*In another civilization he would be a shaman or spiritual leader. In this one he sells mail order shoes.*


In the behind-the-scenes material for the third season of Twin Peaks, Al tells David about how he lost his arm. He describes a terrible crash while driving as a young man. I can't seem to find the video online, but from what I recall he said he fought tooth and nail to come back from a light at the end of a tunnel. Rest in peace, Al.


Where could I view this material? Is it on the blu ray?


Yeah, it's definitely on the blu-ray.


Now I know what I’m asking for for Christmas. I only have the digital copies.


!ris doog deeps doG


He played one of the few clear-cut good guys in that, interesting character he didn’t seem to have any obvious motivation he just was around to help. Maybe he felt responsible for Bob or all the bad stuff in him was in his arm.


> clear-cut good guy Eh, he used to kill people so I don't think he's a "clear-cut good guy".


He took off his evil arm with a clear cut, thereby leaving only a clear-cut good guy.


After he took off the evil arm, he was all right.


If Twin Peaks hadn't gone to series and it remained as just the European cut of the pilot movie, his character essentially would have been Bob. The story of how Bob actor Frank Silva was discovered by accident and how the mythology of Bob and the Black Lodge was invented, is well worth delving in to.


Can you share any links regarding that mythology so I can look into it?


Much of the story of how Lynch and Frost came up with the plot was covered in the DVD extras for season 1 & 2. I'm not sure what material is still available on the current Blu-Ray sets, but the commentaries and documentaries may still be on there. Some of it might also be on YouTube if you look around. Other than that [https://welcometotwinpeaks.com/](https://welcometotwinpeaks.com/) is a very well managed fan site, which hosts a lot of production info.


Him screaming at BOB at the traffic light in FWWM that he wants his creamed corn isn’t very good guy-ish!


... and he ate Laura's garmonbozia.


Safe journey, Mr. Strobel.


He is Bob, eager for fun. When he wears a smile, everybody run!


Aw man, he was the coolest. Dude had the most authoritative voice of all time. He was already sounding and looking pretty elderly in The Return. Glad that he at least got the chance to come back to participate in one of the greatest tv projects ever made. He was the coolest. *Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds... FIRE WALK WITH R.I.P.*


That quote is so iconic


Good to see a mention here - if for nothing more than Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me. Anyone reading this on the fence about diving into Twin Peaks: you don't know what you're missing!


Some dumb idiot kid killed him when he left the door open with the air conditioner running.


That’s why you always leave a note!


Al was also involved in the Pacific Northwest theatre scene A superb actor, he was always super nice and very professional. His melodious voice will be missed.


While not known for winning any awards in his acting career, his amputated left arm was the recipient of the inaugural Strobel Piece Prize.


That’s awful. His contribution to the series was immeasurable.


The rest of the OG Twin Peaks cast is going to be dropping off pretty soon too. I could see David Lynch living for another 10-15 years though.


It was wild to see how many of the cast died either during or within a year of The Return.


It’s too bad Bowie didn’t do a cameo before he went. But then we would’ve missed out on the memorable way they brought that character back…


Great role, still have the heebie jeebies about the whole series. Didn’t help that my name was Laura 😳


Tser ni ecaep.


Wasn’t the character’s name Gerard. As in The Fugitive?


Philip Gerard. That’s the name do the host. Mike is the name of the spirit that inhabits him


Rest in Peace