This is gonna descend at rates previously unseen Not only is it gaining massive supply, but its losing an entire status.


I'm reminded of Imperial Recruiter, which was over $100 and now is found for $5.


Solid analogy, but worth noting it's gotten some more reprints in the meantime.


Horrible analogy. Recruiter has seen three reprints and a judge promo. Seal only has the judge promo. P3 Recruiter nearly recovered its price point until it got back to back reprints in 2xM and more importantly MH2. With MH2, reprints turned sub $10. That didn’t come close to happening post 2xM. Hell double masters copies were pushing $40. 2x2 is not being printed like MH2 and will not saturate the market with affordable copies. Imp Seal is going to follow a price point closer to Mana Crypt, Force of Will, or Mana Vault. What will tank all prints would be if WotC throws it into a print to demand set ala Commander Legends (Vamp Tutor) or MH2


>Recruiter has seen three reprints and a judge promo. yeah, that's what I meant when I said it's gotten more reprints. I'm not looking at the sub-$10 Recruiters, those obviously didn't happen during the timeline where an analogy would hold. >closer to Mana Crypt, Force of Will, or Mana Vault Sure, I find those believable. I just wanted to point out that the other guy was drawing a comparison to a card with multiple reprints, so the "now found for $5" comment is unhelpful. >P3 Recruiter nearly recovered its price point until it got back to back reprints in 2xM and more importantly MH2. Where are you seeing that? On MTGStocks it looks like P3 Recruiter was only ever dropping for years before then, from a high in early 2017 straight down to its low in 2020. The closest it had to a "recovery" was *after* those later reprints. Judge promo took the same course but had the recovery almost completely wiped out as the price kept - gradually - falling back to that low. So that sounds like sort of the complete opposite of what you're describing.


P3 was creeping at $300 before MH2 just a year after hitting its low with the Double Masters reprint. Judge promo has an identical history as well. Coming $40 short of it's ath just before MH2 May-July 2021


Sure, recovered its entire price history right between these "back to back reprints." Not sure what we're supposed to take away from that. It's not like the price tanked after MH2 either though -- when you're seeing those highs before MH2, the market price actually only went up from \~110 to \~200. In January of this year the market price peaked at 265 and hasn't retraced too far considering. Same trajectory with the judge foil, market doesn't peak until January 2022. But... wouldn't it make more sense for us to be talking about the M25 reprint, not the 2XM/MH2?


The take away is that MH2 (and sets like MH2 such as Commander Legends) are what put the most damage into the card's value, because MH2 had a bigger impact on the cards availability. That a card reprint in a masters set, while stunting, is ultimately regained and does not keep it from reaching close to its ATH. M25, same story. Release of Double Masters does put a dent in the cards price history but once again before the MH2 release card has nearly recovered.


And wouldn't you agree that we might expect that same takeaway to apply for the new Imperial Seal reprint? I think the earlier post was wrong to cite a $10 price tag, but otherwise I think the analogy is instructive.


If the argument being made was "short dip and then recovers" sure. We agree. But that's not what the posters you originally replied to said. They said "Was $100 now $5".


Well i guess a good analogy is Grim Tutor which dropped from 70 to 10


Grim Tutor was 200 before it was reprinted.


Bad analogy. Grim Tutor is like a distant 5th in terms of EDH Play. Imperial Seal is the 3rd best tutor in the game. CEDH is, by no means, a way of divining the price of EDH Cards. However, I think tutors in CEDH are a "canary in the coal mine" to how they trickle into regular EDH. Imperial Seal is in every single deck that runs black. Period. All of them. Doesn't matter. This means the *majority* of decks will want Seal in regular EDH. Obviously not all will get it or desire it, but the *majority* will. Demonic Tutor is in 190K decks on EDHRec. Vampiric is in nearly 135K. Grim Tutor being an absolutely dog-shit card is still in almost 50K. Imperial Seal sits at 25K and it obviously has a terrible print run. This means there's already demand for the card in regular EDH & there will be increased demand as players now have the ability to pick them up.


