>“The reason we were able to finish this movie is because it was already paid for, I can’t say it was \[Warner Bros\] saying, ‘Please finish this movie, we want you to.’ I think it was more like, ‘Finish the movie because we’ve paid to finish the movie. At the end of the day, I don’t care why and how it got finished. I’m glad it got finished because so many people worked so hard to make something so beautiful and really great.”


So they paid for it to be made, made them finish the thing, and it's not going to be released. Makes sense.


HBO is doing some looney shit right now.


Tax write off.


You shouldn’t be able to write things like this off. It’s not like anyone failed to do their job. It mostly feels like Zazlov scamming the government instead of just releasing the finished product and paying residuals.


He is scamming the government or at least doing accounting shenanigans. Much like the Snyder cut was released, both Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunts will eventually be released in a few years' time. It will be a right-off this year, and then easy money in five since they'll have a mostly finished movie (or completely finished in Scoob's case) that they'll be able to pretend is pure profit, despite the money being spent and written off years before.


I thought the big negative about it being a write off is that it can never be released


You're going to have to talk to an accountant and law professor to get the legality of everything, but "Beware The Batman" was written off a few years ago in a similar way. Since it was written off, Cartoon Network can no longer show that cartoon series. "Beware the Batman" can now be watched on HBO Max, which isn't Cartoon Network. "Scoob! Holiday Haunts" will probably never be released, but "Scooby Doo for the Holidays" with 95% of the same content as "Holiday Haunts" will definitely be released within the next 10 years.


Batgirl Begins incoming


It will be released next year when HBO retires the Max app for their much more lame replacement. Same loophole.


I believe it can be released as such in a way where WBD is unable to profit on it at all. So if they signed license rights to Netflix for $0 license fee, that’s allowed. Now they could also get paid under the table or as someone else said, change the movie and use parts to create a new movie. But as it currently exists will likely not be released.


Batgirl still had scenes to shoot, didn't have finished VFX and the directors have stated it was deleted. If it was resurrected the rights would belong to the insurer anyway.


See this is what I was wondering. That makes sense that they could just release it later after they benefit from tax write-offs


I’m not sure that’s accurate. Other people have said that they can never, ever release it after writing it off or else they could be in big trouble with the IRS or whatever. Is there anyone here with better knowledge of these kinds of things?


WB can release the movie, they would just pay tax on 100% the profits instead of being able to offset the profits with the cost of the movie. The cost of the movie has already been written off(the tax break). WB feels that the movie would not make a profit against the expense of advertising the movie, so they’ve opted to take the loss on the nose instead of sending good money after bad money.


And tbh they’re probably right to think it wouldn’t make its money back on release to streaming- the problem WarnerMedia has had, prior to this merger, is a lack of quality control with their most valuable brands, a very care free, “fuck it, if it has our IP attached people will watch” type attitude that it’s simply not good business. Having a scooby doo movie and a scooby doo tv show that has nothing to do with the movie in development at the same time will confuse people, and people who might’ve watched one will be turned off from it if the other is bad. Same reason why Batgirl got axed- it may be completely unrelated to the Batman, but people will just naturally compare them anyway and it will lower the overall value of the brand. Reddit sees Zaslav as the bad guy for axing things, really he’s just having to clean up the mess the last guys left behind.


Agreed. I think this the real difference that marvel has made over the past 10 years. We want connected stories with growing characters. It’s going to take 3-5 years to really start firing on all cylinders, but I think WBD has managers in place who better understand what they need to be greenlighting. I also think that Hollywood needs to be doing some soul searching. Content quality(my opinion) has gone down dramatically since 2019.


Other people have no fucking idea how the tax system works. As long as they pay tax on any realised profits, they can do whatever the hell they want with them. They are not expected to be profitable, so WB are simply not choosing to sink more cost.


I still say the producers could buy it for $1 & 4-wall it across the country with an old school exploitation film promo campaign.


