I guess the action was pretty solid, I wished they put Nazarian bros. on final battle. I think this movie is a prefect Friday evening movie if you're looking for solid action scenes.


Nazarian bros fight scene was the best part of the whole movie.


When he threw his bro a bullet I lost it. Super fun fight sequence.


I feel like it was an homage to Freddie Wong and Corridor Digital's "TactiCOOL RELOADS" series of videos. [TactiCOOL RELOADS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI4NZW8q6nU) [Tac2COOL RELOADS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk0O95K__to) [TactiCOOL 3LOADS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ogr86FHeU6s)


Scott Adkins, one of the brothers has been on Corridor Crew's Stuntmen React a few times. [Stuntmen React](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYunYyTvFUw)


> Scott Adkins I figured there was a deeper connection! Good info.


I love how they just fuckin dummy so many vamps. Full ragdoll, it's so satisfying to see throughout the movie.


Them and the car chase were the stand outs.


How drone shots can be useful.


The one through the sunroof was hella creative. Had to rewind and watch it a second time to really enjoy it. I appreciated how they were used sparingly and logically, unlike in Grey Man where it felt like the director was *trying* to give me a seizure.


My one gripe with the car chase was two different scenes where a biker gets in front of the truck, aims a gun at it, and never fires a shot. Seemed odd the first time, but really bizarre when it happened again about a minute later.


how about the biker that Ninjas his way through a nail salon or whatever and then immediately drives in front of a truck...


I thought it could have been them directing him to a certain advantage spot. Definitely a little weird though


I was like, god, that's Scott Adkins. This better not just be a cameo. He better kick some ass. Ass was indeed served.


On a platter BRO!


Hes also in John Wick 4 with Donnie Yen and Hiroyuki Sanada. The amount of kick ass that movie will have in it may possibly kill some unprepared viewers.


They were literally the best part of the whole film. That scene was the highlight.


I kinda liked too that they teamed up and did the job, was expecting some sort of double cross and was glad it didn’t go that route.


Which was surprisingly refreshing.


The whole film was nice to watch: no shaky cam, no stupid double crosses, no over-elaborate third act full of CGI. Not a classic but a comptent actioner that doesn't take itself too seriously and generally works.


>The whole film was nice to watch So I just finished it and my initial reaction was "oh boy that sucked." But reading your comment actually triggered some long-lost memory of the super campy 80s horror/monster movies like Creepshow and Tales From the Crypt or Graveyard shift. Where you could tell it was shot on a cheap soundstage in probably 8 days, had a straightforward plot that was creepy but not excessively gory, and the were generally like a hard PG-13. They weren't out to be masterpieces, just be a popcorn flick played as the Saturday afternoon movie. That's exactly what this movie felt like, only filmed in super-saturated 4K and starring big names. I'm not saying that this excuses all of the movie's flaws, but reframing it as this kind of cheesy rainy day movie does make me dislike it a bit less.


I need a sequel with more Nazarian bros. You know they were great when you keep hoping they show back up. Was stoked for the Snoop save at the end, but just imagine if the Nazarian's were there too.


Shout out to the stunt team because the action scenes are easily the highlight of the movie


The director, JJ Perry, was a stuntman and stunt coordinator working out if 87eleven, the John Wick guys. JJ stunt coordinated the second John Wick


Ahh thanks for this info. Was going to look the guy up later. During all the action scenes I'm just thinking "Who is this director?"


Ah, that explains why the Nazarian Bros were rocking the John Wick OST from Le Castle Vania in their van: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9es-BcPEKU


Was there more connections to John Wick? Besides Peter Stormare, it felt related. Between the "You killed my baby, I'm hunting you down," plot and the stylistic subtitles, I feel like it had to be intentional.


Produced by Chad Stahelski, director of all the John Wick movies.


Didn’t realize it, but Scott Adkins plays one of the Nazarian brothers. He always had great fight scenes.


For the people that don't know, Scott was the Nazarian Brother that didn't use a gun in that fight scene.


The full ragdoll slams and shit are fucking dooope.


Was Heather supposed to have had a larger role that got cut? When Bud confronted her the dialogue and reaction made it seem like they had some actual connection when in the film he only spoke to her for five seconds. Also Bud hating vampires and thinking they’re all evil just to flip a switch immediately without any comment was strange. Either way the fight scenes were a ton of fun, and I wouldn’t mind watching a sequel (since they were obviously setting up *Night Shift* with the dozen El Jefe references), but I need Bruce Campbell as El Jefe.


My favorite part was how he and Franco were standing in the pawn shop, completely alone with tons of valuables around, and still explained to him how he needed a few thousand dollars so they had to go find more teeth.


Cause he ain't no bloody thief!


