This going to look amazing in foil


100% less abs, hard pass! In all seriousness, this is a great reprint.


This comment just made me doublecheck the base art and realize that this is a man. I always thought it was a Chandra look alike for the past however many years


Well, you're not wrong in a way. Young Pyromancer is a Chandra fanboy cosplaying as his idol, and even as an adult in Seasoned Pyromancer he still has traces of that.


Also young necromancer is the follow-up of that, a girl cosplaying as liliana, cant wait for seasoned necromancer


Modern Horizons 3?


Darn, I'm going to need this for my hot men commander deck.


Finally some good modern cards


Wait where? Wrenn and Six was spoiled a couple weeks ago.


So now we are at 2 playable Modern cards, technically some Titans see play… and IOK? That is it?


Cavern still sees some play even if the price has a lot of EDH demand driving it. But yeah so far set this is underwhelming as a modern player.


Good catch, I honestly forgot about Cavern as the other modern playable card - probably the most playable! I agree, it mainly seems like yet another set geared towards Commander especially after the first spoilers.


I'm not necessarily complaining in the short term - it means I can probably pick up all the singles I'll want with what I've got budgeted. But as a modern player, it's definitely disappointing to see that yet another possible reprint avenue for modern has been diverted to a commander focus again. Where are the modern reprints going to come from? Because they aren't showing up in SLs either, and they generally can't pass through standard.


I guess modern will just languish since the common mantra is edh is the accessible format and modern is the expensive one (legacy excluded from the reprint discussion for RL reasons)


Im seeing a renewed focus on pioneer and modern being effectively ignored since MH2, guess you need to wait for MH3 for the next big chunk of modern reprints and get the occasional one out of other masters sets in the meantime


Maybe I'm mistaken but wasn't the only modern reprint in MH2 the fetchlands? They could always change that policy but the Horizons part of MH seems pretty intentionally new to modern. Even outside of that I don't think they'll be reprinting ragavan in the Lord of the Rings set


I dont play modern so im not sure tbh, the new cards in it were good for modern though weren't they?


I mean, they said in the stream (maybe the article?) that the set was leaning into commander reprints, so sure people can still whine but they need to stop pretending to be surprised.


When are they not leaning into commander reprints?


Literally the most recently released set.


Obviously I meant masters sets. Sure would have been nice if they did put all the commander reprints into the "commander product" tho. And left the masters sets to the real formats.


Oh, you're one of those. Do define "real format" for me there champ.


Shrugs, magic is mostly EDH now.


Hardened Scales as well.


My joke was apparently poorly executed, but I was going for Seasoned Pyromancer isn't a good card.


In modern it's a staple. So I guess whether or not you think it's good depends on which format you play.


Yea, 3 mana for 3 bodies and 2 cards is terrible.


So is supreme verdict, damnation and hardened scales not played in modern? Also cavern which was mentioned. Do you play modern? If your going to complain, don't do it with factually wrong info


Verdict has fallen off a lot lately. It still shows up sometimes but its no longer as ubiquitous as it was.


The comment I replied to said there was only " 2 playable modern cards" in the set so far. Perhaps they meant only 2 modern all stars. My problem is with the word "playable". I would call verdict playable. I play paper magic and my experience is that some people are control players for life. Also some 4 color yorion omnath decks have a more control side to them. Those play verdict. I see supreme verdict quite a bit.


Verdict is a 1-2x in UW Control. Yorion decks, that are tier, do not play Supreme Verdict and havent for a while. They are geared towards Elementals / Blink. Damnation doesnt see play. Hardened Scales is a Tier 4 deck. Are all these good cards - Yes. Are they Modern meta playable cards? No. This is a 300 card set and we have named together 8 cards that are actually played competitively. This is what I’m complaining about. Using mtgtop8 stats; Supreme Verdict: 5% of decks, Avg 1.9 copies per decks. Damnation: Played in 0.5% of decks. Avg 1.5 copies per deck. Hardened Scales: Played in 0.5% of decks. Avg 4 copies per deck. Supreme Verdict sees play as 1x in Bring to Scapeshift lists.


I mean, if you want most of the playable Modern cards, ModernHorizons 2 product still has good availability. 😉


Mh3 is close though


MH3, You mean Lord of the Rings set, right? Lol


Modern? In my masters set??


Modern as a format is literally just MH2, and MH2 is still in print, so they couldn’t reprint anything here.


I just wanted to see inkmoth nexus and a decent land cycle


Laughs in lightning bolt


Naw I agree man this set is CL2 like most of the modern reprints see play in commander aswell. I want to see some cards that make modern player excited for real. Force of negation, force of vigor, swagavan, solitude, 3feri, give ‘em to us wizards this set would be great! Just no omnath leave him be he fukin sucks


Naw I agree man this set is CL2 like most of the modern reprints see play in commander aswell. I want to see some cards that make modern player excited for real. Force of negation, force of vigor, swagavan, solitude, 3feri, give ‘em to us wizards this set would be great! Just no omnath leave him be he sucks


Those are going to be some cool tokens I believe


I like this reprint because i own zero copies 😅


I feel like this increases the odds tremendously of Force of Negation over Force of Will in the open slots, as well as some of the following: Archmage's Charm, Ranger-Captain of Eos, Prismatic Vista, Force of Vigor, Serra the Benevolent, Yawgmoth. Currently still room for any of those. They didn't grab \*every\* single card from the top of the value list, already no room for Morophon or Urza. If you remove ones that got etched variants, that leaves Yawgmoth and Serra. Whether that makes them 'more likely' or not, who knows. I hope they hit more of them, at least, as those cards definitely are in the pile of 'these will absolutely keep going up until morale improves or reprinting happens'.