And unfortunately, this happens far more than it should or ever.


I thought they weren't allowed to release it if they wrote it off?


They can point to test screenings etc. and point to that and argue releasing would be most costly and result in a bigger loss. You can literally write anything off if you are a business, you just need justification in case of an audit.


Jerry all these big companies they write off everything


You don't even know what a write off is But they do. And they're the ones writing it off!


No you can't. Especially with larger projects that involve employee contracts, the rules are very specific with what can be written off and what cannot. For example the benefits of a terminated employee cannot be written off, especially if that employee has a severance component of their contract (which is typical in entertainment so people can still get paid even when a project collapses. American unions doing their job for once!). Marketing cannot be written off. What can be written off is "loses incurred in regular business operations". Basically you can write off the taxes you'd owe on unsold merchandise. However you still need to have the unsold merchandise, and you still need to pay your employees, so something being a "tax write off" does not mean it is money positive. Quite the opposite in fact. A tax write off, especially ones as large as HBO Max is currently doing, are a sign of desperation. It's a last ditch effort to ditch expenses so the company can stay in operation.


Actually, it always happens after an acquisition. Anything and everything that is suspect will be charged off to the Acquisition, which can only be done in the first year. Additionally, some of this films / movies are being thrown in the shredder because if released, they could actually damage the IP long term. WB / HBO was a mess when they were acquired. That’s why Discovery paid 1/2 what AT&T paid just a few years earlier. At this point, for the health of the company, anything suspect and especially woke (per the CEO) will be killed / not see the light of day. And yes, there is a tax write off. However, said write off isn’t worth anything if the company doesn’t make money. I do agree with your premise that the company is in trouble. I don’t see the company making it with this debt level, and rising interest rates. The combined WB/D can’t cut their way to profitability. I don’t even see then having the cash flow to keep the lights on, production going and making the interest payments. They seem dead set on rolling everything onto the discovery streaming platform, and during these migrations there’s always bleeding of customers. Please tend to forget that monthly charge to HBOMAX, but will reevaluate if it makes sense to migrate to Discovery. There are more HBOMax customers than discovery + customers. The price point for HBOMax is much higher than discovery +. Why not move the discovery + customers to HBOMax? If discovery wants to use their UI / infrastructure fine, but don’t disrupt the HBOMax customers or make them signup again. Just my opinions. I did acquisitions / integrations for two years at a fortune 50 company. It wouldn’t be the first time bad decisions are made over ego and politics.


If a work is bad enough it could make a franchise radioactive for the foreseeable future. This could potentially lower that turn around on trying again


I know that's what the studio was saying about 'Batgirl' but I doubt 'Scoob!' was any less quality than the usual fare of Scooby-Doo cartoons.


I can guarantee you nothing Scooby Doo related with ever tank the franchise no matter how bad it is. Maybe there’s a case about Batgirl potentially being able to do that but cancelling the release of this Scoob movie is pretty ridiculous especially if they make the filmmakers have to finish it.


Remember when Scooby and the gang hung out with John Cena


I thought it was the invisible man, I couldn't see anybody


Was Eagly there too?


It wouldn’t surprise me if that was real or fake so I definitely don’t think it’s ruined.


I doubt Batgirl was ever going to be that bad anyway. If DC was concerned about whether their films would negatively affect their brand they would have cancelled the movie that starred a felon and was already a PR nightmare before we ever got a teaser.


I'm drawing a blank on what movie you're referencing. Help me out?


flash movie with ezra miller


Thank you! I was thinking it could be that one but wasn't sure.


It had Keaton. Whatever else it brought, I would have turned it on day 1 for that.


> Maybe there’s a case about Batgirl potentially being able to do that I think the greater concern was if Batgirl was seen as a better film than their larger budget DC crap.


Do you really think that?


The test screenings for Batgirl were seemingly pretty bad so I don't think that's the case.