This exactly made no sense to me and funny enough, this broke my immersion. Not the fact that vampires are real in this movie. Or that nobody seems to know about them, while clearly being in high numbers.


He could have at least taken some guns? At least they picked up some weapons in the stash just before the final fight


She was the most inexplicable character I can remember in a recent film. Was she a love interest in an alternate cut? Why did she work with the antagonist then immediately betray her for Bud?


So I think what happened was in an original cut she was the love interest before they decided to have Bud get back together with his wife. So they cut her scenes because they had too much sexual/romantic tension. But that means that her scene doesn’t make a ton of sense.


And when did familiar mean that you’re a vamp too? Kinda defeats the whole purpose of one


She said she “wasn’t even her familiar,” indicating that familiars are humans hoping to eventually turn, but she had been turned against her will without being a familiar first.


Wesley Snipes as El Jefe


Oh my god yes please.


\+1. You've put your finger on my two key complaints about the film. The implication that some vampires are not-evil, and that Bud & co. have been exterminating every single one they find, seems like something that should be addressed. Plus Heather. He seemed strangely reluctant to kill her (and vice-versa). I feel like they were banking on the two actors natural charisma and the velocity of the film would help us ignore this.


It feels like they put a whole lot of thought into the worldbuilding and then ended up rushing through the story because they spread themselves too thin. They allude to a "vampire war" with them finding guns pre-loaded with anti-vampire ammo in the vampire base, which aren't brought up again. I kinda wonder if the original idea was for it to be a TV show, where the pacing would have worked out way better. ​ IMO the movie should have been longer or they should have trimmed the fat better and kept in the lore stuff. My initial (bad) take was to cut the Nazarian Brothers scene because they showed up, did cool stuff, and never were seen again, but I think it could have been streamlined by just... not having more pants pissing jokes. The car chase scene was cute but... very long and unnecessary, and I'd have preferred more dad-daughter bonding to better develop that dynamic. ​ I did enjoy the movie (overall, despite my frustrations), but campy vampire action movies are an easy sell to me. I just get sad thinking about what it could have been. Also, goofy headcanon, but it'd be somewhat viable as a Daybreakers prequel, I think.


Yeah that was odd.


The opening fight had Evil-Deadesque vibes for sure


All of them did imo, the only real difference I could have seen if this was a Raimi film, is a looot more blood.


I came to this thread to ask the same question - at first I thought maybe I missed something but you get the intro scene with him and Heather meeting then the next scene with her in it it’s like he’s figured out she was spying on him and blames her for his family getting caught - there must have been some cut scene of them hanging out where he told her about himself or something specific about his family that he was then able to connect back to her. Whatever it was I don’t think they should have cut it.


He saw the dude with one eye in her apartment and heard her talking to him, then later that guy was chasing him


That was an odd role too. Bud walks past the window and sees them (talk about the most blatant and shameless case of creeping through someone else's window). Then the one eyed vamp turns up at the birthday party, but Bud dispatches him in 5 seconds with no dialogue between them. I think the one eyed vamp was supposed to be another high ranking lieutenant, like the suited vamp, but it seems any if his other scenes must have been cut.


Yeah it definitely feels like some more scenes that fleshed out this whole part of the movie were cut


Agreed, also seemed a bit odd, any clues as to when she turned. Did they turn her and force her there, why was she so friendly, or was she turned when the vamp dude was seen talking to her, and if so how was she so pro already. That was the only semi confusing bit of the film


It says in the film.. she was turned before the events of the movie and, she worked for the big bad for as long.


>Night Shift That's too smart of a title. It'll be Netflix's Day Shift 2: Welcome To Night Shift


I liked how bright it was shot, so many vampire movies are grey on black. A fun movie for a Friday night.


I told my wife last night that I liked how it was set in ugly LA and not cool, Collateral-esque LA


Yes, I always give movies bonus points for being true to their location. This was beat-up San Fernando Valley and did a great job of embodying it.


After my wife turned the movie on, I instantly yelled “wow they really using the orange and teal LA instagram filter?”


The tunnel scene wasn't as dark as your typical horror movie. And Big John lighting it up with his UV suicide bomb suit in was lit


The director studied the "GTA V Book of Ragdoll Physics" for this one.


That was a fun choice and was both campy and pretty cool.


Tbh I would have enjoyed it 100x less without the rag doll lmao


The stuff that works is a fun time, but damn, does it get caught up in its expositional world-building far too often. Between the union stuff, the five types of vampires (that really doesn’t amount to much), the vampire hierarchy which plays no part aside from sequel set-up… and it’s all just thrown out as the most direct dialogue. You really don’t care about the villains at all (and even the heroes aren’t too much to speak of), but the action’s pretty fun.