I would not go that far and call it 3rd best Tutor. The whole mirage tutor set (is way above it) It may look pretty similar to vampiric but the fact its soucery makes it much worse since you have a whole turn for everybody to think of an answer instead of end of turn tutor and draw it. Still good tho but i see it as cuttable many times


>It may look pretty similar to vampiric but the fact its soucery makes it much worse since you have a whole turn for everybody to think of an answer instead of end of turn tutor and draw it. This literally does not matter. There's a reason it is in every black CEDH deck. >Still good tho but i see it as cuttable many times I mean, you're just incorrect---But okay. You can build decks however you want.


In Mono black absolutely but as soon as there are more than 3 colors it tends to be cut.


>In Mono black absolutely but as soon as there are more than 3 colors it tends to be cut. You are *vastly* incorrect. [https://cedh-decklist-database.com](https://cedh-decklist-database.com)


What? Who in the world are you playing magic with. If you are using this and then waiting until the next turn to play the card you got, you have no idea how to play. It's a 1 mana spell, you are using this to get a card you have a way to draw and play immediately. Even if you HAD to wait a turn, you don't reveal it so no one has any idea what you got unless you have only one card you need in your whole deck. At that point, you're guessing if they have a response anyway. As someone mentioned, it's in 25k decks...AT $800. You know how good a card has to be to make that many decks at $800? Cradle is in 37k decks, it's without question one of the best lands of all time in the most popular commander color.


Imp Rec’s first reprint brought it down to about $30 briefly, then moved back up a bit. After a second reprint it finally came down to where it is now. I think this is probably the best comparison (better than Vamp Tut, 3 Visits, or Grim Tut). I expect Imp Seal to do a similar thing and get down as low as $30 before moving back up.


So how’d that work out?


It descended at rates previously unseen.


We've seen it before, not long ago. But it won't be as dramatic


imperial seal is thee most expensive reprint the world has ever seen since its $1500 dollars a big factor is \[\[Vampiric tutor\]\] is the better version and that's like $30-$45 usually also this is another victim of "its only this expensive due to scarcity" hype will be around $100, but after the claim doing could be similarly prices as vampiric but since first ever reprinting in a more limited print run set and likely gonna be the chase card. I say probably approximately $50 after the calm down


[Vampiric tutor](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/1/8/18bd50f2-c3ba-4217-a2d5-bb771e199706.jpg?1608910005) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Vampiric%20tutor) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/cmr/156/vampiric-tutor?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/18bd50f2-c3ba-4217-a2d5-bb771e199706?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


People saying “do decks really want another tutor” are making me laugh very hard


I hate getting the card I need to win or stop someone else from winning!


Cedh mfers wouldrun like 97 tutors, mana vault, a land, and a wincon if they could


If that was winning, why not. 1 land seems like you'll never cast a spell tho


It'll be fine, that's just the land we pitch to [[Mox Diamond]].


this guy gets it. trim the fat.


[Mox Diamond](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/b/f/bf9fecfd-d122-422f-bd0a-5bf69b434dfe.jpg?1562431287) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Mox%20Diamond) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/tpr/228/mox-diamond?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/bf9fecfd-d122-422f-bd0a-5bf69b434dfe?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


May I introduce you to [[Codie]]?


[Codie](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/e/a/ea476ee1-67d9-4dd8-a5ac-f68a155eb18b.jpg?1624740590) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=codie%2C%20vociferous%20codex) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/stx/253/codie-vociferous-codex?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/ea476ee1-67d9-4dd8-a5ac-f68a155eb18b?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


I can see it prereleasing for 70-100$ but dropping to 50ish after release depending on how rare of a mythic it is. If it's as rare as jeweled lotuses were, I can see it climbing back to and settle in the 70-100 range.