There was only one news outlet describing the test screenings as bad and it was the New York Post. Every other outlet that wasn’t just citing the Post described the test screenings as more mixed to positive.


Hate for them to ruin the Batgirl franchise. It was such a huge part of my childhood.


Then let the studio deal with the consequences of their mismanagement. Their entire business is producing and marketing films to generate revenue. This is the same mentality that affords government bailouts to large corporations for their own undoing.


> You shouldn’t be able to write things like this off There's zero reason to amortize the cost normally though. If they're not making any money off it, it makes the most sense to report the full cost immediately.


Write off essentially means expensed. Company spends money on a valid business expense, it gets expensed


How is this a tax write off?


Someone in some other thread explained that it's something else that IS tax-related but it ISN'T a tax write-off to cancel movies and not release them.


The expenses can be used to reduce their taxable income, but it'll always be a net loss. They'd get the same offsets as they'd get if they released the movie, except now they don't get that revenue.


the tax write off line is so stupid. Like wow, I spent millions on dollars and 1000s of hours of my time to create a product that I ultimately decided to shelve so I had to completely eat the cost but hey, I got save some money on taxes. Like no shit, bro, you don't pay taxes on a loss.


but they spent the money and ate the cost. Even if they save money on taxes, their balance sheet is still red.


It’s not. It’s just reddit circlejerking as usual


Corporate taxes are based on net earnings. If the movie was released, the cost of making that movie would be spread over multiple years as a depreciating asset. Instead, by not releasing it they can recognize the full cost of the movie this year. More cost this year means less earnings this year, meaning less taxes owed this year.


they pay taxes on profit. who cares about saving on taxes if you're losing money. By not releasing the movie, they're just eating the cost of producing the movie and not generating any revenue from it.




There's also Schitt's Creek. https://youtu.be/aCP27_vquxQ


I feel like it'd be better to just release it and make back *something*. Just throw it on Netflix or something.


Shit, I need to talk to the IRS about my two screenplays, a novel, and a textbook I wrote because if I finished it and don't release it I should be eligible for a tax write-off


If you can prove you expended money writing them, yes. Might have to prove it’s more than a hobby however.


Whether it gets released or not, it still gets written off as a business expense. No studio would make any movies if they didn't get to write them off as a business expense.


Corporate welfare.


This trend is going to be what forces the entertainment industry to drastically change.


As far as I understand; with Batgirl, they had to destroy the movie for the tax write off. Not sure why it’d be different here.


Hopefully they find some alternate way to release it in the future, if they're able to work out some legal things.


Shouldn't it at least go to streaming?


Of course not, that would make sense


Can’t the director just put it on YouTube for free?


Not the first time something was made and then shelved. Fox made 12 eps of a show called Murder Police and never premiered it, so it's collecting dust on some server.


Then release it for free! Or at least.. you know.. leak it.


Yeah, I'm just gonna wait a few years for another Popeye leak, except now we'll get a fully finished movie


Goddamn, they spent $40M on a straight-to-app Scooby-Doo animated movie, then shelved it? Raised By Wolves fans are pissed.


Westworld got cancelled too, main actors are still getting paid.


I hope Amazon or someone finishes it. Even if it's just a 3 hour final episode movie


What a shame. I know season 3 wasn't the best, but I thought season 4 was good and I was really looking forward to seeing how it ends.


Oh, it cancelled? Can't say I'm surprised.


Batgirl all over again


I think they were both around the same time.


He sure is.


I'm really more ambivalent but I'm glad people are thinking of me.


Boo this man


I honestly love that show but have never met a single other person that has watched it in real life


real life is overrated


They are doing a ton of this with the restructuring and then using anything that wasn’t a sure bet as a tax write off.


I hate Warner Bros.-Discovery They've had an absolute disdain for Animation, and it shows.


They screwed so many animation staff and directors. No matter what happens, dozen of people now know to avoid them and have a bad taste in their mouths.