Yeah. They clearly want to pull off a John Wick here with the world building!


Well they really should've hired writers instead. You know how John Wick effectively showed that these special coins were the main currency of that secret world? This movie doesn't even consider explaining who the fuck is buying all the fangs nor why they're doing it. And why wouldn't hunters just capture vampires, keep them locked up, and give them humans to turn, cut those fangs out, and make a small (but almost guaranteed) profit? This vampire hunting shit looked pretty dangerous. I heard about in French colonial Vietnam they had a rat problem once they built sewers, so they started paying for rat tails. But the locals figured out how to make a lot of money by cutting the tails off rats and then throwing them back (so they could breed and make more rats). People even started bringing in rats from other places. And it was good, steady work for a local population who had every incentive to keep things from getting any better.


There probably are hunters that do that. The whole thing with the union seemed to be minimizing civilian harm, so I doubt any of the union hunters would farm them. Bud even said as much when Dave Franco suggested he let them fatten up or whatever. But yeah there's absolutely no explanation for why the fangs matter. It seems to just be proof you killed a vampire? Considering pawn shop guy had a whole box of them sitting around, although why he was interested in them at all is confusing. Maybe he resells them? Reading into it is probably giving the writers too much credit.


I mean was it? (Not criticizing you, rather the writers) My tinfoil hat conspiracy was this movie was either funded by someone with a major anti-union bias or written by someone whose parents were murdered by a union at some point. It would be one thing if they gave a good reason why a union had to exist and why it's been corrupted over time...but that would mean explaining who is buying the fangs, and why that process was previously unfair to the hunters to the point that they formed a fucking union. Worldwide. There is a worldwide union of vampire hunters with (I'm going to assume) one book of rules and regulations. Because, as the UN shows, it's super easy to get lots of different groups of people with different agendas to agree on things for the common good. And I guess the vampires haven't ever realized that the hunters formed a fucking union? Maybe they could infiltrate a local branch, find the employee directory, and slaughter the local hunters? What's the training process for hunters? How long does it take? But the movie just paints the union as completely unreasonable with a byzantine system of red tape. And what a lavish local office! It was what I imagine the world's nicest Masonic lodge or Elks Club looks like. Sure looked expensive. I wonder how they afford it? Well now I know! Look at how much money they took off Jamie Foxx! And Dave Franco just looked at it with a magnifying glass for like 2 seconds, a much worse customer experience than Peter Stormare's reputable small business. Gee wiz, Jamie Foxx could have gotten his daughter those braces she needs on Monday if he didn't have to pay those stinkin' union dues and other bullshit charges! I guess my takeaways should be that unions are greedy and take your money (but don't worry, corporations are different). And Ballbuster McMulletface...was he in an elected position? Given how big of a creep he is and how bad he is at socializing, I have a very difficult time seeing him win anything close to a popularity contest. I'm kinda shocked this wasn't released on Amazon Prime.


By the end of the movie it kinda seemed like the union wasn't the problem, just that one guy. Like, yeah, all of the dues and everything were kinda bullshit, but it was very obvious that they were specifically piling on Bud to make him crack. None of the other hunters in the movie were constrained by union regulations, so that implies there is quite a bit of wiggle room so long as you don't piss the bosses off. I don't see it as being an intentional attack on unions so much as the writers didn't want to make the vampire killers a government agency or an evil corporation. It would have functioned exactly the same way, they just wanted to call it something more interesting. They did also make a point of explaining that most vampires are solitary, which is a very lazy and sloppy way of saying "don't think too hard about why the vampires don't already rule the world." The writing was all boilerplate filler to ferry the audience from one fight scene to the next. The last thing this movie needed was more talking and less fighting.


> This movie doesn't even consider explaining who the fuck is buying all the fangs nor why they're doing it Nobody actually said it out loud, but several things are set up in such a way to indicate that the fangs are basically traded like gemstones. The way the appraisers (black market/white market) grade them in particular, and one character is wearing one as a pendant. I can absolutely see them as luxury goods for the rich, with their value based on scarcity and how dangerous they are to source. The film has its fair share of plot holes, but the fang trade makes a reasonable amount of sense, I thought


> You really don’t care about the villains at all I'm sorry, you weren't captivated by evil plot to.... take over the simi valley housing market? wait... that can't be right....


"Behold! My vampire-inator! With this, I will take over the whole tri-state area!" ​ Later, "A Dogg?" \*gasp\* "Snoop the Dogg!"


Yeah for a guy that worked on the John Wick films the director seems to forget that what made those films work so well specifically the first John wick was how subtle and background the lore was to the overall story which was your basic revenge thriller. Day Shift seems to make the same mistake Bright made and rather than just tell a simple buddy cop story was so dead set of making its wacky lore/ world building make sense to the point where it just undermined the whole film because of how little sense it made. Thankfully the action makes it far more watchable than Bright.