Yeah 50 seems like a low bottom. Looking at the highest demand cards from double masters, I don't think doubling season dropped that low despite multiple printings and I believe this has more generic demand for black decks than doubling season does for green decks. Vamp was already rebounding from it's Commander Legends printing before the list printing, which bad such a big impact because they changed the list. I don't think it drops below 70


Doubling season was sub 50 for a while. iirc, it might have been sub 40.


I can’t see it costing more than vampiric tutor, which is strictly better.


Supply for vamp tutor is wayyyyyyy higher


You aren’t wrong and I think it will be higher than vamp in the long run, but the question was how low will it drop. Below vamp is my answer.


True but the fact vampiric is instant and seal soucery makes a big difference. You give your opponet a whole turn to answer your possible Draw and prepare for it (maybe keep mana Open if worth countering) instead of end of turn tutor +draw)


Yea but supply is what matters, because in a lot of edh decks that run tutors you are going to run both, so it doesn't matter which is better. You would want/need them both either way. Its never going to replace vampiric.


The key here is the card being at mythic. I just don't think there will be enough to meet demand. Players who run tutors usually aren't shy about wanting another tutor. I think it stays over $100. If timmy Copper Dragon is still over $50, a one mana tutor is going to be even more sought after.


Vampiric tutor is $30-40 for a “regular version” despite 8 printings. This card doesn’t get purchased because it’s better than vamp, it gets purchased because it’s redundant, and redundancy of tutors is really good in commander. Grim tutor is a considerably worse card, and it’s still $20+ despite several printings in a row in a secret lair, core set, and supplemental product (promo packs). The original from starter is still over $50. All of that is to say, there is 0 chance of an $800 card falling to $20 or $30 or whatever number people have thrown out. We might see a base price of $60-80, but I think that’s only because they are printing multiple versions in this set. Edit: spelling


I think the closest proxy is probably the first reprinting of Mana Crypt (very powerful, extremely rare up to that point), so I'm expecting it to settle at around the 150 dollar mark.


Grim tutor only dropped so far because it was in a core set that was mass printed, 3 visits was an uncommon in a print to demand set, I see the comparisons but this is slightly different. Seal is highly desired in cEDH, and likely those are the people that want it most. CEDH is also very pro-proxy so I don’t think it moves prices the way casual commander or sanctioned formats do. Masters sets are low print run. I definitely don’t see the DM2 version going above $100 for a while, but I also don’t see it plummeting to $4 the way some people are talking. $30-50 is likely it’s sweet spot for the regular print. I’m really interested in what happens to the p3k and judge promo versions though. I think they’ll still hold some massive value and I’m not sure they’ll move much at all. OG grim tutor is still well over $100.


>OG grim tutor is still well over $100. NM copies are selling on TCGPlayer for around $75. Before the reprint it was over $200. That's a huge drop. I don't think the P3K Imperial Seal is going to drop that much but I do think it'll drop significantly.


Highly desired? Smoke that Copium. The card is ass.


Strictly a worse vampiric tutor? Yes. Ass? No. If you watched any cedh at all you’d know this isn’t true, because it’s played in almost every cedh deck that runs black. Why? Because redundancy in tutor effects is important. As is cmc which is why grim tutor usually isn’t run in most cedh decks but this is. Point being it does have uses so saying it’s ass is ignorant. Agreed tho maybe not highly desired as cedh doesn’t drive demand, just pointing out just cause there’s even better tutors doesn’t make this one bad.


Agreed. Plus, it hits you for 1 off Ad Nauseam. Huge card for tight storm lists. Can finally replace my budget alternative Wishclaw Talisman


Lol, nearly every cedh in black runs this.


No u


Isn't the demand for Imperial Seal effectively the same as Vampiric Tutor, what deck runs one and not the other? So I can't see it dropping lower than Vampiric, who still will have more supply. I can see it settling like $50.