I feel like unless its Disney or Pixar, Hollywood in general has a distain for animation.


disney has its own share of fucked up practices, but from what i can tell - at least as someone not in the industry - they're probably the *least bad* as far as major studios go. netflix is trying to establish themselves but without the history and major properties to back it up they're not even close to touching disney or warner bros. even sony has spiderman, illumination has despicable me/minions.


Netflix is using the anime angle. Which has a huge community to pull from. They just need to chill with Netflix jail and the binge format releases.


the anime netflix produces is made in collaboration with other studios though, no? it's not produced in house by netflix's animation studio - even if they did create original anime, i dont think they'd create it in their american studio, which is kind of the focus of this conversation since the context of this whole thing is american animation employees getting done dirty by layoffs and tax write offs. in terms of original content produced by netflix animation, they have at best a handful of notable properties. don't get me wrong, i enjoy several things that netflix animation has put out, but again going back to the other major studios they're not even close in terms of prestige.


It's why I praise(d) Netflix for series like Love Death and Robots and other animations they pushed forward. They still are pushing The Dragon Prince, Arcane (not directly) and DOTA but they axed Castlevania... Amazon Prime has been going good with it as well.


>they axed Castlevania... They didn’t axe it. The original series “ended”, but they’re still making a continuation called Castlevania: Nocturne.


At least Castlevania got a conclusion. Which is better than most Netflix series. Netflix is also going for the anime angle. Which already has a huge community to rally. The problem at least from a r/anime perspective is that they use the binge format which doesn't help that r/anime lives off if weekly discussions. Some people have taken it on themselves and still do the weekly discussion. Such as Jojo Fridays for Stone Ocean.


Discovery CEO wants to come in and dump all the HBO Max original shows and pump a bunch of reality TV bullshit into the platform. I cancelled Netflix last year because it got so bad and HBO is next on my chopping block


They may even axe HBO and move it all to Discovery Plus. And I'm like: "The fuck is discovery+?" Why they wouldn't keep the more recognizable HBo is beyond me.


How shitty for all the people who worked hard on this film and the Batgirl movie. How crappy for all the fans of these franchises. All their hard work and hours wasted for some numbers on a spreadsheet.


For real. My 5yo loves Scooby and we would’ve definitely either seen this in the theater or made it a movie night at home.


Eh, just put on some of the old cartoons and then answer questions like, “Who’s Phyllis Diller? Why does Robin sound so much like Shaggy? Who are the Harlem Globetrotters?”


The Scooby-Doo Movies (the tv show) are my fondest non-Zombie Island memories of the franchise. Such a weird concept! But very enjoyable!


My son knows the Harlem globetrotters because of Futurama 😅


Bubblegum Tate is the smartest man alive.


You do know the Harlem Globetrotters are still a thing, right? Like, the tickets to go see them aren't even expensive.


Yes, and I have seen the Harlem Globetrotters, and they put on an incredible show. But, most five year-old kids could be huge NBA fans and have no idea who they are. If I showed it to my eight year-old niece, she would probably start by asking, “Where is Harlem?” And I’d immediately get this glare from my sister-in-law, saying, “Do NOT show her Shaft the next time you babysit her,” and I would have to explain the geography of New York City and the Great Migration and redlining. Yes, they still exist, but I would suggest that most young children have no idea who they are.


Even if Scoob was negatively reviewed, it's still a Scooby Doo movie, which is one of their largest, most profitable, and longest running properties next to Looney Tunes and Flintstones. Would have made a lot of money. Something seems off. Why would they release and promote Velma to a more narrow audience and libel and insult the source material, but cancel Scoob's release to a wider audience. That's pretty much studio suicide


Eh I worked in the film industry. Most of the time you work on something and then you move on to the next thing. 50% of the time you never hear about that previous project ever again


lol people downvoting have clearly never realized how long post-production takes. Sometimes I get an email about a release party and i’m like oh yeah thats right there was a finished project somewhere in the last year or so.