It seems like they’d working up to a trilogy or something maybe? I honestly don’t hate the idea of betting on more stuff like this. It’s not top of the line cinema, but it’s engaging enough to build an audience and people do like their world building to support stories in these types of things. I wonder what this cost to make. It reminded me of Bright which is quite similar, but I think the idea of that becoming more than a one-off died, possibly due the people involved?


If it becomes a trilogy I bang with it. It’s not the best movie but I was entertained on a Sunday evening so that works out for me


On the topic of Bright, [here's a very good 45 minute breakdown of the lazy world building in that movie](https://youtu.be/gLOxQxMnEz8). The only thing I can see is that there were a lot of rewrites that didn't get really thought all the way through.


Delayed after Smith's schedule conflicted and now cancelled after the Oscars. They should've just gone full fat Shadowrun with Bright instead of a half-assed knockoff anyways.


I kind of felt the opposite honestly, to an extent. The only thing that really kept me interested was the concepts in the world building. But I agree that it wasn't ever built on and it was delivered in the flattest way possible. The action was passable, but the amount of rubbery cg vampires really drew you out of the action. And said action was already the kind of low impact "tap tap tap" that tries to emulate John Wick but doesn't really get why that style works in the first place.


So hold up .. >!This lady boss level vampire tortured the dude to find out the name of Bud, sent the female undercover vampire to move in next door .. she applied, got approved, and moved into the apartment all in the span of day or two, while only bumping into him the one time, but felt it necessary to apologize like she betrayed him? Did they cut a lot of this movie out, or is this timeline really compacted? Seems like a lot of extraneous work and planning that didn't need to happen.!<


"she's my maker, she forced me to do it" But then she's instantly fine with turning against her and can attack her.


>Maybe she was able mind control her to do it. Which is how it usually is with unruly vampires that are controlled in most vampire movies. If you noticed in the end the two she turned never directly confronted her.


I thought she was a human that was already moving into Apt 19. And the vampire boss lady turned her recently as part of the plan to destroy the main characters life?


Yeah and if so, she was instantly a pro vamp and knew everything. Fun film but the plot in the second half is so random


If I'm being serious the only good part of the whole movie is Franco getting his head cut off. Nothing else makes much sense. You can tell the writer just watched True Blood and adapted it loosely into an action movie.


> she applied, got approved Don't forget that boss lady vampire is a realtor. She probably owned the apartments Bud was renting at.


I got the impression that they killed whoever lived there. Fox makes a comment about her home decor and she says the previous tenant left some ice cream.


And why/how is she a good vamp? Are they implying good vamps can exist and are only not killed if their friends with the main characters?


Yeah, I feel like the directors didn't know the rules to their own movie. There were so many careless continuity errors. Like, when Jablewski shoots her in the back of the head with the silver bullet, and its revealed she caught the bullet with her teeth(first of all, why does that matter? Its not like the bullet needs to have passed her teeth to "kill" her. The bullet did what it was intended to do at that point), when she takes the bullet out from her teeth and shows it to the camera, its oriented in such a way that it looks like Jablowski shot her from the front, not the back. Also, why was Megan Goods character holding her neck when they first kidnap her? Something obviously happened off-screen when they kidnapped her and since its a movie about vampires, I would assume they sucked her blood. When they filmed that scene, were they still unsure if they wanted to reveal that they had turned her? And why did they have to take her and the daughter to the secret lair? They had all 3 of them and the boss lady in the same room. They could have done literally everything they wanted then and there. Not to mention, why even leave Jabonski with the newly turned Seth for Seth to kill him, when they know the rules of being a vampire and that there's practically no way Seth would be able to kill a vampire hunter that has killed vampires 100's of years older than Seth. And I do appreciate the fight choreography but having Snoops character do that ridiculous front flip to kick a vampire was so dumb, especially when he's been sort of stiff, walking around the entire movie. I shouldn't ever watch an action scene or snippet and say, well that's obviously the stuntman. It just seemed unnecessary and they had already established the character as a calm, cool, collected bad ass that can walk in and kill several dozens of vampires...and that stupid front flip kick thingy was counterintuitive to what they had already established. The dude is 50 and keeps talking about "how they used to do it" and "just like the good ol days" - so he's obviously an older human. Why have him to acrobats like a 20 year old? Nobody in the audience expects or thinks he's capable of doing that. All in all, a dumb-fun movie to leave on in the background while I did other things but sitting down and looking at any small details, just makes you wonder how much thought went into the script and the time between writing the script and filming. I feel like this movie was one good, competent writer away from being a cult classic. Any writer that could have not only fixed things like the aforementioned issues but also punched up the dialogue and cut out some of the fat(seriously, the running gag that Seth pisses himself could have been cut - it served no purpose than to be funny and it wasn't even funny).