Vampiric is better because it's instand and not sorcery. That being said a lot of players just run as many tutors as they can get their booger hooks on.


50/80 basé, demand will be high, probably will be a drop rate similar to jl. Or perceived scarce because people might not sell it.


CEDH played, only 1 printing prior, mythic, in a likely relatively low print run, popularity likely to increase with it being at least somewhat affordable? $45-50 easy Or to be exact: $48 EDIT: Set has 40 mythics....This will go higher




If a deck is running black they are running Imperial Seal. If you disagree what are some Cedh staples then, I’m curious.


Did some research. I was wrong.


My worthless opinion is that the difference between 30 dollars seals and 100 dollars seal will be that this set is not print to demand.


For all those saying Imperial seal is bad check the cedh database. If you have black in your deck this card is an auto include. It is not a bad vampiric tutor, despite being sorcery speed,this card is an effective tutor for a win con and it wins games. I think the gap in understanding is that most people don’t have experience playing cedh. One black tutor generally means that player is about to win and a must counter target. I guess not everyone has had an opponent tutor ad naus and then proceed to draw 10-20 cards and win. My guess is this will be $100+, and that the P3K version will decline some but probably not below $300-400


I think you're on to something. Its not as good as vamp/demonic so its demand won't increase dramatically, IMO. Cedh decks aren't all clamoring for the third or fourth best tutor. 20 seems reasonable


!RemindMe 3 months Can't wait to see how this one ages.


You beat me to it. My personal prediction: People mistakenly think this is Grim Tutor. We'll see I guess.


What's your prediction?


Never falls below $80 and is over $150 by next year.




It is *at least* $30, probably stretching higher than that either immediately or the long term. Vampiric Tutor is arguably better and sits between $35-$50. The problem is that Vampiric has more prints. I imagine, unless they print this into the dirt, it trends similarly to the first Vampiric Tutor reprints. Because even though it is worse than Vampiric, it has less prints and far more "current demand" since less people have these. Just as a "heads up" as well: you are 100% incorrect about cEDH and this card. Imperial Seal is, in fact, in the vast majority of all decks running Swamps. I don't think cEDH should ever really be your "that's why this will be worth money" guide though. It's more of a canary in the coal mine situation in this case. It being in every deck with swamps means that probably trickles down to "majority" deck with swamps in regular EDH. If these dip below $30 I am immediately snapping them up by the handful. If they go to $30-35 I'm in for regular buys.


Vamp Tutor isn't *arguably* better. It's strictly better.


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Make your prediction so we can see what's up!


I'd put the over/under at 35 as a potential buy-in price.


Vampiric can be had for $36. This won't go over $30 for long. I'll be getting at least 6 for myself. Yes, it's the 3rd best tutor ever (not counting Tinker). Personally I'd put Diabolic Intent at #4 and Grim Tutor behind it.


!RemindMe 3 months


CEDH decks do in fact run this, almost every cedh deck that has black runs this.


Ah then ill change my vote to 40


They aren’t clamoring for it at $800 but at $100 another chance to t1 tutor is going to create a big thudding demand. With that being said I think it will settle in around $50 once all is said and done.


!RemindMe 3 months Hope you're right!


Whats your guess?


Say $50?


there's already a listing on TCGplayer for $300 EDIT: these preorder prices are always crazy


I think it's going to settle at around $150 just because of price memory. I wouldn't be surprised if it's as hard to pull as jeweled lotus was.


I think a lot of people are underestimating just how bad sorcery speed is on a delayed tutor like this. I'm in the 20s-30s camp myself.


I think that is going to be a $100+ card. The demand is significant. Every black commander deck needs one. Since the previous print run is negligible, one can assume it is a brand new vampiric tutor in a super premier set. Based on EDHREC, Jeweled Lotus is played in 87127 decks and Vampiric tutor played in 133544 decks. All those 133544 decks are more than happy to get one copy of Imperial seal. How much would Jeweled Lotus cost if CL price the same as 2XM ? From another point of view, there are 2 $100+ card in 2xm. Which card deserves a $100+ spot in reprintable card pool beside imperial seal ?