I worked on a show that had an episode that was nominated for an Emmy. I looked through the nominations list and it took me a solid 10 minutes to remember which show it was I actually worked on. The jobs are ephemeral and you jump straight from one to the next. I’ve worked on a million shows I’ve totally forgotten about.


On top of that, unless you are on a camera team or editing or maybe art team you probably only have a loose concept of what the actual movie looks like. Even then, most of what is actually filmed is fairly mundane. A lot of the time project names change too.


That explains stories of actors not understanding what role or movie someone is asking them about in an interview. Most honest answer probably comes from the ~~guy who said something like "I just bought my mansion and had a deposit on a helicopter, I had to take the role"~~ When asked why he did Dungeons and Dragons (2000), Jeremy Irons said >Are you kidding? I'd just bought a castle, I had to pay for it somehow!


Ha totally! I've worked on some tv series and just don't care to watch yet. In our field we move from one team/ project to another so fast that sometimes you can't even remember... If it is already released, if you missed it of it's stuck in post. But you still get paid on time no matter what happens with it.


Industry outsiders have this idea that everyday we’re in it for the love of the craft and the art and the vision but really it’s just another day at work for most of us, especially below the line


For real. Am I pleased when something I worked on turns out well? Absolutely! Do I give a shit if it doesn’t? For a minute, maybe, then I’m on to the next job.


lol exactly, as the long as the check clears - most crew members


Definitely true, but I know some people at a studio that worked on this and they were certainly bummed that it didn’t get released. Nice to show something you’ve been laboring on for potentially years (depending on role) to the world




Without royalties, I bet a lot of them also suffered financially. That's the real kick in the dick. Two years of work expecting a payday, and at the end of it they tell you to go fuck yourself, here's your minimum wage for the last two years, don't come back.


The crew who work on films get a paycheck every two weeks. It’s like any other job.


The crew, sure. What about the voice actors? Usually they're bound to performance-based contracts that involve royalties in lieu of fair pay.


I mean. This happens in other businesses too.


Every industry has some form of this honestly. Everywhere I’ve worked (I work in IT) there have been projects scrapped right before implementation because somebody higher up changes their mind. It’s frustrating, but I just try to remind myself I’m getting paid either way.


Yup. I did clinical research and sometimes big projects are just cancelled on the fly, even if patients and protocols are lined up and ready to go.


> I work in IT We know, reddit. Talk about something else for once.


Felt it was proper context considering IT at most companies have their hands in most project and initiative implementation. Sorry a brief mention of my career bummed you out so much, though.


Check the comment history, they are just an asshole. Nothing on you.


I'm tryna see who asked.


This wasn't a passion project for anyone. They did it for money and got paid. The only reason they could be upset is that it could be bad for their reputation in their profession.


You’re literally contradicted by the director himself.




>Warner axed Batgirl because it was so bad that they feared it would damage the DC brand Bro, that ship sailed YEARS ago. Have you SEEN Batman and Robin? Or any of the Snider movies?


Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a four-hour dumpster fire (which would be three hours if he didn’t insist on a quarter of the film being slow-motion) that I hope becomes a sort of group cult-viewing phenomenon, like Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you’ve ever been in a theater with 200 other people watching The Room, that’s the kind of abject madness I see it devolving into.


The problem is, I don't think the Snider Cut is particularly INTERESTING. The Room works because there are SO many crazy things in that movie. It's non stop hilarity. The only scenes I really got a laugh out of was the introduction of The Flash and that incredibly stupid car crash and the final scene with Joker. Everything else was just kinda lame and dumb. I have 0 interest in ever watching it again.


Just release it on Roku then like weird.


I am really hating Warner Bros these days... What a bunch of scumbags...


This is why I keep telling people to temper their enthusiasm about James Gunn taking over the DCEU. Management will always be one bad test screening away from abandoning the entire project. Gunn is talking about this grand eight year plan and it sounds great, but...