I thought the running piss gag was pretty funny. Agree about Snoop's character sucking in the action scenes, also wasn't a fan of letting him a big shoutout to his murderous criminal gang but that's probably a lost casue at this point.


also why Snoop Dog said “i’ll wait for you here” but fakes his death and went roaming the sewers


Also why didn’t snoop turn?


I kept bouncing back and forth while watching the movie, and couldn't figure out what was bothering me til just reading your comment now. The movie wanted to be campy but didn't know how and didn't commit to it fully. Like, this probably would have been a better movie if it was a borderline spoof like *Austin Powers* or *Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.* Then stuff like Snoop busting out gymnast ninja moves could have been played as a gag. I think this movie wanted to be a cheeky *Dusk til Dawn* instead. So I think when I the camp was starting to work, I was liking it a bit more. But then it would get dark and serious and I was like "nope."


Plus, the boss lady didnt instantly turn/kill his family after she capture him at his ex wife house.


This was one of the dumbest parts of the movie. She just leaves him with a newly turned vamp, even though this dudes has probably killed hundreds, she thinks he won't be able to take on a baby vamp? Then he gets to the apartment of the neighbor, and she kicks his ass, yet he can fight a dozen of them himself without barely breaking a sweat.


Plus, she even told him what she going to do to his ex & daughter. I'm like "just do it now. Infront of him"


Yeah exactly lol If you really wanna torture the dude for killing your daughter, you do it in front of him. Way too much plot armor.


The dumbest plot was him not looting the dead pawnshop guys place for the money he needs for his wife. But yeah I agree, movie was fun but you can’t think about it for even a second or it falls apart


I was literally saying "holy shit look at all that free stuff he can get" to my girlfriend and then he just walks out lol Oh let's not forget that they know where he lives, know his daughter is at a birthday party, but he just barges in his wife's house as if she was safe from it all hahaha


> Did they cut a lot of this movie out, or is this timeline really compacted? it's just action shlock. normally, I'm the guy right there with you picking apart lazy storytelling and incoherent plot points but I didn't feel this movie demanded that level of critique or respect from me. it slapped a bunch of vampire action and goofy character moments on screen then stitched them together with some PlotGlue™. the movie didn't take itself seriously, sometimes going well out of its way to be unserious. for me, the flimsy plot development and character moments added to the charm of the movie. I was still chuckling hours afterwards at how silly it all was. that's a good movie experience for me


Yeah, the third act felt really rushed especially with the neighbor character who we had about 1 conversation of small talk beforehand. Definitely think she had scenes cut


She didn't even get a proper goodbye. She just dipped


Fun flick, the Nazarian Brothers were probably the best part of the movie, I'd watch a spinoff with them as the main characters. "Nice work Bro". I assume they plan on a sequel because we didn't get to see this "El Jefe" guy. Also, I didn't even know James Franco had a brother but for half the movie I was like "Where did I see this guy?!" Turns out I never saw him, they just look very similar.


I mean Dave Franco has been in quite a few movies at this point. Weird how this is the first time you see him.


I think I first saw Dave Franco in 21 Jump Street? Definitely been around for a bit.


He doesn't have the widest range as an actor, but I always enjoy watching him.


Superbad for me


I had to look it up because I didn't remember him in that.. so apparently people *do* forget that he was the guy who pissed his pants.


He’s good in 21 Jump Street


We partied together, man. You bought us taco bell.


"I'm going to cut this the fuuuuck offff!!"


And neighbors haha


Scott Adkins is the direct to video action movie king for a reason. I loved those brothers.


Yup. If he is in a movie, you know you’re going to see some dope ass flip kicks


He was in both Now You See Me movies, and both Jump Street movies


And both Neighbors movies. Weird that he's been in some many...duologies?


If Blade and John Wick had Twins, this movie would be Danny Devito.


Super enjoyable imo! Appreciated for what it was, despite it's writing flaws. Also loved how Bud didn't ridicule Seth and actually checked up on him after the first fight, which I thought was sweet and refreshing. Wish there was more build up to Seth becoming a badass (maybe have him be a pacifist instead or maybe a quick montage of Bud teaching Seth some moves which he deliberately fails on purpose or have a sad backstory where he killed someone he loved and then when the mall scene comes and he whips out his badass move, Bud can be like *"Damn, boy, where the hell's that been all this time?"* and Seth just replies, *"I don't like blood."* ) Also, the delivery of Bud's *"he threw me up the stairs"* line made me laugh.