I would compare it to grim tutor but with a lower print run as it’s not a standard set plus the fact that it was a more expensive card before the reprint I’d say $30-$35


Foil borderless will be over $100. Regular will be around $50. Foil etched somewhere in the middle depending on how rare and how they do it. Textured foil? That will be $200+. People hate because it’s sorcery speed, but it’s just one mana. Ad Naus decks love it, storm decks, Yuriko would be sick pre-combat…it’s not a casual card but it’s a powerful effect. The thing that we don’t know is overall supply on the set. Are they going to keep it like 2XM and try to sell it out right away? Or did they not like that and order a much larger print run this time around? The other thing is the set has a lot of cards competing for value. You can’t have $250 boxes with $400 worth of EV. Either the set will sell out quickly to people cracking for value or the EV will come down on some cards. Nobody thought we would see sub $30 Scalding Tarns and Misty Rainforests. I know a mythic with minimal supply is a terrible comparison to rares with multiple reprints in a set printed for a year. What I’m saying is that I know nothing, but I have one other prediction. [[Wrenn and Six]] is a 4 of mythic, so I think it will be the least affected by the reprint this time around.


[Wrenn and Six](https://c1.scryfall.com/file/scryfall-cards/normal/front/5/b/5bd498cc-a609-4457-9325-6888d59ca36f.jpg?1655395144) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Wrenn%20and%20Six) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/2x2/296/wrenn-and-six?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/5bd498cc-a609-4457-9325-6888d59ca36f?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


I beleive ENGLISH P3K copies will increase in price.


Why would you bet that? English Imperial Recruiter P3K has available data that shows what almost certainly will happen? Why would Imperial Seal be any different?


The supply of English P3K rares is so tight it's comparable to Alpha and Beta Rares. **Here is what I beleive is going to happpen:** 1. People start selling of their P3K Imperial Seals, causing price to drop, maybe even crash 2. Many people buy the XM2 version, causing the card to gain a lot more populatiry and be seen by a lot more eyeballs. in the flesh. 3. (Here is the pivotal point) - As the card gains populatiry, because everyone is seeing it being played against them and how powerful it is, some big spenders will want to own the original copy of the card. 4. English Copies will dry up as the big spenders will start taking them off the market for "discounted" prices. 5. Prices will back to what they were pre-XM2 printing of Imperial Seal 6. (Here is the part I beleive will come true, but I may be completely insane) - People will realize just how scarce they are in English, and prices will continue to climb ESPECIALLY for the Near Mint English copies. ​ Let me know your thoughts. \*Edit: Imperial Recruiter is an uncommon and not nearly as powerful as Imperial Seal, which in mine and other players' opinions is one of the top 5 black cards ever for EDH.


$60 is my guess, with the older one holding at $100. Yes vampiric tutor is better but there are more printings of it even with this printing in this set


If anyone wants to sell their 24 year old card, that for the first several years of its existence was not considered to be a real magic card and underwent terrible attrition, for 100$ each, I'll take 10 please. Jokes aside, I don't think 50-60 is crazy for the the new printing. But I'll be kinda surprised if the original drops below 400. They are stupid hard to find.


The judge promo is the one everyone will want and I don’t see it moving really at all from its current price. You’re right the original probably will not drop that far


Non English versions will likely be hit hardest. The English P3K ones have a significantly lower supply.


My guess was 50-60 and You practically just summed up what I was thinking as well. Only reason I think it might go down closer to 50 (and maybe even dip into mid 40’s) is if the set continues to just pump in high value cards left and right. No way all the cards will be able to hold really high prices if the set is loaded with so much other valuable cards, unless we run into a commander legends collector box/tsr situation which I don’t see happening. Still a lot to be shown though but day one has been really nutty so far.