Where did I hear that before? What sucks about the Snyderverse is a multiverse Knightmare Apocalypse universe would be so cool to run along side the main continuation. Say what you will about Marvel but at least they stick to their plan. They haven't had to reboot anyone significant since War Machine besides aging up some other characters with different actors. Like we are basically into James Bond territory with Marvel. I don't think I've seen people as hype for this franchise since LotR. Even their okay movies are at least still okay to watch.


Looks like whatever he's doing it will be from a clean slate, everything seems to be being lopped off at the neck right now.


Them and Disney have shown they no longer care about their animations and those who worked on them. Big corporations are evil


Disney is still sitting on Summertime Render, even though it’s already been released in Japan months ago. Disney Plus has the sole streaming rights but it’s not available in the US.


It's not so much the company as it is the one guy who's in charge for no good reason. Bob Chapek pretty clearly doesn't know a thing about what people like about Disney as he's been singlehandedly trying to basically destroy the theme parks and dismiss the thing that whole company was founded on - cartoons that could be enjoyed by adults and children.


This is a result of the last CEO though. The company is in a bad spot and needs to stop the bleeding. When presented with the option of scrapping these films or releasing them, scrapping them made more sense financially. It’s not the current regimes fault that everything is this broken. The business needs to start doing well if we want to see more movies like this actually get released.


I’m friends with one of the animators on this movie. Morale was pretty much at zero for everyone during those last couple weeks. Everyone knew it was so the WB/Discovery could write it off for taxes. That’s not why artists like him do their work. Fucking despicable. Edit: spelling


Zazlov should be fired


I sense both this film and Batgirl leaking in the next year.


"Oops, I got hacked on Christmas day and they released it for everyone online, oh well"


Directors of batgirl actually tried leaking it but even they didn't have the full thing. They tried to film it with their phone but where already blocked from accesing the movie.


I don't remember them saying anything about leaking it. They said they tried to capture it before they were blocked but nothing about them actually distributing the movie.




Probably i'm just saying what they said.


It should be illegal to claim a tax advantage for intentionally destroying an item of value....


I mean it’s not like they will gain money at best they just get to write off the costs


The costs have already been expended. They get to treat this as a property that is depreciated over a period of years. Think about it. There would be zero reason to throw away Batgirl when it's near completion after sinking $95 million into it unless there was a tax advantage. They are literally preventing their own property from making money. They adamantly refuse to let it make money. I think you can find some articles about this if you look around.


The reason is if they think they would make less in revenue then they spent in expenses


That's only one factor. The other is that by characterizing the production as a "dead writeoff" they can recover money already spent in terms of taxes. They couldn't do that if they allowed the production to be shown in any commercial fashion whatsoever, including just streaming it on HBOMax. [Guardian - Destroying Art](https://www.theguardian.com/film/2022/aug/03/tax-concerns-axed-batgirl-but-studios-will-suffer-if-they-become-too-cynical)


/u/moderngamer327 is technically right. They're not *gaining* money by writing the movie off. They're sacrificing any future revenue potential to recognize the full cost of production NOW, and reduce their tax liability. A project is capitalized and depreciated in theory to match the expense with the benefit. By scrapping the project, they remove the benefits and the need for depreciation. The only difference here is the timing of the cost recognition.


Is this the one written by Paul Dini?




I hope it can somehow get a release in the future, maybe when Zaslav decides to sell everything off to pay off those debts.


So months after the news, they were still working on it? Unlike the Batgirls directors, they did get a hold of a copy of their movie. Waiting for a leak. Not immediately of course.


I’ve never thought to myself, I want Scooby Doo content. Then I get reminded the franchise exists through social media and I immediately want content. Get it together Warner Brothers.


Twist, the CEO of Warner brothers just wanted a scooby doo movie exclusive for his eyes so he can watch in his pajamas.


They should leak it.


This is why you should steal from work 🎶


I would've released it too if it hadn't been for your meddling studio.