"I'm trying!" "Well try harder!!" "Oh, okay." Such an absurd dialogue that.


This was one of the funniest lines to me, something my wife or I would say to each other .


That sequence of Bud being thrown around by Audrey was so funny, I kept rewinding it.


Honestly my favorite line of the movie. Like of course a kid would say that and Jamie Foxx just replies like “oh yeah totally didn’t think of that, thanks for the help!”


This had my laughing and right before this dialogue I also liked how he's getting his ass kicked and just says "ohh, I should've just gotten another job"


Yep. This is a fun movie to watch on a lazy Saturday. It also sets up potential for a number of sequels.


Honestly, if you just watched the action scenes you'd lose nothing in the plot


I went in with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dog, and Dave Franco were fun to watch. Natasha Bordizzo was bad ass. Was the plot great? No. Was it ground breaking? No. But it was a good time.


This movie hit my very specific spot that i love and a lot of horror action falls into. Its basically Die Hard 4 but with vampires. The tone reminds me a lot of zombie land, hansel and grettle witch hunter & the good hellboy movies. I liked it a lot and the 2 hours go by very fast. Its fine that the wife and sidekick character wasnt very fleshed out, the Spectacle more than makes up for it. Also i guess im just getting old since i uncomfortably relate to the main character


Check out a movie called Dead Heat. It'll scratch this same itch.


I think its super hilarious how in the opening scene jamie foxx sweeps the entire house with his shotgun and when he opened the closet he pumps the shotgun. This means that he swept the entire house with an unchambered shotgun. nice.


The movie was fun to watch, but... Without a proper way of explaining it, feels like a string made by knotting and reverse-knotting cliches together. And i'm probably wrong, but the whole ominous "Jefe" thing and the repeated awesome "Big J" mentions may be a way of setting up Snoop Dogg's character as the big bad daywalker vampire going around and having fun as a hunter due to boredom.


That would be cool. I'm pretty sure he bleeds red when he's bitten though.


Iirc, the vampire minions at the mall during the last act bled red.


I think those are familiars,, not vampires.


Ok makes sense


Dumbest movie ever, 7/10 love it The fights were pretty fun, and not just the Nazario brothers combos, but almost all of them, pretty neat Bla bla bla shitty script, plotholes and whatever, don't care about those things, clearly the movie never intends to take itself seriously, I appreciate that a lot. A vampire moving so fast that gets to double hit in the air and Twilight references, didn't know I wanted that


I got hype af when Body Count started playing


I can go hot and cold on BC but as soon as I heard the guitar riff after all the hip hop I knew what it was immediately and it was awesome.


This was a really fun movie. The action in this was legitimately some of the best I’ve seen in recent history. The stunt choreography is elite. I feel people get to caught up in plots of movies that clearly aren’t taking themselves seriously. I’ll admit the third act was random with heather joining them. Had they just cut her out of the movie it would’ve made more sense




Yep, loved the callback


I loved the whole "blue coller working man's vampire hunter" vibe, the existence of a vampire hunting union, and the fact that for many of the hunter's it's their 9 to 5 job with medical insurance and coveted shifts. But I hated how they build up the idea that all vampires, regardless of who they were in life, are monsters and that there are no "good" vampires, only to have Dave Franco and Heather turn out to be good vampires. Would have been an interesting twist with Snoop Dogg and Jaime Foxx killed them at the end because they were just another payday to them. Solid B- movie in my book.


I weirdly got John Wick vibes from the “union” aspect of things. I understand not at all similar in terms of the premise, or action, or anything, but that union reminded me of the continental.


But like a blue coller version of the continental. No duck fat fries or expensive bourbon, cheap McDonald's fries and rotgut after a 12 hour work week.


Damn, I wish I had a 12 hour work week


> But I hated how they build up the idea that all vampires, regardless of who they were in life, are monsters and that there are no "good" vampires, only to have Dave Franco and Heather turn out to be good vampires. Well, the plot seemed to be that most vamps were turned willingly. And wanting to be turned into a vamp isn't exactly a sign of good character, I'd say. Heather and Seth were both turned unwillingly.


These vampires need to learn how to drive.


Especially the motorcyclists, just driving straight into concrete blocks for no particular reason. On that point, do LA storm drains really have so many bizarre concrete obstacles?