I really like force of negation being in this set. I think we will se it.


At what rarity tho




Betting serra over yawg since that got the reprint hit in TSP master last year I thibk


We have already seen anger of the gods so it's not out of the question.


No mh2 cards probably, set's still on sale


I feel like it would be weird for them to reprint Yawgmoth without Urza considering the “double theme,” flavor reasons, and the fact that both of them are high powered cards with similar prices (obviously no one would want both to be reprinted if one was a dollar).


Force of will, negation, and guardianship are all possibilities still. 3 slots for them that haven’t been crunched.


This is going to be the best set since MH2 and imo it’ll be the best set all year.


Are you saying a set with all the scarce reprints from even 20+ years ago might be the best?


And it only costs 2-3x a standard set!


Meh.. not better than mh2. But decent


Gotta say I am impressed with this set so far. Opening a box should be fun


Future misplay: oh he makes elemental tokens? I thought they were cat/beast tokens.


Funny thing is that’s exactly what he’ll do in my [[jinnie]] deck.


[jinnie](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/c/5/c5f9326a-2a41-45b3-97c3-548f0bdc0882.jpg?1649806772) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Jinnie%20Fay%2C%20Jetmir%27s%20Second) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/snc/195/jinnie-fay-jetmirs-second?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/c5f9326a-2a41-45b3-97c3-548f0bdc0882?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Nice! Go get em kittie cats (tokens)


I fear I’ve just jinxed myself into cracking three of em.


Cracking 3 double masters 22 pax?!


One and one. But fate finds a way.


Life finds a way


Just got into this mtg stuff two weeks ago, first deck I’ve built so far is a Jinnie Fay deck. Any tips? Currently using rabble rousing with her


Rabble rousing is great in her deck. I’d advise going treasures and doublers; treasures have the advantage of getting her back faster if she’s out.


took them less than 3 years to reprint all the cards with value from MH1


This card is fire! ( I'm a father so I get to make dad jokes on Father's day )


Happy father's day!


Thanks. :-)


YES Cards like this is how you make modern and commander players happy


This sees like, no play in Commander.


It’s funny how little some if you guys get commander. If a card‘s not clearly OP, you dismiss it as „not playable“, but EDH isn’t just about smashing the best cards together in order to create a tournament deck. Not a fan of the mythic slot at all, but the card does have its uses.




I can't see a use for this in commander tbh


You lack imagination Edit: thanks for the chat requests guys. I can't imagine why anyone would want to block some of you


You lack a spine. Blocking the guy who posted the EDHREC link because you don't agree with the data? If the truth offends you that much, maybe a Finance sub isn't for you u/efnfen4 pretty pathetic EDIT: Yep, the guy has blocked me now too!


For a mythic it just doesn't do a lot imo. It would need a very specific deck its definitely.not something that would go in a lot of decks unlike some of the other reprints which is fine but don't pretend this is something commander players are excited for


You may not like it and that's okay It needs synergy just like every other good card spoiled minus maybe imperial seal But it's a great and useful card in commander I guarantee there are plenty of commander players who will happily use this card. I'm slotting it straight into a Kaalia reanimator


https://edhrec.com/cards/seasoned-pyromancer In 2564 decks 0% of 607813 decks This is not a reprint for commander. This is not played in commander.


Damn you sent this dude to the Shadow Realm with pure facts /u/efnfen4 has been real quiet since this dropped


It's decent in Winota, but was much more attractive there when it was first printed


It seems like a much narrower focus then a lot of the rest of this set, similar to CLB cards which might be good in 1 deck but far from a staple.in that colour you know what I mean


Lmao efnfen just can't take that massive L


Oooh the art is nice


Yes just unloaded my spec


We still don't know what the basic lands look like right?


Non existent as far as I can tell. Draft packs get the new dual tapland where you choose 2 colours and collectors seems to have no land slot as far I could tell on this watch site where they break down the individual slots


Sold mine MH1 copies not so long ago, nice


after the terrible art from Dockside, this is very welcome, excellent artwork!


Sold my playset in time because I was 100% expecting this.


That's a sweet art!! I'm glad to see some really cool art coming out of this set.


I'm gonna need me a playset of this boy!


Great reprint. The art looks amazing. Could be at rare 🥲


Except it's a mythic


Such a good reprint


This art is dope. Why can't we get a cool tiger guy PW to represent red for a couple years and let Chandra sit it out?




They said "cool"


Oh that's nice. Real nice.


I've gotta be honest, I never saw the draw of this card. Why is it mythic? What's the key deck that this goes in?


Anything red in modern


So for 3 mana, it's a draw 2 if your hand is empty with a body attached. Puts things into the grave if need and can get a bit of value once dead. Not big / splashy enough for commander but is pretty cool in modern.


Wow. Great art, and now I can afford to actually get Spyro.


This card doesn't seem that powerful? Am I missing something