes.


Honestly, these are so scarce, and you need so many of them, that these might as well not exist. No one’s ever gonna sleeve up a deck with them.


That would be the rational decision, but this is exactly how you build hype


Challenge accepted....


Of course the only secret lair I purchased all I got extra was a foil version of a card already in the lair... Wow...


Just went they finally reprinted the damn things they go and do this with an even sweeter art.


Neat. But there's no way in hell I'm buying 30 of these.


For as many secret pairs I've ever bought I've pulled shit everytime from any of the randomized bonus cards. I think best I got was a phyrexian Swamp but like you can hardly tell its anything other than a basic


Saaaaaaame boat Always the worst possible hit


I'm gonna stick the the regular foils... Jesus is dragons approach next?


Your deck only gets to use 3 copies for Jesus' Approach, though


I dont get the hype on this and Persistent Petitioners. It’s like getting excited over Squadron Hawk


There are a good amount or cards that only really work with cards with the same name. The only way to make use of them in edh is those cards like PP and SA. So some players see Thrumming Stone and wanna crack it in EDH. Not my personal jam but apparently it's what rich people like lol. The price also goes up because players want lots... for most other edh cards, even basic lands, you don't need that many. In most formats you want 4 of something the cam drive demand pretty high... for these cards in edh you want like thirty, that multiplies the demand even more. Basically if only one in thirty edh players wants these it's the equivalent to every single player wanting one.


Any deck that uses them needs a lot of them, and it's more fun to bling it out with different styles then to have 25 of the same art. It's really that simple.


Different arts makes sense


How dare you speak ill of Ancestral Recaw.


Hoping I get these in my September secret lairs instead of jank slivers


Jank slivers you will get, and you'll learn to miss the promo lands.


That’s fuckin cool


Just pulled mine, I was like "huh, that's a cool bonus card..." then I looked it up and was like "oh shit, that's a mana crypt."


Just pulled one of these. It looks really cool!


This art makes me want to puke.