I haven’t studied them extensively, but I’ve never seen a jump ramp in a flood channel before.😂


It was OK. Best part were Nazarian Brothers and they are barely in it. Some of the writing didn't make sense either. In one scene they are warning characters not to get bitten, then when one character does get bitten it turns out to be meaningless. The whole thing about vamps expelling gas that needs to be washed of is completely forgotten about as of the hive scene. Also disappointed with how Seth was treated. Would have been nice if he got to show some character growth before getting vamped. Overall it was enjoyable but not great. JJ Perry did a good job with the direction, the writing was the issue


WHY WERE THEY EVEN IN THE MOVIE?!?!?! This movie was very frustrating. They even dropped the whole "these species shouldn't be living together" line to set up the acceptable Franco brother's putting together the fact that the vampire clans were coming together. That thread is then dropped entirely, and next time we see him, he's a vampire. That was some sloppy shit. It honestly feels like someone cut 10 minutes out of the second act and inserted a bunch of pointless shit instead.


I thought the exact same thing, like what is the point of the neighbor? She had 1 conversation with him that last a couple of minutes, and then she decides to risk her life to help him because she thinks she owes him, wtf. They must have had a bunch of other scenes with her and then cut them last minute.


>then when one character does get bitten it turns out to be meaningless. If you're referring to the bite at the end, I think it's implied that the character is also now a vampire, which is how he survived.


I’m pretty sure the vamp gas was implied to be why Foxx’s character wanted to stay in instead of being out for the party as he seemed on edge considering it was daytime


He had also just learned the vamps knew his name


Really just a fun movie. Some of y'all taking it way too seriously lol. It's just supposed to be entertaining. Lighten up. Laugh.


As usual Scott Adkins is the fucking man in anything hes In


Within the first 5 Minutes the Movie tells you everything about what you're in about. Action Comedy that doesn't take itself to seriously and doesn't give a flying fuck about realism/logic as long as it looks cool. Worked well for that, nothing special but when you like the actors you will enjoy the ride. Seths Character arc was surprisingly good >!liked the idea of making him a badass through the transformation instead of the usual shtick!< Nazarian Bros had not enough screen time though. Dunno I liked it 6-7/10 It is a bit similar to R. I. P. D. But better.


RIPD was a dumpster fire. This movie is immensely more entertaining.


mowing down vamps with my best friend bud


I just wanna know why every high budget netflix action movie has such bad writing?!? It doesnt make sense!!!


The budget goes to the famous actors


So corny, absolutely loved it, will never watch again. Really cool action scenes, and enjoyable fight choreography, and enjoyable corny humor through out. Would definitely be disappointed if I went into this thinking it was a movie trying to take itself seriously, but it matched my expectations for the corniness. A bit disappointed that Seth didn't get growth before being vamped, and would of liked them to either be more consistent with their own vampire rules or just not talk about it as much in the beginning. Also would totally watch an entire movie of the Nazarian Brothers just kicking ass.


This was the Goodburger of vampire movies.


Lol I had fun. It was pretty stupid but it definitely wasn’t trying to be serious. The Nazarian brothers were fucking hilarious. Especially the part where he says “Brother, I need one” lmfao. I enjoyed it though. All around stupid movie but great for a chill sesh with some weed or booze.


My poor man bud has to cover 100% of his daughter's costs while his ex-wife seemingly stays home and does nothing all day. You deserve better.


I made that same call. How is she going to jump on Bud and she's not doing anything herself aside from walking around the house in spandex? Not only that. This is California. That house has to be worth northwards of a million. Okay sell the house, downsize, get your kids stuff paid for. No it's not all gonna be done by Monday. But damn, Bud is fighting tooth and nail everyday, his life on the line and you're complaining about a dental plan and how Lisa needs braces over here.


For real. And look at the size of her house. She can downsize and commute


That’s… literally the plot? She’s selling the house and moving and bud is trying to get money to stop that


Yea to a different state not down the street


It’s ight, some spotty acting performances in the second half of the movie, the comedy was hit and miss, but the action kicks fucking ass though and there’s plenty of it, a nice late night watch 6/10


Here's hoping for Danny Trejo as El Jefe in the sequel


He threw me up the stairs


*Movie set in California starts with California Love* Oh yeah, this is generic.


Not to mention the villain asking that one vampire if he knows what the definition of insanity is lol. I was like how are they gonna put a twist on it? Then it’s the same generic answer that everyone’s heard.


That ranks up there with “humans only use 10% of their brain” for me. Nails on a chalkboard.


REALLY surprised they didn't fit "Freefallin'* in there somewhere >Now all the vampires walkin' through the Valley >Move west down Ventura boulevard *Especially* after they lingered on the sign for "Reseda"


I had a absolute blast watching this... ​ Just give me a Nazarian Bros spin off.


I watched this high last night and it was an excellent high movie choice. The action scenes were really well done, humour was probably average but we laughed a lot. I forget a lot of the plot/point of it but enjoyed the ride. Snoop Dogg's acting was pretty bad but it made it funny, and was the right amount of corny.