I was actually thinking the same thing. We also saw this in MH2. When a set is packed with high value cards that are also in high demand, boxes get opened like crazy and prices drop as a result.


To me the biggest question is still: who wants this card, and how bad do they want it? I think there’ll be some long faces if people buy into preorder prices for this card.


I’m not going to use it but I just want it because I don’t have it. I just like to collect. I’m sure there are a lot of others out there in a similar boat as well. I play the game as well but I’ve strayed away from tutors as I don’t like the consistency they add to decks personally. The only tutor I put into one of my decks was my foil Japanese demonic tutor because it’s just too awesome not to use. Definitely will be waiting a bit before buying it though, if I don’t pull it that is.Would probably just buy right away if I see it hit 40 for the full art foil


As for who wants it, the same people who want grim tutor. It’s a sub optimal tutor at an affordable price. It’s for budget players who don’t want to pay for, or maybe can’t afford a demonic or vampiric tutor.


You know it's a staple on cEdh right?, if you are playing black for sure you want Imperial Seal on tour deck


They wouldn’t pay those „high forty plus“ prices, though.


Sorry, I should have clarified. This was assuming that the price drops to a similar point as GT.


There will be players that use it for first time because it is accessible and known. We also have new artwork and the borderless variant which is good for value retention. But I would expect judge promo value to fall and like all cards in the set pre-order hype and prices will not be sustained. Just like the reprints in CMR we need to watch for supply to start dwindling before specc'ing a bottom


I wouldn’t be surprised if it hits single digits. The card is utter trash. Just play vampiric tutor and get it instant speed. Sorcery Speed my ass. Edit: downvoted by Seal bagholders 🫡🤣


That’s a bold statement. I applaud you for your bravery sir 🫡


How is that bold? Seal is a collector’s item that’s getting a reprint. OG won’t fall far, but as a playing card it’s just bad, so where would the huge demand come from?


its a 1 MV tutor. It's going to be good. It's going to hover around the same price Grim Tutor does. Probably $30 ish


Re: your downvote edit … it’s amazing that we’re at the point that you’re getting childish downvotes by stating that no, dear mtgfinance colleagues, you won’t get insta-rich by cracking a Seal.


I have zero plan to run it... I will continue to stick to Vampiric and Demonic for all my tutoring needs. That said, I think this will be around the $50 range simply because there are no other reprints out there. Vampiric has been reprinted quite a few times and that has been key in quelling its price. with this, I see the demand being a lot more pent up and thus being a price driver. Not to mention that this set will be limited with high demand on it's own.


it's a good bet you'll be able to get em for $50 and they probably won't settle at much higher than that. Which is a massive price decrease to be fair. I'd love if it hit $20 but hey, if it's at $40 like the other two black tutors we're jammin


I think that this will follow Recruiter. And by that I don't mean that it'll be $5, but that it'll get reprinted several times in the next five years.


I see it being around 50-80$. Because it’s no different than vampiric besides that it’s never been printed. I honestly hope they print the hell out of some of these cards. We play to have fun, yet a commander deck is worth a ps5


The prices of each variant will probably go down for a respectable period, but just as other reprints from the last double masters can show a bounce back after the recession period passes. One example mana crypt getting reprinted in Mystery Booster and Double masters in the same year. The price at my LGS was in the $90 range and the price shot back up after a period of time. In conclusion until the hype for the set calms down and we get a gauge on how many got placed in circulation the results are anyones guess.


Less than 100. See Grim Tutor, and I bet 2X2 will be opened much more heavily than a core set.


My guess is 35ish but I hope I am wrong and it goes much lower!


$200~ for OG $50~ for reprint


There is zero chance the English P3K version will go anywhere near that low.


I think that this will follow Recruiter. And by that I don't mean that it'll be $5, but that it'll get reprinted several times in the next five years.