Damn, and my kids would have killed to watch Scooby doo. They freaking love the 2 movies I can't stand to watch anynore


If you have HBO Max, there are a ton of Scooby Doo shows, movies, and specials in their library. My daughter loves the franchise and it's easier to stomach when we've seen 100 episodes/movies 2-3 times.


We're basically watching the Scoob IP die right now. Once Velma bombs it'll likely just result in a several year hiatus before another project is even considered.


No way. There’s been three different DTV Scooby Doo movies released over the past year. The SD content pipeline is real.


Die? Not likely; Scooby is one of the most successful cartoon IPs ever. This will definitely be a tough hit for them, but it'll always come back. It may be a long time before they try anything big with it like another theatrical release, but they'll still be making direct to streaming movies and shows that keep the series alive. That's the thing about series that are aimed at younger audiences: in 7 years they'll have a whole bunch of new viewers who are too young to remember their last big flop.


I think OP meant the Scoob franchise, not Scooby Doo as an IP


Really? That’s not how I read it nor would that make sense given the Velma thing is entirely unrelated


Scooby Doo isn’t dead as a franchise. Just that rebooted Scoob universe that contains one flop movie and one unreleased special


Except OP mentioned Velma which isn't related to the Scoob franchise.


Okay, that makes much more sense. I'm honestly kinda surprised they bothered to try doing anything with Scoob after the first underperformed.


I dont think Velma will bomb. It was always meant to be niche and will probably do well in that niche.


Don’t worry they aren’t done rewriting the past “for modern audiences”


The first Scoob movie was the worst shit I’ve had to sit through as a parent.


My family enjoyed it a lot.


Or they are waiting to release this after velma bombs, we all know it will and they will use scoob to try and show they arnt changing the IP.


I hope he saved a personal copy. 💿


It will go up on a shelf next to Bat Girl


The only thing I got from this was: `As long as Discovery owns Warner Bros.`


I wonder if there is some way that WBD could give it to a non-profit organization (maybe a library or some charity) for them to use. I would think yes but I have to imagine that the rights issues and possibly contractual payouts might make it a non-starter.


Does Scooby actually appear in this one?


Hope he backed a copy up that can be “leaked” in the future


I wonder how long before these films get leaked


“Can’t monetise it” why not just publish it online on an unmonetized YouTube channel for people to enjoy ?


I hope it leaks as a big Ol fuck you to WB. Might as well if they’re gonna try this write off nonsense.


>...Warner Bros... Warner Bros and Netflix trying to hard to be the biggest entertainment villains on the radar right now.


Not Disney ?


I feel like at least with Disney, you know the depths of their evil. You know they're gonna screw you over.


Yes the company canceling all of its in-progress material to never see the light of day again is a much smaller villain than a company that's had to do layoffs because they're still hurting from the actual biggest money-maker in the company (the theme parks) being closed for so long. All companies are evil, but Disney isn't out there canceling The Mandalorian with one episode left and telling everyone to finish making it before they burn all the materials so nobody can ever watch it.


Disney already has the crown. The others are trying to get there


Can there be a law where a show needs to be put on the public domain and free to consume if it’s used as a tax write off?


what does the director of IT have to do with this?


I think we have a new Holy Grail of lost media


I would feel bad if it was anything other than another throwaway piece of IP.


Lol, everybody saying that they hope this and Batgirl are released at some point in the future... I mean, as long as all of the crew members were paid the wages they were owed... was anything of much value lost? Rude though it sounds to the cast and crew that worked on this... I think the world is okay if it doesn't have another *Scoob!* property.


Even if the films are an absolute garbage fire, there will be technical aspects that people like costume designers, art designers, sound designers and special effects artists could use to show off their work, giving them a leg-up for future projects. Now they have a significant chunk of their working life in a portfolio-heavy industry with nothing to show for it.


Clearly people reading this post care about Scoob. Why are you wasting time here?