Thought was pretty well done


First 60% of the movie was legitimately fun; I’d rate those part at least 3.5/5. Anything after that was a total disappointment; 2/5 at best. Honestly, the first action scene with the grandma vamp had me so hyped up for the rest of the movie. If only they didn’t give up on the film halfway through. What’s the point of hierarchy/types of vampires? What’s the point of introducing Heather, other than to explain who the grandma camp was? Also why didn’t Seth die after being decapitated? Netflix tries so SO much to make any or their half-baked movie into a franchise, it hurts.


They explained earlier in the movie that some kinds of vampires can survive decapitation, which is foreshadowing his beheading.


How did this cost 100 million?


99 million on Snoop


Okay might be a stretch, but when Foxx and Snoop Dogg first take the elevator down to Union HQ, there’s a portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the wall. Are we getting an expanded universe of vampire hunters?? I wouldn’t be against it lol


Those Nazarian Bros were pretty badass. Expected them to actually die shortly after they appeared. Glad I was wrong.


I enjoyed it! Not the best movie ever, but it was entertaining. Am I the only one that thought that was Isla Fisher in the first scene and got duped by the credits? Edit: Dave Franco’s edm track over the credits was the chef’s kiss on entertainment. Definitely wouldn’t have minded the universe fleshed out a little more for another 20-30 minutes of film.


I looked at the credits and the soundtrack. The song is uncredited, but does anyone know who did the country song at 23:37 into the movie? I tried lyric searching and it found nothing... I'm stumped.


It’s credited. It’s the October London track. It’s unreleased atm.


I guess I missed it somewhere but can someone explain why they were collecting vampire teeth and why they were getting paid for it


It started off pretty good with the opening scene then it felt like we went 30 minutes without any action. The best part was the scene with the brothers. I just feel like this could’ve been more I’d give it a 6 out of 10


I thought it had potential until it went downhill halfway through


Dave is just as funny here as James in Pineapple Express. Fun movie, the story and the villains could have been a bit better


My husband said "isn't that James Franco, " and I responded "no, he's too young, " and looked up the actor in the IMDB. We keep forgetting Dave exists until moments like this.


Solid 6/10. Hand to hand fights seemed a bit over choreographed. The strength of the vampires was a bit inconsistent which got a bit annoying. It should have been a bit longer because I feel like some stuff got cut. >!Why did Seth, a newly turned vampire, survived decapitation but the antagonist didn't?!<


Wood through the heart first, then decapitation, was how to kill and Uber Vampire. Franco only got his head cut off.


I'll give the film credit for some really fun fight sequences, the way the vampires contorted themselves was fantastic and how can you not love Snoop Dog with a mini-gun, but any tension is removed when you see Jamie Foxx being bounced around like a pinball with absolutely no ill effects - if the movie had revealed that he was actually Blade this would have made some sense - and the comedy on hand fell flat more often than not.


The film was trying so hard for a sequel setup with the constant El Jefe namedrop. And did Snoop Dogd wrote his own script? Everyone was saying how badass he is when he looks like he's struggling to even walk properly.


My stupid opinions Pros - Fight scenes were really cool. Really liked the "contortionist" take on vampires. Lead for some really unique stuff I've never seen in any other movie - I liked the idea of the Union. Honestly I wished we got to know more about it - Everyone seemed to be trying hard. I really do think that's what Snoop looks like when he's trying lol Cons -The rules of the universe were just so inconsistent, especially when it came to the vampires biting each other. Idk why movies like this and Bright had to hamstring themselves with rules then make the decision to break them - A lot of stuff gets dropped right after beinf mentioned. The garlic grenades, El Jefe, the vampire gas. Also like Bright. Come to think of it, this movie is a slightly better Bright with vampires. - The best characters, the brothers, were barely in it. I was really hoping to see them at the end - These are some all time stupid villains. I try not to poke too much into this but it's kinda nuts how the bag guys go out of their way to give the good guys every opportunity to kill them -The scenes with his family were so corny. Like so so corny. - David Franco's character had a lot of promise but ended up being a mess. It was weird watching him turn into a badass vampire kung fu master. It would have been better if he stayed a pacifist pussy. - Does anyone else think that Franco's character took being a vampire a little lightly? Like he was the ultimate Union suit and then learns he's a vampire and just thinks it is awesome. Also, it seems like that would be an issue with him going forward? Like he's a vampire how is he supposed to be in the Union? And he threatened to murder and drink another Union employee? Just a weird thing to downplay. I had using this term, but it's a fun summer romp.


I like to imagine this as a slice of live movie into the CW Supernatural universe


A man can only wish...


It was terrible. Flashy combat and gun exchanges but the story was terrible. Also, he kills all vampires but lets heather and franco live ? all of a sudden change of heart. This movie is a quick watch and forget, or better yet watch on 1.5x